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Thread: mitre saw use for roughing out/ vertical milling mild steel?
08/03/2021 12:17:40
maybe the endmill is blunt? or possibly the mild steel is not 'mild'
Thread: Mad Modder site not secure?
08/03/2021 11:20:29
probably hasn't bought into the latest https security - what browser?
Thread: lathe knurling tool
07/03/2021 17:11:31
the one with two wheels + a sisor like action to adjust to the bar and one that will fit in the tool post - the WM180 doesn't have the power to handle the single wheel type nor is the tool post big enough to take most - I bought mine I think from ARC but WARCO do a similar type but even then needed to mill part of the holding bar to fit the 180.

There are several designs that you can make yourself Warco sell the hardened cutters - there was an interesting design by Jacques Chirac? in one of the mags abt 3 years ago that used non bevelled wheels to cut rather than crush the metal
Thread: Building a small bench
07/03/2021 10:23:52
I built my benches from a design in "The Home Handyman Encycopedia" which I bought in 1978 shortly after buying my 1st house - the benches (3 thereof in my cellar workshop) designed for woodwork but eminently sturdy enough for metal work has served me well for last 35 years simple to make and built using standard sizes of timber + ply - the only change I made was to go for thicker timber for the legs so that I could use larger feet on a M12 thread using a 6mm small plate at foot of each leg tapped for the M12 though the weight is born on the M12 adjusting nut with small screws into the end grain - much of their stability was achieved thru use of 12mm good quality ply panels (tho that is now both quite expensive and difficult to find - the chinese ply is cheap and usually nasty)
Thread: Low cost swarf guard/dovetalk protectors for Mini Mill?
07/03/2021 08:40:40
the rubber matting sold for workshops (the one with many holes) will trap quite a bit of flying swarf - I made a simple clip on transparent guard to the table of my small X1 but this restricts placement of vice etc but ok for many jobs - a special pair of shoes/slipons/safety shoes depending on type of work worn only in workshop + exchanged at boundary will help as will spare carpet laid near door
Thread: Drilling & tapping for a screw whose major diam. is undersize
06/03/2021 22:51:10
10-32 thumbscrews are the standard for PC panels - you can buy all sorts of fancy thumbscrews for those who make their PC into an artistic construct - eg I've got a pack of bright gold anodised thumbscrews that are quite useful for those machines where I often want to swop out bits - taps and dies for 10-32 are relatively cheap;
Thread: Locating a copy of a CDROM for a C Compiler
06/03/2021 22:40:55
The Arduino IDE will run on 32 or 64 bit Linux machines and is freely downloadable.

32bit Linux machines are somewhat on the way out but there are versions of Mint that still support 32 bit machines and are not too far removed from the classic XP model for graphical user interfaces but will take a little to get used to - the catch is how old is your XP and how much memory does it have - if very old then the hard drive is possibly not the modern SATA but the older PATA which prevents one immediate speedup by using one of the now cheap SSD (the smallest 128G would suffice and should be less than ?25 - the other key problem is the memory most XP systems should support 4GB but 2GB should work ok with MINT - if you have a later machine it may support the 64bit version and your choice is wider tho here the usual problem is they work better with more memory 4GB is usually quoted as a minimum

None of the old C compilers will cross-compile to Arduino code
06/03/2021 20:24:24
are there no old version of Microsoft's Visual C - I still have a copy on an old Win98 machine that is kept to drive a too good to throw scanner - there was a Borland-C that also ran on win98 + I think XP - may well have this on an old CD buried somewhere but 20yr old C - what do you need the C for as often it is the libraries that are the difficult bit to find
Thread: Special nuts for various parts
05/03/2021 08:34:11
the OP seems to have edited his posting to make the image inaccessible
Thread: Groups io browser operation
03/03/2021 15:49:24
The drive to ever more secure https systems is driven by the wifi transmission needed for mobile phones and the rise of eBanking - Google pushed it from the start as some crafty cafe owners + small ISPs set up a mechanism to replace google adverts with their own adverts
The simpler precursors to today's highly securecrypto systems were once blocked as armaments by the USA.
For those of us ancients still on landlines such crypto are gross overkill but not for the great multitude who now have little access to physical banks etc
Thread: Issue number 1995
02/03/2021 16:14:49
that would place it around June 1939 - I know the SMEE library has bound copies including this year but until lockdown ends access to building is restricted
Probably little help at moment but the librarian at SMEE would in past copy articles for members - maybe there is a large public library near you that can offer this service.

Edited By Frances IoM on 02/03/2021 16:15:11

Thread: Ancient Skills
28/02/2021 20:52:58
when in 1723 the local blacksmith + pub landlord having access to some old cannon metal decided to counterfeit some pennies he apparently just used one good penny to make a mould presumeably using clay - the details were not described in the court hearing but many pennies were made so probably the moulds had the imprints of one side + channels for the molten metal to flow with a corresponding mould of the reverse of the coins which would be abutted to the other mould and the molten metal poured into the baked moulds - the small bits of metal from the channels were filed off.
The jury tho the blacksmith acknowledged having made the coins acquitted him as under a new law counterfeiting of brass as well as silver coins was a capital offence (the blacksmith also hadn't realised but was lucky in that his son had married the daughter of the attorney general!

Many silver coins were quite small and a single master could be used for many copies - the moulds could be reused tho wear would be seen
Thread: I want a telescope
26/02/2021 10:09:01
and I'm one of a select group who have been up to the prime focus of the beast ! - admittedly many many years ago before the rebuild
Thread: Replacement lathe lamp suggestions?
25/02/2021 18:58:36
"Just as well, since no around here seems to stock 24V 50W QH!

have you tried a local coach operator ? 24V would also be used on lorries etc.
Thread: I want a telescope
25/02/2021 17:57:35
my Russian spotting telescope goes upto 24x which is considerably more than I can handle without a stand.

In my flat in Peel which looks out as far as the Mountains of Mourne and as far as the Mull of Kintyre I have a considerably larger scope with prism + better optics - you need a very stable tripod with weight balanced mounting (home made) but I can read the names of ships certainly at 2 or 3 miles off shore and on good days even further.

This cost me about ?60 15 years ago from the local photographic shop - if you go this way make sure you can get an adaptor to allow attaching a camera - if I had the money I would go for a binocular system - if you are into bird spotting then a much lower magnification will suffice and be more usable and hand held would be near essential unless you have a local watering hole you can set up a tripoded scope on - if your horizon is just 4 miles then I suspect 24x will be the most needed.

If I can round to it attaching a hi definition PiCamera with a C mount it would make using the scope much easier and allow better photo opportunities -

Edited By Frances IoM on 25/02/2021 17:59:53

Edited By Frances IoM on 25/02/2021 18:20:59

Thread: Replacement lathe lamp suggestions?
25/02/2021 14:49:29
one simple trick is to stick a length of water proof LED light strip to the splash tray (assuming you have one - Warco WM180 + larger models make it easy with a folded lip on this tray into which the strip can be placed so doesn't shine into ones eyes - gives quite effective local lighting - a small LED on a flexible stalk can then be used for detailed lighting - obviously larger lathes might need more lighting
Thread: Cumulative calculation errors
25/02/2021 08:49:08
look up the threads by Jim Noci - he + others discus Bresenham's algorithm
Thread: Skynet is Coming
24/02/2021 17:42:07
The point I was trying to make is that the cost of these small PIC-like chips are very small + total cost considerably less than any design that requires components that cannot be autoplaced - the ability to use compute power to avoid components such as large value capacitors is another significant cost saving - added to these is the stocking cost of a single component vs many.
Programmers for the PIC series are quite cheap for small quantity use by amateurs - several designs from last maybe 8 or more years in enthusiast magazines have used then to save cct board space - today's trend is of course to use the small arduinos, the Aussie micromate + now the PiPico as single components within a larger design
Thread: Building a small bench
23/02/2021 20:15:35
"I'm not sure what the right treatment is, but it's certainly not nothing" -
a good sanding followed by a couple of coats of polyurethane floor varnish should protect against most things but thin stainless steel on top of the ply makes a good work surface for metal bashing - for woodworking real hardwood is unbeatable for just its beauty + feel but don't let oil anywhere near it.
Thread: Skynet is Coming
23/02/2021 19:47:40
"I could probably replace that lot with a couple of transistors and a few resistors. Is this just a lazy designer or was he told " We've bought 1/2 a million too many. Can you get rid of them for us?"

No it sounds like a simple PIC processor - they will cost less than your 2 transistors which would probably need a capacitor for timing purposes (the latter being guaranteed not to last 10yrs unless quite expensive. Since you knew what it had to do program your own PIC
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