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Thread: Vehi cle Tax Scam
28/03/2021 09:36:54
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 28/03/2021 08:33:47:

Are you suggesting that the scammers have hi-jacked ncsc and intercepted my eMail ?

That thought hadn't entered my mind - t'would need some clever work reprogging the nearby nodes..
No, I was insinuating that the numbers of take-downs claimed may bear no reality but justify funding some high salaries, 'Course if the nodes run on Huawei hardware.....


28/03/2021 06:17:50
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 28/03/2021 00:31:20:...

As of 28th February 2021, we have received more than 5,000,000such reports, allowing us to remove more than 36,000 scams and take down 71,000 malicious URLs.


..That's what they want you to think....

As you know it's easy to spoof the send address, email adress lists are widely available on the dark web, sending emails is cheap and the evildoers only need a tiny percentage of folk to fall into a trap to make it pay/

The cleverest scam we almost fell for was an official looking letter from Data Protection Agency Agency reminding us to pay our annual fee and send them the money to sort it. The real letter arrived the next day. The con one was 'legal' in the sense that they paid the correct fee for the mug but had added a service charge for their work in so doing. Of course it meant that the Data Protection Agency itself was being hacked for the renewal details of all registered businesses.


Thread: Are we being listened to on the phone
28/03/2021 05:57:55

1984 already had the concept of a TV with built in camera and mike. Fun sci-fi paranoia films include "Enemy of the State" and "Conspiracy Theory" and the lesser "Echelon Conspiracy"
I suspect it'd be harder to write a watchable screenplay that went into the depths of social manipulation/engineering, the buying and selling of behavioural data and the psychology of advertising. Even supermarket shelves aren't stocked randomly - colour and position on the shelves, flavour varieties of a brand to occupy more shelf width, key words on products all affect sales.
Such manipulations used to be fairly primitive from simply having coffee or fresh baked bread odours (also promoted when folk view houses for sale), the occasional feather stuck to egg displays (abandoned for hygeine reasons) and the music played.
Back in the 60's someone figured out that ladies' hormone cycle was associated with periods of 'can't be bothered' and periods of creativity. Remember the cake mixes "quick and simple - just add 2 eggs"? They could have used dried egg but this promotion added creativity to simplicity. Teams of psychologists assss Reality TV contestants to create an interactice mix of behviour types....


Edited By pgk pgk on 28/03/2021 05:59:04

27/03/2021 21:28:50
Posted by Howi on 27/03/2021 09:53:12:...

just remember everything has a price, including freedom.

If you have nothing to fear, why worry....

One should be worried. It's not just Amazon or Google but credit card companies tracking purchase types, supermarkets, Systems tracking your GPS, systems listening for key words and a whole slew of facial recognition following you around.
It may seem innocuous but the freedom you value is eroded by the manipulations possible with all this data under the guise of protecting you and saving costs.

Fictional dystopian societies have 5 classic themes:
Government control, environmental destruction, technological control, loss of individualism and survival. The first four are already in hand.

We've lost much freedom of speech and the latest bill curbs aspects of protest and demonstration...

... it wasn't so long ago there were riots at the thought of identity cards and now most people pay to carry one called a smart phone..


27/03/2021 07:22:32

Conspiracy theorists would argue that these items can be switched on remotely and since 'Echelon; has been admitted to one has to wonder what's the latest incarnation in surveillance.
It's probably worth seeding a few suitable phrases into any conversation/...polonium, when are we raiding the hospital caesium?, how do i refine castor oil? and the like.
If you really want to get the attention of authorities then try "I don't have a TV licence" or "I'm not paying my income tax"


Thread: New car - or is it a wheeled computer?
26/03/2021 10:57:42

Wan't there an article on the BBC that from Autumn UK they plan to increase the ethanol percentage in petrol such that pre-2000 petrol cars will no longer run? Aspen in cans would be an expensive alternative for my '94 reg car.

Thread: Computer Update
23/03/2021 09:45:40

I'm cautious in writing this since it may just be a statistical anomaly. But over many years I have bought several PC's and laptops (business and personal) from the likes of Novatech, PCWorld and a couple from Laptops Direct and the latter never lasted anywhere near as long.

edit: Novatech may be worth looking at as they will sell without an operating system...


Edited By pgk pgk on 23/03/2021 09:47:58

Thread: That little elf under the workbench again
22/03/2021 23:36:35

I've just assembled a metal garden shed for OH and dearly wished I;d had a spring screw holding gizmo ofr the cross head driver I used..several hundred very short self-tappers that were horribly fiddly. But once started it wasnlt practical to stop and hunt one up to fit though with beneit fo hindsight it may have been quicker to make something.

For orthopaedic work there is a beautifully designed sleeve for the driver. The screws are pre-laid out in racks by length and diameter and the gizmo can be simply pushed over the heads to grip the screw and release it as its tightened down

Thread: Any advice on how to cut/file a 45 degree chamfer on a 1mm steel sheet to EXACTLY 45 degrees?
22/03/2021 23:24:59

I don't know how well it'd work in practice but with only access to rudimentary equipment I'd be inclined to bond the strip of steel between 2 lengths of MDF, say 9mm and make up a jig and fence and run a conventional router with a 90 deg cutter along it. A TCT router cutter should cope with 1mm steel OK in such a sandwich.


Thread: Brass facing finish.
18/03/2021 05:42:02

I've had similar bands appear on (usually wider) facing cuts and assume it's one or more of the following - a transition where surface speed or cross speed reduces cutter performance , probably due to some subtle harmonic chatter. It may be worth playing with tool stick-out and varying lathe speeds to see if the zone moves.


Thread: Gravity and Weightlessnes
17/03/2021 19:34:55

More weirdness I was trying to understand recently:

Light has no mass and therefore cannot be affected by gravity. Light can only travel in straight lines in a vacuum except that the matrix it is travelling straight within may be 'bent' by gravity. Therefore the model concludes there has to be some underlying matrix we choose to call space/time or subspace or whatever. Unless it's all a convenience and light can indeed be bent by gravity despite havng no mass...

More confusing was that the 'Big Bang' accelerated the constituents it created outwards (while having assorted interactions between them on that journey) yet the assorted bodies created are confounding expectations by continuing to accelerate away from each other and expanding total universe(s). The implication being that space/time has a repulsive force within it. A weak repulsive force within space/time would imply an antigravity effect? Which by its nature cannot coelesce to a powerful antigravity force in the way gravity does?


Thread: Advice on Heat Treating
17/03/2021 12:45:10

A question:

For this application I'm guessing the concern is wear at adjustment points. Hardening normally requires the part to be heated and soaked at that heat long enough for full 'penetration' . If in this case the parts were just heated to a surface cherry red before quenching would that be akin to a thick case hardening?


Thread: Welding and Pacemakers
10/03/2021 18:07:46

A little gallows humour.

I had a client who was an undertaker and kindly gave me a bag of 'removed' pacemakers (in the 90's). I hitched them up in turn to my ECG machine - half were dud...


Thread: Steadies
06/03/2021 10:21:14

Joe Pieczynski's latest vid shows a very simple temporary follow steady for fine work he used for threading.


Thread: I want a telescope
25/02/2021 17:34:21

If it's only for terrestrial work then consider binoculars on a stand or perhaps a spotting scope and camera tripod or an astronomical scope with an inverting lens.

If planning on sitting comfortably then probably a zoom spotting scope on a table stand might suit. Plenty of all these options on ebay for a price guide.

You're going to need something pretty beefy to see the young ladies 4 miles away.....


Thread: Making mild steel look like cast iron
22/02/2021 19:26:52

A salvage yard may have suitable mantles. . When we redecorated a large Sth London property and took down some boxing i found a beautiful marble and tiled fire surround lacking it's mantle. A few calls later and one chappy dropped by and later brought round a matching mantle from the same style of surround.

If the fire is going to be used I'd probablt shy away from an Iron mantle since I'm likely the first guy to grab hold to pull myself up and get burned.


Thread: Drilling
20/02/2021 15:31:22

If you can set it up in the lathe then Joe Pieczynski showed a technique that could work demonstrated with a 26thou drill through s/s


Thread: Skynet is Coming
20/02/2021 10:32:42

Most folk know roughly when they'll be back so a simple timer does that with no risk of being hacked or details of where you work, phone type and likely all your contacts being sent to the washing machine and sold in China...

More sinister theory is remotely switching it off in an energy crisis - but they can do that with your smart meter anyway (assuming a mobile signal in your area and a smart meter can work - or condemned by ruralism to paying full whack). Likely insurance companis will refuse to pay out on floods/fires caused by failed machines 'cos you were out at the time the same way they wonlt pay out if you forgot to lock your car and it gets nicked. the whole point of insurance used to be for those silly occasions when one forgets...


Thread: ml10 or some other?
19/02/2021 15:47:07

Other considerations might be that a new lathe will come delivered and with a warranty and phone support. Things useful for a beginner.


Thread: Guiness world record?
17/02/2021 18:56:46
Posted by peter smith 5 on 17/02/2021 18:26:45:

You mean that you can actually bend down???

I have to get “ Erin doors” to put me socks on of a morning.


Lie on my back on the bed and bend knees to put on socks
Squatting down not so bad - so long as have something to pull myself back up. Worst is gardening - usually means crawling...

I do try an do excercises to keep bits working. Rowing machine temporarily abandoned after spraining an ankle - 6 weeks ago and still painful and swollen. But one arm dumbell lifts and presses and pec excercises. If I miss 2-3 days then weight capability drops markedly....

I also practice putting shorts on standing on one leg- balance is becoming an issue but it helps to have the lifted leg swung slightly across the standing leg...


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