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Thread: Yet another scam
17/09/2021 23:43:30

I used to ask for their name and employee reference number to carry out a security check but got bored with that. Now I just tell them I need to fire up the PC and put the phone down and let them hang...

Thread: Apple recipes
17/09/2021 23:39:24
Posted by Bazyle on 17/09/2021 21:42:39:

Forget all that baking faff. 99 days to Christmas and Lidl have 12 packs of mincepies laugh I will undertake quality control testing on your behalf.
Plus they didn't have any cinnamon for the original strudel recipe.

You can get the cinnamon with the filo in Tesco. Lidl also seem to have stopped stocking the apple stolen come Christmas the last few years, but can often find it in Aldi...lasts in the freezer a few months..
Christmas baking is another thread, perhaps nearer the time. Teaser with Vánočka

Thread: Saving the Planet or is it ?
16/09/2021 22:06:54
Posted by Bazyle on 16/09/2021 21:16:16:

The framework for holding the panels over the car park would cost more than the panels. Likewise the reinforcement for the warehouse roof would use up 10 or more years of energy generation.

Which would stil be a win if the panels last 25yrs.
Solar panels have never worked out cost effective for me but I am revisiting them since I forecast that electricty prices will surge over the next 10 years and while their return may not be as dramatic, any other investments I might make would be subject to tax ( all other tax free avenues committed)

Thread: Garador door closer
15/09/2021 08:03:13

Still sounds like an overheat self-protection? Any components old enough to be in sockets rather than directly soldered? Worth contact cleaning?

I used to have a laptop that needed regularly taking apart - in that case due to the fans sucking Dalmatian hair into the thing ...


Edited By pgk pgk on 15/09/2021 08:04:42

Thread: Apple recipes
15/09/2021 06:08:55

Juicing large amounts of apples at the hobby level is a pain.
I have seen it done successfully with a simple domestic juicer and persistence, and one local chap just throws his through a garden shredder before pressing.
I do make some wines - usually from surplus black or redcurrants. A ginger wine I have here is superior to any of the commercial ones, but that might just be beginners luck. Bought-in cheap apple juice is the lazy way if just wanting to make a few litres. I do have 18x650 ml containers of stewed apple in the freezer along with large amounts of currants and blueberries. The cheapo apple peeler/corer makes processing a bucket of apples practical.
Baked apples stuffed with dates or raisins - good way of using collapsing apples - just core and stuff and microwave - quick an easy. Also apple fritters

'Zemlbaba' was popular growing up Link
My Mum’s variation was closer to English bread and butter pudding...buttered slices of bread dipped in milk lining a large pudding bowl then layered apples and raisins and more bread slices and baked for a thick crusty top, eaten as a main course after soup. Hearty winter fare for manual labour.

These were baking while I posted yesterday:

Thread: Tap Extractor
14/09/2021 20:55:13

Domestic sewing needles and pins are fairly tough. If they can get a point into a flute then 2 or 3 through drill holes in scrap with minimal stick-out?


Thread: Apple recipes
14/09/2021 18:21:47

It's that time of year. Despite the late frost I have plenty of apples 'cos I have plenty of trees and I love apple..stewed, baked, pies but strudel is best. This recipe has been played with and adjusted to work for me consistently since last year.


I use tesco filo because it’s the right size sheets. This recipe is for a single strudel, but a pack of filo will make two - just double the recipe. 5 to 6 sheets per.

1.5T Tblsp butter (or vegan spread/marge etc
! Tbsp virgin olive oil
1 tsp cinnamon
!/4 tsp ground nutmeg
1tsp lemon juice
3 Tblsp water
30g brown sugar
65g chopped walnuts
45g raisins
1 cooker and 2 eaters peeled cored and diced.
Preheat oven to 170 fan (or 180 no fan and whatever that is with gas)

If you don't have one of those apple peeling machines get one - cheap and well worth owning - speeds it up no end. For this recipe I prefer a non-collapsing apples

Chuck all the ingredients into a saucepan and heat through without so much cooking it as getting it all mixed up and the juices releasing..may need to add a little more water to stop stuff sticking or burning if you’re impatient.
Once the juices and melted butter/sugar etc develop, then drain in a sieve over a bowl and keep it. If short on juices can stir in some water and melted butter.

Start the filo stack on some baking paper. Each sheet of filo is painted with the saved liquor and given a very light caster or granulated sugar sprinkle (just a pinch) before the next sheet is put on top...repeat for 6 sheets total (or 5 if you only got 10 in the pack. It says 10 sheets but usually you get 12).

In landscape mode you distribute the apple mix on the bottom third about an inch up from the base and 1 inch from each side. That's 2.54cm if using metric apples.

Lift up the lower edge to cover the end of the apple stack, paint with liquor then fold each side up, tidy the corner and let the full length of edge stick down.. paint the new exposed undersides. Carefully roll the whole thing to leave the free (top) edge underneath. Transfer to a baking sheet, paint the top generously with more liquor sprinkle with flaked almonds and more sugar (lightly)

Bake 35mins. When done, sift the top with vanilla icing sugar, leave to cool and try some. Personally I think it's best the next day when the juices soak into the pastry and it’s easier to cut and a little chewy instead of flaky.

Other apple recipes please.


Thread: Garador door closer
14/09/2021 14:20:02

Presumably all rails, tracks, bearings are smooth and clean and lubed and all contacts and limit switches checked? Is there an interpretation for that fault code?


Thread: Saving the Planet or is it ?
14/09/2021 14:12:43

Centralisation and economy of scale are often paradoxically wasteful. By simple example I tried buying bulk 25L disinfectants and found staff just chucked the stuff about and it was cheaper overall to go back to small containers.
Many will remember the days of local primary and junior schools where parents could walk kiddie there until they were old enough to take a bus into town for secondary education and an economy functional with only one parent working avoids all the travel to child care. We had the grocer van weekly around the village and the milk round and paper round, so it was only necessary for a once weekly trip for other essentials, which could be carried in a couple of string bags.
One car was a luxury and many found that unnecessary compared to now - 2 and 3 car families because it’s so essential you keep a spare. And because of traffic and parking fees in town everyone goes to a shopping centre and gets enticed with all sorts of unnecessary and tempting extras as well as the media showing takeaway coffee and bottled water on every show - the most nonsensical rip-offs to date.

This is because some economist has promoted GDP as a measure of a country's wealth and economic activity. If we each sold and bought 3 empty bottles from each other every day we could be the wealthiest nation..


14/09/2021 06:16:35

Apparently the CO2 footprint of a child in the west is 58.6 tonnes per year compared to less than 1 tonne in Malawi. Therefore I propose sending all our children to Malawi until they're adults - simples.


Thread: Cutting Steel Plate.
12/09/2021 10:01:58

These happy Finns might give you inspiration...

Thread: Dodgy eyes and extra workshop lighting
09/09/2021 11:27:36

I once went overboard with installing strip lights in a small operating room which lead to headaches from the heat and glare. LED strips would avoid the heat and it may well be that your tubes are aged and not as efficient as when new. Have you considered a head mounted lamp with/without magnifier?


Thread: RAF to give up flying planes.
08/09/2021 20:31:33

My old school history teacher described his first (and only) spitfire solo that he forgot to lower the landing gear and only avoided court marshal because somewhat late he remembered to open her up for a go around. Unfortunately, by then the propeller was chewing grass and mud and showering the responders...


Thread: Wild life, bird watching and photography
08/09/2021 18:12:13

Not a bird watcher but snap the odd interest... young woodpecker;
dsc00208 (1).jpg

Thread: Green Anodising Dye
08/09/2021 13:58:38

Brilliant green? I've not tried anodising but historically it was used as an antiseptic/antibacterial and I’ve seen old farmers dosing pigs with it - certainly very green and as far as I know the green-ness isn't from a mix of blue and yellow.


Thread: Read the small print
07/09/2021 10:49:27

According to the chat I had with RAC a few months back - they also won't transport if the car is within 1/4 mile of home. So if you want a free lift to a dealership when car fails in the driveway it's going to be a bit of a push...


07/09/2021 09:34:18

The potential litigation in contemporary times and I'm on the side of the RAC. One pothole or a need to swerve and a partial disc -> paralysis isn't worth the lost customer.. My insurance had to pay out serious money after 4 of us lifted a heavy dog and a staff member had severe back problems 2 days later - likely due to her leisure activities, but we still got burned with claims of staff size disparity etc. Insurance Co determined it was cheaper to settle out of court for a smaller but substantial sum than fight multimillion suits for months.


Thread: UK fires up old coal power plant as gas prices soar
07/09/2021 09:26:29

What are the alternatives? Agile has an electricity contract that charges rates dependent on instant wholesale prices and has been as high as 35p/kWh recently with gas being in short supply and little wind. Nuclear sounds good but always ends up costing way more than advertised when it comes to decommissioning and the more of those you build the more three-mile-island/Chernobyl/Fukushima's are going to happen. I'm all for stuffing nuclear stations on the East coast and only firing them up when the wind is blowing towards France but wind has a habit of circling back again. Tidal power is reliable iF one could avoid marine environment damage. Perhaps the only solution is more wind stations combines with some way of storing excess generation for lean times - and there's no good answer to that (Hot sodium, weights up hills, H2 ?)
And with the stubbornness of US coal powered leccy and China's intransigence we're spitting into the gale...

Those of us who grew up with frost on the inside of the bedroom windows, thick pyjamas and waiting for dad to light the fire so we could get dressed in the sitting room don't particularly want to go back but know the human race can survive without cooking up a whole house out of convenience.

I get into enough trouble trying to get OH to turn the rads off in rooms we aren't using..


Thread: Replacing a bushing
05/09/2021 12:52:25

XZ1 cross trainer finds Hammer and a few hits to hammer xz1 cross trainers in Germany. It may well be the original source of yours - rebadged or renamed. Perhaps a word with the company above to see if they recognise it and have access to manuals or spares?


Thread: internet cable
04/09/2021 09:29:50

I can recall the frustration of cabling a 5 bedroom Victorian house on 3 stories back in my S London days - and trying to keep it neat. Wife and I had separate office rooms and catered for the kids and family areas and we had some huge business files to upload. But as soon as reasonable wireless systems became available, the lot got ripped out when redecorating. It was different at my clinic with a dozen permanently located work stations, but even then some of the later additions were wireless links directly to the digital imaging systems to reduce router traffic.
Here the incoming speed is a few megabits and I see no point in bothering making any additions more complicated than powerline adapters until that changes and I become a YouTube influencer with live feeds (fat chance). I did run 60 or 70 yards of exterior quality cable up the side of the house to the gable end and attached to an overhead wire to my hobby shed. Much like the redecoration I wish I hadn't bothered because what was a small sapling is now a huge tree en route that requires branching. I’ve got powerline adapters to the barn which is just as far and probably cheaper than the cable cost and gives wired and wireless access within the barn space..


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