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Thread: Tuna Can Blower
23/01/2020 10:27:28

That's a neat dodge, Stew.

Do you know - does anybody know - if it would work with a lip-and-spur drill as commonly used for wood, or are they too soft for metal?

George B

Thread: Has anyone watched this Girl
19/01/2020 14:21:07
Posted by Steviegtr on 18/01/2020 01:47:39:

She is isn't she. Very skilled at what she does. Probably cannot cook a good steak but can she wield that lathe.

Regrettably, this is the sort of flippant remark my daughter has to put up with both at work and elsewhere, and an attitude that a century and more of women in engineering has failed to shift. For the record, she is a qualified, skilled and experienced practical engineer, and a good cook.

She is also a trained and active semi-professional classical singer, which causes much amazement among her colleagues, many of whom don't exert themselves beyond drink and take-aways.


Thread: Apologies for raising this again
19/01/2020 14:07:27

Martyn, I can understand what you are trying to achieve, but not why you are trying to achieve it. I'm not familiar with the details of the Austin 7, but I presume the gear ring is normally hidden within the bell-housing and therefore invisible to the naked eye.

If your intention is simply to prevent a mash-up if somebody tries to use the electric starter, wouldn't it make better sense to simply leave the starter motor unconnected? It would be a simple matter to make some sort of insulating bush for one of the connections in the starter circuit, which would be invisible to all but the most determined of observers.


Thread: Windows 7 support ends
16/01/2020 00:14:22
Posted by Peter Bell on 15/01/2020 16:10:53:

... just received an update for my W7 as I shut down earlier. Rather strange but all seems to be working ok after the installation. Odd on the day support ends. Anyone else had that happen?

Yes I did, and it makes perfect sense to me. The day after support ended they rolled up all the outstanding issues into a ball and shot it down the wires to us, meaning that they have dealt with all the known issues, and don't have to concern themselves with any future ones.


Thread: Only for Myford lathes
15/01/2020 14:20:24

Looks really nice. The only thing I would have done differently would be to have the right hand end of the tray sloped instead of vertical, to make it easier to brush out the last bits of swarf.


Edited By Georgineer on 15/01/2020 14:20:52

Thread: magic 127 TOOTH ?
14/01/2020 10:56:04

I use the ML7 gear calculator by Duncan Munro, available here:

It's a very versatile program which can be set up to calculate which gear trains to use from the standard set, or your own set, or from any imagined set. It can also be altered to calculate gear trains for other lathes.

I used it to work out the gear trains for my own collection of Myford gears, transferred the results into a spreadsheet, tidied it up and use that in the workshop. Out of interest I put in a column calculating errors (the original program doesn't do that) and was surprised at how accurate many of the results are. I needn't have bought the 37 and 47 gears after all.


Thread: The cultural status of engineers in the UK
10/01/2020 12:45:45

In Britain the problem dates back to at least the nineteenth century, when those who had made their fortune in engineering or manufacturing were desperate to join the upper crust, and educated their sons in latin and greek so they would be socially acceptable. This attitude is still at large in our own times, as witness the politician Gove whose 'English Baccalaureate' has done more to to destroy creative education than anything else in the last couple of generations, though goodness knows the other politicians have tried.

The engineering professions have bleated all my life, and all my late father's, about lack of status but have never done anything serious about it, with the result that (to give but one example) the girl who came to wire in my cable TV installation is described as an engineer. I might add that I was delighted to see a female technician, and told her so.

I don't expect to see a change any time soon.

George B, MIET etc.

Thread: New legislation that could affect us all.
09/01/2020 18:08:15
Posted by Grindstone Cowboy on 09/01/2020 17:39:06:

I have read - but do not have any idea if it is true or not, or just a convenient, plausible story - that Meccano used to come in various sets, including "Box - Standard" and "Box - Deluxe", thus giving rise to two oft-used expressions.

Hmmm, smacks of etymythology to me, like the explanations of 'sleep tight', 'posh', 'threshold' and many other phrases and sayings we are expected to believe.

George B

09/01/2020 13:34:35
Posted by Hopper on 09/01/2020 12:46:54:

So they need legislation to mandate a rubber seal ring under the seat.

I did a search. Is this what you had in mind?


09/01/2020 10:21:12
Posted by duncan webster on 08/01/2020 15:27:12:

There actually is a British Standard (yes British, nothing to do with EU or ISO) for making a cup of tea

While I can't help with tea making, I do have a three-page document for the weekly Plant Maintenance of the Instrument Maintenance Department bicycles at Fawley Power Station. It boils down to "Check the tyre pressures. Inflate as required".

When I was at Fawley in 1971 a Work Study programme was instituted, where every conceivable task was specified in a Time and Motion sort of way. Without a Work Specification a job didn't exist, so couldn't be done. It was a nightmare! This specification was written by my manager, complete with diagram, and I could never establish just how far his tongue was in his cheek when he wrote it.

Unfortunately I only have a very faint photocopy which won't scan successfully, so I can't put it up for your instruction and enlightenment.

George B.

08/01/2020 17:40:13
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 08/01/2020 17:36:44:

For clarity " ISO 100-5E47 - Protocols for the placement of toilet seats and their covers" appears to deal with how they should be left oriented after use; seat up or down and if seat down, lid open or closed...


In all my years of using loos, I've never known a woman to have the good manners to put the seat up after she's used it...


Thread: Myford super 7B Chuck threads
03/01/2020 12:47:06

It's worth being aware that the late ML4 had the same thread as the ML7 but the register diameter was 1⅛ " not 1¼" , so face plates and such exist with the smaller register which would need boring out before fitting to a ML7. I know, I have one on the list of things to do...

Swarf, mostly, thanks for the tip about pinning the character map to the task bar. Done it!


02/01/2020 12:58:10

When I bought my ML7 the 3- and 4- jaw chucks that came with it fitted perfectly, but nothing else would go on more than about one turn before jamming. On close examination I found that the mandrel thread was slightly deformed - goodness knows how - and a few minutes spent with a small file cured it.

If your other backplates go on as far as 1½ turns I would conclude that they are the correct pitchbut with a problem of fit. As others have said, a tap may cure it, if the problem is in the female thread. It's worth remembering that chuck threads should be a bit slack, to allow the register (which should be very accurately machined) to align the chuck as it is screwed home. So even if you bung the correct tap through a slightly wrong thread, the result will probably be perfectly satisfactory. You won't strip the thread unless you are really brutal with it.


P.S. If anybody wonders how I got ½ instead of 1/2, the secret (in Windows) is to hold down the Alt key and type 0189 on the number pad. There's a whole world of alternative and useful characters out there!

Thread: Have you got one?
28/12/2019 15:53:03
Posted by daveb on 27/12/2019 23:00:43:

The bit with the 'flag' should be the other way round.

That makes more sense!

George B.

Thread: Lucky find
28/12/2019 15:50:16
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 28/12/2019 14:17:03:

Quite possible that the non-ferrous parts are solid ‘nickel silver’


That would be my guess. The white handle of your pen is likely to be celluloid, bone or ivory, depending on the age and quality of the set. Other pens had ebony handles.

I think your set is more likely to be twentieth century than nineteenth, from the style and finish of the box. On-line pictures show Brunel's set to have been in a polished hardwood box with a lock.

This style of instrument was popular for a very long time, and one of my old engineering books - I can't recall which at the moment - has instructions for making your own.

George B.

Edited By Georgineer on 28/12/2019 15:53:30

Thread: Plumbers Jointing Paste ???
11/12/2019 23:45:59

Hawk White does the same job as Boss White.

George B.

Thread: Dickson detailed dimensions.
08/12/2019 16:33:36
Posted by Phil P on 08/12/2019 12:20:51:

Sorry if I am teaching granny to suck eggs...

Or in the words of the classic rhyme:

Teach not thy parent's mother to extract

the embryonic juices of an egg by suction;

That worthy lady can herself the feat enact,

quite irresepective of thy kind instruction.

George B.

Thread: Lathe lighting
07/12/2019 15:43:21
Posted by John Haine on 07/12/2019 10:51:46:

Watch with Janso, you may have to replace the switch after a while.

I drilled a small hole in the back of the switch when it failed, and squirted some switch cleaner in. It has worked reliably ever since. The hole location was a best guess, not scientifically placed at all.

George B.

06/12/2019 11:45:09
Posted by Clive Foster on 06/12/2019 10:04:43:

... Various breeds of inexpensive flexi stalk desk lamps that will work well when transplanted from the weighted foot to the mag base. The IKEA versions are said to be good although not the cheapest. They do one type with a big bulldog clip type attachment which might do well on the splashguard...

The Ikea clip-on type has flabby rubber jaws which make it difficult to aim precisely, and it tends to move over time. I find the spread of light is insufficient, so I am planning to replace mine with something which gives less of a beam of light and more of a pool.

By the way, Noah had a treadle-driven ML4 on the ark because he had no electricity. Besides, the ML7 wasn't introduced until after the flood.

George B.

Thread: More evidence that the world has gone mad!
03/12/2019 11:58:03

And of course there's my Uncle Will's motoring joke, probably from the 1920s:

"If Morris put the Ox in Oxford and the Cow in Cowley, who put the 'oss in Austin?"

George B.

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