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Thread: Digital calipers made in same factory?
15/08/2019 09:24:48
Posted by Chris Evans 6 on 15/08/2019 09:05:12:

I have said before on digital calliper posts that I use Aldi ones as every day tools. Every bit as accurate and smooth as my Mitutoyo and SPI branded ones. I butchered an Aldi 6" one to make a readout for the lathe tailstock around 18 months ago, still running on its original battery. The posh ones do come out of the box for some jobs but by the very nature of design are not really that accurate if you are chasing precision. Most of my jobs are only to a couple of thou so a calliper does the job and at £8 it does not matter if it is dropped.


I also got one with the fractions option, thinking it would be, just like Thomas, really useful.
I find this option a really useless waste of time and money.

Thread: electric paint sprayers
11/08/2019 11:57:37

Dare I say it - use an airbrush on a "silent" compressor but buy a Badger.

Thread: Chosing a drill grinding attachment or machine
11/08/2019 11:53:46

Just a little confusing this. Opinions range from don't touch Sealey or drill Doctor to I get on OK with them. Consensus seems to be they are OK, providing you take the time to set them properly.

If you get as far as you would like to buy one of them, the Sealey is £50, the Drill Doctor equivalent is £150.
They look different, but look similar quality, if you see what I mean.

Thread: Boiler testers and material verification
07/08/2019 19:17:12
Posted by Baz on 07/08/2019 16:52:39:

........... I would love someone to tell me where in the rule book traceability for copper boilers is mentioned. ........

Can only find the following in Vol 1, 7.4, but maybe enough? Dunno! I'm not clever enough.

The Inspector shall satisfy himself:

a.That the materials used are of adequate thickness and the correct specification.

b.That, where required by the build procedure, the relevant material certificates are provided.

Thread: Another scam
07/08/2019 13:29:50
Posted by Clive Hartland on 07/08/2019 07:34:40:

Heres a new one, had an email saying, 'Are you from London Clive'. I deleted it and then came another much the same. I answered this and came a repliy, 'I live near you'. can we meet up. Giving her name as Mary!She said she had got my email addy from a dating site ? and listed a dating site page and added her Nom-de-Plume as , 'Mary-Jane' I had a look but you needed to sign up and I did not.Now this morning another email which I did not bother to read and deleted, this even after telling her I was 82 and recently bereaved and had never been on a dating site, Whoo. She said she was, 'Gorgeous'.At my age and a trapped nerve not very likely I can tell you! I can't even walk the dog. Clive

Could give you more of a buzz than bee-keeping Clive wink

Thread: Boiler testers and material verification
07/08/2019 10:23:04

Posted by 34046 on 07/08/2019 09:58:42:

What I would like to know. You buy certified materials, build boiler and have it certified by the boiler inspector.

If it failed and injured a member of the public, who would be faced with a claim - would it be you or the boiler inspector or both ? Bill

I think it would be you initially as you are the owner - or your club if you were running at a club public function.

If you had done as you say, and there were no other issues suggesting negligence, then you have operated in good faith. You may have to sue the club whose inspector you used (the inspector is not legally responsible), or a contract inspector, if you were being sued yourself.

That is why we have public liability insurance.

Thread: Electric Cars
12/07/2019 09:54:44
Posted by KWIL on 11/07/2019 17:25:56:

Diesel cars remain noisy and smelly objects however you dress them up/

Yes agree.

However, perhaps someone can explain why electricity is considered so clean when, at any time, more is produced from nuclear than from any other source. Taking the whole life cycle, isn't this the dirtiest way by far?

Taking electricity produced by nuclear and putting it into batteries (again very dirty over the whole life cycle) - is that really an improvement?

Thread: Curious
07/07/2019 11:22:15
Posted by duncan webster on 06/07/2019 10:38:30:

My niece once had a job with John Smiths trying to get pubs to sell that Extra Smooth stuff. She left after I told her that in my opinion, as an experienced beer drinker, it was specially brewed for people who didn't like beer

Think you're right Duncan. Time for an introduction to Timothy Taylor?

However, I have consumed the widget stuff when abroad when the only alternative was San Miguel! Both taste like dead rats, but the widget stuff less so.wink

Thread: Horizontal Bandsaw - Final Thoughts
10/06/2019 10:09:49

Richard makes a good point about the rest.
In addition to his comments, all the adverts make it look as though you can switch from H to V in an instant. On some e.g. Warco, you can't because the rest gets in the way, so you have to remove and fit it each time and it's crude. I got round this by making an odd-shaped rest to allow it to stay on in the H position. It worked, but not perfect because size is limited, just where you want it.

From what Richard says, it looks like the Axminster is better in this respect and would be OK.

I bought the Warco because it was cheaper and I couldn't see the difference - until I put it together.

I eventually sold it and bought a Femi, which is more expensive but much better built. The rest has to be fitted each time, but it is easier.

The throat distance is also important - particularly if you want to saw sheet.

Edited By Clive India on 10/06/2019 10:16:37

Thread: Painting
21/05/2019 15:56:33

Recommend this book

Edited By Clive India on 21/05/2019 15:58:07

Thread: stamford show vandals
21/05/2019 10:07:31

Edited out - comments removed - an unsuccessful attempt to give a reason why this happened. Nobody listening.

Edited By Clive India on 21/05/2019 21:10:41

Thread: Dialect expressions
19/04/2019 08:36:38

Calling someone un-eppen was popular in Lincolnshire.

Meaning clumsy, breaks anything - my wife is un-eppen.

Thread: 24v dc motor powering a drill press
22/03/2019 12:27:55

11A at 24v = 264W.

and this thing produces 950W output.

Where can I get one of these motors which surely defies the laws of physics and generates its own energy?

Where is the hidden nucleur reactor?

Thread: What Did You Do Today 2019
21/03/2019 08:52:47
Posted by Terry Kirkup on 20/03/2019 21:53:13:

I've just finished this for my lathe. laugh if you like, once a biker always...

(I'm a better biker than machinist).

Me too - but then I'm no good at biking either.

No doubt golfers might come up with something familiar to them.

Magazine editors might use a part from a linotype machine? Link

Whatever floats your boat, but I can't help thinking there are other, more comfortable, handles.

Raised a smile, thanks for posting.

Thread: What is this grinder?
16/03/2019 09:19:49
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 16/03/2019 07:05:04:
Posted by duncan webster on 16/03/2019 00:31:29:

It's exactly what it says it is ...

.... a tool for trimming ferrets surprise

Yes Michael, all ferrets need trimming occasionally.
It could take a while to ferret out one of these tools though.

Perhaps you would want to get into "hobs," "Jills," "gibs" and "sprites" and a "business"

Back to the prologue...

Thread: Metal Cutting Power Saw
14/03/2019 08:38:32
Posted by Philip Powell on 06/03/2019 20:44:20:

+1 for the Femi. I got mine from Stakseys last year, not cheap but works well with a good vice. I keep the saw under the bench a pull it out when needed and it has a surprisingly large capacity for such a small saw. Phil.

Me too Phil. I tried other tat around and came to the conclusion you get what you pay for - again!

Thread: New coffee maker - disgusting taste!
19/02/2019 09:19:38

How things have changed since I used to order a coffee in a milk bar with one sentence.

"I'd like a cup of coffee please"

"Yes Sir - cappuccino, latte or Americano?"

"Americano please"

"Is that with milk?"


"Full, semi skimmed or skimmed?"

"Full please"

"Hot or cold milk Sir?"

"Cold please"

"Would you like the new Brazillian blend?"


"One shot or 2?"

"2 please"

"What's your name so I can write it on the cup"

"Clive of India"

"That'll be £2.80 please"

"Card or cash sir?"


Frowns, thinking this bloke's too old to be paying by phone

"Do you want a receipt Sir?"

"No thank you. I wonder why there is a queue?"

Edited By Clive India on 19/02/2019 09:28:32

16/02/2019 15:31:21
Posted by Watford on 16/02/2019 15:16:19:
What ever happened to Lyons Individual Fruit Pies?
Square and singly boxed. Mike

Have to confess Mike, I ate them all. What happened to Lyons anyway?

Posted by duncan webster on 16/02/2019 13:45:55:

Fray Bentos tinned steak pies were a godsend to me as a teenager going off caving and railway volunteering, bung it in the oven, peel and boil some spuds can't go wrong! This period of my life led to the universal recipe, if it's meat fry it, if not boil it. Kept me going for years until I got married.

You can still get them Duncan - but Mr/Mrs Trendy can't open them.

You might have to scroll down a bit - not much chance of them becoming model engineers?

Edited By Clive India on 16/02/2019 15:39:47

16/02/2019 08:50:14
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 15/02/2019 14:28:00:

No one's mentioned the great British love affair with Instant Coffee yet. What do the team think of instant coffee, especially decaffeinated or Camp...

Camp is great having a label with a man with some Camp, which has a label with a man with some Camp, which has a label with a man with some Camp, which has a label with a man with some Camp, which has a label with a man with some Camp.......

Great for demonstrating infinity?

14/02/2019 10:12:25
Posted by Jeff Dayman on 13/02/2019 21:18:09:

The plasticizers in ordinary polypropylene and high impact polystyrene appliance parts (the most common plastics used in kettles coffee makers etc. ) do not leach out in normal use in concentrations you could taste. Could be the inventive and cost conscious moulders of appliance parts have changed to a different type of resin or are adding recycled unknown polymers , or may be using petrochemical mould release agents which create odd tastes. The petrochemical mould releases are cheaper than food grade vegetable oil based ones, but the petrochem ones should never be used for parts that have food or skin contact.

The more likely culprit (IF it is a plastic part to blame - see below) based on my experience with plastics moulding for appliances is the thermoplastic elastomers or vulcanizates (TPE or TPV) basically plastic rubber used for any seals or piping in the appliance. Some of these have additives that are very harsh smelling and these may be leaching into the water. EPDM rubber makes excellent seals but can smell bad really strongly, and can flavour water with the same bad smell.

Most coffee makers use a die cast metal heater housing / hot plate to heat the water. Water being heated is in direct contact with the metal. The metal is usually a corrosion resistant zinc aluminum alloy. If the wrong alloy is used, gases can be produced during boiling and sometimes sulfur or ammonia smells can result. I experienced this working with similar boilers from cappucino machines, that a firm I worked for were using for dental autoclaves.

I would not worry about BPA (bisphenol A) in moulded plastics. It was a very popular additive in polycarbonate until the 1990's when US media got on the bandwagon about it and pressured the food container industry to discontinue using it. The studies the media quoted were flawed and incomplete, and referenced found cancers in lab animals tested with hundreds of thousands of times higher levels of BPA in solution than you could ever leach out of a PC water bottle for example. If you change the water every day in a bottle or appliance, almost no BPA or plasticizer will ever leach out. This has been tested and verified by SPI-SPE in the US, as well as the USDA, but public opinion of it as a threat to health persists.

On the other hand the public is perfectly comfortable riding in a car for hours on a weekday commute, or to the beach on a weekend, passing through the exhaust of thousands of other petrol-burning cars and diesel burning trucks spewing many litres per minute of God knows what mix of burned and unburned hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen, oil vapour , decomposed MMA, benzols, ketones from ethanol burning, etc. I believe in time that vehicle exhaust exposure will be found to be a primary trigger in many types of cancers. It is far more dangerous than any plastic part found in your home appliances in my opinion.

If glass kettles can still be found, glass will have the least possible effect on taste and chemical residue in heated water for tea or coffee. Stainless steel a close second. Emptying and filling ANY kettle or container with fresh water every time will reduce the chance of leaching anything bad into the liquid, for any material.

Just my $0.02 worth. Standing by for the usual naysayers, malcontents and troll type activity.

Proves my theory - the likelyhood of a post being read is inversely proportional to the length? wink 2

Edited By Clive India on 14/02/2019 10:14:29

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