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Thread: Coal being phased out
27/02/2020 11:05:49

<cynic>Suddenly it'll be environmentally sound to go back to coal since we have massive reserves....

The UK has identified hard coal resources of 3 910 million tonnes, although total resources could be as large as 187 billion tonnes.

We'll have a Trump of our own selling the latest capture technology and benefits of atmospheric sulphur to keep fungal disease at bay and the old comic book stories of going to sit in the gas works to treat your 'flu'</cynic>

Fusion, they say, is 30yrs away and always will be. Actually now that private enterprise is playing with fusion power ideas there is some hope....

The reality that no gov is prepared to accept is that we need to do with less...less imports, less travel, less making 'stuff' just to sell it and preferably fewer people...

I always assumed that the earth was slowly decaying it's orbit into the sun but apparently it's moving away at 15cm/yr so it will get colder - eventually.

Thread: Mystery forging
24/02/2020 16:10:05

door knocker?

Thread: Model paints.
24/02/2020 05:20:16

Speculation rather than knowledge:

I'd doubt that there is any difference in the 'chemistry' of the paints but artist v student artists paints vary on the quality/source of the pigment used. Artists colours usually come either as a buttery consistency for use as traditional oil paints are used.but that behaviour can be changed with appropriate thinners and glazes and artists colour sets will be in a typical beginners palette range. Artists colours are also available for so-called hard-edge techniques (using masks - fluids or tapes etc) in a more flowable presentation also can be cheap and more suitable for school-type projects. Model paints tend to be in the more flowable state and also pre-mixed for a wide range of repeatable colours and shades as opposed to trying to colour match your own mixes.

Other considerations will be whether you want a matt or gloss finish, a uniform colour or shade variation (as in making some model look aged with say rusty variations and dirt contamination looks..) and whether brushing or spraying or applying texture.

Yet another option to consider may be 'match pots' from the likes of Wicks or Wilco etc - usually either matt or silk finish in a pre-mixed range for projects needing larger volumes but I'd guess you'ld need an undercoat for it to stick well to a plastic base or to prevent seeding rust onto an iron base.


Thread: Four Jaw chuck
23/02/2020 18:46:39

I'm no 4-jaw expert but my accuracy would depend on the part and job - no point chasing unnecessary microns for the sake of it.
Having said that if the part was a decent shape as opposed to some weird irregular pentagon then i quite enjoy getting the 4-jaw close and 10 mins seems quite a long time so worth reviewing some of the tips on the subject - such as taping pieces of flat scrap to a rectangular bar and indicating on the inside of the overhang as being quicker than having to keep pulling the dti jaws back to get around external corners. Or indeed indicating on a rod in that hole if needs to be central.


Thread: Coal being phased out
23/02/2020 18:35:04
Posted by Samsaranda on 23/02/2020 16:59:43:

JA we might just be on the verge of another pandemic which will adjust world population figures, we need to be careful what we wish for.
Dave W

Current death rate from this virus is only around 1:35 so not enough to make a heap of difference assuming one avoids cremation and follows my "mince'em up and spray 'em on the fields" philosophy or the steampunk idea of a hydraulic ram to compress all the dead down abandoned coal mines to sequester their carbon.

Last time I looked global carbon output was roughly 2.5% due to each of airtravel and shipping,

35% Due to industry and construction

15% Due to farming

15% Due to road transport

15% From domestic energy usage.

Greta approach to avoiding air travel makes little difference and I doubt whether the young generation would abandon their 'must have a holiday abroad" approach or avoid imported perishables any more than governments would see sense and tax unnecessary consumerism (all that haloween and christmas single use tat, cheap almost throwaway clothing and the like) when we have western nations dependant on taxation from retail sales to boost their GDP. The globalisation approach needs to stop (but won't) and well as the culture of the 'latest iphone or gadget for bragging rights' while forgetting that having stuff made by cheap labour abroad is tantamount to slavery by proxy.

That's my rant over except to say we are doomed.

21/02/2020 12:39:09

It's not going to be possible to police in the countryside - they'd need to have some police here first.

With my woodlands and hedges with trees there's an almost unlimited supply of wood ..and a load of it in various stages of cut and split in one barn but we avoid using it due to the dust and mess involved.


Thread: Trolleys at Lidl/Aldi
20/02/2020 21:06:46

It could be a useful exercise in statistics to note two sizes of trolleys and percentage time spent at checkout and wheeling to car against the size and date of the store.

One store back in my old home town is so cramped that trolleys can hardly pass each other in the aisles so it stuck behind a dodderer it's a tedious chore to go round.

Thread: Encryption software
16/02/2020 09:05:18

I you really want to keep something safe give it to my wife...not even she will ever find it again...

16/02/2020 06:25:39

Passwords on paper is about as secure as you practically need to be - they cannot be hacked remotely. It's unlikely that a quick opportunist burglar is going to go hunting for a piece of paper tucked somewhere. A nasty burgar type determined to get your passwords - should such exist - and you're going to tell them anyway and open

Anyone with several hundred different passwords might consider what benefit that has. Does it really matter if someone hacks into your access here (for instance) compared to the few worrying accounts might mine own such as 3 or 4 banks a couple of credit cards an online shop or two etc

Thread: A Warning
15/02/2020 19:10:30
Posted by Mick B1 on 15/02/2020 15:49:46:...the Fin Carre Finest Dark sold by Lidl is cheap, tasty, powerful and low in sugar.

I use that to coat the underside of the vegan florentines I make for my other half - excellent stuff. For anyone who really wants an extreme chocolate experience I recommend Kolonada hazelnut wafers layered with chocolate butter filling (or just use Nuttella) and then coat the stack with melted plain choc. Extreme choc-aholics can use the Kolonada chocolate wafers. I buy mine from

Thread: What would I use a Plasma Cutter For
10/02/2020 18:54:11
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 10/02/2020 17:39:32:

If you can use it to open a bank vault, you should see a pretty good R.O.I.


Must live somewhere posh to still have a bank anywhere within commuting....

Thread: Model car clutch pads - where ?
10/02/2020 04:21:30
Posted by Spurry on 09/02/2020 23:06:20:

Sounds just like the setup for clutch in RC model helicopters.


My RC helis had the clutch bell lined to be gripped by a spinning shoe. Zenoah small engines have sprung clutch shoes with friction material attached to the shoe: zenoah small engines


Thread: What would I use a Plasma Cutter For
09/02/2020 09:45:35

I pondered the same question and decided apart from a one-off fancy weather vane that I'd make a hash of cutting out... for the messing about I do it doesn't have any real application. But it;s a toy! I did offer to buy it for my wife for her birthday. She has her moments.. her reply was "OK and you can look after it for me but I'll still want the other thing."

Thread: Where to acquire a small amount of bromine
06/02/2020 14:58:42
Posted by John Haine on 06/02/2020 14:43:50:

Bromine is a gas, liquid at room temperature IIRC my A level chemistry. It is an element in the same group as chlorine and fluorine in the periodic table. Nasty, corrosive stuff, used alongside chlorine as a poison gas I think in WW1. See: **LINK**

Do you really need bromine as such or a bromide? (E.g. silver bromide.)

Silver bromide on ebay is quite breathtakingly expensive. As a pure aside we used to use Potassium bromide powder (cheap) weighed out for solution as an anticonvulsent in dogs before the tablets became available.



Edited By pgk pgk on 06/02/2020 14:59:01

Thread: J'accuse
06/02/2020 13:26:39

V: "You've taken my hammer!"

Me "No I haven't."

V: "It's not in any of the kitchen drawers."

Me "I have my own hammers in my hammer drawer in my Hobby shed. If you had a hammer drawer you'ld know where your hammer is."

V: "I've only got one hammer so why would i need a hammer drawer?"

Me "Well, you'ld know where your hammer was for a start."

V:"I keep it in one of the kitchen drawers"

Me "..randomly, with all the other junk..."

V: "I've looked everywhere. You've got it"

Me "No. You can borrow one of mine. Far end hobby shed third drawer down... ball pein, claw, tack hammers, different weights and handles also wooden, plastic, rubber, copper and leather mallets and my best carving mallet. Put it back after.

V: "I bet you took it."

Me "Where did you use it last?"

V: "Ages ago."

Me "Not when...Where.."

V: "I put a picture up in my hobby room."

Me "Have you looked on the floor underneath that picture?"

V "Oh...."

Thread: Left handed lathe.
02/02/2020 09:54:15

Very much right handed. Even though my dominant eye is left I still shot a bow right handed and it didn't stop me getting master bowman scores at the time.
My last year at College I saw practice where the 4 partners were all left handed and taught myself to use left-handed gillies Link

right handed which caused confusion back at college the next term.

Thread: Building a miniature router for inlay
02/02/2020 09:44:03

I've muttered about dental handpieces before - high speed one's would probably need coolant (for mere timber you might get away with air coolant) but low speed ones might well do the job albeit air hoses can get in the way. Wires for mains 'dremel' type tools could be a nuisance too. Lidl had some cordless dremel like stuff recently and their warranties are good....
I guess the choice would depends a lot on whether you chisel the outline and use the router just for depth or whether you plan to cut the outline with the router.

Thread: What a sad day for the British motorcycle industry.
31/01/2020 05:03:08

For a bit of levity I attach the true story of Clarence Clutterbuck from my student days:

I'd change his name for this story but no-one ever believes he was called Clarence so there's not a lot of point.

Clarence and I shared a room in Bayswater around 1968/9. Clarence was a non-entity with big ambitions. He had started out in working life matching the left shoes from the left shoe factory with the right shoes from the right shoe factory. True. It was an anti-theft precaution and for Clarence that was a challenging occupation. It was also a lot safer than his short foray into welding which usually meant him coming home with another jumper turned to a colander and assorted spark marks over most of his visible skin.

But i digress. Clarence, as I have noted, had high ambitions. His hobbies included drawing with a 4-colour biro and making up tattoo designs; although the short welding course had lead to him being branded like a paper doily. His other ambition was to be a biker. In that regard he felt he was a bit held back 'cos the only bike he had was a BSA 125 and that didn't quite cut the street cred at the 69 club so he used to have to park several streets away and walk the rest claiming his Norton 650 was in pieces being souped up.

He was also the only member of the 69 club without black leathers and biker boots and his plimsoles and second hand jeans jacket and slacks set him apart from the rest. But Clarence always had 'a plan'

'A Plan' In Clarence's mind was always a simple scheme to help him fit in. His last plan had been to make his Bantam look like a Norton and he'd just spent several days shredding newspaper and mixing buckets of 'Tapwata' to papier mache his bike into the shape of a Norton. Clarence, of course, was not put off by the practicalities of the exercise and one has to give him credit for determination. Even if the result looked like someone had just thrown a bucket of cold porridge at a Moped. Clarence voiced his conviction that a bit of paint and it'd look the business.

Clarence really felt his only outstanding issue was the lack of leathers and came up with his latest 'Plan'. Simple really..dye the jacket and slacks and plimsoles black to look like leathers.

He bought some dye.

Now Clarence wasn't too good at instructions - he was having trouble at work with 2 left shoes as it was. So he asked me to explain the dye process. I had to point out to him that he'd bought hot water dye and living in one room with a gas ring this wasn't really going to work. He ought to swap it for some cold water dye.

I was late home the next evening so I suppose it was all my fault. I came through the door getting on for midnight to find Clarence stirring his jeans and plimsoles in a bucket of dye on the gas ring. Now at first sight that doesn't sound quite so terrible but this was Clarence. Clarence was using a plastic bucket!

As I came through the door the inevitable was just starting to happen..the bucket was turning Salvador Dali and starting to slump down around the rim. I was too late. The rim sagged and the dye poured, thick and never-ending.

It left the bucket. It crossed the carpet. It seeped under the door and started it's way down the stairs..

'Leg it' Shouts Clarence, packing his few possessions and precious tattoo book and off down in the wake of the black torrent. I packed my stuff as fast as possible and hurried down too.

Outside it was a filthy night. Rain was lashing down, it was cold and dark and I was dragging my one trunk of stuff and wondering where to spend the night. Clarence was on his bike. It looked like he had finally had a go at painting it. Clarence must have used the paints he was used to at school. As the rain lashed down the paint was starting to run and rivers of Norton 650 colour-scheme was puddling in the gutter.

The last I saw of Clarence Clutterbuck he was disappearing through a veil of torrential rain astride a soggy collapsing mass of wet painted papier mache turning into Bayswater Road.

I was alone.

Thread: I my goodness
31/01/2020 04:41:33

I made all the parts yesterday but spilled the box in the swarf tray so got to start again...

Thread: High blood pressure !
29/01/2020 11:22:43

Trying to see a GP here is almosta joke..choice between 6 week wait ater having to discuss things via phone with assorted practice personnel or go wait for many hours in a room full of infectious disease...that and having to go every month to collect more pills and run the gauntlet of this weeks infection...

Grapefruit increases the stickyness of platelets and therefore increases the risk of clots where blood flow is sluggish or pooling. Interestingly grape seed has the opposite effect.

Statistical causes of hypertension were different in my patients but at least we made an attempt to find which cause it was rather than just 'treating' the signs.

Side effects of pills should't be ignored. Like many Im on tabs for benign prostate enlargement. Some three years ago the guys I used to row with decided on a 50th anniversary row-over.. we all strated plugging away at rowing machines rather than look daft. At that tiem I could beat them all since i was the youngest of us old farts. Some of us have kept up using the rowing machines but I'm currently falling behind on performance - the bloody pills have a known side effect of muscle weakness. To make up for that I've increased gym attendance to 5-6 times weekly alternating with heavy weight sessions and the rowing machine and more care about diet.

10K on a rowing machine is seriously tedious - what I could have done under 35mins those 50yrs ago now takes 45 mins. A bluetooth headset and a movie on the mobile phone makes it tolerable.....But I do have to preload with analgesics due to back problems and stretch out for an hour afterwards. But its excercise I can do Jogging for instance causes lumbar compression and is impossible for me.


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