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Thread: new computer
04/11/2019 21:53:42
what is the make and model of your existing machine ? also what is the size of the hard drive (if over 320G (or more usually 160GB) then almost certainly a SATA - the two killers of hard drives are heat (in laptops usually caused by clogged filters as air flow is generally poor) or power supply glitches (eg operating near motors etc) replacement PATA drives are available often at relatively low prices - if it was a near top of the range business machine of that vintage it probably has a SATA interface and a hard drive replacement + extra memory will be all that is required. I'd only consider buying a new one if your needs have changed (eg you are trying to get into CAD)
03/11/2019 18:18:36
Often the local CEX shop has ex Business HP or Dell desktops for around ?80 to ?100 - our local auction house usually have similar machines for less than ?30 but they will be running Win7 or even XP - one attraction of these older machines is that they often have both PATA (the wide cable) and SATA (narrow cable) interfaces and are easily made to run Linux which allows straightforward copying of older hard drives to the newer and generally larger SATA drives

You can of course merely extract the computer motherboard and move it to your existing tower as all fittings were standardised by IBM many years ago Should also add that upgrading these older machines to the maximum memory 4GB or 16GB is usual limit is again very cheap and will give you an even better response than a SSD.

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Thread: Learning CAD with Alibre Atom3D
02/11/2019 08:48:08
Removal of convenient features once they have been checked by using the 'non-payers' as guinea pigs is S.O.P for such companies - you never get ouwt for nouwt

Edited By Frances IoM on 02/11/2019 09:12:42

Thread: Web-sites Going AWOL
02/11/2019 08:44:32
Hi as Frances_IoM I've sent NO messages - I tend to find the system clunky tho I guess it does offer some protection, more important in the past, against spam -
Thread: Email security
01/11/2019 17:29:27
email harvesting from web-pages judging from my near 20 year experience of having my contact address on an open web page is very much a thing of the past - maybe 1 or 2 a week always caught by my spam filter (a professional paid for one) down from the several hundred a week 5 or so years ago. That said I do not open attachments from 1st time posters nor do I allow the utter stupidity of looking at HTML coded emails that could contain javascript - likewise any email that uses encoding of such HTML text is ditched immediately tho some 'honest' organisations such as the British Library tend to use this trick - I see no good reason why plain text emails cannot be used thos I guess it is the need to handle all languages' character sets in the same way that is the cause.

Edited By Frances IoM on 01/11/2019 17:30:27

Thread: Web-sites Going AWOL
31/10/2019 08:32:21
I was under the impression that MS were in the process of effectively removing IE (previously known as Internet Exploder) in favour of Edge - maybe downloading the free Firefox browser would help solve your problems - I presume that you have checked that your roter is set to use your ISP for DNS queries (this is alterable in the router) and as a precaution you have set up a password if your router is one that comes with a universal default (eg admin / password)

Edited By Frances IoM on 31/10/2019 08:37:39

29/10/2019 21:18:50
the bit about tls etc would date that page to the early days of https which Google was pushing but 5 years or so ago not all browsers had been updated. Looks as tho an old web site hasn't been updated correctly - possibly Traction Talk was also being updated as seems fine for me and I operate with a fairly locked down Firefox browser
Thread: portable LED floodlight , power source ?
24/10/2019 22:42:55
LEDs are current driven (+ need a limiter unless you like a well lit but very fast puff of smoke) unlike old tungsten wire bulbs which are voltage driven - those LEDs marked as 12V etc for in-car use have an internal current limiter - likewise LION cells are relatively cheap but can(ie usually will) explode + catch fire if charged in wrong way (that's the function of the circuits seen on the board - it measures voltage of cell + adjusts charging as appropriate) - shorting the cell is an extreme fire risk unless the cell has an inbuilt circuit to limit output current
Thread: Stepper power for autofeed on lathe
20/10/2019 12:31:33
It would be much easier both now and especially for the future to use the admittedly clunky album feature of this site - Dropbox is a tracker (hence the 'free' nature - viewers pay via privacy) + also such 'free' sites tend to drop images after a time thus often wrecking the thread (see the mess made when one such site went commercial)
Thread: windoze 10
15/10/2019 23:04:11
how long ago was your attempt - and how old was the lap-top? I've played around with many machines that would run XP and encountered no problems, modern Linux systems just work out of the box - the usual problems with old (ie >12yrs old) laptops are their lack of compute power, often with limited memory but especially with wifi + bluetooth (broadcomm is a pain here as it refuses to divulge sufficient info eg seen even with the Raspberrypi) and certain display drivers for which the manufacturers refuse to give info - nvidia was one such that required the equivalent of a binary patch against a specific version of Linux tho recent free software works well but cannot often drive the GPU to its limits. But the same is true in spades for windoze - W10 forced many users to dump working scanners and printers at our local amenity centre because there were no drivers under W10 for stuff that had worked under XP or even win 7. Lifetimes of many specialised peripherals greatly exceeds that of the O/S eg my goto scanner has an attached win98 box(for which I have several spares) as its drivers were never updated by the manufacturer.
15/10/2019 16:07:14
re boot order - you need to edit Grub (or one of the files associated with it) - depending on your version of Linux or UEFI/BIOS there may be a program included otherwise many rescue CDs eg those on the linux mags often include a free standalone program as Grub is the lowest level of the boot loader - but google for your Linux system + grub
15/10/2019 12:45:09
the older XP-era Word programmes (word, excel etc) run fine under Wine on my various Linux machines (I still use Word as its table editing section in that version makes it easy to correct OCR scans and is simpler to use than Libre Office for this purpose)
Libre-Office (free!) that now comes with all? flavours of Linux can handle 99% of word documents etc from a fuctional point of view but not having the same fonts means that exact images not always achievable (tho this used also to be the case in distant days to be true of Win + Apple flavours of Word )

However you are probably correct in that the latest versions of MS are definitely locked to later MS operating systems and are unlikely to move to Linux - likewise many Apple programmes only run on their O/S - in both cases you accept that you are at the mercy of the company who can remove/alter any function at will - hence the attraction to me of Linux.
14/10/2019 21:03:11
one feature of Linux is that the O/S is not linked to any specific machine - I often set up a system on one machine try it out then switch the computer name to a new one and move the hard drive to its new home - with laptops you can make a copy of the hard-drive and move it - again a name change - a quick edit of 2 files - may be needed to avoid LAN clashes .
Re floppies + other old hardware I still have a couple of win98 machines around for reading etc with transfers to more modern machines for any significant work. Try a local auction house for very low cost XP + Win7 machines that will happily run Linux at a speed that will amaze you compared to their sluggish behaviour with Windoze
Thread: Fusion 360 Licence Changes
09/10/2019 19:01:24
looks like S.O.P to produce a paid for support model which cannot help but be unfriendly to hobby users - the lack of collaborative work is aimed at both small startups and free tuition from societies etc - my own take on the initial offering of a 'free' model was it was a trap or a lure to those unwary to invest effort or time into a project that could too easily be held to ransom - another possible reason is to stymie development of the free software - in same way that MS did its best to kill off the 'cancer' of such software as Linux but such is the power of lockin (+ illegal techniques that are now being gunned for by the EU) that millions still cough up for their inferior offering.
Thread: Ebay site changes for the worst
17/09/2019 19:27:15
setting up a clique to obtain items cheaper is actually illegal - no different than several other forms of white collar crime eg insider trading, currency manipulation.
Thread: ME 4621 availability
17/09/2019 18:19:01
it had managed to get across the Irish sea for sale by Friday lunch time at W H Smith in Douglas.
Thread: Chester Micro-Mill motor
16/09/2019 19:14:26
are you sure it is the motor - usual failures are the controller boards especially if it is a somewhat older model as those electronics were more prone to fail than more recent models - replace the motor with an old 100W lamp and see if the controller will alter the brilliance.
Thread: Need help with meddling pillar drill.
15/09/2019 18:32:46
assuming that one side of the charger output was already connected to ground and the other side made contact with the usually grounded metal work of the the drill then the damage assuming a high current charger is likely to be a damaged earth lead that found itself completing a low voltage high current loop and any connectors it goes thru (there was a case some time ago when someone welding on a lathe burnt out the earth wire which burning damaged nearby wires - it is possible this has happened in your case.

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Edited By Frances IoM on 15/09/2019 18:33:50

Thread: Motor wiring
14/09/2019 17:47:50
it may be useful to look at the wiring to/from the capacitor as both ends of the start winding might be brought out there tho with a motor designed for a saw there is no need to allow choice in motor direction

Edited By Frances IoM on 14/09/2019 17:49:27

Thread: Are there any left?
13/09/2019 19:07:28
Richard - look back in thread to 5th + subsequent posts
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