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Thread: mystery file
15/02/2020 17:02:54

Yes agree with John Brown 17. I used mine on car bodywork many years ago when lead loading.

Thread: What a nightmare
14/02/2020 16:24:20

Copy all you have to your MP and ask him/her to investigate fully and get back to you. I tend never to give up on these things, and I've had some interesting apology letters from a few chiefs in high places.

Thread: Basic battery charger
10/02/2020 08:34:54

Mine is a lot older than yours and they are notorious for electrical problems such as windows losing memory or the top sluggish in operation, even when the battery is a little below par, so it's a good idea to keep an intelligent charger to hand. I even have a spare battery which I keep charged just in case, although they are very large and heavy and awkward to swap over in the boot! If the car is a daily runner, there shouldn't be a problem, but I do less than 2k miles per annum in it so the charger in invaluable.

The completely dead battery was on my digger and this did get left for long periods. These chargers worked wonders on that battery!

09/02/2020 21:50:13
Posted by Simon Barr on 09/02/2020 12:30:04:

As far as intelligent chargers go I can recommend Ctek ones. I've had one for around seven years now and it is fantastic, not cheap but fantastic. It's been used on all sizes of batteries and even has an AGM setting. In my experience 'old fashioned' chargers are just as likely to knacker a battery as charge it, they all overcharge to some degree. You can just leave an intelligent one to analyse and charge appropriately.

Well worth what it cost me.

Some members of the Jag club have Ctek and swear by them. I have a couple of intelligent chargers from Lidl at £13.99 each and they are great. I'm no electrical expert, but apparently they pulse a dead battery back to life; charge it and then discharge and trickle charge alternately if left connected. I keep one on my Jaguar all the time when laid up for any length of time, as these cars will soon drain a battery when idle for a time.

09/02/2020 10:50:38

I have intelligent chargers and have revived 'dud' batteries with them. You have to be patient and leave them connected for quite a long time. Worth a try before you spend any more and collect another item.

Thread: renew driving licence
07/02/2020 10:06:17
Posted by norm norton on 07/02/2020 09:46:58:
Posted by Maurice Taylor on 06/02/2020 18:15:58:

Over 70 you only lose C1 and C1E you still get BE which allows you to drive vehicle upto 3.5 tonnes and pull any size trailer upto the maximum weight specified by the vehicle manufacturer.No need for medical

No, not any size of trailer. Only up to a combined vehicle + trailer weight (MAW) of 3.5 tonnes.

A VW Transporter for example has a MAW, or gross vehicle weight, of between 2.5 and 2.8 tonnes depending on specification. Most caravans, or trailers capable of carrying a small car, will easily take you over the 3.5 tonnes total.

I don't think that's true Norm Norton. B+E allows driving a vehicle up to 3.5tonnes plus a trailer over 750kg, as long as the trailer doesn't exceed the limit specified by the manufacturer of the towing vehicle. B+E is automatically included on your new driving license.

Thread: Ink jet printer woes
29/01/2020 23:13:21

I have an Epson printer and always use compatible replacement cartridges. I have had error messages telling me that a cartridge has not been recognised. I'm not sure if this is the same or similar problem you're experiencing but the following procedure seems to work. Might be worth a try.

  • Remove all of the cartridges from the printer and make sure all the packaging, clips and tape has been removed from the cartridges (where applicable)
  • Then while the printer is on, pull the power cable out the back of the printer and leave the printer off for 15 minutes. Doing this will give your printer chance to clear the error message that has been previously displayed.
  • Whilst the cartridges are removed from the printer, please give the micro-chip and the contact reader inside the printer (where the micro-chip makes contact with the printer) a good wipe with a lint free tissue or cloth to ensure that there is no dust or debris restricting the reading of the micro-chip.
  • After the 15 minute time frame has elapsed, re-install the power cable and turn the printer back on (with no cartridges installed) and allow it a few minutes to ‘look’ for the cartridges. It will then display a message to advise that they are missing / not installed.
  • At this point, please firmly reinsert the cartridges, starting with the colour cartridges first and the black cartridge last as this cartridge acts as a master reset cartridge, ensuring that they are fully clicked into place.

Thread: High blood pressure !
29/01/2020 08:31:17
Posted by David George 1 on 28/01/2020 23:16:16:

Went today for my MOT to the doctors and when the nurse tested me my usual blood pressure came in at 180 over 70 I had to see a real doctor and now I have a daily tablet to take. what is this world coming too except when I had a fractured skull and fractured patella ( biking ) I haven't had much wrong with me and only 69 years old.


That's a rapid decision made after one pressure test! I would have thought the Doctor would have put you on a 24 monitor to get a better picture. Too many pills these days. True, you might need them, but I would want a better test than you had. I monitor mine at home on a regular basis, fairly accurate I'm told and it does give you a trend should there be anything wrong. I'd go back and challenge it.

Thread: What a nightmare
25/01/2020 10:01:56

Just adding to the discussion as it now includes queries on dashcams. There is no doubt dashcams are great bits of technology but uploading for Police evidence does involve keeping the original card unedited. Decent sized cards are quite expensive and you'll need several if you want to show a few incidents.

To give comprehensive evidence either to the Police or your insurance company, you really need a camera that records your reg number, speed, location and high def. Mine also records audio which you might want to think about switching off as it will record all your expletives when that vehicle comes crashing into you. I have found I'm more conscious of my own driving since I've been using dashcams.

I use 22gb micro cards which when recording high def last about 2 hours before overwriting. I am about to upgrade to 128gb for longer journeys, but the cost does go up, particularly if you have to hand the card to the Police for a while.

Just to add to the original post. Private car parks use ANPR and cameras to record entry and exit from the car park. They issue parking charge 'tickets' if a vehicle overstays it's welcome. From experience, don't pay and always challenge it! These companies are foreign owned and are all about making money and they will rarely take any one to court because that's time and money. It's obviously a different matter if it's a Police investigation and can be quite intimidating when they come knocking. It happened to me when I'd supposedly legged it without paying for fuel at a station many miles from me!

Edited By RMA on 25/01/2020 10:02:59

Thread: Lathes as bling!
17/01/2020 14:49:54
Posted by Ian Johnson 1 on 17/01/2020 14:23:32:

I don't know about blingy lathes but anybody can take photos with 10 grands worth of camera kit, and it's dead easy to take a very good photo these days with no effort at all, especially with digital photo manipulation.

But making stuff out of metal and plastic is a lot harder to do.

That's why people will gravitate to the easier hobby of photographing ducks!

There is a market for good quality lathes and they are made in Taiwan not China. In the USA Precision Mathews supply some Taiwanese made machines and they are very good quality, with a correspondingly higher price than Chinese made lathes. Myford lost the plot when they stopped making the 254, which could have been developed into the modern blingy lathe, I think they should have binned the traditional Myford lathe years ago. And I think Harrison M300 (and other models) lathes are now made in Taiwan too?


Have a look at Excel at Coventry. I bought one of their lathes way back in the 80's when Excel and Myford had stands at the London show. The Excel beat the Myford 254 hands down for value for money then, it also came with everything, and it's made in Taiwan.

Obviously models have changed since then, but their range is well worth looking at.

Thread: MR16 LED Spot lights
19/12/2019 11:46:52

Very timely thread as I'm considering changing the bulb in my original Centec lamp. The lamp itself is of a very sturdy metal construction as you'd expect from Centec, and I'd like to retain it.

Can the electrical experts on here point me in the direction of a reasonably priced low voltage conversion solution? Thanks in advance.

Thread: Foundries
11/12/2019 09:30:46

These two would be worth looking at.

Thread: Why mostly manual cars in UK
07/12/2019 19:56:53
Posted by Vic on 07/12/2019 16:21:14:

“Sealed for life”, “Parts not available”, “£100 a litre for oil” ... All sound like good reasons to choose a manual unless you buy a new car every few years.

All main dealer hype I'm afraid and simply not true. With most auto boxes you can drop the sump, change the filter and refill with fresh fluid quite easily. Main dealers don't seem to employ engineers anymore, even service reception at my main dealership is 'manned' by young girls who haven't a clue about cars. They always say leave the car for a day even for the simplest thing. It's all geared up to selling complete units and preferably a new car!

07/12/2019 12:50:52

Maybe if it's got the Jaguar logo on it. For my 22 year old XK8 I can get full spec fluid for around £10 per litre. The problem is getting the old stuff out! Fortunately several Jag forum members have sussed it and put the process on the forum. It will be a while before mine wants changing for the mileage, but I might change it because of age.

07/12/2019 12:17:07

I'd still change it if it's physically possible. I know Volvo made things difficult when Ford took over.....not sure how they are now under new ownership, perhaps they now have a dipstick again? Car makers don't produce the oil, I'd rather take notice of what the oil people recommend!

07/12/2019 12:03:11
Posted by mgnbuk on 07/12/2019 10:46:54:

I’d hate to see the repair bill for a modern auto box though.

I had requested (twice) that they change the gearbox oil, but on each occasion the dealer (who had quoted a price to do this) subsequently declined, saying that Toyota said the gearbox was "sealed for life" & didn't require an oil change.

Nigel B

This is pretty common with main agents these days, they would rather make more from a new box than a few litres of oil. A good independent would have done it for you, good oil is key in all things and extremely important in auto boxes. 60K is the usual change time for most makes I've had/got.

Thread: Arc euro micro drill adaptor
07/12/2019 11:52:51

Thanks for the pointers Jason, it's a job I'm not really looking forward to. I have a Centec 2A with the quill head and everything on that seems healthy. Might practice on some scrap when I get a chance. Of course Murphy's law will then operate.....

Thread: Why mostly manual cars in UK
07/12/2019 10:44:57
Posted by Vic on 07/12/2019 10:03:29:

On at least two occasions in years gone past I’ve had to drive a manual with a broken clutch cable. It’s quite exciting starting the car in gear in traffic and adjusting engine speed to change gear without the clutch.

There’s not a lot to go wrong in a manual gearbox. I’d hate to see the repair bill for a modern auto box though.

Statistically auto boxes are extremely human being to crash the gears or ride the clutch etc! Same with any gearbox, if they're serviced correctly they go on and on. Repair costs would be about the same as any gearbox. It's labour costs these days and some hourly rates are horrific!

07/12/2019 06:54:14

I take your point but this thread is primarily a debate about pro's and con's of automatic gearboxes versus manual. The difference in cost has reduced massively in percentage terms compared to many other extra packages available today.

Thread: Arc euro micro drill adaptor
06/12/2019 21:00:14

I've not seen these before. I have some small holes to drill and tap in bronze cylinders to fit the cladding on, would anyone advise using this bit of kit for that job? Thanks in advance

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