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Thread: Smart meter
22/01/2022 11:29:36

I was told that fixed ground based systems PV require planning consent and that one requires the consent of DNO for the size of system? Presumably for local load balancing reasons? Quite apart from my agri fields I have a 3acre curtilage so adding to rooftop solar would be easy enough - assuming I ever find a company prepared to install one (having been let down by four so far that surveyed and never returned)...

Thread: Small scraping project wanted
19/01/2022 06:43:45

Keith Rucker at Vintage Machinery did a number of videos on learning to scrape and also sells a 9" camelback straight edge rough casting that needs scraping to be used but cost and postage from the US might be an issue. Ah! Just noticed you are in the US!


Thread: Need to cut long thin strips of steel (& plastic) - e.g. with an angle grinder?
18/01/2022 20:22:19

If the lines you are trying to cut are generally straight, then adhesive tape as a guide would be more visible than scribing. You may also consider the method of printing patterns and spray adhesive them to the material.


Thread: Can you recommend a "medium-speed" epoxy adhesive? (e.g. "30 minute" or "60 minute")
18/01/2022 17:47:14

I used to buy my epoxy from 'HobbyKing' who stock 5,15,20 and 30 min versions. It was rarely used for anything critical but didn't let me down. I favoured the slowest set which I'd expect to give the stronger bond.

As for VAT.. When I was in business and having to do the returns, then it became a matter of determination to claim every possible last penny....


Thread: Royal Fail
18/01/2022 17:40:33

Folks may be amused by a recent incident here.
DPD new chap asked at the door if it was the right house. I looked at the packet and directed him to the next bungalow along and pointed East. Later that day the owner rang to see if we'd had a misdelivery 'cos he was expecting expensive jewellery. It ended up with his purchase being replaced and DPD paying the vendor.
Three weeks later I spotted some 'rubbish' by my 'burnables' bin in the hobby shed on the floor. Picking it up and it was the lost packet. Why does a delivery man with a sign-for parcel just throw it onto the floor of an obvious shed full of machine tools when directed to a bungalow?
Both myself and purchaser are honest and the extra item returned to the seller and reported to DPD - local manager admits their driver is an idiot.


Thread: Endless Repeats
18/01/2022 11:00:41

I do agree with the terrible state of TV in some other countries where advertising is intrusive to the program, often to the point where ads take up more of the screen than the subject matter. However, the BBC has also changed.

Recollection through youth and rose-tinted memory is such that one had belief in the integrity and truthfulness of BBC news and opinion and program content in well articulated 'Queen's English' and a moral message.

Those days have gone with competition and inclusiveness and every subset of nation and ethnicity wanting their own views and voice, giving the BBC an impossible task to fulfil. That, and claims of journalistic independence and a company that follows its own agenda lead to claims (rightly or wrongly) of bias. And certainly to poorer journalistic standards, with rarely a day free of grammatical errors on the BBC news website

The BBC has lost its place as the vice of honest government and the country has lost any suggestion of the latter such that i contend that it no longer justifies the right to charge in the way that it does.

If we are in the era of 'choice' then I have chosen not to have a TV licence, not to have subscriptions to sky and the like and find my entertainment elsewhere.


Note the embarrassment of criticising BBC grammar and seeding my own post with typos...which i hope I just corrected


Edited By pgk pgk on 18/01/2022 11:03:16

Thread: To start the discussion
15/01/2022 11:32:46
Posted by Bo'sun on 15/01/2022 10:15:24:

Have a look at the Panorama programme "The Electric Car Revolution: Winners & Losers". Mining cobalt for his car batteries. A disgusting way to treat people and make millions from it

Panasonic and Tesla should be using cobalt free batteries from this year. But that won't stop the assorted 'disgusting way people are treated to make millions' or the way folk choose to be ignorant of the multitude of sins behind many consumer products owned for vanity and self gratification rather than real need.


Just do a search for coffee slavery for instance, or look at the impact of US and other countries economic policies for the unwitting effect they often have on countries and pollution. The contemporary palm oil industry and even banana growing has a horrid history let alone the areas media highlights such as Asian clothing industries or Far Eastern consumer products.


Thread: That Strange Calculator Again
13/01/2022 11:03:48

Why copyright? I’ve just had a bit of a dig about and copyright law at that period was mostly for printed works?
Apparently the UK was signed up to the Berne Convention which had a review in 1908 - coincidence?

It did make me wonder if this could be a calculator for print - mixed sizes of characters on a type-set page?


Thread: An unpleasant nocturnal experience.
11/01/2022 06:13:27

Out here in rural-land rodents are a problem. I've had three cars nibbled and several house invasions.
House invasions are now rare because we monitor the cats' entry and have removed all the nice vegetation that grew up the side of the house. We've had access via the cavity wall and plastic air vents - which failed to resolve with plan A of ally replacements, and now they're DIY stainless. If we have another invasion via drain-pipes and roof then I'll have to fit the downpipe cones. Main barn has a RatMat electric floor backed up with numerous bait boxes and the feed has been moved to a more remote steel shed. And then stored in steel bins. OH parks her car on the apron and puts an ultrasonic deterrent under it. Everything seemed calm but with this recent wet and cold weather I noticed bait going missing in the barn - so they are looking for nicer winter quarters again.

Apart from 1 cheap and 2 expensive car repairs it's cost a small chest of drawers, one fridge, a repair to the main water pipe coming in, rewiring one drier and the indoor part of the line to the borehole and some sack-truck tires on small kit. And throwing away all the useful stuff I kept in the barn like part rolls of carpet - anything chewable or habitable.

One early invasion via the roof was discovered by teeth marks in a bar of soap in the bathroom. The worst invasion was after local forestry work when all the rodents emigrated our way.


Thread: Full size model of some experimental apparatus
10/01/2022 14:45:23

Expansion coefficient of frog legs during broiling originally postulated by Madam Rana Shrincage


Thread: Wind powered machine faster than the wind
10/01/2022 12:03:46
Posted by Martin Kyte on 10/01/2022 11:17:14:
Posted by pgk pgk on 10/01/2022 10:34:30:

But this machine can go downwind? faster than the wind as opposed to only doing so with a side-wind component. can any of ice yachts and hydrofoils go directly into wind?

The method used does suggest that a boat might do so with a rotating sail connected to a subsurface propellor.

Do you really mean downwind. The land yacht travels into the wind and the clip is captioned upwind.

regards Martin

10/01/2022 10:34:30

But this machine can go downwind faster than the wind as opposed to only doing so with a side-wind component. can any of ice yachts and hydrofoils go directly into wind?

The method used does suggest that a boat might do so with a rotating sail connected to a subsurface propellor.

10/01/2022 09:51:38

How cool is this?
And the math?

Thread: Rubber window glazing strip
09/01/2022 10:36:18

Googling 'H section vehicle weatherstrip' might find what you need. Or try your local agri engineers for help.


Thread: Highway Code
07/01/2022 19:03:10
Posted by Nigel Bennett on 07/01/2022 16:38:36:

Ah, yes, the old business of making cyclists pay to use the road. Presumably that will also include horse riders and pedestrians, all of whom have a RIGHT to use the Queen's Highway, unlike all those people in motor cars, who don't; they only have permission. And permission that can be withdrawn.

Anyway, let's work out a fair system of how much cyclists should pay. I suggest some kind of weight arrangement, whereby the sum paid equates to the damage a bike does to the roads. A typical bike weighs 20lb, a motor car say 2000lb. So to be fair, tax should be in proportion. So that's one hundredth of £160, which I think is what I paid for my last car tax. £1.60 it is then. But wait a minute - bikes can't use motorways, so that should knock a bit more off. Say a quid.

How are you proposing to write to all the cyclists, and administer the tax for a quid per cycle per year?

Far too simple approach. No consideration for the weight of rider/driver/passengers, and none at all to the contact pressure of two narrow tyres compared to four fat ones. Then there is the need to pay towards the licence plate registration and administration costs. Also while cyclists are allowed to use roads then motorists get no use of cycleways, towpaths and bridleways all of which probably cover the motorway lengths. And that's before we make allowances for the increased food intake cyclists need and their fart and sweat pollution and the lycra landfill. Oh, and the health hazards and costs to NHS from ruptures, haemorrhoids, lady issues and the like. They should also be expected to hold insurance and pass a roadworthiness test for driver and vehicle.



Thread: ANTIKYTHERA MECHANISM not the first??
07/01/2022 12:28:11
Posted by JA on 07/01/2022 11:17:37:

Mick, that is a very good question.

I have my doubts (expressed before). Just because a large part of the archeology community believe in it does not prevent it from being a hoax. Many want such things to fit their theories. It was once said of an academic that he would construct a whole civilisation from a chamber pot found in the Balkans.


That fits in with my theory that Stonehenge was built as an out-of-town shopping mall but its success didn't justify putting the roof on.


Thread: crispy fluffy roast potatoes
06/01/2022 12:49:21

I have a lot of land so when I moved here I started growing my own spuds - different varieties for different purposes and store in the barn for all winter. Sadly, the levels of endemic scab in my soil meant throwing almost half away and age made ridging up and then digging up too painful in bulk. But I’m with circlip - parboiled and then whack int'oven works fine with a rooster potato.

(just off to knock up some wholemeal and oat bread rolls)


Thread: Another temptation to Drive without due Care and Attention
06/01/2022 10:17:22

It does depend on the implementation and interface and driver aids. As cars get more intelligent with lane keeping, speed management , obstacle and danger awareness then some driver load is removed. If effective voice recognition and read back is implemented, then there is no reason why access to some Internet functions should be any more distracting than drivers messing about with hunting up radio station or music sources.
At one time some 25+yrs ago I messed about in my old 200sx and installed all sorts of nonsense ambient lights and a full entertainment system that included digital and terrestrial TV, DVD etc. Whilst I admit to having had TV shows running while driving, I didn't look at the 4.5in screen - just used it to listen to the audio. It was handy during a 1-hour accident queue, though.
These days, I rarely have even a radio on when driving, which may be more distracting if one starts to think about 'stuff'

As for large car screens - the benefit is obvious with rear and side camera displays and less beneficial with unnecessary menus for car functions that used to be on ergonomically easy buttons


Thread: Speed Camera Flashes?
06/01/2022 10:01:46
Posted by Martin King 2 on 06/01/2022 09:40:08:

Hi All,

Well, as expected, my late Xmas present from Devon & Cornwall Police hit the doormat yesterday!


Must do better this year!

Cheers, Martin

Enjoy the speed awareness course. I was delighted to learn that I'd been under the delusion that NSL on single carriageways was 50mph (hangover from the 70's fuel crisis?) and chuffed to learn it was 60mph (doh!)


Thread: Lidll
06/01/2022 07:17:10

There’s an upcoming offer UK for a cordless compressor for just under £30.

Whether this may be useful for test or demo running engines remains to be seen but I shall be trialling it for the assorted bits of kit I have that slowly lose air and tend to be stored in shed away from a handy power point that ends up needing extension leads and dragging a bigger compressor along - including petrol wood chipper and genny. May be useful to get enough air into vehicle to make it safer to drive to the main compressor.


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