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Thread: Barograph 'stiction'
21/06/2022 07:45:06

back in my uni days physiology recordings were made using a smoked drum - a messy process of running the recording paper through a smoky incomplete combustion source. Presumably the stylus friction was minimised. Recordings could be stored after spray varnish. Presumably a modern answer would be laser or point light source and photo responsive paper (or just a digital record). My ECG machine used a heated stylus and sensitive paper.


Thread: Edge finder lubrication
20/06/2022 10:39:50
Posted by Hopper on 20/06/2022 09:54:47:

Or just invest 10 Quid in an electronic edge finder. Are they not claimed to be more accurate? (I still use a fag paper and spit so would not know.)

That must gum up the fag paper over time.....😁

Thread: Thoriated tungsten electrodes
18/06/2022 14:40:32
Posted by Martin Kyte on 18/06/2022 13:51:53:

I'm told by a very reliable source that our lab once had an X-Ray technician who was in the habit of lining up the beam by eye. Literally, by looking down the beam untill he could feel the tingle!! as he made the adjustments.

On balance I'm glad I work now rather than then.

regards Martin

And I recall a very aged (well he looked very old) leathery skinned and white haired part-time x-ray tech coming to check my machine in the 70's, First he took a couple of exposures with his arm under the beam to assess the ionization by how his arm hairs lifted. Unsatisfied, he then stared into the tube to assess the cathode heater while running his hands over the high-tension leads looking or losses of insulation...


Thread: motor insurance rant
15/06/2022 17:21:36

How come second driver premium goes up...they're just a named driver. If my wife bent her car I wouldn't have seen a need for me to add that as an incident on my next renewal on one of my cars. I don't recall anything on the proposals I've just been filling in asking whether a car I'm named driver on has made a claim.

15/06/2022 16:32:26

The reduced policy cost for a second driver is common but also counter intuitive to me as to how that reduces risk. I dug further on other comparison sites and chose a quote from a Co. offering 2 choices; 1st choice was £85 plus optional £39 extra for legal protection. Option 2 was £95 including legal protection!!.

I then rang current provider to cancel auto-renewal and their rep started a discussion re reducing their price. But that reduced price was still plus a setup fee. He tried giving me some flannel about comparison sites selling his insurance at a loss... I pointed out that wasn't my problem and we parted ways.

Sigh.. I have to go through all this again in 3 months for my Tesla. Getting sane quotes on that can be a challenge.


14/06/2022 17:30:21

Last year my aged 200sx was quoted at £98. I'm offered an automatic renewal this year £110 Plus £50 set-up fee!

A whole new meercat quote comes out cheapest at £90 which I'll obviously take up. But £50 for pressing a renewal button and calling it a setup fee??? Yes it would share the nuisance of chasing NCD docs etc.

It's evidently a ploy round new law preventing existing customers being soaked with higher quotes.


Thread: cutting a square end on a round shaft?
13/06/2022 16:29:50

Other optons include starting with a square reason a. Chuck key shaft is round..makes any thinner flat indexing a doddle.

Heat it and beat it i.e forge the end

Drill the round shaft and inset a piece of square rounded at one end and pinned, glued etc. Useful if wanting a hardened tip?

Thread: Glue for glass to plastic
06/06/2022 07:46:13
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 06/06/2022 06:52:06:
Posted by Simon Collier on 06/06/2022 06:34:51:


I am reluctant to buy something special for about the 100 microlitres I need.


With respect, Simon …

that does seem to make it rather pointless asking for recommendations.


Indeed. How about using the silicone you avoided but masking off all the unwanted areas it may contaminate prior to application using a low tack tape?


Thread: Middle of Lidl
05/06/2022 14:17:44

Lidl today:
A spirit level with wings. For lady carpenters??


Thread: Hermes. A Company in Total Confusion!
04/06/2022 18:30:20

from google;

DPD (UK) complaints contacts
  1. Email Customer Services on
  2. Email Sinead Croke (Director of Customer Experience) on
  3. Call Customer Services on 0121 275 0500.
  4. Tweet DPD (UK) Customer Services.
  5. Follow DPD (UK)
  6. Tweet DPD (UK)

Although generally our local DPD are brill and happily cart the heavy stuff into the barn for Mrs


Thread: Impressive Animatronics
27/05/2022 12:04:37

Surely by 2060 the attendance will be group artificial reality from home with any 'new abba ' performance live from their homes and the footballers remote working with game controllers in case the dears sprain an ankle.


Thread: Thermal condution paste - none adhesive
21/05/2022 05:30:38

As described above in this specific case the radiator, coolant bars and coolant pads are inseparable such that the cleaning process required the pads to be lifted. I do own a conductive epoxy but avoided using that in case of future need to repeat the cleaning.
As it happens, I just re-assembled on the theory that the original material would be realigned if undisturbed and the machine currently runs whisper quiet. The fan noise had become increasingly annoying over the last several months in a 4year old machine and doubtless will require repeating at some future time when I shall arm myself with one of the paste materials from the suggestions above.
On previous PCs that I've had to clean the processor cooling systems were fans atop the processors which could be cleaned in situ so the arrangement here was new to me. The face of the radiator was 70% clogged with dust and sorted with a trip to the shed to blast an air-line through from the rear.
The type of thing can be seen at the video time point below, albeit that in my case there were three coolant bars going to 2 different processors.


20/05/2022 16:56:56
Posted by Thor 🇳🇴 on 20/05/2022 15:00:27:

I assume you mean something like this, various types tested here.


That's the sorta thing looks like a paste rather tthan liquid for ham-fisted use...


20/05/2022 14:55:00

I've just take apart an all-in-one PC and cleaned all the dust and crud out of the fan and radiator and it all works fine and quiet now.

The cooling fan blows air into a radiator which houses some thermal conduction bars terminating in sprung flats screwed over the main processors. Clearly there is evidence of a gap-filling compound and I’d appreciate advice on what to use there if it needs doing again - something that will gap-fill but not glue or drip...


Thread: Drone advice needed, please
13/05/2022 22:14:53

Is there a local r/c flying club? I haven't flown my helis in a long time -most have only 5/6mins time per battery pack but as example my petrol "gasser" is good for 20+.mins aerobatic or 40mins with the original lower performance engine and quick to refuel.

Thread: Emergency Radio Format
04/05/2022 12:39:49
Posted by blowlamp on 04/05/2022 11:22:55:
Posted by John Haine on 04/05/2022 09:12:00:

200 kph underwater eh?

Yes, it's possible. I recently watched an episode of Stingray and I think they mentioned travelling at a speed of 600 knots whilst submerged, so anything is possible. face 1


A cording to Wikipedia the barracuda anti-torpedo missile can do 800kph 430knots. Stingray needs a turbo.

04/05/2022 07:04:21

I’m guessing that someone versed in the appropriate fields could give better answers. As I understand it submarine nuclear detonations would give different effects depending on depth. Deep enough and pressure contains the blast effect and damps it out dramatically. At a shallow depth you're going to get a massive vapourisation heavy laden radioactive water mist with the greatest danger being atmospheric spread. At an intermediate depth the upward thrust would cause the sort of wave front we're speculating about. Pick a point off the continental shelf and perhaps that would raise the wave height while allowing the spreading waves in other directions enough distance to become less threatening? How far away and at what depth a sub would have to be to avoid destruction is moot.
I recall reading something about the benefits of detonating a warhead above London rather than ground level to vapourise the Thames and reduce the area of fall-out while still creating a blast wave capable of levelling the place...


03/05/2022 18:54:05
Posted by Samsaranda on 03/05/2022 17:44:34:

I find it incredible that our nuclear deterrent could rely on the broadcasting of BBC radio 4 with our sophisticated communications network that can broadcast underwater, as incredible as I find it, it fits with the quirky way our country operates in many areas. In respect of a nuclear attack, if you are out in the open, you may see the initial flash but will probably be vaporised before the sound of the explosion reaches you. We live in very dangerous times. Dave W

That was always the 'public knowledge' as a contingency on the premise that London gets destroyed along with main comms systems. If memory serves it was said the BBC has to be off-line for 4 days before our subs can retaliate. The reality is doubtless different with several alternative communication systems available. I doubt that submarine launched missiles can be accomplished from any huge depth and there is bound to be some simple satellite phone that can be deployed on a relay while still deep.


03/05/2022 15:45:01
Posted by V8Eng on 03/05/2022 13:27:28:

As a former colleague used to remark when the danger of nuclear war was mentioned “The best thing to do would be get as close as possible to an actual explosion”.

Thinking of possible long term consequences that might be more sensible than going into a bunker.

Edited By V8Eng on 03/05/2022 13:32:50

This link suggests you have no-where to run:


Thread: Help ! how to remove embedded diamond lapping particles on metal surfaces
30/04/2022 21:01:35

Presumably you'ld risk distorsion but diamond burns at 900C so running a propane flame over it might work?


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