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Thread: Locomotive Modelling in Ireland
29/12/2016 21:22:20

Welcome to the forum smiley.

And, may I point out on a point of etiquette, copying and pasting my tool cutter grinder wanted ad into yours is on the threshold somewhere between lazy and plagiarism wink 2.

Thread: Original Myford raiser block queries
29/12/2016 20:19:27
Posted by choochoo_baloo on 29/12/2016 19:07:28:

Does anyone know how the studs are held in the blocks? Also are the O rings just a push fit in the recesses?

Ideally want to remove the former, and definitely remove the latter, for stripping and re-painting the blocks.

Wasn't my post of 19:08 yesterday clear? sad.

When I said the studs are a loose sliding fit in the jackscrews/raiser blocks, I meant nothing holds them in, apart from the nuts above them stopping them dropping through. If yours are stuck, it is because paint/crud is stopping them from sliding through by gravity.

And yes, the o rings are just a push fit in the raiser blocks. New ones would also be an interference fit on the studs too.

Thread: Rishton ID and Myford curiosity.
29/12/2016 16:21:56

Re the Rishton, have you contacted WEC, their current parent?

Thread: Take a look?
29/12/2016 13:52:32
Posted by Ajohnw on 29/12/2016 13:13:49:

I'd like to see some proof that things that don't need to have a ce mark shouldn't have one.

What I suspect is needed is a book called something like " A Guide To Steam Boiler Regulations for Model Engineers ". It seems it should also contain some design aspects as certain things seem to be verbotem.

I suspect it would have to be written by some august body not directly related to model engineering in order to ensure that it's ok.



That's a brilliant idea, I'm surprised nobody has thought of it already!

I might write it myself, but if I do, I think I might call it 'The Examination & Testing of Miniature Steam Boilers' smiley.

Thread: metric or imperial lead screw
28/12/2016 20:38:28
Posted by sean logie on 28/12/2016 19:50:28:

Found some photos hope they help put some light on the situation .


It puts no light on why you have a sweetcorn cob holder in the picture surprise.

Thread: Original Myford raiser block queries
28/12/2016 19:09:04
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 28/12/2016 18:31:05:
Posted by David Standing 1 on 28/12/2016 18:24:30:

I'll take your three names...........and raise you another wink 2.

In the original Myford installation and operating manual, Myford refer to these as 'jackscrews' laugh.


... and to think; Neil was hoping to create a 'Dictionary' surprise


Not if we have anything to do with it wink 2.

28/12/2016 19:08:21

And to the OP, the studs should be a loose sliding fit in the raiser blocks/jackscrews.

Yours are probably locked in by crud and paint. Use the stud nuts, fit two together on each stud and lock them together, and you should be able to break the seal and get the studs out by twisting the nuts/studs with a spanner.

When you refit them, here's a dodge to make the process, and that of levelling, MUCH easier.

Source four extra 5/16 BSF nuts, even better if you can get half nuts.

Fit the jackscrews to the raiser blocks, and screw them in to the raiser blocks fully, then unscrew them around 2 to 3mm each, no more. Ideally then check the total height of each raiser block and jackscrew with a digital caliper, and make them all the same.

Fit one (half) nut to the (longer) threaded end of the studs, and screw it right to the end of the thread - loose, NOT locked. Drop this through the jackscrew and raiser block, and through the tray and stand. Loose fit the whole assembly with a nut under the stand.

Repeat with all four, and you should have four studs protruding from the blocks, that you can lower the lathe on to.

If you don't fit the extra nut, you have a lot of faffing trying to locate the holes in the stand/tray/raiser block/lathe bed, whereas if you do fit the extra nut, the lathe drops straight on to the protruding studs.

There should be just enough length in the studs to accommodate the extra nut.

When you start levelling the lathe (following the Myford instructions), nip the two top nuts (either side of the lathe bed) up against each other, and make sure the nut under the inside of the stand is left loose, until you have finished levelling, then nip those up last.

The other advantage with this method is that it gives you a bit more space in the gap between the raiser block and lathe bed to get the jackscrew adjusting spanner in when you are adjusting the jackscrews.

28/12/2016 18:24:30
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 28/12/2016 17:52:22:
Posted by Robbo on 28/12/2016 17:43:34:

That's an original Myford raiser, but there don't seem to be any raising bolts. The bolts you can see pass through the raising bolts which are threaded into the block ( 9/16" BSF if memory serves). The hex head of the raising bolt should be visible above the surface of the block.


The "raising bolts" currently known as "Levelling Screws" are illustrated on the Myford page that I linked.



Edit: just realised what the OP meant by "See first photo, the studs (with levelling nuts out), wont budge"

... that's three names we are using for the same item.

Edited By Michael Gilligan on 28/12/2016 17:59:59

I'll take your three names...........and raise you another wink 2.

In the original Myford installation and operating manual, Myford refer to these as 'jackscrews' laugh.

Thread: what did santa bring?
28/12/2016 10:32:47


That does sound like a dog in a cat skin! smiley.

28/12/2016 10:07:20
Posted by martin perman on 26/12/2016 19:46:45:

Yesterday I also found out how caring a pet can be, as originally arranged my wife daughter and son in law went to my brothers for the day which left me with our cat for company, after a bad night of not sleeping I sat in my chair occasionally dosing but at one point I fell asleep when after a while I realised I was being poked and prodded and found our cat was trying to get a response from me by trying to get under my right hand and flicking my ear, when I opened my eyes he stopped. Later I pretended to sleep and after a while he started poking me again, he wouldnt leave me all day and today now I felt much better he hasn't come near me, its as if he new I wasnt well.

Martin P

p.s. I love sprouts

A cat, caring? surprise.

Sounds more like in your unwell state you forgot to feed it! wink 2.

Thread: Take a look?
27/12/2016 18:03:52
Posted by chris lyall on 27/12/2016 16:51:49:

Hi all - I am the boiler maker you have been criticising so quickly! There appears to be a couple of issues that you are not happy with:-

1. The Blackgates reference in the Juliet boiler eBay listing details was a genuine mistake by my wife who left it in in error after using the listing details of the Sweet Pea boiler as a start for the Juliet boiler details. This has now been amended to read LBSC design. I apologise for any confusion but my wife Samantha is an accountant NOT a model engineer and she has been running the Ebay side of things for a while to see how things would go. i will be moving to my own seller account this year to build up my feedback profile independently of her. In the meantime, should you wish to read the feedback of some of my customers please see pages 5, 6, 8,20 and 21 of feedback as a seller where you can read for yourself the satisfaction of those who have bought boilers etc from me.

2. Now to the CE marking - as you say this is a complete can of worms because everyone has their own opinion. I have done talks for several model engineer societies and every boiler inspector has his own opinion. It is permissible to build copper boilers up to 50 bar litres and self certify for the purpose of CE marking. This in accordance with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR). I maintain an auditable trail of all materials used (copper sheet, copper tube, phosphor bronze, silver solder, flux and gases etc). Every boiler I make has a unique number with the builder identified and the test pressure stamped permanently on it. The reason there is no picture in the Ebay listing is to ensure we do not fall foul of Ebay not as described rules as obviously the boiler dispatched will have a different number to the one pictured since it will have been built to order.

All my customers are most welcome to visit my facilities, and on collection of a boiler, check that I am working to the correct material and published design and appropriate hydraulic pressure test. I have now constructed over 100 copper boilers and everyone has been accepted as a quality purchase with no returns for any reason. My customers are worldwide.

I can certainly reassure you that these are manufactured by myself as correctly identified above which is why there is indeed a 30 day lead time to dispatch. Therefore they are not imported from China or elsewhere - I have never had one fail a pressure test and I am happy for anyone to come and see me at work.

I have only just started this venture in ernest having just retired. My last job was working in Afghanistan for 8 years as a contractor runing the Royal engineers Workshop. I have previously written an article for Model Engineer about a year ago which refers to the Afghan Engine which I taught young soldiers to build in their free time. They seemed to appreciate having something completely different to concentrate on for while. My business is in the early stages of development and with the help of my wife in 2017 we aim to have a separate Ebay user id and paypal account and also a website will be developed with links to U tube videos when possible. I am not personally able to do that sort of admin and rely on my wife who works full time in a very busy job and has limited time to help with the admin.

I would be interested to hear why one of the above would not pass my boiler and specifically for what reasons. Also the Model Engineers chest is not a prop it is in my workshop as I write this reply.

Finally, if any of you have anything further you would like to discuss with me I would be happy to talk to you and put your fears at bay. Kind regards. Chris Lyall 01132 567676

Given some of the comments, I think that is a very gracious and mature response.

Good luck with your new venture Chris smiley

Thread: Gate mill
27/12/2016 17:08:10
Posted by Robonthemoor on 16/12/2016 13:26:47:

No not that type. The brass dome endented type with a spring loaded ball in the centre


Please post a picture of one of the oil nipples in question smiley.

Thread: Take a look?
27/12/2016 16:30:47
Posted by Steven Vine on 27/12/2016 15:49:45:

laughLol. Communal armchair lynching. All the frenzy and thrills of a real life lynching, but from the comfort of your warm cosy armchair. It could be the new hobby for 2017. Guilty as charged!


Oh, you are about two decades too late for communal internet forum armchair lynching! wink 2.

Thread: Food glorious FOOD
27/12/2016 16:27:10
Posted by Ajohnw on 13/03/2016 23:07:35:

Thickened with 50 50 bisto



BISTO? disgust.

Tsk, tsk..........wink 2.

Thread: Xmas in the workshop/shed
25/12/2016 10:36:17

I shall be taking some photos of my 'spare' Boxford, an Industrial 330, ready to pop it in the classifieds smile p.

25/12/2016 10:34:41
Posted by Martin Connelly on 23/12/2016 08:51:40:

Following on from their world record success with the Warhorse monowheel **LINK** the UK Monowheel team are making a new wheel named Trojan. So I have started making parts for it and will be getting some work done over the next few weeks.


That looks a very silly and pointless motorcycle!

Excellent, just the sort of thing I like to see wink 2.

Thread: Metal bluing parts of the lathe
22/12/2016 21:27:48
Posted by Russell Eberhardt on 22/12/2016 15:08:55:

When at school in about 1960 we were made to rub a few drops of oil into our hands on entering the metalwork shop. I still do that and have very little problem with rust. A thin film of oil on your toolpost should be all that's needed.


I've never used either oil OR barrier cream on my hands, and in 62 years I can truthfully say they have never rusted smile p

Thread: Recommend First Time Starters Lathe
19/12/2016 11:17:34
Posted by Speedy Builder5 on 19/12/2016 08:06:07:

I love my BOXFORD, but the other camp love Myfords - either are capable of the sort of work you are thinking about.

I seem to have hedged my bets and ended up with both a Myford and a Boxford wink.

Thread: boxford refurb
19/12/2016 11:14:19
Posted by kevin beevers on 19/12/2016 10:13:55:

help is needed,now the boxy is up and running do i keep it and sell my other boxy or do i be greedy and keep them both how many of you folks have two lathes ?


Guilty as charged, m'lud - two lathes.........and two milling machines blush.

Thread: sales spiel
15/12/2016 21:30:13
Posted by Bazyle on 15/12/2016 21:16:43:

I am much more irritated by the "worth a look" label one particular ebay hack uses.

I thought it was just me!!

It normally makes me look somewhere else.....!

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