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Thread: Old School Drawing Exercises and 2D CAD
02/07/2020 14:51:34
Posted by Gary Wooding on 02/07/2020 13:37:52:

Sorry Barrie,

I don't see how that works.

I tried it in CAD and the final circle, whilst tangent to the base, doesn't touch the other two sides.

me cad2.jpg


You are right, must have been an error in drawing precision on the graph paper, just done it that way in CAD and it does not work.



02/07/2020 12:54:59


There seemed to be a simpler solution.

1) Find the mid point of both of the long side, place the compass point on one of the mid points and strike an arc that is tangental to the opposite long side.

2) Where that crosses the vertical C/L is the centre of the largest circle that will fit inside and touch all three sides, I done it on graph paper and it came out a nadger over 7, so took that to b e 7.2xxx.


02/07/2020 10:47:43


Def. double points maybe even treble!!

Working it out with a compass was a carp idea in any case.

Doing it in CAD was the quick way though !! I could not do the trig in 45 seconds which is how long it took in CAD.



Edited By Barrie Lever on 02/07/2020 10:48:28

02/07/2020 09:21:14
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 01/07/2020 17:40:18:

Another Geometrical Drawing. What's the radius of the largest circle that can be drawn inside this isosceles triangle? Score double for solving it with only a compass.




Is it a trick question?

Solved in CAD and with traditional drawing.

Do you want your prize for the airbag quiz?


Thread: What to look out for on shank size when buying
01/07/2020 21:55:32


Thanks for correcting/detailing that.


01/07/2020 20:10:53


Like Jason says you really need to buy from decent suppliers.


At the top of page 318 in the link above you will see H6 mentioned in connection with the HA style shank which is a plain shank and also HB style which is what some people call Weldon or side lock, so this is answering your question about shank tolerances.

If you buy tools from Hoffmann you will only ever worry about the price !! I buy from them about every other week as they have very good cutters for carbon fibre.

Drill service in Horley also have a good range of cutters and both of the above have very good service.

When you are using a small light weight machine such as a Sherline, which by the way I am big fan of, I have even been to the factory in the USA, then the condition and quality of the tool becomes more important than ever as the machine has very little reserve to plough through a job with a sub-standard cutter.



Thread: Coronavirus, advice from ME
01/07/2020 16:01:40


I have a full bound year set of 1918 ME, I will take a look and see if there is a trend, I doubt though.

I have quite a few ME's and Aeromodellers from the WW2 period, likewise I will check them out.


Thread: My new Sieg SX3.5DZP problem
30/06/2020 11:24:22


Just take a chip to a car paint supplier and they will match it very closely for you.


Thread: West Yorkshire Police
27/06/2020 14:35:56


In the crash photo above of my incident with my SAAB 93 I was also stationary in the outside lane !! Just not for very long.

This went to court as I don't like loosing my policy excess, I always run with large policy excesses to keep overall cost down, like I said to the judge 'I don't plan on crashing into anyone' he agreed and among other factors judged in my favour.

The whole case revolved around had I stopped in isolation.

A mechanical failure on the Lambo might have triggered the driver of a 20 mile old car into an emergency stop, who knows? All I am saying is that you could collect cars like swatted flies on the back of that Lambo if you were of a mind to.


27/06/2020 13:50:26

OK Dave SOD is the winner, he pretty well describes why the airbag did not go off but don't think about swings and switches though, more like some kind of motion sensor.

The prize is the dodgy Mitutoyo rip off DTI that I ended up with a little while back.

The really funny things is that Dave had already turned his nose up at this gauge !! as by PM I offered to give it to him a while back.

The gauge sits in quarantine around here as my Swiss instruments got all haughty tooty when it was put on the measuring bench next to them.


Let me know if you want the DTI or else it goes to the next best answer.



Thread: fusion 360 cam
27/06/2020 12:37:26

I dont know Fusion but is it because you are trying to squeeze a 10mm cutter through too small a virtual gap, the area around the boss looks less than 10mm width.

Try a 6mm cutter.


Thread: West Yorkshire Police
27/06/2020 12:01:41

You cannot have a second stab at it !!smiley

27/06/2020 11:54:19


You are close but not quite accurate, if yours is the only answer you will win the prize.


27/06/2020 11:33:29


Whilst I agree if you hit something in the back then 'Driving without due care and attention is the charge' lets give the driver a little slack.

I will guarantee that if you were following exactly 2 second behind that Lambo and the driver went into an emergency stop, you will caught on the Lambo as you hit it up the back side such is the breaking power generated.

2 seconds at 60 mph is around 180 feet separation, now loose anything between 1/3rd and a 1/2 second for reaction time and building up brake pressure and now you only have 135 feet to play with on a target that is one second into a much shorter braking phase, you just hit it !!

I think you acknowledge the technical differences as you describe the difference between vacuum assist and air assist brakes on PSV/HGV. I would say the difference is about the same on a super car to a white van in regard to breaking performance.

The vehicle that hit the Lambo is wrong, I am just saying that we are getting into some very unusual circumstances.

I was involved in an 8 car motorway pile up, I was the seventh car in the train and just avoided hitting the car in front, my car had not even recoiled from the braking when I got hit so hard up the back that my car was pushed under the car ahead of me (car number 6 in the pile up) my car had very good brakes, disks that only just fitted inside the 18" wheels (all factory fitted items) and Continental tyres, the chap behind was just caught out. If I had been driving my current car I would have conventionally joined the pile up as yet another driver who got out braked by the wreakage in front !!

The photo below is the Police photo issued to the media and was front page on the Southern Daily Echo, the pile up caused major disruptions around Southampton that day, you should have seen all the comments saying serves him right, driving too fast etc. etc.

For anyone who is technically minded you will notice my air bag had not detonated.

I will give a small prize to anyone who gives a full description of why the airbag did not detonate.



m27 crash.jpg

Thread: Advice on Choosing A Mini Lathe
27/06/2020 08:45:23
Posted by Eric Lucas on 26/06/2020 22:24:52:

Is a unimat3 a mini lathe?



A Unimat 3 is a very precise small lathe that punches well above it's weight and is a delight to own and use.


Thread: What filament material do you use on your 3D printer?
26/06/2020 20:31:05


Yes that is where I get my carbon HT PLA from, you dont even have to pay for it until 14 days after receipt.


26/06/2020 18:44:21


To be honest for quite some time I just used the brass Dremel nozzle it worked great, I changed to a cheap hardened nozzle and it did not work so well.

Now I have a hardened nozzle from 3D Jake in Austria it is made by Brozzle and that works nicely.

I have only used the Dremel so I don't if I am missing something with the heated bed?

I think the heated bed experience could easily be like my experience with Mitutoyo Digimatic micrometers, I thought Mitutoyo were the dog's do da's until I got my first Etalon a few month's ago.

You don't know what you are missing until you have tried.


26/06/2020 14:32:21

I am using Protopasta HTPLA carbon fibre filled.

Gives superb results and does have good heat resistance. I do a free standing post cure on the parts at 150 deg C.

The exhaust strap (black ring in the photo) is made with this material, it is not a tight fit on the exhaust but has held up during bench tests.

My printer is Dremel 3D20 enclosed and I print at the fine setting and 220 deg nozzle temp.

If any one wants more setting details I will dig them out.



Thread: West Yorkshire Police
25/06/2020 19:46:12
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 25/06/2020 17:13:16:
Posted by old mart on 25/06/2020 17:06:41:

Makes you wonder why he didn't hit the hazard flashers and steer for the hard shoulder.

Having had a complete loss of power (clutch plate fell apart) at 60mph and still managed to coast safely for nearly a mile to reach a wide verge to roll up on to, you have to wonder.



On a car like that (very high performance and large engine) just releasing the throttle will give a braking/de-acceleration that alone could catch out the unwary driver behind.

You would think to depress the clutch in but that might not be as simple as it was on my old Ford Anglia, I doubt that car has a conventional clutch.

Probably not as simple as it all looks.


25/06/2020 15:18:36


I think they are meaning innocent as in the driver was unlucky to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Certainly should have had stopping distance, I had someone ram me and it went to court, the other driver said to the judge, these things happen !! Did not go down well with the judge.

Depends how that car/engine stopped but the de-acceleration of a motor vehicle like that can be immense and catch people out. i have been in such cars and the acceleration/de-acceleration is mind blowing and to think that my wife is licensed to drive one !!!

Certainly was 'Driving without due Care and Attention’ and we will have a share of that write off.


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