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Thread: The Fount Of All.... Hignorunce?
14/02/2022 13:55:38

From the book Knots, Splices and Fancy Work by C. L. Spencer



Martin C

Thread: Scam. Coincidence or worse?
13/02/2022 10:32:43

If you get a question from an unknown contact never answer yes. They record it and can use it to claim you agreed to something that costs you money, after all they recorded you saying yes when asked if you wanted to sign up. Asking a question that may get yes as an answer sounds very innocent to the unwary.

Martin C

Thread: How to eject short 2MT from sleeve?
13/02/2022 10:11:26

Drilled and tapped with a bit of stud like this sorts it out for future use. I had to dismantle the tailstock to remove this one after putting it in without realising it would not eject. No available slot to stick anything behind it to get it out.


Martin C

Thread: Four Index Thread Indicator
11/02/2022 08:15:30

Even with the nuts easily accessible changing the gears is still a pita indecision

Martin C

10/02/2022 21:01:20

Hopper, I realised when I came back to this thread that I had forgotten that the pitch needs to go into 127 an integer number of times. So 1mm, 0.5mm, 0.25mm will work. You can also do 2mm with a 254mm (10" ) move.

Martin C

Thread: Internal threading
08/02/2022 08:12:21

These tools are available as insert holders and inserts but tend to be industrial prices that may exceed your budget.

A simpler home shop tool can be made similar to a boring bar with an inserted piece of HSS or carbide ground to suit. If the the cutter part is put in at an angle it can go close in to a shoulder. I think I have seen a YouTube video of someone making one.

Search for SNL0013M16 online

Martin C

Edited to add the designation

Edited By Martin Connelly on 08/02/2022 08:28:33

Thread: Emco FB2 mill - weird Z position shift
07/02/2022 15:05:07

Tony, milling cutters get pulled down into the work. If you have the spring working against this it is like climb milling with backlash. The spring pulling up with drills doesn't matter, it allows you to let go of the handle to withdraw the drill, but if you are trying to mill at a fixed Z height and there is any chance of the spindle pulling down because the Z axis is not locked hard enough, if at all, you will get Z axis errors. The spring on a mill should be set to assist in lifting the spindle only, not to lift it without other input.

Discussion on Practical Machinist regarding spring bias.

Martin C

Thread: workshop floor - strength question
07/02/2022 08:26:56

I have 100mm rigid insulating foam in all the walls and roof. The base is reinforced concrete then a thin underfloor insulating foam and chipboard flooring on top of that. I initially heat it with a small fan heater that takes the chill off then if I am using machinery for a few hours the heat from the machines maintains the temperature.

The most important thing in cold weather is warm socks to keep comfortable, the warm air tends to rise wink

Martin C

Thread: bench top milling machine
07/02/2022 08:14:38

When I was still working I often had people ask the "can you just" question. Can you just make this, can you just do this? Often what seems like a small job to someone with no experience is actually a long job. If it was something that interested me then I would do it, if it didn't interest me I asked if they will pay minimum wage for my time. When they asked how long it would take I usually said 15 hours over the week-end. It tended to put people off but it was often the truth. Making one off jobs can take up a lot more time than inexperienced people realise. If you ask a business then their cost rate may be £50 per hour to pay for wages, building maintenance, consumables, insurance etc. So a simple 1 hour job would cost £50. Most of the people on this forum are working for themselves so don't consider it like a business would and a lot are retired and so have a lot of free time.

So what all this means is, was the quote eye watering to put you off? Maybe it was based on an hourly rate that is higher than you expected. Do you have experience of using a milling machine or plenty of time to learn how to use one both correctly and safely? Do you have a budget that will cover all that you will need because the actual machine is usually only part of the total cost you will incur. Are you going to be doing enough work on it to pay back the cost?

We can only give general answers to general questions, there may be very good reasons why the quoted cost was very high. Specific questions will get tailored answers.

Martin C

Thread: Emco FB2 mill - weird Z position shift
07/02/2022 07:52:45

Is the spindle spring pushing the spindle down or up? Up is usual for drilling machines but it should be down for milling.

Martin C

Thread: Four Index Thread Indicator
06/02/2022 08:32:03

For short lengths of thread keeping the half nuts closed is not too bad. For a long length of thread you can release the half nuts and move the carriage back in multiples of 5" (127mm) to pick up the correct position on the leadscrew. Your thread dial indicator engagement point will be different for each successive pass. There is a risk of getting the distance wrong if you do not have a good method of ensuring you move the correct distance. Best if the leadscrew is stopped before the half nuts are disengaged otherwise you have to reverse just enough to go back to the thread dial mark that was being used then make the 5" move. A DRO will help as you can set the zero point before moving back. These issues are why, for people who regularly do both metric and TPI threads, the electronic lead screw (ELS) projects are so popular or even going the small extra step of making the lathe CNC at which point thread dial indicators and gear changing for different threads no longer takes place.

Martin C

Thread: Help buying multifunction Compound 2 Axis 4 Ways Working milling table
04/02/2022 09:44:49

When I was at work I looked at this same situation but for drilling arrays of large holes in junction box gland plates, Ø16, Ø20, Ø25 and Ø32 in plastic, stainless and mild steel. We had a couple of large radial drills and a couple of Pollard drills available to use them with.

The cost and weight of the industrial ones was prohibitive and in the end we swapped out one of the pillar drills and replaced it with a milling machine (Warco GH Universal style with morse taper spindle) supplied with a DRO fitted. We also changed from twist drills to broaching cutters. A couple of wide opening drilling vices with the jaws machined to have a lip to hold thin plates saved on messing with clamps. The electricians loved it and wanted to know why they had had to struggle with clamps and vices for so long. The time saved on the process rapidly paid for the machine.


What you should also consider is how much time is going to be spent removing and refitting a coordinate table to a drill if it can't be left on all the time.

Martin C

Thread: Closed or normal Steppers?
04/02/2022 09:22:02

I use closed loop steppers as well. Run cooler, give error signal that can stop everything if they can't maintain position. The potential payback over time in terms of not having to start again when steps are lost is quite high so invest now and save later.

Martin C

Thread: Further Adventures with the Sieg KX3 & KX1
03/02/2022 12:35:23

Is the gib strip tapered and moving when the bed moves? It could wedge the bed if this is the case.

Martin C

Thread: Bolster bit driver
03/02/2022 08:14:47

DeWalt do a 1/4" one in set DT71506-QZ.

Martin C

Thread: Further Adventures with the Sieg KX3 & KX1
01/02/2022 18:10:43

I suppose the Oldham coupling alignment could be checked by just loosening the motor on its mount and seeing if that eases any binding.

Martin C

Thread: Altering a new backpt
01/02/2022 08:47:37

Look at this on the web site Page 7

Go down to Making a Backplate for a Screwed Spindle Thread

Read the part near the bottom regarding experience with a Boxford

Martin C

Thread: spell checker
31/01/2022 12:43:02

Microsoft Edge has it under settings/languages. Make sure you have English(UK) as the language and that spell checking is turned on and using English(UK)

Martin C

Thread: Milling cutters with screwed shanks
30/01/2022 11:56:08

I have cut a lot of these threads, I use a brazed carbide single point tool that I ground to 55°. Things I have threaded to suit my Vertex Posilock include Little Hoggers, Ø16 insert mill, Ø10 insert mill, ER16 parallel shank collet holder, edge finder. DTI holder.

I set the item up in a collet or 4 jaw (clocked near the jaws) depending on diameter being held and clock the free end to ensure it is running as true as possible then centre drill the end before cutting the thread with the end supported. Some items need a plug in the end first to centre drill. You can check the thread is free running in the target collet and polishing it a bit with Scotchbrite before removing it. As the earlier post by Keith stated slightly undersize gives a better result, you need to be able to screw items in and out with fingers when they are in use.


Martin C

Thread: What are the yellow fittings please
29/01/2022 12:50:23

Lateral resistance plates. They are on the sleepers on the bend to stop fast trains pushing the sleepers towards the outside of the bend.

Trackwork LRP Central Fitment - Imtram

Martin C

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