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Thread: Source of Small Extension Springs
02/04/2020 01:28:03

Old typewriters?

Thread: Coronavirus
02/04/2020 01:26:22

Well, it's great that some people with 3-D printers are doing their bit, but 3-D printing is so slow. It should be possible to knock out face shields by the thousand with laser and/or water jet cutters. Transparent plastic from packaging firms and foam plastic/rubber for the headband/former.

Hope product liability and medical device testing, etc. is relaxed, otherwise, should any device procured from a 'novel' source fail and be a possible cause of a medical problem, the lawyers will jump in...

01/04/2020 10:23:11

RMA - agreed. Funny that the 'money markets' are still going, apparently without impediment... Must say something about priorities.

I think I read recently that the tubes were still running in London. Is that true? Criminal idiocy if it is.

Edited By Kiwi Bloke on 01/04/2020 10:25:28

Thread: Inlaying silver in brass.
01/04/2020 10:20:32

My understanding (and it's book knowledge only, without personal experience) is that in a/the standard technique, the edges of the undercut groove are raised a little, when the undercut is formed, then worked down again, as the inlay is applied, further securing the inlay. Fine silver seems to be standard, because of its ductility, whereas sterling silver is less ductile. I haven't come across mention of cold hammer-welding of silver, although gold does, of course.

Having said that, would a standard engineering approach not work? Can you roll the wire into a square-section ring? A ring 19mm dia, of nearly 2mm square section, is quite substantial. If you can make the ring truly circular, with a well-butted join, or soldered, couldn't you make it an interference fit, where the OD of the ring is a gnat's whatsit greater than the OD of the receiving groove? It wouldn't be terrifically 'strong', but you haven't indicated what this is for. If it's just for looking at, strength is a minor consideration.

Thread: Coronavirus
01/04/2020 09:07:42


I'm very glad to hear that your daughter is recovering and I hope you remain uninfected.

There are too many unknowns. It isn't yet known what degree of immunity will be developed by people who recover, thus there is no certainty that repeat infections won't occur. It seems that viable viruses can be recovered from the faeces of people who have recovered and it's not yet known for how long. Even virus-free people can act as intermediaries in an infection chain, especially when infection is frequently via surface contamination.

Sorry to pour cold water on what is an optimistic time for you both, but I would suggest your daughter exercisse caution and delays a return to the outside world for a bit. And also keep up your own high level of household precautions.

30/03/2020 10:05:49

Dave, best wishes to you both.

Thread: I Hate Brass!
29/03/2020 23:32:54

Posted by Howard Lewis on 18/03/2020 12:57:22:


The danger with brass is that if you get a particle in the eye, it has to be removed physically, rather than with a magnet like ferrous particles. So even if the fact that it sprays swarf everywhere is not insuperable, do wear some form of eye protection!



It's probably been said here before (by me?), but it bears repetition. Copper and (many of?) its alloys in the eye is a disaster. Cu chemically destroys eyes quickly. Get those safety spectacles on! If you think there's any possibility that a bit has penetrated your eye, get to A&E without delay.

Thread: Myford Super 7
29/03/2020 23:23:49

I'm pretty sure that you can find a manual for the Super 7 on the 'net (I haven't looked for one, having an old-tech printed one here...). Let's assume that there is indeed nothing broken or missing, and that it's all gone together as intended.

Clutch adjustment is by loosening the hex nut in the middle of the bronze 'clutch plate' at the left end of the assembly. This allows the central 'push rod' to be turned relative to the clutch plate, into which it is threaded. Clockwise reduces clutch clearance. Between 45 and 90 degrees of anticlockwise rotation of the push rod from the 'no-clearance' position gives the right amount of movement to disengage.

So, move the clutch lever to the disengaged position (push rod moves to the left, against spring pressure), adjust the pushrod until there's clutch contact, than back it off (anti-clockwise) between 45 and 90 degrees, to give clearance. Lock with nut.

'Push rod' is possibly misleading terminology. The clutch compression spring bears on the larger-diameter 'head' of the rod (pushing the rod to the right), thus pulling the bronze plate to the right, into engagement. The 'push' is to disengage the clutch.

Hope this helps.

Thread: Is this guy nuts, or sensible.
29/03/2020 10:33:41

Well, to answer the question, the evidence suggests he's sensible. He seems happy, he's enjoying himself, playing with pretty amazing toys, and someone's paying for it. On the other hand, I know a lot of miserable gits who seem not to enjoy life, no longer understand the meaning of 'play' and are preoccupied wondering whether the money will run out before they die. And the others aren't much fun either. So I think it's the rest of us who are nuts...

Thread: Connectors for multiple LED lamps
29/03/2020 08:51:34

It's not clear just how easily adaptable or 'professional', or well-shielded you'd like the system to be. A red and black (if it's a d.c. system) 'ring main' could be run around the area and broken into using el-cheapo 'chocolate-block' screw terminal connectors for spurs to lamps or other devices. If it's got to be a pluggable system, 4mm banana plugs? (I guess I'm a bit tight, but I like cheap-but-effective solutions.)

Thread: Thread heading looking weird
28/03/2020 00:03:13
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 27/03/2020 23:14:13:

... They could, presumably, have coded the layout differently: but why would MTM want to do that, when the banner ad is from the ‘Sponsor’ ?


Er, perhaps because loads of grumpy old gits like myself run ad-blockers...

Other ads get displayed, so are presumably of an 'acceptable' category, as far as ad-blockers are concerned. If it's important to display a sponsor's ad, presumably it's possible to code the page appropriately.

Thread: Coronavirus
27/03/2020 23:36:17
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 27/03/2020 10:21:41:

Governments have never been the servants of the people, anywhere or at anytime! We put up with them because they outperform all the alternatives. Least worst arrangement is democracy, because it allows the public to voice their displeasure every few years. Prevents despots taking over, ends grossly ineffective measures, and discourages unwise extremism.

Problem for politicians is people are selfish, emotional, think they know better, and have short-memories. Surprising numbers suffer from disorganised thinking, an affliction worse than dyslexia and discalculia combined! Even me, and I'm the most perfect person I know.


I always enjoy your posts Dave and know that you can take challenges without getting silly. I think every part of the first quoted paragraph can be challenged. Certainly democratic voting methods are all flawed and do not prevent despots or idiots at the helm and often result in the election of a party that the majority have voted against.

I suggest a reworking of the second paragraph is also true. 'Problem for people is politicians are selfish, emotional, think they know better, and have short-memories. Surprising numbers suffer from disorganised thinking, an affliction worse than dyslexia and discalculia combined!'

Where have the trillions of dollars to stimulate the economy suddenly come from? What about trillions to combat this disease more aggressively and prepare for the next one (as BillGates suggested in 2015)? What is being done in many countries may be heroic, but it's often too little, too late, and too chaotic.

Politics aside, Here in NZ, we are also locked down. The only food outlets are supermarkets and 'dairies' Equivalent to 'corner shops'. This means that all the other food providers' cutomers, in addition to the 'usual' customers, are funnelled through a very much smaller number of outlets. These will become 'super-spreader' foci. What happens when a worker in one of these outlets gets infected? There will be others, not yet symptomatic. Should the outlet be shut? The answer has to be yes, but what then?

At present, with cases increasing, it makes sense to make any anticipated visit to a food outlet (or anywhere else) as soon as possible: the probability of infection is currently low, but it's increasing rapidly. Sorry if this causes panic.

Thread: Myford super 7 Drive
27/03/2020 23:11:37

OK, I'll kick off an argument...

Why a toothed belt? Even a link-V-belt can transmit enough torque for a not-very-rigid, little lathe. Poly-Vee belts run more smoothly and cooler than simple V-belts and can transmit more torque. Making the required pulleys is easier too - a kit is even available. Retaining the option of altering motor : spindle gearing by belt-swapping is still a good idea for a VFD drive, to retain good low-speed torque.

Thread: Thread heading looking weird
27/03/2020 23:02:45

OK, it seems that there's some sort of unfortunate interaction between web site HTML code, browser, ad-blocker and a triggering advertisement. It seems bass-ackwards to blame the ad-blocker. No ad = no problem. One should not have to accept problems resulting from trying to prevent unwanted content invading one's computer. Grrr!

Thread: Coronavirus
27/03/2020 09:05:30
Posted by pgk pgk on 27/03/2020 06:28:48:

OK so that's the doom and gloom done. So what is the good news? My hope is that society learns some important lessons. Mostly that it doesn't have to continue the road of consumerism and profligacy. It doesn't need to have holiday flights abroad or huge gatherings at pop concerts and conventions and it doesn't need to try to beat the Joneses with the latest bit of tech or fashion and that a new behaviour is possible and in the interests of the whole planet.

Perhaps we'll also learn that globalisation wasn't such a good idea and we should go back to a more local source of manufacturing and more independance and security because these claimed 'once in a generation events' have a habit of happening over and over again. We've had enough warnings with spanish flu and the flu epidemic of '57 and got lucky with SARS and MERS being controllable - the next one might just be even worse.

Agreed. Governments are no longer the servants of the people. There's little evidence that they wish to be caretakers of the people either. People are votes, so people-pleasing decisions are made, and short-term ones at that. 'The economy' - whatever that is - must grow, apparently at all costs. Like all bureaucracies, the prime purpose is to remain in position and to gain more control. Politicians believe what they want to hear and ignore what they don't like or don't understand. Bill Gates' TED talk of 2015 predicted this and suggested ways forward. It was ignored. Perhaps this will wake up the sheeple and make them demand that scientists be listened to.

Thread: Record no 1 vice jaws seized - removal?
27/03/2020 02:05:19

Sorry, I haven't got a No.1, but in smaller and larger Record vices, the spring is an entirely non-critical, ultra-crude anti-backlash component. Anything that can be made to fit should be OK, or you could even fit a tube. A spring is, however, preferable because it will take some of the rattle out of the vice.

Thread: Thread heading looking weird
26/03/2020 20:41:26

Same problem here: Linux and Firefox, AdblockPlus on or off, so difficult to understand why Adblock Plus is thought to be the culprit. Quite a lot of scripts blocked, most being trackers or site analytics, and, of course Farcebook, which pokes its unwelcome nose into everything. So this site can be assumed to be seeking revenue (or some other advantage) by selling our details or trying to force us to see advertisements. I'm not going to allow scripts just to clear what seems to be a minor formatting problem. I hate any attempt to force my machine to do what I don't want it to do, particularly when there's no way of knowing what the script actually does. All these unnecessary scripts make me mad!

Thread: Machine feet/mounts?
26/03/2020 20:17:49

What does the panel think are the pros and cons of resilient mounts versus rigid fixing into a (concrete) floor? Do resilient mounts tend to damp low-amplitude machine vibrations and/or encourage large-amplitude rocking movements?

In shaky NZ, it's a good idea to have some method of preventing the machines taking a walk across the workshop. This doesn't disqualify resilient mounts, however, if, say, safety straps are added.

Thread: How to fit a new gasket to oil bath table feed?
25/03/2020 10:47:49

Just another thought, sparked by NDIY. The oil level should be about half-way up the sight glass (IIRC there is one...). I'd expect this level to be below the bottom of the semi-circular cut-out in the end of the casting - the worm really only has to dip into the oil. So is the leak in fact from one of the tapped holes, which has been drilled right through, into the oil resevoir? A bit of thread sealant will fix that.

25/03/2020 01:02:40

Oh, gaskets are sooo last century...

I'd suggest either a neutral-cure silicone 'instant gasket' or a non-setting sealant like Hylomar, or Red or Golden Hermetite (if they are still available). No cutting or fitting needed and no risk of moisture, absorbed in the gasket material, causing corrosion. If using silicone, only a tiny bead is needed (eg from an hypodermic syringe without a needle), around where the oil may 'come over the top'; be careful to get 'neutral-cure', otherwise it will be the type that releases acetic acid on curing which can cause quite spectacular corrosion (ask me how I know...).

I don't know the composition of Flexoid sheet, so can't comment on its suitability, but, if you want to keep the machine 'period', oiled brown paper makes pretty good, cheap, gaskets, when the mating surfaces can be assumed to be well-finished and flat. (Oiled so corroding moisture doesn't get in.)

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