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Thread: Thermal condution paste - none adhesive
20/05/2022 22:48:31

CPUs are normally mounted using silver conductive compound which is much less fussy about film thickness than straight silicone which is non-conductive and relies on a very thin, gap-filling application to do its job. AFAIK all the cpu manufacturers recommend/require it (silver).

That doesn't mean you put it (silver) on by the spoonful though. A thin wipe all over the CPU cover is enough to give a decent thermal connection to the heatsink (better than silicone).

Shorting out pins is greatly exaggerated. It's like a grease film. If you couldn't apply a thin film of that locally without getting it all over the pins you wouldn't be here.

Personally, if the original heatsink connection hasn't been broken, I'd leave it alone. It's most unlikely that you'll improve it. Cleaning out the crud that gathers around the fan and heatsink though with a vacuum cleaner is well worth doing from time to time, especially if you do any intensive processing (such as video editing). If you run a background cpu temperature-checker before and after clearing out the dirt you'll certainly notice a difference.

Thread: MEW No.316 just arrived - but what is that smell?
17/05/2022 21:58:19

Can you post the smell here so we can check what it is?


Thread: threading delrin - alternative method
16/05/2022 19:07:14
Posted by Clive Foster on 16/05/2022 18:21:32:

+1 for the mandrel handle suggestion from Thor.


Remember to remove it when you're done!

Edited By Peter Greene 🇨🇦 on 16/05/2022 19:08:07

Thread: Annoying Anonymous Phone Calls
14/05/2022 01:36:22
Posted by Dr. MC Black on 14/05/2022 01:16:36:

If I receive a call that sounds suspicious, I tell the caller that I'm cooking and would he or she mind hanging on for a short time until I finish. Then I put the handset on the bench and wait 15 or 20 minutes.

When I go back to the caller, if he or she is still waiting, I tell him or her that he or she must wait a little longer until I have finished with what I'm cooking.


This benefits the world in general because while he or she is waiting to continue talking to me, he or she cannot be calling anybody else.

I have never ever had a spam/scam caller that would wait more than 10 sec .... for the very reason you give in that last sentence.

Thread: Drone advice needed, please
13/05/2022 22:07:23
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 13/05/2022 19:52:22:

The Drone rules were introduced after Gatwick and Heathrow airports had to be closed due an mixture of terrorist threats, political demonstrations, and stupid copycats.

It wasn't already covered under existing rules for model aircraft or was that too specific? Leads one to speculate that they have a set of rules each for model aircraft, model helicopters, drones ... all saying the same thing. Instead of drafting a single, "no flying object" law which would also cover such things as flying i-Phones when they come along.

(Such comprehensive rules would have to make some exceptions of course, particularly the obvious two).

13/05/2022 18:35:38

Lot's of rules and regulations - even after Brexit - but what actually happens in real cases such as Michael's? A small piece of private land that needs quickly surveying from 10 metres height. End of.

Do people just go ahead anyway and feign ignorance?

Thread: Annoying Anonymous Phone Calls
12/05/2022 01:24:40

Potential variation on the "push a button" phone scam:

We have an upcoming provincial election in Ontario. I'm getting a number of calls purporting to be from a polling organisation asking "if you will vote for this guy, press 1 ....etc"

I don't know if it's legit or not (strongly suspect not) but if it is, they really ought to know better by now.

Thread: Code of Conduct
11/05/2022 18:35:01

I can't really imagine anyone here being very offended by the occasional use of common swear words that we hear everyday anyway - me included. (Although,  that the forum is open to all age groups is a factor).

That said, I think quantity is more important. If these hallowed halls become rife with "language" wherever you look, I for one would be off. I suspect that the only way to limit the quantity is to partially (as now) or completely ban such language.

[ Oh gosh darn ! - had to go in and edit (multiple times). Why can't I do it right the first time? ]



Edited By Peter Greene 🇨🇦 on 11/05/2022 18:46:11

Thread: Anyone know what these are called?
10/05/2022 22:49:34

Thanks for all the inputs. The Instructables link seems to have all the information (thanks Michael). I've seen stores here selling these made up into table-lamps but most of the stores seem to just use them for window decoration.

John's jpg seems to have disappeared from his album before I could see it.

[ I (finally) downloaded the pdf from Instructables. After an yet another unending battle with Capcha I relented and "signed on with Google". Here comes the spam. ]

10/05/2022 01:35:23

I keep seeing these in store/shop windows. They appear to be constructed from a single shape repeated. I'm curious to find out more .... anyone know what they're called?



Edited By Peter Greene 🇨🇦 on 10/05/2022 01:35:49

Thread: A tyro desoldering question.
08/05/2022 20:07:39

If, as you say, you have no experience unsoldering something like this and if - as seems likely - the switch contacts are isolated in the centre position, then it's a no-brainer to me: leave it in place and wire another switch. Essentially zero risk.

Even if the contacts are not isolated, you are more likely to fail than succeed in unsoldering particularly if pads on the opposite side are used (can't tell) with vias feeding through. In that case, I personally would cut through the switch casing with a small hacksaw and remove the whole switch (or its innards) without unsoldering.

(If there are pcb pads for the switch on the opposite side of the board with vias, then you would need to retain - or recreate - the via connections if unsoldering. Another reason to leave it in place and wire another switch).

Thread: Gallium
07/05/2022 19:27:45

We were using Gallium slip-rings in satellites 50 years ago.

(Particularly memorable because when we finished doing final tests on one flight model satellite, Charlie the test engineer - under the gun schedule-wise - quickly pulled the power plug assuming power was off. It wasn't. Blew the slip rings to kingdom come. And where are the slip rings? .... buried in the centre of the satellite. A complete strip-down and 6 months delay. Poor Charlie.)

Thread: New To CAD? No, but....
07/05/2022 17:53:41
Posted by Nigel Graham 2 on 07/05/2022 08:38:36:

Peter -

I am NOT stuck on 2D drawings and thinking in 2D as you and others allege!

Some seem to think it impossible to draw a complicated machine in orthographic views only.


That is manifestly wrong. Many of us enjoy making models of highly-complex machines like main-line steam-locomotives and radial aero-engines. Their originals were designed and drawn almost all, even entirely, in 2D, orthographic form! ...

The fact if this being now feasible in 3D CAD does NOT mean no other way exists.


er ... OK.


Edited By Peter Greene 🇨🇦 on 07/05/2022 17:55:34

07/05/2022 01:59:49
Posted by Nicholas Wheeler 1 on 06/05/2022 20:59:45:

Nigel's bald statement that CAD(of any sort) doesn't make you a better designer shows he really doesn't understand its value power.

That's because he thinks in 2D drawings (as has been said here numerous times). Until people ditch 2D and realise that all the power is in the 3D model (and 2D drawings are a trivial fallout of that which can come along later but is best forgotten about at first) then learning solid modelling is difficult.

Actually it's difficult enough self-taught. By far the best way to learn is a full time teaching course. I'd venture to say that most if not all professionals have gone this route (I know I did) .... and it works. In 3 -5 days they will make you reasonably proficient.

I know that's difficult in the amateur milieu but are there really no community college courses available?

Thread: Band saw arm weight
05/05/2022 01:55:30
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 01/05/2022 05:27:13:

Posted by Peter Greene 🇨🇦 on 01/05/2022 02:00:00:


IIRC there was an even earlier one way back when the website lady explained that keyboard wizzes in other forums here needed to be able to to enter smilies etc using keystrokes only. For that reason the site was configured to allow it (rather than turning off that option) resulting in the rest of us generating inadvertent smilies.


That’s not quite how I remember the ‘explanation’ Peter … but as I couldn’t easily locate that particular thread, I decided to just illustrate the ‘mechanics’ for Nick.

If you can find the actual quote, do please post a link pro bono publico


Not the actual quote unfortunately, Michael, but I do have a record of posting this (in another guise) to the forum back in 2014:

"According to a PM conversation I had with the web-maintenance lady (Katie?) some time ago, .............Apparently, the editor can be configured so that smileys can only be added via the drop-down (thus solving the problem of, for example, quote followed by parenthesis). However users in some other forums here are deathly afraid of mice (presumably they leap up on chairs when they see one). To accommodate them, the editor is configured to insert smileys the old-fashioned way (via keyboard characters) in addition the the drop-down."


(Perhaps what I'm remembering is not an actual thread but an offline conversation).

Edited By Peter Greene 🇨🇦 on 05/05/2022 01:57:48

Thread: Emergency Radio Format
03/05/2022 22:13:25
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 03/05/2022 21:51:25:

… Too many, I’m sure.

Well, lets see .... rough numbers (feel free to disagree):

say 5 minutes per post plus another 5 times that browsing the topics. I make that about 10,000 hours - a bit over a year.

Hmmm ...


03/05/2022 18:51:32
Posted by blowlamp on 03/05/2022 18:43:10:

Just something else to keep us on edge.


... Not for long. I figure all this means that the super-beings that are running this universe feel that the experiment has failed in this corner of it and is about to be terminated.


Edited By Peter Greene 🇨🇦 on 03/05/2022 18:52:47

Thread: Band saw arm weight
01/05/2022 02:00:00
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 30/04/2022 13:55:37:


Have a look at this old thread : **LINK**

and the older one one that I linked from it.

IIRC there was an even earlier one way back when the website lady explained that keyboard wizzes in other forums here needed to be able to to enter smilies etc using keystrokes only. For that reason the site was configured to allow it (rather than turning off that option) resulting in the rest of us generating inadvertent smilies.

Thread: Looking for a non-magnetic, strong, easily glued material
30/04/2022 20:07:38
Posted by Danny M2Z on 30/04/2022 12:41:25:

This thread and the way that it has deteriorated into sarcasm and superfluous comments ....

Now, if you would only ask yourself why that is rather than knee-jerk blaming of the respondents ...

Thread: Ambiguous words
29/04/2022 18:29:50
Posted by Brian G on 29/04/2022 09:42:36:

... cabbins (yes, two 'Bs before anybody asks if that is the question) ...

Makes you sic doesn't it.

(I'll get me coat).

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