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Thread: What did you do today (2015)
02/10/2015 09:17:22
the comments circulating within one of the more knowledgeable programmer's forums are that Bosch did write the code at VW's request but they were told it was intended for development tests - strong suggestion is that it was mainly the recirculation that was altered but as many point out the actual code is copyright and under American law (the DCMA ) it is illegal to circumvent the encryption there to protect the code.

If indeed EU models are breaking the significantly less stringent EU standards for Nox then it makes a mockery of the recently introduced clean air zone in London
01/10/2015 11:56:41
Yes I'm bothered - I commute from IoM to SE England on a regular basis - London stinks (very obvious after having a week or more of clean air) - even my place in SE now has much poorer air quality than a decade ago - London and I suspect much of the SE breaches EU clean air levels - Nox may not be as immediately lethal as the smogs due to coal fires of the 1950s (I'm old enough to remember these) but it is a killer + probably kills more than passive smoking does
30/09/2015 21:45:03
one advantage of a regular commute on the boat to/from IoM is chance to read The Economist at leisure - the current issue
(dated 26Sept to 2nd Oct) has a good discussion of the Volkswagen saga and a 4 page special on the Net, pornography + youth - good non-sensationalist reporting well worth reading
Thread: Rcd use in workshop
17/09/2015 08:58:13
I suspect the garage had a standard small switchbox added (eg as sold by B+Q) that comes with a RCB + 2 or 3 MCBs wired as a spur back to main box which is probably a split RCB tho older boxes did have a non-RCB section (used amongst other things for freezer circuits) - however if the RCB is tripping I come back to my point there is a fault or faults in some equipment or wiring that should be corrected - insulation faults generally get worse with time. If the garage circuit causes the house + garage RCB to trip then the combined leakage is above 30ma if moving the garage spur to a non-RCB connection in house stops the tripping then to me this indicates that there is some near tripping leakage current in both the house + the garage - potentially 2 separate faults
16/09/2015 21:02:38
I think I know how a RCB works - on difference between Live and return neutral currents - my original comment may have been too simple but for standard UK houses with short cable runs and earth as supplied by Elec Company the capacitive leakage is probably not serious and trips would indicate a side path between live or neutral supply leads to earth (often caused by poor insulation) - possibly an immersed pump in one of the tanks has poor insulation?

I was assuming garage is very close to the house and that earth is that supplied by the Elec company - if you are in a rural (long supply) and/or long spur out to garage then you need significantly different earthing arrangements than if you are in town or suburb housing estate - in that case the installer would have provided the necessary separation between house + garage supplies

Edited By Frances IoM on 16/09/2015 21:11:59

16/09/2015 17:25:21
I presume the RCB covers a number of circuits - if they trip you have a fault (or in this case possibly multiple faults in that the fault current was already near tripping point and he has just added to it)
the most sensible thing is to have it checked out by a professional electrician who has the necessary meter to measure the tripping current and to test leakage on the system - tripping RCBs indicate faulty wiring or equipment and should be investigated + remedied ASAP.

Personally I would go over to individual RCBOs which protect individual circuits and put an individual circuit from the main box to the garage.
Thread: Digital subscription query
15/09/2015 18:52:27
I know there are several Linux users around - do none of these have a digital sub - are the copies Flash based or HTML5 ?
15/09/2015 16:23:22
just to confirm all archived issues are in pdf format ? and are readable with a standard pdf reader as found on all linux machines and not that abomination of a flash module issued by Adobe whose sole function is to allow virus infestation of pcs running Microsoft

I understand the need both to include DRM (Digital Rights Mechanism) on the current issue but is that removed once the mag is archived ? (I have no real interest in buying a tablet as Mac and Android are increasing very privacy intrusive - I know that some view Google as 'do no evil' but my view is near 180deg out with this (as it appears is the EU's)
15/09/2015 13:31:25
Having just received my sub renewal notice (3 mags in advance) but as all my machines bar a couple of old win98 boxes are Linux (Debian or Mint) - I have no interest in opening up to Microsoft or entering the Apple walled garden - maybe other Linux users could answer if
(a) archived issues are readable
(b) current issues may be read
Thread: Chester's competition in MEW 233
14/09/2015 23:50:59
John W1
you approach to requiring prior communication fails in some common cases - eg my public email address which has been on web for now approaching 20 years gets 20x as much spam as real traffic - however it is effectively despammed and then forwarded to me - my reply does not originate from the well known address - this I think is quite common in some organisations where a well known inbox fronts various responders

using plain text only - def blocking HTML, javascript + images leads to a much safer email system but as recently found on Android a bug in a image rendering program combined with auto opening of certain attachments leads to easy hackable phones outside of control of the user - one would have thought the industry had learnt from Microsofts stupidity with autorun insertion of CDs etc
Thread: best way to adapt backplate
13/09/2015 09:30:19
Jason re title - yes please I'd been looking at faceplates as an option!

re suitability - It looks very similar in size + weight to the 4jaw indep chuck supplied with WM180 but for day to day ease in using sq bar in lathe I'd thought it would do, as so far little of my 'swarfing' on lathe is anything like high precision - however I have no other documentation I can find other than the remains of the original box as shown so if anyone recognises it (the trade mark on chuck appears to be a Bison)

Edited By Frances IoM on 13/09/2015 09:31:15

Thread: What did you do today (2015)
12/09/2015 22:59:31


shopping in Sainsbury's saw a granite worktop saver for £14 - 400mm by approx 300mm it appears to be very flat over the rh side 7/8th - tried moving my reference granite block (as sold by Axminster) around the block and couldn't get even a 0.05mm feeler between them - the other 1/8th has at most a 0.15mm gap in top left corner as shown - I bought to make a base for carbide sheets but could the small discrepancy in flatness be ground away ?

Thread: best way to adapt backplate
12/09/2015 22:52:20


30 years ago I bought a 100mm Polish 4jaw self centring chuck for a woodworking lathe but it saw very little use (unguarded chuck + found my ability to bowl turn not really good enough to justify waste of wood!) now with a Warco WM180 with 100mm chucks found the bolt holes match but the register is 70mm rather than 72mm - what would be the best approach to machine a predrilled 72mm register backplate (as used on 3jaw etc) to take the 4jaw - make a mandrel and bolt to it ?

Edited By JasonB on 13/09/2015 10:07:50

Thread: Chester's competition in MEW 233
12/09/2015 09:21:26
a throwaway email address for those unsure of term is one that you will only use for a single purpose - ie post competition closure having checked for any notification you just forget about it - standard operating procedure for many such problems where the cost of transmitting spam is negligible (or for bot nets free) but the cost of receiving it especially on mobile phones but also your personal time is measurable -the misuse of personal data by marketers existed long before the recent charity mail saga but control esp in EU is coming albeit slowly - Chester already have my details as I've ordered from them so far without any unwanted communication on their part but other companies I've had to put on a blacklist in my mail program as they just do not stop (especially true of non-UK based companies or those UK companies now run under an American CEO who seem to think US disregard for privacy is universal)
11/09/2015 19:26:27
I didn't suggest using a false address (my postal spam has dropped to nothing in the UK where I spend half my time except the mass unstamped mailings delivered by postie but your own experience may differ especially if you ever give to charity) but I would never give out my telephone number to any marketing organisation tho being able to give a Manx number that appears to be part of UK system adds a little frisson as the cost of calling the IoM from UK is quite substantial!) - re emails mytimemedia would appear to be on my Manx ISP's black list for spam so suspect it must have earned this reputation in the past - getting the acceptance email for the forum proved quite tricky

Edited By Frances IoM on 11/09/2015 19:28:20

11/09/2015 11:16:06
Brian - say the offer is worth ?250 and you harvest 1000 email address of those now known to be interested in such tools - a much cheaper way of gaining a mail (or spam) list can't be found especially now under EU rules that require explicit opt in - get yourself a throwaway email address and use that if you want to play this game
Thread: Machining Hard Materials
10/09/2015 22:47:32
on my small WM180 lathe I can handle 316 (with some trouble) using carbide or a freshly sharpened hss tool
What I think is 304 (judging from colour code as was a bin end and also that it was somewhat magnetic but certainly doesn't work like mild steel seems to chip off rather than peel - 316 comes off as very fine wire) - took out one of my small carbide parting off tools when it jammed snapping the brazing and bending the support (the HSS smaller parting tool was also prone to digging in so I gave it up) though I could take very shallow almost polishing cuts with carbide - guess a narrow cutting wheel on an angle grinder is the best tool to cut it

Edited By Frances IoM on 10/09/2015 22:48:10

Thread: X1 Mill lifting mechanism
10/09/2015 22:32:37
is there a ref to Graham Meek's work please
10/09/2015 19:34:22
the latest MEW #233 has an article describing milling of a 50mm thick block of Al to raise the column - the photographs also appear to show some motorised mechanism to raise + lower the head (any change to tooling usually needs a tedious multirotation of the awkwardly placed handle) - has anyone published any mechanism to do this especially if manual adjustment also is required.
Has anyone used gas struts to oppose some of the mass of the head making raising less of a chore ?
Thread: WARCO WM-250 lathe family and WM16 mill - 001
09/09/2015 09:40:44


any use ?

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