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Thread: Replacement lathe lamp suggestions?
25/02/2021 15:21:53
Posted by Jeff Dayman on 25/02/2021 14:59:23:

Ikea JANSJO led stalk lights were bought and suitable mount plates made for several of my machine tools. Less than $20 each and well made. I am not sure if they still sell JANSJO but a quick look in Ikea website may turn up similar newer models. Have not had any issues with vibration affecting them so far (used for years now).

Good value for money , just food for thought. Purpose made machine lights branded as such usually cost much more.

I saw these recommended and bought one to use on my Myford lathe. I was disappointed by the relatively small spread of light and found I was needing to move them around a lot in order to see what I was looking at. I ended up using an adjustable desk light which gave far broader coverage. The Jansjo light would be OK for additional detail lighting.

George B.

Thread: Looking for 'the bomb in the workshop'
22/02/2021 18:01:40
Posted by Oldiron on 22/02/2021 17:49:10:

...but still a chance I might dissapear into space on a mushroom cloud one day. surprise

We'll be able to tell which way your ultimate destination lies, by whether the smoke is white or black.

George B.

22/02/2021 16:07:31
Posted by JasonB on 22/02/2021 15:52:09:

Bomb comes up when you search for it on home page

Curiously, when I searched for 'bomb' all I got was tallboys and nuclears.

And Andrew, for some reason I didn't think of using three Ss in compresssor.

Thanks, both.

George B.

22/02/2021 15:40:59

I recently followed a thread called, as I recall, "The Bomb in the Workshop" about exploding air receivers, and I'm sure it was on this forum.

I've tried all the search methods I can think of on this forum (and on others that I frequent) and can't find any trace of it.

Did it exist, where has it gone, where can I find it? Or have I really lost the thread, and the plot with it?

Ploys holp muy!

George B.

Thread: Storing tools in bisley drawers advice
22/02/2021 14:10:00

I've read about using expanding foam and old T-shirts to make fitted drawer liners, but I can't find the reference at the moment.

George B.

Thread: Making mild steel look like cast iron
22/02/2021 14:06:34
Posted by Rik Shaw on 21/02/2021 17:11:30:

A bit of heavy duty sandblasting might do the trick if you can get it done locally.


Your local 'monumental mason' may be susceptible to a bit of persuasion. Ours is.

George B.

Thread: Oiler from lamp Bulb
21/02/2021 11:49:11

An interesting project and a pretty little oiler. How did you cut the glass? Does the crack start at the top or the bottom? What do you think caused the cracks? Is the failure rate the only problem, or do you want thicker glass for aesthetic or authenticity reasons?

I'm not a motorcyclist, but I don't imagine their bulbs are any more robust as in general it's the hot filament that fails under shock, not the glass envelope. My experience from elderly cars is that 6 volt and 12 volt bulbs are of the same construction, so used 12 volt car bulbs would seem to offer a ready source of glass, though you would have to wipe the accumulated darkons out before adding oil. ( ) I'm sure the forum members could help out with a supply of burned out bulbs!

An expensive alternative would be to find a scientific glassblower.

George B.

Thread: Confusing t-slot dimensions
21/02/2021 11:29:06
Posted by Nicholas Farr on 21/02/2021 10:55:40:

... I also staked the bottom of the threads with a dot punch, to stop the threaded rod screwing through and acting like a jack on the bottom of the slot, as it is something you really don't want to happen...

Absolutely! A previous owner has done this to the cross-slide on my ML7, and the edges of the T-slot are broken out.

George B.

Thread: Skynet is Coming
20/02/2021 21:27:21
Posted by Bazyle on 20/02/2021 13:37:45:

"The coincidences of discussing something completely random and then being confronted with a connected advert". Sorry Mike I have unfortunately disproved this. I keep shouting "Beautiful Naked Ladies" but so far no connected adverts at all.

Check your Safe Search settings. They're probably set to "Prim'".

George B.

20/02/2021 12:54:39

No need to worry that Skynet is coming. Skynet 2A was de-orbited in 1974 but as far as I know the others are still up there in stable geostationary orbits.

We launched Skynet 2B by piling up all the paperwork and throwing it off the top.

George B.

20/02/2021 12:42:09
Posted by Nicholas Wheeler 1 on 20/02/2021 10:34:36:

This forum's strength is that it doesn't restrict posts to a narrow range of interests.

I couldn't have put it better myself.

I take MEW but not ME. I am not a model maker, and hot fog has never floated my boat, but I learn a huge amount from the assembled wisdom, experience and discussion on this forum. I read modelling posts because there are so many things to learn from them, but have limited enthusiasm for other forums which only deal with model making.

Another strength of this forum is that there is enough activity to keep it always worth coming back to. Keep it up, people.

George B.

Thread: moderators
20/02/2021 12:26:31

My thanks to the moderators for keeping this a pleasant place to visit. I have never been aware of a bad decision on their part.

I visit some other forums which allow foul language, personal vilification and political bitching along with the technical content, and it's unpleasant enough that I step back from them for a while. I have never actually left a forum, though with one it was a close run thing.

George B..

Thread: How Many People Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb on the Forum?
18/02/2021 11:05:05

Then there's the post from a chap called George who moans about the fact that nobody stocks authentic Victorian bulbs to go with his 1891 Boy's Own Small Dynamo, driven by his 1895 Boy's Own Model Gas Engine, and wonders if anybody on the forum can give him advice on how to make his own.

er... George B.

17/02/2021 19:57:41
Posted by Rik Shaw on 17/02/2021 12:53:45:


It's good to know that Bell Labs are keeping up. As long ago as the early seventies I read a scientific paper which showed that photons don't exist, and that what we perceive as light is actually caused by darkons streaming endlessly in from the edges of the universe. Unfortunately, photocopies (which presumably are made by sucking darkons out of the paper) weren't compatible with my student grant so I couldn't afford to make a copy of the article.

George B.

Thread: Engineering / Modelling Books for Winter Evenings?
14/02/2021 20:15:41
Posted by Dr_GMJN on 14/02/2021 16:56:51:

So I selected a few to look at buying on Amazon. I'm not sure if this is a coincidence, or if the titles that appeal to me are rare, but these were the first 4 I looked at:

Some Unusual Engines - Setright: £601.99

Modelling Maritime History - Darch: £572.07

Cold War Hot Science: £875.99

Building the Allchin Traction Engine: £592.19

You guys certainly don't mess about with the cost of your books...

Anyway, I did order "Introducing Model Traction Engines", at £6.19.

And I bet they all had 'rare' and 'collectable' in the description! They're cheap compared with a book on stationary engines that was advertised on ebay for a long time for £12,499. it was a typical 1900s text book printed on cheap paper, in a moth-eaten leather binding. But it was from pre-revolutionary Russia, and in Russian (though I noticed that the illustrations were drawn in English) which made it worth a small fortune. I did email the seller to ask what made it so much more valuable than the equivalent English books,which typically sold for £15-20, but for some reason never got a reply.

In my earlier post I forgot to mention Repairing Old Clocks and Watches by Anthony J. Whitien (1979) which is both informative and entertaining, as one might expect from a book subtitled Horology for the Hignorant.

George B.

Thread: Myford ML4 headstock thread size
14/02/2021 15:43:40
Posted by Steveg on 13/02/2021 19:15:01:

For information the 1 1/8 x12tpi Chuck fits perfect without a making a collar

for the register.

As I mentioned earlier, this is accurate enough for most purposes, though you might find it unsatistactory if you ever go for a collet chuck. Happy turning!

George B.

Thread: Roller skate bearings.
14/02/2021 15:40:18
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 13/02/2021 10:27:19:

Much of this is psychology... A product's purpose may making someone happy, not providing the most economic answer. If a hi-fi aficionado believes gold-plated speaker wire makes Jazz sound better, why not feed our children by making him what he wants? And if applying a massive mark-up to our dodgy cable 'proves' it's superb, who are we to disagree? Everyone is happy - his musical experience is enhanced because he believes it sounds better, and we've earned a crust.

Absolutely. Two friends of mine set up a hi-fi company in the seventies using direct-drive speakers which I understand was ground-breaking stuff at the time. Listening to direct-cut discs (who remembers them?) through their equipment was a revelation. They marketed it at cost plus a sensible mark-up and sales were very poor. They then added some bullshine to the marketing and raised their price above the conventional competition and sales took off. It had as much to do with the customer's bragging rights as the quality of the sound.

George B.

Thread: Running a Myford in Reverse?
14/02/2021 15:22:37
Posted by noel shelley on 14/02/2021 13:39:06:

... If the reversing switch is suddenly thrown over the centrifugal switch will have the start windings disconnected and since the run windings are NOT reversed the motor should continue to run in the same direction as before. ...

My lathe is set up with separate run and reverse switches so there is no centre-off. In a spirit of scientific enquiry... oh all right then, in a fit of absent-mindedness... I flipped the wrong switch and hit reverse instead of off. The motor didn't even notice and carried on as though nothing had happened. I can't answer for the theory, but I can vouch for what happens in practice.

Incidentally, the reversing switch is a standard intermediate light switch (cost £2.34 at the time) rated at 10A. I've moved it now to avoid a repeat.

George B.

Thread: Engineering / Modelling Books for Winter Evenings?
14/02/2021 15:07:38

Two books I have particularly enjoyed are The Amateur Guncraftsman by James Virgil Howe (1938) and Stationary Engine Driving by Michael Reynolds (1881).

Although my interest in hot fog engines is minimal and I have never handled a gun, they are both informative and entertaining and well worth reading in their own right, which is far from common in technical books.

Even the title of the Reynolds book has a wry humour, as it followed his Locomotive Engine Driving (which I haven't read). He also wrote The Model Locomotive Engineer, Fireman and Engine-Boy, which sounds well worth looking for.

George B.

Thread: Myford ML4 headstock thread size
12/02/2021 13:53:25

Posted by Howard Lewis on 11/02/2021 17:41:23:

The "old" 3 jaw could then be clamped to it and the register opened up to the same dimension as the new sleeve.

Ooo, I wish I'd thought of that!

George B.

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