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Thread: How much is a Chinese made GWR 5 gauge 14xx loco?
10/08/2019 16:59:46

Best to read the actual warranty described in the terms and conditions on the Silvercrest websiite. Station Road Steam have got it wrong.

I advise anyone considering buying a ready to run model to have a chat with someone who actually owns one, that way you'll get an honest appraisal, not just someone's opinion. There are several around the UK at various clubs, in Gauge1 and larger. In my club we have Silver Crest and Bowande models.

I repeat, I have no connection with either suppliers.

10/08/2019 15:56:13

I personally wouldn't even try and import direct from China. I have no idea how much a loco of this scale would cost anyway, but if things go wrong it's a long way to send it back or even deal with by email ( language problem as well).

Silvercrest Kingscale models are very good value and you have a full 12 month warranty, they even do a buy back scheme. I'm not sure what the original poster considers expensive, but if you consider the 4MT for instance, which I think was about £8000, just price up a boiler; castings and all other materials including paint and lining. Factor in the probable two year wait for the boiler, and then price up your build time! OK, you won't price up the time it takes you to build it, but you'd have a shock if you used commercial rates. Buying a ready to run model saves a lot of time.

I'm in no way connected to Silver Crest, but I have seen their models in the flesh and running.

Thread: Another scam
07/08/2019 09:08:35

Unfortunately this is now the world we live in, so best not to get wound up on it. Your details are known by all sorts without your knowledge, even government agencies sell your details. For example, private car parks video your entry and exit and these companies (usually foreign owned) can get all the details from the DVLA!

It is a massive industry selling information gathered silently and covertly. With regard to phone calls, I've just had another silent call, but I guess my Sky Shield put them off.

Protect yourself with a good Bank, a system such as Sky Shield and get on with your life.

Thread: IC engine tractor conversion query
01/08/2019 09:23:12
Posted by Plasma on 31/07/2019 12:31:34:

Thanks Tim.

Some food for thought there. Plenty to keep me thinking about while I plan things.

I've been offered an electric airport luggage tug, capable of towing 6000kg for the job I have in mind.

Trouble is it's in Buckingham and I'm in Barnsley.

Never organised transport like this so I'm having fun calling haulage firms.

Regards mick

See Parcel2Go website and put in what you want moving, and the quotes come rolling in. Saves a lot of time, but give it time for all the quotes to arrive as sometimes the cheaper ones come in last. Good luck.

Thread: Upgrading to fibre optic broadband
31/07/2019 13:36:34
Posted by FatWelshBoy on 31/07/2019 12:26:52:

If you are happy with your current speed just switch to whoever will match, or beat your current speed, at a better price. I'm a technician for a major broadband provider and don't get too hung up on FTTP or FTTC etc. just pay for what meets your needs. Do an online check for what speeds and deals are available to you and once you settle on a provider try and get a family member or friend who are with that provider to refer you. Don't forget you have a cooling off period so if you don't get what's promised you have a window of opportunity to leave.

Absolutely agree. As I said before I got great deal this year......just shop around. I have smart TV's and wireless laptops and I still get around 26mb at my laptop. Seems to be perfectly adequate, no doubt it would be higher if it was hard wired. No need to pay over the top.

31/07/2019 09:27:23
Posted by Robin Graham on 31/07/2019 00:29:34:

I'm fed up with my ISP (TalkTalk) and planning to migrate. At the moment I'm on ADSL broadband and paying £40-50 per month including line rental and landline calls. Looking around it seems that I could upgrade to a fibre optic connection and still save some money.

However, despite having searched for technical info which might help me decide I'm still not sure if it's worth upgrading. I live in a small town and the local telephone exchange is just across the road - no more than 30 metres from the house I guess. The nearest green cabinet is in the centre of the town, maybe 250 metres away.

What I haven't been able to find out is if I stump up for fibre will I actually see a speed increase given it'll still be copper between my house and the exchange either directly or via the cabinet? I'm getting about 20Mb/s download and about 20ms ping at present, which seems goodish for ADSL.

Hoping someone out there understands this stuff and can advise!


That's a lot of money per month these days. I treat these suppliers the same as insurance companies. i.e. shop around just before the contract ends, or when the ISP hikes up their fee and you can escape without paying! I always go onto Topcashback and see where the best offers are and go from there.

I know some will reply to this and mention service. Of course this is something to take into account, but I've experienced poor service from most of the providers I've been with. I currently have a mega deal with NowTV (part of Sky) for broadband and anytime free calls.

Moral is, shop around!

Thread: Another scam
30/07/2019 15:26:54

I was just reading this and my phone rang........" This is BT and you're phone and line will be disconnected if you don't press 1"....or words to that effect in a strong English accent. I don't have BT either, but I'm curious as to how it got through my Sky Shield. When I've got half a day, I'll phone Sky and ask them. Needless to say I'd hung up before the message ended.

Thread: Cruise meeting crash
19/07/2019 16:13:10
Posted by Samsaranda on 19/07/2019 15:14:38:

There will no doubt be a chorus of “the police should stop them” but with the current state of police finances and the cutbacks there have been then there are scarce personnel resources available at any time to be able to cover these occurrences. I think the police manage to do a brilliant job with the finite resources that they are allocated, I know that police morale is very low at the present, not sure a 2.5% pay rise after 10 years of austerity will improve it much. My son in law is a police sergeant with nearly 30 years experience and he can’t wait for his 30 years to be up and he can get his pension, counting the days till it happens. It will be interesting to hear the post-mortem on this incident and how much blame will be thrown at the police.

Dave W

Yes I agree. Both my son's are in the Police. One is a Sergeant responsible for two large towns and a vast rural area in between. The other night he was the only officer on duty! Most of the time they are working below safety standards, if it was industry they wouldn't be allowed to do it, but with no contract of employment they have no choice other than to go off sick, which a lot are doing.The Government rely on their goodwill, but there is a limit.

From what I'm told, some management decisions are also crazy and you couldn't make them up. They both tell me morale is at an all time low. I doubt the pay rise, if it happens will make any difference.The pension they should be getting was severely pruned by Mrs May when she was Home Secretary.....a real morale booster!

As I said before, it needs people to keep on lobbying their MP, so easy to do with emails nowadays. Pester them enough and something might change.

19/07/2019 13:37:10
Posted by JasonB on 19/07/2019 11:24:23:
Posted by David Colwill on 19/07/2019 10:45:03:

It is more a shame that there is no better and safer space available.

Easy enough to take your car on a track day if you want to drive it hard. Or joint a club, get a basic comp licence and do the odd hilclimb, sprint or speed test.

Edited By JasonB on 19/07/2019 11:26:20

Quite agree, but I expect they don't want to pay the insurance.

Thread: The Chocolate Fireguard as designed by Mercedes Benz
17/07/2019 09:18:00
Posted by pgk pgk on 17/07/2019 06:45:12:

The problem with any change in policies and new technologies is the special interest groups that lobby for and against, the failure of governments to look far enough ahead and the usual business of giving the job of analysis to assorted overpaid committees who ill drag it out for their own benefit.
Any serious discussion of the deeper involvements of energy policies gets into politics and is inappropriate on this forum.
Doubletop's link has validity but also some obvious manipulation to sway the casual reader.

maximum theoretical energy in a pound of oil is 1,500 percent greater than max theoretical energy in the best pound of battery chemicals.

That sounds dramatic but it's 15x the energy yet made to look like 1500 and ignores the fact that the battery can be recharged and when the oil is burned it's burned and you don't get all the energy out from it either.

To make enough batteries to store two day's worth of U.S. electricity demand would require 1,000 years of production by the Gigafactory (world’s biggest battery factory).

So you don't store it that way - there's already a technique for storing energy as liquid salt for instance or simply pulling a mass uphill (inefficient but doable when there's plenty spare)

In the same vein the article promotes fracking and since it's based on figures from the worse country for energy use and pollution then the cynic in me is inclined to believe that a picture of a scandinavian schoolgirl is there to obfuscate lobbying by US oil and coal.

V8Eng notes the gov proposal re electric charge points. Again I'm cynical. It would make more sense to build those houses with a simple, cheap 32A commando socket or even a blanked off 32A point so that future changes are easy. Putting in a charging system as such has to be a back-hander to some pal who makes or installs them and the lessons of smart meters that don't work properly isn't being learned.

Today we're told that gov is slow to roll-out 10% ethanol petrol and risks our biofuel companies going down. If the stuff is that good then note Brazil has 27% ethanol. Apparently we can grow our own sugar beet or wheat to make it but conveniently forgets to remind readers that we currently have to import 70% of our food, we are supposed to be planting lots more woodland and I can't help wondering where all the land for this is suddenly going to come from and how we're going to keep it all fertile.

Simply put no-one really analyses these things to full depth - just band-aid stuff.

The reality is that we are far too wasteful and need to learn to manage with less and need to control population, stop travelling all over the place (particularly by air) and become more self-sufficient to reduce international transport. Look at almost any manuactured food or domestic product and it contains palm oil; the production of which has devastating environmental consequences.

I've forced myself to stop ranting on now but on a lighter note I once wrote an article called 'mince up your granny and spray her on the meadow'. It wasn't popular.



I agree with most of the above with exception of "we have to import 70% of our food". We don't have to! Unfortunately we have got used to seeing so many options of basically the same product on the supermarket shelf. Most of it imported. During the war and for several year's after, we were self sufficient in food production, and yes it was basic foodstuff and seasonal, but it fed the nation. Why on earth do we need all this stuff from around the world, too much choice in my opinion.

A classic example of this is the building of a huge 41m high storage and distribution block in my village. Owned by an Italian company to store and distribute imported Pasta. This is not just a blot on the landscape, but when operational will have a constant stream of trucks in and out 24/7, on inadequate roads I might add. On the emoji thread, someone asked if the world has gone my opinion YES.

Edited By RMA on 17/07/2019 09:20:18

Thread: Aircraft radio scanner
16/07/2019 10:40:26
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 16/07/2019 10:29:52:
Posted by RMA on 16/07/2019 09:46:03:
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 15/07/2019 01:28:48:

I got a USB (Universal Serial Bus) SDR (software defined radio) for my laptop PC (personal computer).

... this is a really cheap and easy way to experiment.



However, why is this post on a model engineering forum? I have an aircraft scanner but not that interested in how it works, but I saw the title and clicked on it. Surely there's a more appropriate forum.

The wide range of interests and expertise on all matters technical is what makes this forum special. It attracts people who like to make things and understand how they work. Hammer to Atomic Clock via Bee Keeping and Astronomical Frame Stacking is fine by me. I'm interested in what other people are doing and have learned a lot. I like experimenting with different things and I'm not alone.

Bob probably knew from other posts that the forum has the expertise needed to answer his question; not least because we have Radio Amateurs and Aircraft enthusiasts on tap. I don't know of any other forum that can wheel out expertise in 3-phase, radio, electronics, machine tools, microcontrollers, chemistry, microscopy, astronomy, CAD/CAM, 3D-printing and bow making as well as quality comment on making steam locos, traction engines and setting up a workshop. Lot's of practical help on offer, and - usually - good-humoured.

Model Engineering has always been much more than Model Making. It's all good to me - more the merrier! And, I wouldn't want new friends to be intimidated by fear of asking daft questions in the wrong place, or having their spelling criticised. Some fora are dominated by self-appointed policemen officiously explaining what's amiss with questions, rather than answering them. I think they are worse than this one by far.

But RMA is not wrong - the penalty for open discourse is a regrettable tendency for threads to wander off topic. The forum is more like engineers chatting informally in a bar than engineers organising for work, and that can be irritating.


Edited By SillyOldDuffer on 16/07/2019 10:32:25

I do agree, diversity of topics is fine with me. I only commented on it as a side issue to the acronym post by Neil, in which I notice he has two versions of USB!

16/07/2019 09:46:03
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 15/07/2019 01:28:48:

I got a USB (Universal Serial Bus) SDR (software defined radio) for my laptop PC (personal computer). It cost about 16UKP (United Kingdom Pounds). I use it for meteor detection using RADAR (Radio Detection And Ranging) scatter with free software, but it will pick up almost anything you can make an aerial for, and you can switch it between FM (Frequency modulation), AM (amplitude modulation), USB (upper side band) and LSB (lower side band) or even stereo FM.

As SOD (Silly Old Duffer) says, this is a really cheap and easy way to experiment.


Were these posters who wanted every acronym serious?

Yes, if we don't know what you're on about Neil, you're an editor and communication is your business. You've failed if your audience doesn't understand you. However, why is this post on a model engineering forum? I have an aircraft scanner but not that interested in how it works, but I saw the title and clicked on it. Surely there's a more appropriate forum.

Thread: Aldi bargain laser level
15/07/2019 23:27:58
Posted by andrew lyner on 14/07/2019 10:41:37:

That's a shame. Language is a fluid thing and, by ignoring the recent additions, you can miss out on a lot of useful stuff. If TTFN and ITMA mean something to you, then you were part of the new wave of acronyms in the past. Stay in touch; you won't regret it. smiley

I've just got in and I see this thread has now taken a completely different direction, but I have to respond to a couple of people on here regarding my innocuous request to refrain from using acronyms.

The above quote I find patronising and unnecessary.

Neil makes a comment about my username,,,,why? It's not a posting.

On another thread someone queried what MSM meant and got a two word brusque response from another member, .....Google it'!

Another thread was started called 'Recent threads' and was closed because that was getting out of hand.

I don't understand why some people wish to try and show their 'superior knowledge' to anyone asking a simple question. Maybe they think they're impressing others by knowing something other's don't. I'm afraid it just reminds me of project management meetings we had back in the 70's and 80's when 'managers' would include as many acronyms as possible in a presentation, and if anyone dare ask what they meant, they were totally shown up as being 'ignorant'. Of course we all had a name for these people, and it wasn't an acronym! This behaviour was also picked up by the comedians of the day....too PC for that type of humour these days!

I'm all for a bit of banter.....but rudeness is quite unacceptable. This is a great forum and there's a wealth of knowledge and experience just for the asking. No one knows everything, so for the few that appear to spoil things, please stop. The original poster was pleased to share his experience at Aldi and good luck to him and I hope the final project is a success. It didn't warrant all the opinions on the product.....he didn't ask for that!

I've said my bit and I will refrain from responding to any further negative comments.

14/07/2019 21:25:34
Posted by andrew lyner on 14/07/2019 10:41:37:
Posted by RMA on 14/07/2019 08:38:09:

Thanks for the pointers folks, but I'm assuming most of us on here are beyond a certain age and don't use trendy 'language' obviously found to be necessary by the younger population. I certainly don't intend to learn it now, I'll just ignore the posts that contain it! There must be better ways to recapture your youth, another topic maybe for the tea room?

Apologies for going off topic.

That's a shame. Language is a fluid thing and, by ignoring the recent additions, you can miss out on a lot of useful stuff. If TTFN and ITMA mean something to you, then you were part of the new wave of acronyms in the past. Stay in touch; you won't regret it. smiley

Sorry, I don't regard this as language in the true sense, and if you have to resort to looking up these stupid things on Google, I won't bother. It's just laziness if you only include it once, but I can see the advantage if you're having to repeat it several times so long as it's explained at the beginning!

The correct thing to do is to put the meaning in brackets following the acronym so everyone knows what you're on about. Language is all about communication, not research.

14/07/2019 08:38:09

Thanks for the pointers folks, but I'm assuming most of us on here are beyond a certain age and don't use trendy 'language' obviously found to be necessary by the younger population. I certainly don't intend to learn it now, I'll just ignore the posts that contain it! There must be better ways to recapture your youth, another topic maybe for the tea room?

Apologies for going off topic.

14/07/2019 08:20:34

Yep, I understand OK, but what the hell does FIIK mean?

14/07/2019 07:30:22

I wish posters would refrain from including a group of capital letters in their post which mean absolutely nothing to me! Am I the only one that doesn't understand these things. I'm assuming it's 'text speak', but this isn't texting is it?

Thread: Electric Cars
12/07/2019 20:32:07
Posted by Barnaby Wilde on 12/07/2019 20:02:15:

In threads like this one, it never ceases to amaze me just how much of the BS we are fed by the MSM is actually taken in & converted into "the truth is" statements of beliefs by folk who really should be old & wizened enough to know better.

You know that your politicians lie to you, you know that your MSM lies to you, yet you still form your opinions from both of those sources !

Agree. Who says these so-called experts know the answer anyway. It's strange how the world has survived this long having gone through extreme heat and cold over millions of year's, proved by deep core samples, and I don't think cars were on the scene then.

I don't understand how carbon offsetting and green taxes reduce the pollution, it's all about money. I think we have to accept that the roads in Britain are at breaking point, but so are schools, housing, doctor's surgeries, hospitals etc. The common denominator to all our problems is too much demand for everything which equates to too many people around. Looking at it globally, there is not even enough food or water to go around either....too many people!

As soon as the media creates this hysteria about this or anything else, the government has a knee jerk reaction and we all suffer as a result.

12/07/2019 15:45:03
Posted by Clive Hartland on 12/07/2019 14:31:38:

I am at a loss to understand how they are going to replace ALL the diesel lorries that are used for carriage of goods to electric. Also how are they going to get an electric Bulldozer or a JCB unless diesel. In fact any earthmover?

Will they have electric Tanks for the military? and criuse liners and warships and cargo ships in general. It is now said that Aircraft are one of the main polluters, can i see long distance travel curtailed by planes? Yet they want to build another runway at Heathrow. Already a hefty tax on flights when you travel.

One thing I have found is that not all diesel fuels are the same, I revcently had to use a Shell garage to fill up.

A few miles down the road on comes the Catalyst light telling me to do some 40 miles at 40mph to burn off the dust. So thats another gallon gone up in smoke. Having a cat. 6 engine is great but this sort of thing annoys me.

They will use legislation to make their point leaving us in the lurch again ( As per Brown telling us to buy diesel)

If I use public transport to go to town it takes 1.5 hrs. and I visit every part of the area to get there. By car I can do it in 10 mins. Not only that the bus hurts my back. Already Councils are upping parking charges to deter town visits and they wonder why the High street shops are closing.

Yes I agree, politicians never think things through.....ever! I live not far from the largest container port in the country, and the number of HGV's using the A14 and the A12 to and from the port has become unbearable. The largest ships carry in excess of 18500 containers and the majority travel by road. There is a rail link direct to the dock but it's only one track. There is room for a double, but no one is interested in spending any money (apart from HS2 of course, which will only carry passengers).

When the Orwell bridge is closed for high winds; crashes and breakdowns, all traffic has to go through Ipswich and the whole area for miles around becomes gridlocked for hours. I'm sometimes trapped in my village all day while crash investigations are carried out. Pollution doesn't seem to matter only when it suits them.

Several parishes and business leaders are campaigning for another route around the town, but one of the local MP's (Tory) is opposing it and the land is owned by ex MP's (Tory) and large estates.

Transport in the UK is in a total mess, so I suppose blaming things on the consumer as always creates a diversion from the actual cause of the problem. I shall continue to use my Diesel car, it's the cleanest currently available, gives a fantastic burn rate of fuel and automatically cleans the filter etc. £20 per year road tax as well!

12/07/2019 11:00:02
Posted by KWIL on 11/07/2019 17:25:56:

Diesel cars remain noisy and smelly objects however you dress them up/

Really? Mine is very quiet and certainly not smelly. Engine is CAT6 + and the car was voted as the least polluting by Which magazine last year. When you measure and compare fuel efficiency you must take everything into consideration, something often ignored by the new 'clean' angels!

The debate on pollution is getting as bad as the Brexit one. Fact is, no one knows what the best answer is. Lifestyles cannot change overnight; poor nations will want their share of prosperity, and Governments the world over will still want to 'screw' the population for as much money as they can by blaming, or wanting to suppress something or other. The congestion charge in London has made no difference other than filling the Council's bank account.

Politicians in general are pretty thick in my view and will jump on any 'band wagon', usually to further their own interests!

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