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Thread: A model engineer gone wrong?
19/11/2017 20:23:41

I wish I lived in the same world as SOD and Mick B, ban guns instantly, then we will all be safe, phew good thinking chaps, it never occured to me that criminals are far too stupid to import them illegaly, or have them made illegaly or use other devices like explosives, vehicles, chemicals oh yeah knives, nearly forgot them.

So I am with you all the way, but just to be sure we should also ban any sharp instruments, any use of engineering equipment such as lathes, mills etc in case the're used to make weapons and what about 3d printing, I bet the people owning them are printing off undetectable guns as I type, better ban them as well, now if we could also get rid of the internet and mobile phones we can stop criminals communicating and buying all the things we just banned.

Ahhhh safe at last laugh


Edited By Ian Skeldon 2 on 19/11/2017 20:24:44

17/11/2017 22:48:43
Posted by Chris Trice on 16/11/2017 03:08:49:
Posted by David Standing 1 on 15/11/2017 15:38:20:
Posted by Chris Trice on 15/11/2017 15:30:21:
Posted by Tony Pratt 1 on 15/11/2017 12:27:18:

Unfortunately many people are murdered by knives in this country no chance of them being banned.


Knives do not exist to kill people. Guns solely exist for that purpose.

Actually, they do not.

Amongst other things, I shoot clays, paper targets, pigeons, deer and much more. All of the guns used in those pursuits were designed for exactly that, not to kill people.

Guns don't kill people, people do.

Edited By David Standing 1 on 15/11/2017 15:39:01

Actually, guns WERE designed to kill whether it be animals or people. They were always a weapon the same as bows and arrows or crossbows. They weren't designed to shoot clay pigeons. The safer forms came later specifically because of the risk of hurting someone with a lethal weapon. No one designs an ineffective tool.

Actually I am pretty sure knives were equally up there with the intention of killing when invented, probably animals for food, and probably flint tied to a branch in it's very early stage of conception. As pointed out earlier although guns were undoubtedly invented to kill they have also become popular for sporting activities. I don't recall hearing or reading that any crime has been commited by way of a sporting target rifle being used, possibly because it would be virtually useless in such a scenario. Out of interest, I happen to own several bows, two or three of which would do far more harm to anything or anyone than any of my target air rifles, yet there are very little laws governing the buying and using of the bows and certainly no licensing. If all guns were banned maybe the odd lunatic who legally owns a gun would be filtered out, but the law abiding people would still be at risk from the criminals who have a tendancy to not register their weapon or apply for a licence.

Thread: Article Suggestion "White Elephant & Why"
15/11/2017 20:59:15

When I bought my Lathe (Chester DB10 ) I also bought a verticle slide, the angles of the mounting plate and the casting of the main body don't match, hence the gib strip, is at least 6mm X 8mm in an attempt to take up the error, but even that has different angles ground on it. If I had produced that as an apprentice I would never have been allowed to completed my first year. An ordinary angle plate with a mounting kit would have proved better quality and a better choice.

Thread: 'What LatheXXXXX sorry 3D Printer should I buy'
15/11/2017 20:46:37

Hi Martin (Blowlamp),

Yes I am using the trial version of MOI 3d, it's fantastic, I find it quicker to learn and use than fusion and it isn't slow in use and hasn't hung like fusion did. I am pretty sure I will buy it as I am already using it to produce small components and saving them in STL format, no need to export or anything.

The only negative is that there doesn't appear to be a lot of instruction or tutorial information out there, just one chap on youtube.

Hi Neil,

Thanks for that, at least I know that the factory 3d printer will come with Cura already packaged, hopefully I will find any help with using it on here (if needed).

Thread: A model engineer gone wrong?
15/11/2017 20:31:52

A point that seems to have been missed is that although a gun or knives or even vehicles can be used in a way that can kill or maim, however other than genuine car accidents which can and do happen, the acts of violence are generally undertaken by people who are criminally inclined. As far as I am aware, in this country, very few killings have been commited by a person actually classed as the legal owner of the gun possibly the same senario for the car. Knives and Acid are easy to hide away and easy to get hold of but it would be pretty damned impractical to suddenly ban all guns, all knives, all cars and the use of acids and alkalies, instead there should be much tougher sentences and prisons should be there to punish, deter and segregate the offenders. Then the criminals might thinks twice before embarking in criminal activity, if they do go on to commit an offence lock em up, who's going to miss em.

Thread: 'What LatheXXXXX sorry 3D Printer should I buy'
14/11/2017 21:43:57


Well with thanks to a suggestion by blowlamp in a different thread I am managing to produce cad drawings and convert them to 'stl' files ok. I sent a couple to a friend who then reported back that they printed off just fine. So all fired up with enthusiasm I started to look at just what 3d printer would best suit my needs, £800 is well more than I need to spend to produce the bits I want and so the factory3d kit looks ideal. However I have no seen that I will probably need some slicing software such as cura or simplicity.

As I am fast approaching old age and all the techno phobia that comes with it I doubt I have the willpower to learn yet more software or the funds to buy it, is it not possible to buy a 3d printer at a sensible price (no more than £400 in my case) that can accept a stl file that I have created and just print it, or am I missing something here?



Edited By Ian Skeldon 2 on 14/11/2017 21:57:05

Thread: end mills and slot drills
08/11/2017 22:09:17

Thank you David, I thought so, and yet several websites are describing one item but calling it by both names.

08/11/2017 21:58:25


I have long been of the understanding that a slot drill and an end mill are two different things in so much as, a slot drill can be used to bore a hole into the face of a workpiece and this si not the case with and end mill.

I now have a requirement to create several bores with varing depths at a diameter of 8mm, I want them to have a flat bottom and I was thinking of using a slot drill in my mill to do the job so that accuracy would be assured. On googling for slot drills I saw no end of adverts saying for instance "two flute slot drill or end mill".

Can anyone please advise me if end mills can indeed produce a bore accurately without wandering and chatering?



Thread: slit saw jams
03/11/2017 21:04:49

I would try stopping the cut just before reaching the end and try to wedge something (feeler guage maybe) into the cut to prevent it from closing up and pinching the saw, then continue to cut to the end.

Thread: Simple Cad Drawing start-up.....
01/11/2017 20:42:46

Ahhh Moment of Inspiration, thanks again Blowlamp.

01/11/2017 20:40:01


David yes I agree, whatever works best for a given person will be the best for them, that's why I am asking for their opinion, then I can see if one of those suggestions works best for me. Price wise I don't want to spend hundreds £ but tens is ok especially if it's an upgrade after a free trial etc.

Blowlamp, thanks, not sure if I can work out what MoI3d is but will google it, thanks again.


Edited By Ian Skeldon 2 on 01/11/2017 20:41:34

Thread: Cutting BA Threads on Minilathe?
01/11/2017 20:33:13

I can't actually help with your question, however, if you are happy to buy from the UK lots of suppliers will sell BA screws and bolts. Just a couple of examples below.




Thread: Simple Cad Drawing start-up.....
01/11/2017 19:40:33

Sorry to re-visit an old(ish) thread, I just wanted to know what would be the best cad package for 3D printing, I don't mind paying a small sum if it means tutorials are available but I don't want Solidworks type prices.

PS I did try Fusion but it stopped working a few months in and was then a bugger to uninstall.



31/10/2017 21:40:23
Posted by JasonB on 31/10/2017 20:02:34:
Posted by Ian Skeldon 2 on 31/10/2017 18:50:36:

@ Jason B,

Nice engines and the four strokes look beautiful, any vidoe of them running?

Video of most of them somewhere in this lot as well as some odd bits being machines, I like to use my tools rather than polish themwink

Lots of nice stuff there Jason, suprised to see your so productive with what looks like a normal model engineering size lathe, I had an image of a huge Harrison or similar. I couldn't find any video of the four stroke but not to worry, there was plenty of other interesting stuff, thanks for sharing.


Thread: Another use for the "Stevensons Collet Blocks"
31/10/2017 21:25:23

Like it.

31/10/2017 18:50:36

@ Jason B,

Nice engines and the four strokes look beautiful, any vidoe of them running?

The OP states new ideas but also states 'Any number of cylinders.
Can be two-stroke, four stroke, steam, water, air, gas, beam engine,
but no silly magnet motors.'

So I guess he means, unusual as in not commonly seen before, although I could be reading it wrong and as I don't have the skills to design any engine anyway it won't really encourage me personally.

Thread: rdg quick change tool myford super 7
24/10/2017 20:45:31

I bought the RDG dickson type QCTP for the boxford, my lathe is a Chester DB10 so I had to modify the compound slide, now fitted I love it, I was worried about repeat accuracy but it seems to be really good, wouldn't be without it now.

Thread: Commercial Grinding Rest
24/10/2017 18:32:44

Nicely done Colin, should be as much as you will need for a long time.

Thread: Trouble at Mill!
23/10/2017 21:53:30

Ooops, I seem to have added this company to WOT (web of trust), anyone using the companies website will at least see some indication of the problem.

Thread: Midlands model engineering show
23/10/2017 20:42:13
Posted by Bazyle on 23/10/2017 12:30:24:

I was with a friend who was given adequate attention on the Chester stand discussing a DRO for his existing mill and possible upgrade to a 626. Then also getting into conversation on both the stands selling DROs. Maybe you have to exude the right vibes about looking like a real potential customer.

Well within half an hour of being ignored I went less than 100 yards and spent £1,500 on lathe and some tooling, maybe they're not good at judging vibes or maybe a North/South thing laugh

Great to hear about the old boy buying a new lathe, brings a smile to my soul.

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