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Here is a list of all the postings Ian Skeldon 2 has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: No win No fee scum warning !!!
22/07/2017 20:26:19

I change my insurance provider every time it come's up for renewal, having read this thread I think it may well be a beneficial thing to do in making this type of scam more difficult to perform.

Thread: Source for case hardening powder
17/07/2017 22:13:17

It could very well be old age dulling my memory but I (think) I remember case hardening components which were placed into a cement/ceramic type box filled with carbon and charcole and then a lid on top. Whole thing placed inside a large (industry type) oven and baked for about 12 hours. I do remember for sure that we would take a sample every now and then and test it's surface hardness and then cut through it to measure the depth of hardning.

Thread: Point me to the rules please.
14/07/2017 12:54:02

Anthony Knights, yes I have a spell checker available, along with a dictionary, I think if I had to scrutinise each posting and spell check everything before submitting it, I would probably just sit and read other people's postings and not bother posting anything myself for fear of being ridiculed. I'm not stupid, just not grate (see what I did there?) with English, thankfully those that have not placed me in their 'ignore' section of forum users, have either understood what I meant or asked me to clarify what I mean, also simple and very accepting of the majority of users on this particular forum, long may it continue to be run/used this way.

ATB, Ian

13/07/2017 21:40:56

mmmmm I am almost certainly not the best engineer on this forum and am not likely to ever be thought so, however I do get by (eventually). I have a real problem with spelling, sometimes I can spell a word correctly then sometimes even withing the same paragraph, I spell it incorrectly.

I don't have dislexia (well never diagnosed), but I recognise my short comings with English and strangely Dutch as well, which I can speak quite fluently but can't write anything without both spelling and gramatical errors everywhere.

If my poor command of our native tongue offends anyone please don't correct me, I already know that I am not great with English, correcting me won't actually change anything, I will still be crap with English. Hopefully nobody will need to click the ignore button but I will understand if that helps others. I use this forum to improve my skills in engineering disciplines not my use of the English language, lot's of forum users have been very helpful and one member (John Stevenson) even posted some inserts to me and wouldn't even accept payment for postage.

This posting is not aimed at either Tim or Bandersnatch, but I thought it might be useful for forum members to have some insight as what it is like from the point of view of someone who is not very good with English.

ATB, Ian

Thread: Quick change tool post query
12/07/2017 21:12:00

Gents thank you for taking the time to get back to me on this one, if I'm honest I am surprised that nobody (to my knowledge) has asked this question before now.

All of the ideas and advice will be taken on board, I have already discovered that UK tool suppliers are struggling to supply the tool holders that fit the the quick change tool post bodies they are selling !

In short I need to get my head around it and make a solution then post back with photos to show what I have done.

Once again, thank you for your help.


Thread: Can my pillar drill be improved
12/07/2017 21:00:25

HAHA yeah I use a scissor jack if I am drilling something that needs to be quite accurate, I might look at engineering a proper solution such as triangular gusset plates as mentioned earlier.

Thread: Quick change tool post query
11/07/2017 21:46:14


I'm happy with the quality of work that I get with my Chester lathe (DB10 Super), but I, along with so many before me, find the process of setting up each tool as I need to use it a real pain. I am looking at buying and fitting a QCTP along with a couple of standard tool holders. However, most of the better quaity items will mean that the QCTP body, will sit right up to the edge of my compound slide, so that in effect, the tool holder is hanging onto the side of the QCTP body and not transferring any load directly into the compound slide. This will of course cause some moment and I suspect make chatter more likely, is this likely to be the case and if so is there anything I can do to make a QCTP work?

Many thanks,


Edited By Ian Skeldon 2 on 11/07/2017 21:47:32

Thread: Can my pillar drill be improved
11/07/2017 21:35:16

Steven Vine, glad your table has the same problem mine has, I mentioned that mine moves in another thread about these pillar drills and some super engineer chipped in that in all his life he had never seen a table bend, I took photo's to show how much mine moves with very little pressure from my finger.

For me sorting out the grub screw originally helped a lot, so much in fact that I then went and made a brass slipper for it than runs in the key way, not it is pleasure to use rather than a nightmare.

10/07/2017 18:55:09

Hi Thomas,

The stuck grub screw that you mentioned is the cause of the problem. The screw has a square machined onto the end of it, which in turn engages into the keyway on the quill. The problem is that this limits adjustment considerably and means that it either locks up and locks the quill or it is left as is and allows lateral movement.

I had the same problem with mine, you need to axtract the grub screw and file it so that you file the square corners off and bevel the head so that it can freely turn inside the keyway, that fixed mine and made it a really useful tool again, so much so that I ended up making a brass shoe that fits into the keyway and is engaged via a hole in the shoe that the grub screw locates into.

ATB, Ian

Thread: 3D Printer Test Piece
05/07/2017 21:13:52

Thank you chaps. now got 30 days to get to grips with fusion 360, will let you know how I get on in a few weeks time, sooner if I make any breakthroughs.


Thread: I hope this isn't embarrassing
05/07/2017 18:14:59

A couple of weeks ago I started a post asking for advice on cutting a fine groove in steel. I got quite a few suggestions and all of them polite and helpful, I also received a PM from a well known member of the forum. He said that he had a few inserts that he would send to me, for free, he wouldn't even let me pay for postage.

I have just got in from a shift at work and laying on my floor a small envelope containing several high quality inserts which are very, very useful.

So a public THANK YOU VERY MUCH John Stevenson.

Thread: Aircraft General Discussion
04/07/2017 22:00:22

Ahhh right, thanks Chris.

04/07/2017 21:03:12

Hacksaw, what is that people with horses have against rabbits? A lady at work who has horses keeps pestering me to go around and shoot them where the horses are, do they carry infections or something? Sorry for going off topic, so Jaguar GR1 used to land at 160-200 depending on config.

Thread: 3D Printer Test Piece
04/07/2017 20:47:32

Mmmm seems I have stumbled on this post at a very opportune moment. I was given use of a 3d printer (up plus 2) some PLA fillament and a trial version of solid works.

Loved using solid works but of course the trial licence has expired and when I looked into buying I realised I didn't have enough kidneys to sell in order to buy it. During that period I successfully drew a couple of things, notice I said Drew, the drawings were saved as STL files in solid works. The printer was calibrated according to the instructions and then again logically so that it did actually work, it saw the file and started to print it, I was both excited and intrigued, well for a few minutes anyway. Then I thought I saw something, not sure what but something sort of not right. Tracked it down to the table moving from time to time almost as if the nozzel was hitting it or dragging it. Anyway printing aborted, I reported back my lack of success to the nice chap that borrowed me the printer and explained what I thought was happening.

Yes he said, we (him and his colleagues at work) had tried for hours but had the same results. Turnsd out it was out of warrenty before they got round to using it so now it was an expensive almost brilliant printer.

Sorry for going on but what I would like to know are;

1 Is sketch up any good?

2 If not, what would be recommended, bearing in mind that it will need to have good or even great tuitions available.

3 Is there such a thing as a cheap(ish) printer suitable for someone wanting to increase their skills/knowledge/ability.

Sorry if this all seems a bit much to ask but I was nearly there (I think sad).



Thread: Cutting a fine groove
03/07/2017 22:01:27

My answer to that would be it depends on several factors, such as, how well you grind the old blade into a parting tool form, you will probably need to quench it frequently so as not to over temper it during grinding (happy to be corrected if that is wrong). Also the depth required and the material that you will be parting off with it, bear in mind that a HSS blank has a lot of body supporting the thin cutting tool which helps keep it in one piece. But if you can grind it up and hold it firmly, I don't see why not, several people smarter than me have said here that they have used them to cut grooves, let us know how you get on Nige.

ATB, Ian

Thread: Steam Power
03/07/2017 21:49:53

Thank you chaps, fascinating stuff.

ATB, Ian

Thread: MTP MILLING AND DRILLING MACHINE ZX7016 - Any one tried one?
03/07/2017 21:40:36

What's that saying about if it looks too good to be true?

Anyone thinking of ever going for something that seems too good to be true, never pay up front and even if your not really going to go around, say that you will pay cash on collection, most scammers lose interest instantly at that point.

Thread: Steam Power
01/07/2017 20:43:03

Wow thank you all of you,

Nick G, love the sliding valve arrangement I didn't know how the various strokes were acheived in steam now it seems so logical, but I won't be trying to build anything too complex for quite a while that's for sure.

Brian Hutching, thanks for the encouragement, I will mull it over before jumping in.

John Haine, I can't imagine me having the knowledge or determination to build and fly a steam driven aeromodel, but it conjurs up a wonderful image.

Geoff Walker 1, your father certainly had determination, I suspect that he came across several head scratching moments and yet persevered and produced a fine looking model.

Russell Eberhardt, yes I struggled in year two, three nights a week as the tutors couldn't stay long enough into the evenings to make it just two nights a week. Sadly I think I have forgotten lots of theoretical stuff now as well. Will need to google a lot I think!

Hopper, Thank you, I have downloaded the wobbler drawing and will buy at least one of the recommended books.

J Hancock, Thank you, I didn't know that, Sir Frank Whittle what clever and (I belive) a down to earth chap and engineer.

Roy Entwhistle, I know what you mean, I have come across one or two when I worked at R-R.

Circlip, I still drift back into thou's and even ten's now and then, although my lathe is in metric, I tend to use a simple imperial clock mounted to it when needed. Won't be making anything like a Merlin or any of the other raptor's just a simple steam engine that hisses and puffs will put a huge smile on my mug laugh.

Nick_G, ahh good old Hawker Siddeley and AV Roe becoming AVRO, producing the mighty (and very impressive) Vulcan.

Clearly a long and slow but enjoyable journey ahead for me, and to think I have lived in Crewe for so many years and no bugger all about steam, although to be fair I have only ever been on a few real steam loccos as they made way for diesel during my childhood years.

Once again, thank you all for being so helpfull.


30/06/2017 22:34:05


Strictly speaking I am not a model engineer as I only fly radio controled model aircraft and they don't take a lot of making (at least not the one's I fly). Actually, I don't have a degree in engineering either (does a HNC count for anything anymore?).

so I suppose I should confess to being someone that likes to tinker with things and someone that has a fascination with steam engines both static and none static. I have attended several of the local events over the last few years and love the whole atmosphere. But this is what I know about steam engines, something hot is used to change something wet, into something hot and wet, which in turn forces a piston down a cylinder and using (con rods?) turns wheels or fly wheels.

Reading through other posts and looking at some of the shops I realise that I know bugger all about steam power, is there a reccomended book for learning about such things?



Thread: Crap vee blocks and "Oxford Precision"?
30/06/2017 20:32:41
Posted by peak4 on 30/06/2017 19:59:03:

Well I logged on to apologise for causing offence by taking the thread further off topic, with my ramblings about goats, but maybe I'll not bother now. laugh

Apology accepted but no more causing a stench

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