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Thread: New application of Mole Grips
14/07/2018 08:34:11
Posted by Hopper on 14/07/2018 04:48:44:
Posted by Mick Charity on 13/07/2018 20:34:41:

Am I the only one who doesn't find this use of mole grips strange?

Mole grips have their uses & I would beg anyone to define their definitive use . . . Go on, tell us.


Gripping moles. That's why they hide underground these days. Prior to the advent of mole grips, they could be seen merrily skipping up and down footpaths everywhere in complete defiance of law and order.

Well..with their their teeth I don't think I'd want to pick one up either :P Easy way to lose a finger...

Looking at the car, it looks like the kind of rig that bubba J would use in his pickup if anyone has seen Jeff Dunham's show. 

Michael W

Edited By Michael-w on 14/07/2018 08:39:07

Thread: Making Parallels
14/06/2018 18:12:37

I find what can be more useful (but more awkward to do) is to make a set of milling vice jaws that have a milled recess for a particular job. Seen lots of places do that.

Michael W

Thread: 3 in 1 Oil
13/06/2018 19:51:40

I don't rate the spray 3 in 1 very highly (that did seem to have little efficacy in the long term). But the regular squeezy bottles of it do seem to maintain their oiliness for a long time.

I would say things like linseed or vegetable oils are a no go, on the basis that they definitely do dry out quite quickly. 

It's probably a little bit thicker than machine oil (not the slideway stuff, which is very thick), but I tend to use neat industrial cutting oil for most jobs now. So its use is mainly limited to mechanisms and the like for me rather than a cutting lubricant. WD40 is pretty good for most things mechanical and a superior rust remover. 

3 in 1 also has a very low flash point, which probably means it's not the best for use as a high speed cutting aid. 

Michael W

Edited By Michael-w on 13/06/2018 19:58:38

Thread: What did you do Today 2018
09/06/2018 15:13:33

Don't know if this is the right place to put this, but i'd recommend giving some of the popular woodworking magazines a go, if you happen by your local WH smith or newsagents. They have a lot of tips which could easily cross over into metalworking or just "general workshop practice".

I got one recently that showed you how you can make temporary vice jigs for large bits of wood or intricate work, with an arrangement of G clamps and studding.

Very handy.

Michael W

Thread: Carbide tool mirror finish interrupted cut
09/06/2018 15:10:30

I agree with some others that without experience of turning stainless 303, I treated it like any other piece of steel and used the wrong speed, which didn't work out too well with HSS tools =s (was fine once I adjusted it).

I think I've heard 316 being a very nice one to use. That might be only in plate/sheet form though.

I've certainly heard that .304 is the devilish one for sure devil. Might actually only be appropriate for welding or just wanting a plate that's dead hard. 

Michael W

Edited By Michael-w on 09/06/2018 15:15:40

Thread: Paint for Colchester Lathe
30/05/2018 12:12:05

I've seen somebody use a paint called "one shot" sign painters' paint. It was used to paint a small machine vice and it looked like an excellent finish. I'm going to try it myself as I've bought a small tin of black.

As others have said, paragon is also a good go-to brand for quality paint.

Michael W

Thread: Are we Luddites?
30/05/2018 12:08:08
Posted by Mick B1 on 30/05/2018 11:37:44:

He is grotesquely overrated. Hardly any of his "inventions" had the technology behind them to have them built, or make any valid use of them if they were. His "tank" was such an amateur effort that its wheels would have tried to rotate in opposite directions - it couldn't even move. The 4-jaw chuck was really invented by whoever made it possible to actually grip real work with it in a real machine tool. The conrod was probably already in use on the treadle spinning wheel. Leonardo was an artist, not an engineer.

There's also the problem of the historical accuracy of the inventions that people have attributed to Leonardo Davinci. You will find on research that a lot of the things people think he made are actually just "he might've done that drawing". That's the trouble when evaluating claims made 500 years ago when documentation was scarce.

I don't believe he pulled his ideas out of the air myself and he must've based his ideas on what people had already tried.

Michael W

26/05/2018 09:24:54

I've seen workshops featured in the magazine that famously refuse to use anything developed after 1940 in their workshop, and I think it's fascinating, and frankly, good for them.

I don't however, i'm quite happy to embrace anything from cnc to stereolithography. I kind of just go with "what works" rather than excluding things, but I still think it's cool when I see other workshops that take a different approach.

Tradition and modernity side by side is the real future. Why choose one when you can have both?

Michael W

Thread: What's the best alternative to 'loctited'
23/05/2018 18:52:56

As I may have implied earlier, it's a little bit of a "what if" scenario,

We all know that joe bloggs who knows a bit about making is only going to understand you if you say "Loctite" or "thread/stud locker". And it seems to have taken convention, and it doesn't seem like it's going to change soon.

the best descriptor in my opinion, in a generalized technical capacity would be anaerobic adhesive, since that's the family that all the "Loctite's" belong to.

Edited By Michael-w on 23/05/2018 18:55:30

22/05/2018 13:41:26

It seems rather a tour-de-farce? laugh


Thread: Show and Tell Event for Forum Members?
17/05/2018 14:29:46


It sounds odd, but being in Hertfordshire, and that most of the enthusiasts are around the midlands, I may as well not bother.

Don't get me wrong it's a good idea though. 


Edited By Michael-w on 17/05/2018 14:30:59

Thread: 2 inch face mill problems
07/05/2018 08:24:08

I think the edges are too blunt for our machines, they're designed to be ploughed into with a Bridgeport, which would have the rigidity to do that.

The type of cuts you need to take with a hobby machine dictate that you can't go too fast into the work piece or take a cut too deep, it's just the nature of the machine for most of us.

A sharp pointed tool like jasons example show how you could get a far superior finish and real cutting action at low feed rates and cut depths.

Anyone wanna try sharpening the originals and seeing the results? wink

Michael W

Thread: Burglar alarm
06/05/2018 18:06:15
Posted by Mike on 18/03/2018 18:29:54:

All this reminds me of the almost certainly apocryphal tale concerning the old chap who phoned the police because two men were breaking into his garage. The police advised him to lock himself into the house for his own safety because they were sorry, but they didn't have anyone they could send at the moment.. The old boy put the phone down, waited for five minutes, then phoned the police and said: "No rush now - take your time- I've just shot them." In what seemed only a few minutes a helicopter hovered overhead, five police cars and a personnel carrier arrived, the house was surrounded by an armed response squad in full body armour, and the two burglars, totally unharmed, were in handcuffs. The householder was being interviewed by a senior officer. "Why did you lie to us - you don't even have a gun?", he was asked. He replied: "Because you lied to me, and told me you had nobody to send."


Edited By Mike on 18/03/2018 18:32:18

This is why the NYPD eventually changed it's tactics in the 90's because of rising crime, they adopted a zero tolerance policy, meaning that nothing could be treated as too petty to investigate, because people were slowly losing trust in their competence, which would set a reasonable precedent for vigilantism.

The only way to stop that was to show that they were still useful. 

Michael W 

Edited By Michael-w on 06/05/2018 18:07:48

Thread: Drinking and Driving.
03/05/2018 12:52:26
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 03/05/2018 10:20:41:

This does suggest that social change, greater awareness and better enforcement are having an effect.

Personally though, I'm more worried about this than any other aspect of the legal issues.


I agree that even my own Dad would admit to having been behind the wheel after the pub about 40 years ago.(He would never do that now)

I agree it's a different attitude to drinking in general that's brought about the change, also a good awareness of the number of deaths that have been high profile in drink driving.


The link boasting about helping people avoiding punishment is possibly bordering on the grey area of legality. It seems incredibly insensitive to the victims of their accused crimes.

Michael W

Edited By Michael-w on 03/05/2018 12:53:05

02/05/2018 18:13:32
Posted by Ady1 on 02/05/2018 15:21:59:

You've less chance of going to jail in N Korea, Iran, China etc than the USA

It would be nice if there was a system that works and made sense at the same time

To be fair, in those countries, especially north korea I don't think they would give you a full count of their real prison population even if that included the "re-education" camps where a lot of people die, for really stupid reasons, you can be prosecuted for just one of your family members doing something.

Michael W


Edited By Michael-w on 02/05/2018 18:18:36

Thread: The Workshop Progress thread 2018
02/05/2018 18:00:40
Posted by John Haine on 02/05/2018 09:38:47:

Inspired by another thread, I got one of these 133 mm backplate castings from RDG...


You can be very creative with those backplate castings! I'm sure I've got three 5" castings laying around waiting to be done with one purpose in mind or another...

I was a little bit uninspired by the selection of "engineery" magazines on offer this week at WH smiths, so I struck out and went down a different alley for a change, the "wood worker" magazine

and I'd say I'm glad I did, lots of good tips, even for this hobby to be found in them. 


Michael W

Edited By Michael-w on 02/05/2018 18:02:53

Thread: Zeus infallible?----mmmmm!
02/05/2018 15:00:48

It may be a poor print but they should definitely change it slightly, it's still a very obscure looking 3. Compare it with the "53" 's 3 and that's crisp, and as plain as day a 3 and nothing else. 

Michael W

Edited By Michael-w on 02/05/2018 15:02:18

Thread: Nickel Plating
29/04/2018 21:04:30

Just to clarify are we talking about chrome plating or nickel plating here? Because by the sounds of it, it's possible that chrome plating needs more sophisticated preparation than nickel plating.

With regards to nickel plating, I agree I've done it before, it's a bit hit or miss in terms of how well it does it at home, and you should expect to have to experiment with it. But I've got items I've plated with little signs of going anywhere sometime soon, without doing copper. 

You can also keep doing the same plating process to build up the layer, and this then falls into the realm of electroforming. 

This is all good and well if all you want to do is mess about with it, but if you've got a trophy you want doing, I would absolutely not tell you to go and get a home kit, you'll be very disappointed! Get the professionals for that. 

Michael W


Edited By Michael-w on 29/04/2018 21:10:27

Thread: Phone Scam
28/04/2018 15:21:30

"Sir, we're contacting you about a car accident you were involved in the last 6 months"

"Well that's interesting, I don't own a vehicle, please go on"

phone goes dead


Michael W

Thread: Condensation Management
23/04/2018 11:52:22

I couldn't do this clever stuff, if I need to conk it on the head, I need a commercial product I can just use, like an air conditioner or dehumidifier.

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