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Thread: New coffee maker - disgusting taste!
19/02/2019 09:19:38

How things have changed since I used to order a coffee in a milk bar with one sentence.

"I'd like a cup of coffee please"

"Yes Sir - cappuccino, latte or Americano?"

"Americano please"

"Is that with milk?"


"Full, semi skimmed or skimmed?"

"Full please"

"Hot or cold milk Sir?"

"Cold please"

"Would you like the new Brazillian blend?"


"One shot or 2?"

"2 please"

"What's your name so I can write it on the cup"

"Clive of India"

"That'll be £2.80 please"

"Card or cash sir?"


Frowns, thinking this bloke's too old to be paying by phone

"Do you want a receipt Sir?"

"No thank you. I wonder why there is a queue?"

Edited By Clive India on 19/02/2019 09:28:32

16/02/2019 15:31:21
Posted by Watford on 16/02/2019 15:16:19:
What ever happened to Lyons Individual Fruit Pies?
Square and singly boxed. Mike

Have to confess Mike, I ate them all. What happened to Lyons anyway?

Posted by duncan webster on 16/02/2019 13:45:55:

Fray Bentos tinned steak pies were a godsend to me as a teenager going off caving and railway volunteering, bung it in the oven, peel and boil some spuds can't go wrong! This period of my life led to the universal recipe, if it's meat fry it, if not boil it. Kept me going for years until I got married.

You can still get them Duncan - but Mr/Mrs Trendy can't open them.

You might have to scroll down a bit - not much chance of them becoming model engineers?

Edited By Clive India on 16/02/2019 15:39:47

16/02/2019 08:50:14
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 15/02/2019 14:28:00:

No one's mentioned the great British love affair with Instant Coffee yet. What do the team think of instant coffee, especially decaffeinated or Camp...

Camp is great having a label with a man with some Camp, which has a label with a man with some Camp, which has a label with a man with some Camp, which has a label with a man with some Camp, which has a label with a man with some Camp.......

Great for demonstrating infinity?

14/02/2019 10:12:25
Posted by Jeff Dayman on 13/02/2019 21:18:09:

The plasticizers in ordinary polypropylene and high impact polystyrene appliance parts (the most common plastics used in kettles coffee makers etc. ) do not leach out in normal use in concentrations you could taste. Could be the inventive and cost conscious moulders of appliance parts have changed to a different type of resin or are adding recycled unknown polymers , or may be using petrochemical mould release agents which create odd tastes. The petrochemical mould releases are cheaper than food grade vegetable oil based ones, but the petrochem ones should never be used for parts that have food or skin contact.

The more likely culprit (IF it is a plastic part to blame - see below) based on my experience with plastics moulding for appliances is the thermoplastic elastomers or vulcanizates (TPE or TPV) basically plastic rubber used for any seals or piping in the appliance. Some of these have additives that are very harsh smelling and these may be leaching into the water. EPDM rubber makes excellent seals but can smell bad really strongly, and can flavour water with the same bad smell.

Most coffee makers use a die cast metal heater housing / hot plate to heat the water. Water being heated is in direct contact with the metal. The metal is usually a corrosion resistant zinc aluminum alloy. If the wrong alloy is used, gases can be produced during boiling and sometimes sulfur or ammonia smells can result. I experienced this working with similar boilers from cappucino machines, that a firm I worked for were using for dental autoclaves.

I would not worry about BPA (bisphenol A) in moulded plastics. It was a very popular additive in polycarbonate until the 1990's when US media got on the bandwagon about it and pressured the food container industry to discontinue using it. The studies the media quoted were flawed and incomplete, and referenced found cancers in lab animals tested with hundreds of thousands of times higher levels of BPA in solution than you could ever leach out of a PC water bottle for example. If you change the water every day in a bottle or appliance, almost no BPA or plasticizer will ever leach out. This has been tested and verified by SPI-SPE in the US, as well as the USDA, but public opinion of it as a threat to health persists.

On the other hand the public is perfectly comfortable riding in a car for hours on a weekday commute, or to the beach on a weekend, passing through the exhaust of thousands of other petrol-burning cars and diesel burning trucks spewing many litres per minute of God knows what mix of burned and unburned hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen, oil vapour , decomposed MMA, benzols, ketones from ethanol burning, etc. I believe in time that vehicle exhaust exposure will be found to be a primary trigger in many types of cancers. It is far more dangerous than any plastic part found in your home appliances in my opinion.

If glass kettles can still be found, glass will have the least possible effect on taste and chemical residue in heated water for tea or coffee. Stainless steel a close second. Emptying and filling ANY kettle or container with fresh water every time will reduce the chance of leaching anything bad into the liquid, for any material.

Just my $0.02 worth. Standing by for the usual naysayers, malcontents and troll type activity.

Proves my theory - the likelyhood of a post being read is inversely proportional to the length? wink 2

Edited By Clive India on 14/02/2019 10:14:29

Thread: Talktalk new web site
10/02/2019 09:55:34

Running a website, including email host and forwarding, I seem to get loads more grief with TalkTalk clients than those with any other provider.

Thread: Every Tea Room needs a toaster topic...
09/02/2019 09:17:33
Posted by roy entwistle on 09/02/2019 08:59:42:

It always tasted better done in front of an open coal fire. Or does one think it did ? Roy

Roy, I think it did if you added the dripping.

I'm surprised nobody has come up with the real solution - a round coke stove in the corner of the workshop with chimney out the top. You can make REAL toast with that - finished to your own requirements. Get one before someone starts adding microprocessors to them! smiley

Thread: did u see
25/01/2019 14:12:10

Prices there have not been great of late - in fact significantly lower than previous. People seem to be put off by the charges and the VAT - 30% or so in total. Many models sold there have no boiler certification and unless you want to display in your dining room as a conversation piece, it is not attractive.

Nice model though


Edited By Clive India on 25/01/2019 16:23:47

Thread: London Model Engineering Exhibition - Alexandra Palace
19/01/2019 09:46:45
Posted by Chris Trice on 19/01/2019 00:05:49:

I went today too. I generally agree that it felt a little thin. Quite a few dealers I expected to be there were absent. I probably spent the least I've ever spent at any show. I also left earlier than any previous year. Made up for it by dropping in to Hannant's near the RAF Museum in Hendon on the way home to top up my "fix" for the day.

Oh dear, it does look a bit thin from the photos. I would normally say to negative comments "It's just a day out," but it wasn't even that for you, but not all lost.
Giving it a miss because I have been too many times and it's a bit SOS for me.
But everyone to their own taste.

Soon be Manchester though, or is it Oldham? Hoping to see something different.

Sometimes people take an exhibition as an indication of the state of the hobby - it isn't - it's the state of exhibitionswink

Thread: Forum Video Size
29/12/2018 09:31:59
Posted by Bazyle on 27/12/2018 12:19:58:

If you are going to make videos remember some simple rules so we can actually appreciate your efforts.
1. Nobody wants to watch ten minutes of a fat beer belly blathering on to camera.
2. Only your mother wants to watch you if over 30 blathering on to camera.
3. Only women want to watch a man under 30 blathering on to camera.
4. Write a script for your commentary and edit it down to 1/10 of what it stared as.
5. If some part absolutely has to have a human talking to the camera find a teenage wannabe actress to present the script.
6. For anything repetitive or plain slow turning fast forward it. There is no need to show drilling of every hole in a sieve.

Yes, very much agree. Have to add it improves videos if you use some sort of support for the camera. Nobody watches wobbly videos.
Why is it some sort of background crap always starts up?

Thread: Gatwick Drone 'Attack'
24/12/2018 09:22:40
Posted by c wastell on 24/12/2018 08:24:30:
Posted by Sam Longley 1 on 23/12/2018 20:41:28:
This is how they do it in America **LINK**
Starts at about 1.5 mins

I'm no pacifist but that is a screwed up societysad

And they are not very good at shooting down model planes either. Why bother to make them move - they could probably not hit the target if it was attached to a pole! Your models are safe methinks.

22/12/2018 09:44:58
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 20/12/2018 18:48:02:

They won't get shot down until they have located the perps.

You've said it several times now Neil - they aren't listening?

Does beg the question, if the army are there, what chance of finding a source in a real theatre of war if they are unable to get this bunch.

Thread: injectors
22/12/2018 09:35:31
Posted by Clive Brown 1 on 22/12/2018 08:52:14:


D A G Brown's book "Injectors Inside & Out" (??), is equally useful.

No matter (I'm not a rivet counter) but it's "Miniature Injectors Inside and Out" - agree, a good read


Edited By Clive India on 22/12/2018 09:36:50

Thread: Modern efficiency !!!!!!!!!
19/12/2018 09:38:18

My Passat - no startie.
Failed starter motor/solenoid - a bigger unit cos it keeps starting and stopping at traffic lights etc. to save emissions (when I forget to override it!).

New unit fitted - too late for me, but a recall comes through the post for this very item.

Wonder how much energy and resources it takes to make another, bigger starter compared to what I saved at the lights! Not forgetting, of course, the hassle in being towing home, being without it for 2 days etc.

Thread: Boiler certification in a launch
10/11/2018 09:44:29

Small boilers are covered in the 2018 Boiler Regulations

They are really easy to test.

Why not just test them?

Thread: Win 10 updates (again)
31/10/2018 09:19:26
Posted by Mike Poole on 30/10/2018 22:03:44:

Wouldn’t it be nice if software just worked. Mike

Couldn't agree more Mike.

When will the techies realise most of us just want something which works as a tool? Many don't care which operating system or any other crap so-called experts want to boost their ego and show how clever they are - something which works every time will do fine - that's what we paid for.

Thread: Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition
22/10/2018 13:11:15
Posted by John Collingwood on 21/10/2018 22:41:10:

One thing that I did notice and has appeared on another website is how inconsiderate some show goers are.. I am partially disabled but OK.. Why do some people walk backwards, push you out of the way attack you with there rucksacks and apparently have no regard respect for other people???/ One person at least may read this and realize why he ended up on the floor........, I hope it hurt....

Yes, agree john. Well done. Full of rude, selfish people.

Posted by Nicholas Farr on 21/10/2018 13:22:31:

Hi, all this talk of the same exhibits etc., is all very well, so why don't some of you exhibit something that you've made, or even in the process of making, even if it only goes in as display exhibit? Regards Nick.

I think you know the answer really Nick - it's easier to whinge than to do something constructive. I find many are more interested in what's not there rather than what is.

I had a good day out, which was entertaining and inexpensive. What more to ask?

Thread: A question for Thomas the Tank Engine fans
24/09/2018 09:43:57

I can see why someone took advantage of the opportunity to increase sales by mentioning Thomas and Friends.

I am having difficulty with the latest series which is trying to balance the gender and ethnicity. The new female characters include Isla, an Australian flying doctor; Hong-mei, a number 1 blue tank engine from China; and Churubala, a female railway controller from India. Then there's Nia from South Africa.

Not sure what the Rev would have made of all that? No Edward anymore.

Apparently Thomas and friends had been giving a bad example to children. Not sure if there are still naughty trucks - they gave a bad example too?

Just in case you think I should have grown out of this by now - I have a 3YO grandson!

Thread: Belt Driven Hacksaws -
24/08/2018 09:28:12
Posted by lfoggy on 22/08/2018 21:52:53:

I had one of these hacksaws and changed the belt and pulleys to 'V' belt. Much better than the original flat belt which was forever slipping or falling off.

Me too - the complete cure.

Wait for it!

Thread: Injector Testing Valve
23/08/2018 13:52:52

There is also a description of one in **LINK**

I like the book anyway.

Thread: Are Model Engineering Exhibitions The Same
16/08/2018 10:18:53
Posted by Old Elan on 15/08/2018 12:37:19:

Yes, they are all the same. Well, actually they are getting worse. Quite often see the same models with absolutely no progress since the last time they were exhibited. Fewer trade stands. Can't possibly agree with a golfing dress code. ..... Might, just might, try that one again so......I have the ultimate solution. I don't go anymore!

Just about my position but would add I find many of the clientelle are generally rude, discourteous, selfish and arrogant, usually trying to show their superior knowledge by criticising the efforts of others. I think many club stands seem to have grumpy old men trying to hide behind, drinking tea and not connect with the punters. My experience of many of the traders is they are nowhere near hungry enough and more interested in chewing the fat about old times than giving you details you want. It must take a lot of BO to affect a whole area!

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