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Thread: Einstein theory of relativity
13/02/2017 23:17:26

Why did he never find time for a.haircut?

Thread: Another Tom Senior question ?
13/02/2017 08:38:25

Hi John, my TS light vertical mill table is 6.309 wide by 28-1/4 long. Has three slots 0.5 wide, and then the two centre lands are 1.500 wide each. The outer lands at the edge of the table are 0.905 wide. If you add up the lands and slots you don't quite get the total of 6.309, maybe my digital un-verniers need calibrating!

HTH Simon

Thread: Newby machine help please
11/02/2017 00:11:26

Could you post a picture of the left hand of the headstock - end on so we can see the gear train please. You've took the cover off, and there is a picture of some of the gears but the rest are lost in the shadows.

Thx Simon

Thread: Centec 2 horizontal mill
09/02/2017 19:11:23

Thank you MichaelG. There's a bit of a polish needed, to be sure, but it'll clean up. That base could be a bit of flat steel? But I'm minded to ask "how did it get broken" - was it dropped? I can't see evidence of it falling over, no bent handles etc, so I still think you're on a winner.

Good luck, keep us posted, do!

Rgds Simon

09/02/2017 13:56:47


Couldn't find the photo's, but a Centec is worth good money, whichever version it is. Read up the details on **LINK**

Be interested to see which model it is.

Rgds Simon

Thread: Looking for a 1/4" ratchet
09/02/2017 08:53:22

John I sent you a PM.

HTH Simon

Thread: Alexander 2CG Tool Grinder Questions
03/02/2017 09:02:22
Posted by peak4 on 02/02/2017 22:46:12:
Posted by Simon Williams 3 on 02/02/2017 15:35:02:

I found the Deckel one in a junk shop in Buxton, but without the collets so you did well.

Hth Simon

Edited By Simon Williams 3 on 02/02/2017 15:40:01

I spotted that in John's emporium a while ago; realistically Ii was out of my price range, and I couldn't really justify it whilst Jane was with me, particularly as I'd recently bought a house just up the road at the time.

Looks like his shop's closed at the moment; whereabouts are you?



I'm in West Gloucestershire, nearly S Wales, but my brother lives in Great Hucklow, we were visiting for Christmas. Shame the shop's closed, but the cutlery we bought is in good service everyday. So is the grinder!

Rgds Simon

03/02/2017 08:56:00

Posted by John Stevenson on 02/02/2017 23:12:21:General enquiry.

What lathe can handle a 17" faceplate on a D1-3 fitting? Big plate for a small fitting and must have to be a gap bed.

Are Harrison M250's or 300's on D1-3 ? Asking because found one of those as well.??

My Mk 2 Bantam will swing 18" in the gap, but whether it's prudent to do so on those three little studs of a D13 camlock I'm not so sure. If the Bantam will then I'd expect the Harrison to do the same.

There are two 18" faceplates on d13 camlock been for sale for ever on ebay, I've been eying them up but don't have a use for one, And in any case, having one will only lead to the experiment "is it safe to do this"!


Thread: tool misuse/abuse
02/02/2017 21:10:02

Hope you're not using it as a bearing puller....

Thread: Alexander 2CG Tool Grinder Questions
02/02/2017 18:05:23

And my thanks to Mark Smith for setting my history right.

Best rgds to all. Simon

02/02/2017 17:40:43

Ive been musing on the strange looking alternative work holder. The screw driver blade right of picture looks like a detent blade, and the air fitting might be to intrpduce air ito the bore of the fixture, perhaps to make ot easier to turn? Not able to see what's up the centre, but could this be a fixture to present a slitting saw or a side and face cutter to the grinding wheel.

Thread: Bought a Quorn, have som questions
02/02/2017 17:02:40
Posted by Thomas Staubo on 02/02/2017 13:04

I remembered that I have some ER25 collets in the most used sizes, so I will order a 1" shank ER25 holder. I may have to grind/turn away a bit if it's in the way of the detent knob, as you say.

At the moment I only have one mandrel, with MT2 taper and Myford threaded spindle nose. I'm not sure what the threaded spindle nose is good for?

Mine came with a MT2 socket with a 1 inch parallel OD, I've never used it, though that's what gave me.the idea of buying a ER collet with a parallel back. As for the nose thread, I wonder if this was to use the old style Myford collets which slid up the spindle bore and used a front closer nut to push the collet up the morse taper.

Rgd Simon

Edited By Simon Williams 3 on 02/02/2017 17:03:29

Thread: Alexander 2CG Tool Grinder Questions
02/02/2017 15:35:02

Its a clone of a thing called a Deckel S0, if I understood the story correctly Mr Alexander used to work for Deckel and bought the designs when Deckel packed in making this model. Its actually an engraving tool sharpener/ grinder, but makes a good end mill grinder etc. The history is on the web. Anyway the collets are USUALLY ( but not guaranteed) type U2 collets avaialble from Vertex via Rotagrip or Chronos. I found the Deckel one in a junk shop in Buxton, but without the collets so you did well. User manual etc all on the net, but you need to used Deckel soemtimes and Alexander othertimes just to search for what is there.

Either model is well made, solid and useful, and they seem to make good prices on Ebay. One sold recently, if you search completed listings you'll find it.  Very definitely worth restoring this one, even if you sell it on for someone else to play with. Anyone looking to buy this won't be fazed by the odd motor mounting, it juat adds to ots character

Hth Simon

Edited By Simon Williams 3 on 02/02/2017 15:40:01

Thread: Jacobs Spindle Nose Chuck
01/02/2017 23:52:02

John -

(Apologies if it's a double post)

I sent you a pm.

Thx Simon

Thread: Bought a Quorn, have som questions
01/02/2017 22:29:29

Hello Thomas,

There IS room for an ER32 collet holder, because I've tried it. I had to grind a shoulder on the rear of the threaded portion of the holder (behind the nut) as this diameter fouled the detent knob which projects forward of the face of the Quorn toolholder.

This is the knob of the spring loaded peg, which acts as the detent for a dividing wheel located on the rear of the toolholder. It's located in the toolholder casting just below the one inch bore where the collets were designed to fit.

But it was no problem to do this, I just put a handle on the back of the ER 32 holder - on the one inch portion sticking out of the toolholder and held it up to the grinding wheel until I'd let out enough sparks to make the ER32 holder fit snugly against the tool holder where it belongs.

I don't know of any real advantage of the ER32 size over the smaller one, as either will take a 16 mm endmill to sharpen it. But the Quorn that I bought did not have the tool holder collets included, so I thought buying something to use the ER collets was an easy answer.

I also changed the original 0 - 360 calibrated dial for one which was calibrated 4 times +/-45 deg, as I only use it to sharpen end mill and slot drills with either 4 or 2 flutes.  I don't bother with the detent idea for this, it's quicker to index the cutter being sharpened on my 45 deg scale.  Oh, and I've abandoned the pretty but ineffective threaded collet thing that clamps onto the outside of the one inch tool holder, in favour of a simple split clamp with a tangential cap screw.

HTH, if you would like to see pictures I can do that but it's cold and dark out there just now!

Best rgds Simon

Edited By Simon Williams 3 on 01/02/2017 22:41:51

Edited By Simon Williams 3 on 01/02/2017 22:48:42

Thread: Jacobs Spindle Nose Chuck
01/02/2017 15:59:38

Good Afternoon All

I'm looking to buy a Jacobs collet chuck i.e one of these:

Jacobs Chuck 1.jpg

I looks as though I'm going to import one from the USA. I've got family over there so that's doable, but I would very much like to understand the model numbers.

They seem to carry the model no 91-XY, and "XY" appears to identify the mounting arrangement. So the one I'm looking for to suit a D1-3 camlock seems to be a model 91-C3 (C for camlock, 3 for size). So far so good.

I found a user manual on the net, but it doesn't seem to show how to decode the model suffix, and whether I've reverse engineered this correctly. But it does seem to show that an A suffix chuck (flange mounted) can be bolted to a backplate - which then could carry a D1-3 camlock. Or am I making this over-complicated? An L suffix chuck seems to be suitable for the L type Amercan keyed taper, but the mounting seems to be an integral part of the chuck and wouldn't be sensible to adapt.

There is also this one just come up for sale on ebay part no 91-66. What's one of those? Is this maybe a typo for a 91-C6 which would - I think - be a D1-6 Camlock mounted unit?

Jacobs Chuck 2.jpg

Has anyone got experience of the innards of these and a digest of the model numbering system?

Looking forward to your help and advice, thanks in anticipation, best regards Simon

Thread: 30 int horizontal arbours
29/01/2017 22:49:55


There's "true" as in not wobbling side to side, and there's "true" as in not running eccentrically. You want the cutter to run as "true" in both senses as possible. So the ends of the spacers need to be square to the bore, and the bore of the cutter needs to fit with minimum clearance on the arbor. Interference fit isn't a good idea, it's difficult to get the cutters on and off the arbor, so some clearance radially is inevitable, but it needs to be a small amount (sub one thou).

If not you'll get some combination of a cut that's not where it should be, and being made by only a few teeth on one side of the cutter.

HTH Simon

Thread: Todays update from Bodgers Lodge
29/01/2017 22:29:22
Posted by Mark Rand on 29/01/2017 20:06:41:

Be careful if you happen to do a bit of DCEP welding with some 6010 rod or similar. On mine, the return/positive connection is/was grounded to the case. If your welding bench happens to be earthed, as it should be, an escape of magic smoke can occur when one turns the welder on and the welder tries reconcile a positive earthed case with a negative earthed bench.

I was working in a factory in Redditch some while ago, watching a bloke welding on a bit of RSJ held in the vice of the donkey saw. As I watched, sparks started coming from the conduit connecting the donkey saw to its supply. A bit of thought identified that the earth clamp from the welder ground to the RSJ was iffy, and the welding current was passing back to earth via the donkey saw. The same would apply if you earthed the work bench - the earth path has to be able to carry the fault current and return it to the source - in this case the welder..

After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, we decided that the least worst option was to disconnect the link inside the welder between the ground connection and the supply earth, and thus the welding output was floating with respect to the building earth.. That way if the welder ground connection was high resistance you wouldn't be able to strike the arc. Of course that means that you could have a workbench at the "live" potential (say 80 volts) but at least you haven't set fire to the building.

Is there a smiley for a hand grenade with the pin out?


Thread: dewalt angle grinder brushes
29/01/2017 22:07:44

Goldilocks has been eating my cornflakes again...

Can I buy the box already re-cycled?


Thread: 30 int horizontal arbours
29/01/2017 21:55:00

I bought an INT30 Clarkson Autolock chuck - the bigger one which takes 1 inch shank threaded end mills - and a collet to match at the last Midlands show. Looking at it when I got home, I thought I've got some accurately sized 1 inch BDMS, it wouldn't be beyond the wit of man to take a length of this, thread the one end to match the Autolock collet, and the other end to take a draw nut. Slice a keyway up the side, and now assemble the bits with some spacers to make a horizontal arbour with a ready made ISO30 taper on the end.

I guess if you used a bit of 1.25 inch BDMS as the starting point for the arbour you could do the same thing. The fun would be in keeping the reduced portion which engages with the collet concentric.

Best rgds Simon

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