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Thread: Warco Major Mill/Drill
23/06/2016 20:45:35

It's sometimes worth washing a suspected bearing in petrol, allow to dry, then spin it with your finger through the shaft hole. a shot bearing will catch or 'trip up' a good one will keep going.

Thread: Crop Circles - poor surface when milling
04/06/2016 20:44:28

How about the work piece moving?

I have two big lenzkes edge clamps and on only one tee nut each even they work loose and the work can get lifted up.

Or you are re-milling chips already milled off which grinds them into the surface.

Thread: Dore Westbury milling capacity
03/06/2016 21:04:35

I believe Dore Westbury are home built, so accurate? Maybe.

The modern chinese electrics can be affected by damp workshops.

Old british bench mills can be worn and a lot wont plunge due to a lack of quill, but will take a big cut if that's your thing.

The most info on the web seems to be about the Chinese.

Go after which ever bothers you the least.

I went Centec, I've not regretted it.

Thread: which camera?
30/05/2016 15:38:07

To go back to original posters question.

You may find interchangeable lenses a bit of a pain after a while.

Watch the shutter reaction times some DSLR's are a bit sleepy like 50 quid compacts are.

Thread: Stopping castings rusting
07/05/2016 19:27:09

Back in the day (80's) I bought some rust inhibit paper.

it still works

No gunge to clean off


Thread: Tuning
29/04/2016 20:59:45
Posted by Sam Longley 1 on 29/04/2016 20:16:17:
Posted by Wolfie on 29/04/2016 18:52:34:

How do you 'tune' a bike or an engine? I mean you would think that it was at its best when it came out the factory. So what does 'tuning' actually mean as in what do you physically do? cheeky

Some time since I tuned anything but as far as I recall the following was standard practice for a car:-

Fluffy dice hanging off the rear view mirror, Go faster stripes down the sides , Peco exhaust booster, Spacers behind the wheels to make them stick out a bit, mix up the macdonalds wrappers in the footwells & remove the wimpey ones,spray some dark spray on the windows so you cannot see in (or out), lower the suspension so tyres rub on the wheel arches when turning corners. If you had any dough then stick on mag ally look a likes to the wheels, Leather steering wheel cover, rake back the driving seat so much that you are almost laying down, Hand holds over the rear windows ( to hook girlfriends feet in) Tracey & Steve sticker along the front windscreen (changed weekly) Couple of drops of castrol R in the fuel to make a smell, White rondals on the doors, preferably with castol emblem on one edge, never clean the car & just use wipers to clean the windows so it looks like you are straight off a rally, stick on bullet holes in the rear windows, & finally a tigers tail hanging out of the tank.

If you were real flash & had an old mini then cut the roof down so you could not get in it & grind all the guttering off. If you had a 105E cause your dad had dough, the fit a lotus twin cam & wide wheels, lower the suspension etc

All standard student go faster tuning tricks when i was a lad designed to make the 100E look quick Speed was irrelevant pulling the crumpet was the aim

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 29/04/2016 20:16:48

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 29/04/2016 20:20:26

I had a Peco once, the perforated tube came loose, and let the wool out and stopped the motor.

You forgot the clip on head rest and Hoddy Patkirk pointy door mirrors.

Oh and the furry dash and headlining.

Those with more sense welded a big windup key to the boot of a Moggy 100 mind you he did only have 2 wheel nuts on each wheel.

Thread: 'Modifications' banned
11/04/2016 20:35:24
Posted by Nigel B on 11/04/2016 18:23:21:

2 strokes and no legislation to set what the makers have to do. There should be but the manufacturers probably just said no way. That's how it works.

What a load of tosh ! Sorry to be blunt, but that statement beggars belief.

Vehicle rules & regulations are regularly updated ( a new set come in next year, which will end the life of some models) & manufacturers have to comply if they wish to sell - light motorcycles & scooters are no different to any other vehicle (from electrically assisted bicycles upwards) in this regard and have been for decades.

As supplied, all motorcycles have to meet (increasingly stringent) noise legislation - the "problem" is that anyone can sell an un-approved "not for road use" noise box to the young and gullible, knowing full well that there is insufficient roads policing to apprehend the users of these illegally modified vehicles. And should the antisocial barstewards actually be apprehended, there is no comeback on the sellers of the non-compliant parts who hide behind the "we sell these bits for show bikes only" excuse.

Nigel B

The noisy 'cans' still fail the construction and use for aftermarket exhaust and the MOT should weed them out.

assuming they ever get tested of coursesad

Thread: milling machine selection
09/04/2016 19:15:52

Round column mill / drills are a bit wobbly and more drill than mill.

Just get something with a knee.

Benchmaster looks a bit small

Please do some research on Chinese mills before you commit - some don't like the damp .

Thread: Blowtorches - bullfinch 1210 & 1240
01/04/2016 19:18:55
Posted by Ian Welford on 31/03/2016 20:24:34:


does the vermiculite break down in use? Never thought of using spare rock wool as heat lagging !


It's already been burnt once. smiley

The rock wool worked for my mini boiler with above small burners - noticeable difference.

Thread: Automotive Automatic Gearbox
01/04/2016 19:12:55

Que 1970s Skoda jokes

Thread: Blowtorches - bullfinch 1210 & 1240
31/03/2016 20:12:35

If you can find some rock wool insulation it will help a lot being as it doesn't melt at 700C. Or you can try vermiculite or perlite from a garden center. Any of will beat a barrel of coke.

Edited By Dave Halford on 31/03/2016 20:14:12

Thread: Greasing up (a drill)
31/03/2016 20:07:20
Posted by Gordon W on 31/03/2016 16:25:30:

I have found that the grease often solidifies in old equipment, the oil seams to evaporate and leave the clay filling. It is worth putting some thick oil in the bearings if it is not possible to clean.

To right it does, any grease in that is likely to be halfway to solid if it's 30 years old or more. Take an old Centec apart and you'll see. Two days soaking in petrol and you still need to scrape lumps of it out.

Mind you I have an old B&D 7" metal angle grinder that shrieks like a banshee and has done for the last 18 years of occasional use. Still I don't care if it does seize as it only cost me a fiver.

Thread: Perpendicular Drilling
28/03/2016 20:44:05

Check that cross vice for square under drill pressure, it might be going out


which is pretty much what Phil P said above.

Edited By Dave Halford on 28/03/2016 20:46:29

Thread: Pillar Drill Vice Mounting
24/03/2016 21:07:24

This wouldn't be a drill with an unusually high set of speeds would it?

The only drill without slots I've ever seen was a high speed one meant to use very small drill bits. Sometimes known as a sensitive drill.

Thread: Models stolen, Lancashire
11/03/2016 14:54:49

Henderson up and overs have a brass locking pin it's a well known dodge that forcing the handle breaks the pin.

and there goes the door open.

1 Replace the pin with a lump of stainless steel., soon fixes that

2 I also fitted an old 3 level backdoor lock in the lower side of the door. matching the key hole is the biggest issue. Better than a rack bolt.

3 Alarm your garage door, they dont expect it and they ran off! You need a roller shutter alarm switch for that.

Thread: Does round plastic drive belt warp?
06/03/2016 20:04:14
Posted by frank brown on 06/03/2016 19:15:00:

The round belting(green) I bought has got an extremely rough surface and runs my Geo Thomas drill with the belt being extremely slack.. The previous belt, round, red and smooth, just got rotted (by the sun?) and fell into many pieces.


I had some red do that after 15 years in the cupboard, it's just age.

Thread: Ml4 broken bull wheel problem.
21/02/2016 20:02:50
Posted by Martin King 2 on 19/02/2016 17:57:20:

When ever I have had cast iron welded the weld is incredibly hartd, a file will not touch it .


Um, yeah I've been that stupid too. surpriseIf the rods have got any FE in them that happens.

What you need is pure nickel rods, needless to say these are the expensive ones, and you can machine nickel

Thread: Wet Belt
17/02/2016 21:21:39

Interesting link

Obsessing about engine noise

My lad got a Nissan leaf, all right he can fuel it for nothing currently :O) and it's deathly silent backing off the drive, but take it down the road at 30 and the tires put as much row as my Jeep does.

rubber cracks with age which is why cam belts have a life span of xx years OR 80K miles. Tires are worse because of UV damage as well. The tire might be 2 years old before it even goes on a new car.

Thread: new forward stop reverse swtich
17/02/2016 12:58:41

A lot of drum switches are not intended to go from forward to reverse under power. The off on mine isn't quite off and blows the fuse

Most drums can be dismantled and sorted out.

Dont think most push button controllers will replace a drum switch. Polarites need reversing.

Thread: surface rust on lathe ways
14/02/2016 19:43:59

Story was 3 M pan scrubbers used carborundum, much better to use wire wool if you must.

Secret rust remover might have been Molasses.

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