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Thread: 3D printer recommendations
04/04/2020 10:29:45


What basic settings are you using on that Prusa part?

Infills, feed speeds etc.


Thread: Uni Project Help
26/03/2020 15:22:10

Hello Dan

I can do that job for you if no one has picked it up already, it is not even 20 minutes work.

Email me on

Best Regards


Thread: Industrial Milling Machine
23/03/2020 12:54:12

John Mitchell

I would get the machine and sort out the bones afterwards. You will need help getting it into your building but the machine moving guys work pretty quickly in my experience and the three phase wiring will not be too difficult for an industrial electrician.

13Hp and Int50 suggests it is a reasonably serious machine.

I would say that you need to look at your prospective parts and make sure there are not a high number of requirements for small diameter cutters as the machines size suggests that it will favour larger cutters and will offer a heap of torque to spin those cutters.

Spindle speed is not a real problem if you can use large diameter cutters, it is a manual mill so feeds will be how fast you crank the handles, power feeds will be matched to the size of the machine.

If your parts are requiring removal of large amounts of material then this behemoth will be your friend, if you are dealing with small detail parts then it might be a sledge hammer than will likely miss the target.

Worst come to the worst then you will have to give it away, possession is 9/10's of this game.


Edited By Barrie Lever on 23/03/2020 12:57:47

Thread: Coronavirus
21/03/2020 13:42:40

J Hancock

'Cheap Dear' might be one way of looking at it.


Thread: What are you reading?
21/03/2020 10:36:18

mein kampf.jpg

A difficult read. I was given this as a Christmas present, don't know what they were implying.


Edited By Barrie Lever on 21/03/2020 10:37:20

Thread: QCTP dilema?
19/03/2020 10:02:33


I looking to change my QCTP to a Multifix style, I see a lot of advantages in the Multifix type of tool post.

A quick history lesson on Multifix QCTP, they were originally a Swiss design from the 1940's, at some stage they were copied by many companies all over the World and good copies are still in production.

Currently there is a good Chinese copy which I think is sold by Chronos and there is also a good German copy which is sold direct by the manufacturer who are called PeWeTools, they are on Ebay.

I think the big thing with the Multifix style is the indexable positioning that it gives, this will be very useful for my work.


Thread: Ideas to best hold blanks with out turning
18/03/2020 12:32:53


Be a bit careful with the polycarbonate, it has a tendency to weld up around the cutter i.e. it melts and reforms into a blob that reduces the cutters effectiveness which then creates more heat and so on. With care you maybe OK.

Delrin is the nicest plastic to machine, the Sherline will not even notice it is there and it just needs a decent sharp HHS cutter, so select the cutter you require for the brass and that will go through Delrin with ease.


Thread: Metric micrometer what t buy?
16/03/2020 17:28:32


Good to see you got a nice micrometer for a fair price.

I buy heaps of measuring equipment on Ebay.

Last haul was an Etalon comparator micrometer, 3 x Mitutoyo Digimatics 0-25 (or 0-1" and one Digimatic 25 to 50, all for £40.00

The Etalon looks like I will be able to clean it up and get it working nicely, they are a £1000 new, the main reason for buying the haul was the 25-50 Digimatic, I will admit this took a bit of coaxing to get working well, they seem a little critical on the encoder disk being positioned correctly, any how that now measures within 0.002mm of target, I also got two of the smaller Digimatics going they had bad battery contacts and encoder disk issues.

I scrapped off the 3rd small Digimatic, that can go for spares.

I bought a 0-25 Mitutoyo mic for 99p on Ebay a while ago, that worked great as well.

My advise is that there is a multitude of really good equipment for sale on Ebay, most people don't know what they are selling so you have to take a chance but the risks are very low.

A couple of decent slip gauges will verify your purchases, alternatively proper Micrometer standards can be purchased for not much money.

I have a 100 year old 0-1" micrometer that I used when I was 8 years old as a spanner to get the wheel nuts off my bike, needless to say when the old man caught me I was very unpopular, that micrometer (Slocombe) still reads absolutely perfectly on 0.9" slip, what I am saying is that micrometer's can actually take quite a bit of abuse and still be serviceable.

Good on you.


Thread: Telescopic bore gauges
16/03/2020 12:48:29

I bought a set of the Dasqua telescopic bore gauges last week for job that was outside of the range of my assortment of M&W and Mitutoyo gauges.

As a rule I don't buy cheap tools but considering the job in question and my inquisitive nature, I bought the Dasqua gauges from Chronos via ebay for £20.00.

Job completed I thought I would carefully check the bore gauges over and compare to M&W and Mitutoyo. The Dasqua gauges are nicely finished and feel pretty much the same in action, probably a little more dead band on the Dasqua at the point of nipping the gauge tight. None of the gauges have any big secret in smoothness.

I unscrewed the plunger from the Mitutoyo first, the plunger came out of the gauge attached to the knurled adjustment knob, the end of the plunger that bears down on the telescoping bars was nicely finished and rounded. I took the Dasqua apart and the plunger was separate from the adjuster and was quite crudely finished.

So I rounded the end of the plunger to mimic as much as possible the Mitutoyo style and loctited (603) the plunger into the adjuster knob.

This mod has given a marginally better feel on nipping up of the gauge, I would say it is so close to the Mitutoyo now as to not be discernible.

On the M&W's that I have the plunger is retained within the gauge somehow, only the adjustment knob is removable.

Emgee will confirm that I am cantankerous and not easy to please but I am pretty happy with these Dasqua telescopic gauges.

My M&W gauges only collapse from one end the Mitutoyo collapses from both ends and the Dasqua from both ends.


Edited By Barrie Lever on 16/03/2020 12:50:11

Thread: Unusual ER Collets
10/03/2020 17:03:47


The only part that is not in keeping with EFTX as far as I know is the little button that looks like a drawbar stud, the hex part is in keeping with EFTX.

Edited By Barrie Lever on 10/03/2020 17:06:41

10/03/2020 15:05:09

Schaubulin EFTX, the thread is to hold appropriate cutters. Not for depth stop.

So they are not ER, technically ER means E collet by Regofix they modified the E collet to the more flexible ER type. Schaubulin then came out with ESX which are interchangable with ER.

I think that is how it went.

Thread: Complicated post
09/03/2020 11:41:28


It does not look like a magic circle, you are quite open about the relationships that exist hence no magic circle.

"Clearly Steviegtr and some other forum members think we have some closed 'magic circle'"

But the propaganda is not very well disguised.

Thread: Why does everyone disagree with you
27/01/2020 09:27:50
Posted by Steviegtr on 27/01/2020 01:06:27:

But if you post any info of your own there are lots of negative comments. Is it the old mans, I know better & do not need any new input.



This is because a number of the denizens of the forum don't know as much as what they think they do !! they continue to live in a bubble and don't look at what is happening around them, preferring to stick to old clichés that support their inadequate thinking and knowledge.

The forum is actually riddled with inaccuracies and bad advice, some of it from higher echelons of the forum.

Having said that the forum is worth reading if you are amused at the above mentioned wallowing way out of their depth.

There is a small percentage of useful and accurate information but don't think for one moment that it is in the majority of posts, of course that could include this post of mine !!

Maybe the problem stems from the editorial direction of the parent ME magazine, the ME is a pale shadow of it's former self, I have a complete year set from 1918 and a complete year set from 2018, there is absolutely no comparison in the quality and breadth of content, 1918 winning by a country mile. The bulk of my ME collection is from 1950 to 1970's and the content was broader and more useful in those magazines than is the case now.


Thread: Unimat 3 collet chuck
02/01/2020 20:29:16

Thread: which lathe?
28/11/2019 14:46:05
Posted by jamie creighton 1 on 28/11/2019 13:13:38:
Posted by Andrew Tinsley on 28/11/2019 12:33:33:

Rather than spend big money on a lathe, I would spend it on a quality turntable. A Sony from the 1970's isn't exactly top of the range Hi Fi.


Andrew you clearly no nothing about turntables! Especially certain Sony models from that era.

rather than post a pompous comment like that why not just recommended a lathe for read up about.

the bearings are actually in rather good condition, they are definitely oilites as I’ve just re charged them with oil under vacuum.

the modifications I’d like to do are hopefully an improvement over the old ones, using better suited modern materials .

this won’t be the only job the lathe will be doing, so it won’t be bought just for that.

many thanks to those that have left advice so far.

Check your PM box. You will see it blinking along the top row of choices.

Thread: Torx head variant or faulty batch?
21/08/2019 17:09:34
Posted by JasonB on 21/08/2019 16:05:32:
Posted by Barrie Lever on 21/08/2019 15:24:26:
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 21/08/2019 14:23:14:. Each province of China has a legally enforced minimum wage


(there is no Chinese National min wage as you mentioned)

Think you need to read it again Barrie, Neil did not mention a National minimum.

Can we now keep the talk to the subject of Torx

As someone who can often get through a 1000 screws in a week it is quite usual to have the odd duff one or two with either poor heads or plain shanks without the screw part being formed Seem to remember the same thing with old Nettlefold screws as now with screws that I don't know where they are made. I Just bin the duds and get on with it.

I will reply to you by PM

21/08/2019 15:24:26
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 21/08/2019 14:23:14:
Posted by not done it yet on 21/08/2019 10:30:12:

Torx head variant or faulty batch?

Not really a question, surely? Not even faulty. Just not Torx.

Has anyone else had a batch of these mongrel Torx heads?

I expect there are quite a few, but possibly not on here!

Can anyone suggest ...?

Just cheap chinese rubbish. No quality control. Slave labour production.

It is not the manufacturing that has gone awry. There will always be possible set-up errors, but they should not get palmed off to paying customers!

Care to give the origin (seller) so we all can be careful when making purchases?

NDIY, please think before you post.

No-one, except perhaps suppliers to aerospace projects, undertakes any more than sample quality control on fixings. Whether these came from China or Germany or anywhere else is irrelevant, any manufacturer of goods on the scale of small fasteners will end up sending out some rogue batches from time to time.

Comments alleging 'slave labour' are not very helpful either, especially from a citizen of country that itself has an estimated 13,000 people working under such conditions. Each province of China has a legally enforced minimum wage that is supposed to be at least 40% of the local average wage. Minimum wage is about 60% of the average wage in the UK.



I think you should read your own words with regard to your post !!

Good quality fixings are not the domain of aerospace, good manufacturers will have a super high percentage of their fixing product getting through with no faults. Modern manufacturing techniques and process control make this possible. I doubt that Unbrako would supply fixings in the state shown in the photo.

I am not sure where NDIY resides, probably the UK, there is no comparison between the average working conditions in the UK, EU, Japan or the USA compared to China. There are terrible factories in the west but there are way less of them per capita than in China.

Are you sure about the wage comparison figures? You are saying that the average minimum wage in China (there is no Chinese National min wage as you mentioned) is 60% of £28K which is the average wage in the UK. I think with red mist (no pun intended) that you wrote your post with that you got your numbers muddled up some where. As a matter of interest the average wage in Shanghai is above the UK average wage, but Shanghai is the wage leader in China.

Whilst NDIY was a bit blunt, what he said was correct.


21/08/2019 12:06:24


I was referring to nothing more than NDIY's aspersions on the good nature of the Chinese people and the low end of their manufacturing supply chain !!


21/08/2019 11:37:14


I think you are right, just that the 'Great Escape' is much more in the forefront of my mind.


21/08/2019 10:50:02
Posted by not done it yet on 21/08/2019 10:30:12:

Just cheap chinese rubbish. No quality control. Slave labour production.

Blimey NDIY

You cannot say that sort of thing around here, even if it is true.

Cooler for you !!


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