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Thread: Interpreted brain activity
21/01/2022 10:25:37

I can't decide whether human/robot integration is a 'good thing' but it is going to continue to develop whether we like it or not. I am fascinated by the technology but apprehensive about the outcomes. Helping people with disabilities or injuries is perhaps the best use of this technology but there are numerous ways it might be used by those with evil intent. One of the more disturbing thoughts is the likelihood that the brain-computer interface will become 2-way.

In Isaac Asimov's sci-fi universe the robots and associated technology are largely benign and for the benefit of humans. In the real world I suspect this may not always be the case.


Thread: That Strange Calculator Again
17/01/2022 15:56:09

Anyone who, like me, hasn't already done so might like to scroll through the comments below the Reddit post where the owner of the device has added a few more details about its operation.


17/01/2022 15:22:49
Posted by Mike Hurley on 17/01/2022 12:06:34:

Relating to Dave's observation posted 15/1 - "The inner ring holes are all dimples, except the video shows one of them, No 30 under the spring clip in the photo, to be a through hole that sometimes aligns with another hole inside".

This thing continues to intrigue me as it does many of you. If you download the video clip and then stick it into an editor, you can both enlarge and step through it. I agree with Dave that one anomoly is the ' 30 ' detent position on the inner wheel which as he says is a through hole unlike all the other dimples. For the first few seconds of the video this hole seems to have a 'blank' under it, grey, same colour as the main body. As it approaches half way this suddenly changes to a distinct line across the middle ( it's in a different orientation to the line notepad underneath ) it seems quite clear and definate i.e. not a scratch. A bit longer on it suddenly goes black ( quite sharp - i.e. its not a shadow ), then returns to the ' line ' then to the grey ' blank '.

So my thoughts are that there are markings on the back plate that are positioned to show as described when there are specific conjunctions between the outer dial and inner one. Like for example the ' line ' is a prior warning indicator during rotations ( nearly there.... ) and the black indication = spot on! Just a wild guess though!

Unfortunately without knowing the logical behind the rotations the guy is doing it's impossible to relate these events to positions of the dials very easily in such a short time. However, I just thought my observations might be of interest.

regards Mike

I thought perhaps the line observed through the hole at 30 might be caused by a pin inserted and scratching the surface before it drops into the corresponding hole below.

I feel there must be something missing, even if only a pin. The single hole close to the centre of the inner disc must also have a purpose, possibly associated with whatever is missing.

All three scales must be read in combination somehow.

P.S. The clockwise only rotation suggests some kind of progressive calculation rather than a simple conversion.


Edited By Farmboy on 17/01/2022 15:34:09

Thread: Johnny Morris reads Thomas the Tank Engine
15/01/2022 00:58:24

He was a brilliant entertainer on Animal Magic. I didn't know he did Thomas, I must have a look at that link .

I believe he was a farm or estate manager before he was a TV star.

Thread: That Strange Calculator Again
15/01/2022 00:50:03

More observations ( I really need to stop this and get to bed )

I think there may be a disc under the visible ones, with the dial ring attached to it by the two screws at positions 9 and perhaps by what appear to be rivets at 4.5. The whole disc pivots on the central screw and the inner disc is free to turn independantly. The small wire loop on the centre screw does look like a friction device, possibly to ensure the inner disc turns with the outer until it is locked by the detent. The signs of wear under the loop show it is in close contact with the disc.

I'm beginning to think it might be a one-off or prototype. There is sufficient, if slight, variation in the numbers to suggest they were hand drawn by a good draughtsman.

There must be some significance in the arrows indicating clockwise rotation. I wonder if it suggests some sort of progressive calculation. For just a simple static calculation it wouldn't seem to matter which way it is turned.


Thread: To start the discussion
15/01/2022 00:47:00
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 14/01/2022 22:45:47:
Posted by Farmboy on 14/01/2022 12:04:07:

I am reminded of an interview with Elon Musk about artificial intelligence in which he suggested that as it develops there will come a time when we have to wonder "what is the point of us?" dont know

You could ask "What is the point of Elon Musk?"


He's a strange and controversial character, but if you can overcome your prejudice for long enough to listen he does say some very deep and though-provoking things about our future. thinking

Thread: That Strange Calculator Again
14/01/2022 17:24:12

There's a better picture and a video at the LINK that MichaelG posted last year.

The small dots on the surround that Nick has arrowed in blue are said to be pins holding it down to the wooden base.

The two spots near the numbers 9 on the ring appear to be slotted screw heads but I can't work out their purpose.

There doesn't seem to be any complicated mechanism involved other than what is visible.

This is just further observation and speculation nerd


Further observation: In the ring of dimples on the centre disc the one at position 30 is a through hole which lines up with either a hole or mark at both postions 0 on the dial ring.


Edited By Farmboy on 14/01/2022 17:40:35

14/01/2022 12:49:19

Just had another go at trying to analyse this logically, disregarding all other suggestions:


Inner disc indentations numbered 1 to 30
Outer "telephone dial" ring numbered 0 to 9 : 0 to 9
Fixed scale numbered 0 to 18


A possible use would appear to be to rotate the inner disc to select a number between 1 and 30, lock this with the sprung detent pin, then rotate the outer ring to select a number between 0 and 9. From this point one would presumably select a number on the fixed scale and read the appropriate 'fractions'.

I can't work out why there are two sets of numbers on the outer ring but 0-9 suggests they might follow a decimal point. However this does not seem to fit well with the 0-18 on the fixed scale.

I still have no idea of the original purpose. Perhaps the next step would be to make a copy of the device and create a table of results using the above method. Has anybody tried this?


Thread: To start the discussion
14/01/2022 12:04:07

I am reminded of an interview with Elon Musk about artificial intelligence in which he suggested that as it develops there will come a time when we have to wonder "what is the point of us?" dont know

Thread: The ultimate project?
07/01/2022 11:03:52

Just in case I'm not the only one who hasn't seen it before . . .

The Do Nothing Machine

It just popped up when I was browsing earlier. Looks like something I might have made if I had more free time teeth 2

Thread: What do you do about cookies?
02/01/2022 17:23:53

I think it was the EU but happy to be corrected.

02/01/2022 14:49:19

I rather think the cookies were always there, it was government legislation some time ago that forced the web sites to tell you about them every time. I believe Firefox settings let's you create a "white list" of sites you want to allow cookies.

Thread: Paranoid about Android
02/01/2022 11:05:56

With both Microsoft and Google I start by uninstalling or disabling all the " special features" that I have no use for. While it is very annoying that Google insist on regularly reorganising my contact list I have learned to live with it and barely notice it now. In fact I believe it has more or less stopped, maybe the artificial intelligence algorithms have noticed I don't like it 🤔

My old blackberry phone seemed much more grown up but sadly the battery died.

Thread: WIN-10 Query
13/12/2021 10:53:09

I upgraded to Windows 10 pro as soon as it was available and found that all my third party software worked fine, including turbocad 8. In fact I use hardly any Microsoft 'apps'. I turned off almost everything. I use libre office, Firefox and Thunderbird for most of my online activities.

Obviously we all have different experiences and no two PCs are identical so it is difficult to make recommendations. Whatever else you do, back up everything!


Thread: Android GO
13/12/2021 09:58:22


Have you looked at the Android one phones? I've had a Nokia 4.2 for a couple of years and been well pleased with it. Of course, what suits me may not suit you but it's the clean android system without bloatware. Might be worth a little research.


Edited By Farmboy on 13/12/2021 09:59:34

Thread: Wonky threads using die
20/11/2021 13:39:32

Fully agree with doing it in the lathe if you can. Alternatively, I have done it with the rod held in a bench drill chuck and the dieholder flat on the table to keep things true, turning by hand of course.

To my eyes the threaded section of the rod pictured seems to be actually bent, which is easy to do when hand threading something that small without a guide.


Thread: The Internet of Things The Internet of problems
20/11/2021 13:26:03

Getting everything 'connected' is only the first stage. Next step will be the implanted chip at birth so the people will be under control too. I know it's true 'cos I read it on the interweb . . . devil

Thread: Headphones - any other deaf folk out there?
07/11/2021 09:12:51

I'm not actually deaf, my hearing is quite good but I do have tinnitus which makes it hard to discriminate particular individual voices or sounds. For reasons I don't fully understand, if I use 'proper' headphones (not the little earbuds) the music seems to be inside my head, bypassing the noises in my ears, and I can even pick out individual instruments in an orchestra.

I'm sure my condition is largely due to working with noisy machinery in the days before ear defenders were readily available, but the worst ear is the one I used for many years to listen to radio 4 through an earbud while working.


07/11/2021 00:12:09
Posted by Calum Galleitch on 06/11/2021 22:25:16:
Posted by Robin Graham on 06/11/2021 00:03:13:

The idea of getting internet connectivity in the cellars by powerline is attractive - but would it work given that the cellar electrics are on different circuits from the rest of the house?

For what it's worth, my powerline network here runs well from my office through the rather dodgy domestic wiring, through the domestic meter, into the main spike and back out through the three phase meter for the farm, down yet more dodgy three phase wiring that splits out somewhere I haven't even been able to find, and finally into my workshop. I'm lucky I guess that the domestic supply is on the same leg as the one split from the three phase on the other side. Anyway, point being it's a fair old distance and doesn't seem to struggle at all.

Almost exactly reflects my experience, and I found it didn't seem to make any difference which phase I used at the 3-phase end. I was streaming a live CCTV camera through about 50 metres of overhead mains cable with a similar distance through internal wiring.


Thread: Is it possible to machine a lathe more accurate than the one you machine it on? If so, how?
28/10/2021 23:56:51

"Is it possible to machine a lathe more accurate than the one you machine it on?"

Surely the underlying principle behind all human development for a couple of million years . . . nerd

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