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Thread: Putting the clocks back
25/10/2020 09:04:41
Posted by Peter Hall on 25/10/2020 09:00:41:

We have one of those radio-controlled clocks. It copes fine with the change of hour, but has been consistently four minutes slow for years. No idea how that happens.


Using the beacon on Mars?


Thread: Diamond Drills
24/10/2020 09:30:59

No experience with them but: here

It'd also be another situation where a high speed dental handpiece with coolant and enough patience to paint away the head of the screws. Dental burs are cheap. Back when i was working I used to make hip toggles out of scrap intramedullary pins, eyeballed, using my dental kit. Cheap handpieces are just that but work well and can be adapted to a shed compressor.

Thread: Car says catalyser is blocked
21/10/2020 13:43:27
Posted by Clive Foster on 21/10/2020 13:02:37:...

I cant figure out how to read it either.



It is possible to read it but very frustrtaing to do so. It requires a mouseclick and hold the button down so you can scroll about in the limited window to move the document for reading. The trouble is that you have to release the mouse to move lower down the page and the viewing window may well close on you, fail to repeat respond etc. I managed about a page and a half before I gave up the battle.


Thread: Troubleshooting Instructions
18/10/2020 16:43:34

You have to love the troubleshooting section with three diffiulties answered:

1) Soldering tip too loose - Tighten soldering tip
2) Charger not working - Send for repair
....and the best one...
3) Heating button not pressed long enough - Press heating button for longer

Thread: Grumpy old men
16/10/2020 22:23:59


At my school the full expression was "i before e except after c when the sound of ie or ei is that of ee. The only exception is weird" Of course that does depend on correct enunciation.

I believe that in 1796 all produce was 'organic'.


Thread: In flight social distancing
16/10/2020 13:22:08

Does an aircraft HEPA filter filter down to virus particle size? Are they changed often enough or cudl they end up 'charged' with virus?


16/10/2020 07:14:28
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 16/10/2020 07:00:14:

Given that the air in every modern passenger plane is continually recirculated during flight ... the very concept of Social Distancing seems to be a non-starter.

My working hypothesis is that all available virus will be near-equally distributed amongst all occupants.

Is there any reasonable evidence to disprove this ?


I posit that this depends on the capacity of the cabin compressor system: enough air change/ventilation would reduce viral load.The obvious alternatives would be things like providing effective filtering masks or individual filtered air systems but all such options require investment and the usual safety tests.


Thread: Brass Founder vs Brass Caster
14/10/2020 16:07:21

I would speculate that a 'founder' was a contraction of 'foundryman' and may have been a broader term than just casting. How was bar, rod, strip and sheet produced? Google under 'brassfounder' as one word finds it used.

Ifa founder was a fabricator then many roles:


Thread: Electric Smart Meters
13/10/2020 22:22:54

I know there are folk with electric vehicles that use one of the tariffs that periodically actually pays the user for using surplus electricty (sporadic and you have to be an enthusiast to keep track) or a dirt cheap tariff between midnight and 3am. They are winners until gov decides to tax car electricity in some way.

What i fail to understand is the apparent committment for everyone to have a smart meter when rural Britain has a lousy mobile phone coverage and I doubt that the DCC network is going to fill that gap anytime soon.

What happens with smart meters in basements and hidden in deep cupboards in the bowels of older dense brickwork buildings?


Thread: Grumpy old men
11/10/2020 20:16:19

My daughter has an assortment of English degrees and insists that language is 'organic'. In contemporary fashion she also buys 'organic' foodstuffs. Despite her education i cannot persuade her to acknowledge that language is non-corporeal or that barring a few stray minerals there are no inorganic foods.

The insinuation of emoji into modern communication is a conspiracy to convert the western world to ideography.


10/10/2020 17:46:06

Takeaway coffee.

Bottled water

The 'e' on the end of Concorde

Golden delicious

Political Correctness

"I mis-spoke"

Empty jars/bottles that cost more to buy than one's filled with produce.

"The electric"

Call centres


...people with endless complaints about stuff they can do nothing about...

Thread: Home Automation Technique
10/10/2020 14:05:34

A quick look at some ventaxia extactors on screwfix shows a model with 300-485m^3 extraction at 40watts or roughly 1KWH per day for 5 airchanges per hour. So running cost shouldn't be the issue.


Thread: Ball bearings and friction.
06/10/2020 16:59:02

There used to be a DIY bearing regreasing tool... not recommended since it over fills them.. based on two cones. The bearing is dropped into a conical receptical and a second conical nozzle on a filled syringe pressed against the inner race..pumps grease through the centre and back out via the races. Such a system might be useful for washing grease out though. The conical nozzles provided with dog intranasal vaccines work very well for bearings with inner races up to about 10mm bore. Since those nozzles aren't tolerated well by dogs (we used just to dropper the vax in ) most vets will have plenty of spare throwaways,

Graphite pwoeder is supposed to dave the ability to fill tiny surface defects and reduce friction? If that could be introduced i a tiny quanitiy??


Thread: Scrap Metal Fire
05/10/2020 16:13:59

no-one mentioned titanium yet..local aerospace and RR??
But my vote still goes to ally and rust


Thread: Please Avoid Political and Partisan Issues
03/10/2020 04:09:50

..perhaps the name should be changed to 'the beverage room' as a less partisan heading?

Any forum requires rules of scope and moderation to avoid topic drift. Members are either happy with that or should look elsewhere. I've transgressed and accepted a wrist slapping in the past - fair enough that i breached the parameters Mr Speaker constrains. If not prepared to accept those limitations in exchange for the benefits then the forum is not for you.

Speakers Corner used to be a place where freedom of speech could be excercised but I note that even there the Police can decide now on the lawfulness of the topic.


Thread: Restoring a wooden tool box, help needed
02/10/2020 20:26:21
Posted by bricky on 02/10/2020 19:27:32:

I still have a bottle of oxilic acid from my working life ,like John F it is the best to remove stains from wood,I used it often with good result ,I don't know where one would buy it today are gone when you could get chemicals from your local chemist.


Ebay for one


Thread: Ball bearings and friction.
02/10/2020 07:27:59

It sounds like your alternative has to be to just use the lowest friction bearing type. That lead me down the rabbit hole from simple ceramic bearings through magnet bearings to air foil bearings....presumably you can also do something to the shape of the pendulums to reduce their air resistance... which you keep them runnng longer but may reduce 'chaos-icity' (I think that's a new word)..


Thread: Hydrogen-powered train makes UK maiden journey
01/10/2020 21:57:04
Posted by mark costello 1 on 01/10/2020 21:09:30:

Same crooks, different show.

..specially when you see Ionity's new fees... 69p/KWH compared to Tesla charging 24p and home charging being as cheap as 5p off-peak...


Thread: What glue should I buy?
01/10/2020 21:53:31

I've been watching 'Tips from a Shipwright ' on youtube and in the latest episode he laminates a transom using a thick epoxy (before vacuum bagging). That would have the right sort of consistency and no damp concerns. He also used a simple trick of stapling across the ends of boards while moving his clamps.. possible worth plaigerising to get board edges neat through set-up.


Thread: endoscope / inspection camera
01/10/2020 21:36:45

Depending on age and construction of house you may have to consider rats in cavity walls too. I had to change a plastic vent louvre for a DIY stainless one after they ate through my first ally replacement...

Just an incidental comment but you can remove larger objects via endoscopy surgically...such scopes have operating channels for a range of tools for laparoscopic surgery from fibre-optic laser guides to a range of cutters and small bags to put the bits in via a second portal. The price is eye-watering for the good stuff.. Laparoscopic kidney removal is done .. quite a big thing a human kidney.. stick it in the bag and mush it then extrude the mushed bag-full out...


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