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Thread: Early Myford Super 7 (1953) Spindle lubrication
16/05/2022 23:32:45

Just a cautionary note with respect to using gear oil. For the purposes of this discussion there are two grades of EP90, differing only in the additives used in blending the oil. EP90/GL4 is compatible with bronze - as per the front tapered bearing - but EP90/GL5 is not. It rots the bronze. Or at least it can't be used in vintage gearboxes with bronze synchromesh rings, so its reasonable to suppose that it would do the same to the front spindle bearing on an S7.

No doubt the forum can explain further.

Rgds Simon

Edited for silly typo

Edited By Simon Williams 3 on 16/05/2022 23:33:37

15/05/2022 21:38:05

As a fellow owner of a S7 of the same vintage, I gave up filling the reservoir with oil a long time ago. I never remembered to turn off the oil drip when locking up for the night, so the oil arrived in a puddle in the drip tray by the morning. I give mine an occasional squirt from the oil can when I remember.

I recently took the spindle out to rescue the back gear (yes, I've broken a tooth, on an interrupted cut). There is no evidence of wear or scoring or whatever evidence of oil starvation.

Still it could be premature over-confidence, I've only had the lathe since 1974, and it had a hard life in its previous incarnation in a boys technical school. I doubt it got oiled much there either.

If you want to use the lathe to make a new oiler window, a token drip or two of oil into the front bearing before you start should suffice.

Keep calm and carry on.


Thread: Machine movers
23/04/2022 18:48:13

Try Vic Haines Transport Pershore (Worcs) tel 01386 553 288 - Fax 01386 554 615

It's what they do for a living.

I've had stuff on a return load at a very agreeable price.

Usual disclaimer - no connection, just a happy customer

Good luck Simon

Thread: JB cutting tools
19/04/2022 14:11:18

+ 1 from me, come back Jenny we need you.

Hope all is well

Best rgds Simon

PS Thank you David for taking the time to give her a call.

Edited By Simon Williams 3 on 19/04/2022 14:12:43

Thread: Sigh, practicing a skill I would rather not need
18/04/2022 18:43:04

I've learned quite a lot out of this saga, only sorry that it has to be at the expense of progress. But it does strike me that there is the makings of a magazine article in the art of tap removal/carbide drilling here.

I look forward to it.

Rgds Simon

Thread: Need a pen to draw the "finest possible" lines?
18/04/2022 10:56:57

Nobody's yet mentioned Graphos, which is a pen body/replaceable nib system using indian ink or equivalent. There are some really really fine tip nibs available.

I fancy it's obsolete, but there are some examples on ebay.

HTH Simon

Thread: RS Components Datasheets
16/04/2022 09:44:30

Dunno if it helps, but I've got three of these kits albeit with a different part number here, RS 805-114. I've no idea if I've still got the data sheet, but if they are any use to you they're yours for the cost of postage.

PM me if it's of interest to you.

Oh and I'm in North Gloucestershire nearly Monmouth btw.

Rgds Simon

Thread: Imperial v Metric Measures
09/04/2022 20:08:59

Count your blessings chaps.

Having three systems of measurement gives me a cast iron (well, chrome vanadium actually) reason why I have to have THREE sets of shiny new spanners. Three sets gotta be more fun than just one, eh?

edit for minor typo

Edited By Simon Williams 3 on 09/04/2022 20:10:03

Thread: Myford Super 7 QC gearbox Mk1 problem
04/04/2022 19:03:55


Oh dear Brian that's a rotten stroke of misfortune! I/m sorry to hear that you have found yourself suffering that turn of events. My wife had shingles in her thigh/hip some while ago - your misfortune is not alleviated by my rehearsing her tribulations but I do sympathise.

Do get well soon.

My very best wishes


03/04/2022 08:53:49


Anyone got a copy of the older model gearbox drawings?

I'm out for the day - but I think I've only got the newer document anyway.

Rgds Simon

Thread: Gear cutting basics help needed.
02/04/2022 22:49:42

My thanks as ever to Michael Gilligan, whose recommendations for further research by the student proved to be fascinating and educational.

Best rgds Simon

02/04/2022 16:55:14

Am I right in thinking that the reason involute gears aren't used by and large in clocks is that the very small pinions (6 and 8 teeth) beloved of compact clock designs need undercut teeth to follow the correct involute shape. Undercut teeth are weak and impossible to cut with a rotary milling cutter, they have to be planed.

Fact or fiction?

By the by, I built a clock using 20 DP involute gears - that was the set of cutters I had available. To be strictly accurate I was building the 12:1 gear train from the minute hand to the hour hand on the local church clock, so space wasn't an issue. The minute hand is driven by a synchronous motor rotating once per hour, and obviously the hour hand is coaxial. Thus the 12:1 reduction driving the hour hand is equivalent to the back ear on a lathe headstock a la Myford etc. As I say, space was not a consideration but longevity is a point of honour!

01/04/2022 16:12:32

Some oddities here methinks.

Firstly why is one gear 42DP the other 3 are 34DP. These won't mesh together - are they meant to?

Secondly I could imagine 32 DP is a standard size cutter, (|I see RDG advertises same) but AFAIK 34 and 42 ain't - standard cutters would offer 36 DP and 48 DP. Are cutters even available in 34 and 42 DP? And Howard's question about pressure angle is valid.

Thirdly this is for a clock. Would one expect the tooth form to be involute (i.e. use standard cutters)? If they are cycloidal that's a whole different can o' worms.

Can we please have some indication of where these numbers came from just to avoid perhaps leading you up the garden path?

Thread: 46mm tube
29/03/2022 22:00:29

I'm "fairly" sure it is actually 40 mm bore cold drawn hydraulic tube, as used for making 40 mm diameter hydraulic actuators (cylinders). So 40 mm bore, 3 mm wall thickness. Probably honed internally, though if you were buying a lot of it you'd probably forgo the honing process.

If you can find a local company re-manufacturing hydraulic cylinders they'll likely have a scratched piece in the scrap bin.

HTH Simon

Thread: Is this 3 phase motor suitable for delta/VFD?
25/03/2022 10:31:41

Usual Health and Safety warning when working with mains power, but be aware a 400V shock is much nastier than ordinary mains. Never work on live wiring and make sure the connections are understood etc.


Sorry Dave, can't let that one pass.

400 volts (line to line) is the same thing as 230 volts (line to neutral).

Three phase motor suitable for 400 v line to line in star needs 230 volts line to line in delta so only 133 volts line to neutral. It's the line to neutral (earth) voltage that bites you, you'd have to try hard to grab two phases simultaneously.

However VSD outputs aren't necessarily symmetrical about earth.

15/03/2022 10:50:25

'ang on chaps, we've got lost in the brambles somehow.

The OP's (and his friend's) original query was "why do my (expensive) (Presto cobalt) drills not cut at all?"

Notwithstanding the niceties of whether these sets of drills are overpriced, on the face of it they ought to at least cut holes when offered up to a bit of steel or aluminium. But they don't, or so is reported.

So can we see a picture of the actual drills that don't cut please. In focus and showing the shape of the tip side on please. 'Cos they're either being run backwards or they're ground wrongly. The steel could have work hardened, but the aluminium isn't.

The drill with a carbide tip ground in a wedge is a perfectly usable thing, I've got a set of them and they are for drilling hard steels. You essentially melt your way through, so you need a fair amount of power to drive them. They're not for the faint hearted! This doesn't, however, inform the OP as to what is the problem in his particular instance.

I'm looking forward to a picture.

Rgds Simon

Thread: Dividing head for Tom Senior Mill advice
10/03/2022 20:28:23

As a Senior citizen (Light Vertical division) myself, and the owner of a BS0 head I can vouch for their compatibility.

Having said that I have done a number of jobs where I thought a dividing head which could be mounted horizontally or vertically would be a good thing. Then I bought a 6 inch (being the diameter of the rotating platen) rotary table and all was well in the world.

I also have a 10inch diameter rotary table; this is too big for this little mill as it's too easy to not be able to reach the centre of the table with the limited y axis travel.

Thread: Micrometers
07/03/2022 15:03:18

Derek - I've sent you a PM

Rgds Simon

Thread: Myford ML7 1956 ... Question on drive belt and Stalling when cutting
06/03/2022 16:27:05

What's stalling? Does the motor keep turning but the countershaft stops, or is it that the spindle pulley keeps running but loses its drive to the spindle. If it's this last there is a drive dog in the bull wheel (the gear behind the chuck) which must be engaged. Has it slipped out of the drive position - perhaps to use the back gear.

You really need a copy of the user manual.

5 thou a time for the best you can do is definitely wrong.

Thread: Electrical calculations
04/03/2022 19:18:08
Posted by Georgineer on 04/03/2022 17:18:05:

I [milliamps] = 550 [milliwatts] / 24 [volts] = 23 milliamps near enough.

The relay will not be fussy about a few volts under or over the 24, nor will it be fussy about a.c. or d.c.

Sorry but No.

I agree with the arithmetic - but I need to echo Andrew's comment about the relay WILL mind whether it's AC or DC. They're not interchangeable.

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