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Thread: What is it
23/11/2016 09:44:49

Strange how we can always find a common denominator 🤓 My first thought was mine wasn't that fast even by yesteryear standards ,then the penny dropped .bit slow but its early Stewart

23/11/2016 06:29:46

We had a ROVER 2000 for a long time in the 70s 80s and 90s and I can remember struggling to wind back back the pistons with a couple of pieces of welding rod ,the car on ramps and the back axle lowered . Purchased in 1978 from a add in the local newspaper in the £30 and under section and sold for scrap ☹️in the early 2000s for £30, Another one that got away along with several other !! Collectible cars !! including a MK 1 Cortina reg BRA 38C . Did anyone make a bob or three out of that one ? Stewart

Thread: Watch Out if updating Adobe Flash...
20/11/2016 06:35:11

Re they change the small print ! Small print used to be the only way they could get away with devious practice .Now it's a free for all in the !! Free market !! Stewart

Thread: Dyson sets up college to tackle skills shortage
05/11/2016 06:49:09

I think you're right Hopper , All though I am not mr Dysons biggest fan we have to admire his cheek , I don't think I would have thought for one minute that there was room for another vac in the already over supplied machine cleaning market . I guess that's why I'm not a millionaire . It just shows what you can do with some well TRAINED engineers advertising and a bit of luck. Stewart

05/11/2016 05:50:12

Hi and good morning, I must be missing something ,but maybe not ,if James Dyson thinks training an engineer takes six months he can't be much of a engineer himself could be wrong 😜 We all know it's grandstanding , don't we ?Stewart .

Thread: Current small builders day rates
14/10/2016 12:42:53

I have just bit the bullet and had someone fit me a clutch,something I would have done myself but realise its time to act my age . All the winking aside ,if we all pay cash in hand the NHS SCHOOLS and Police Force will really be on it's knees come on girls pay up in full !!!! Stewart

Thread: Laptop programming i
12/10/2016 12:01:03

Hi does any one know if there is a disc for the laptop , that allows programming and then dry run option . I would like to be able to write a program on screen and then watch a dry run as if I had my own CNC machine .Would appreciate any suggestions or help . Thanks Stewart

Thread: Makers and Model Engineers
24/09/2016 06:25:27

Clueless malign The iPad point is ,, I don't think some people realise how many machines you would have to put together to have the same capacity as you have with one IPad . Perhaps it doesn't matter anymore , lets just get on with the job in hand using what ever tools are at our disposal . Some times its ok for the clueless to take things to bits , they may become experts . On the other hand they could sit and watch some mind numbing nonsense on TV or the (IPAD ) Stewart .

23/09/2016 08:06:25

Public understanding , it seems to me that the main problem with a lot of new technology is, you can see it works , but if you want to understand how ! then that's what as become much more difficult. The piece of equipment I am using to make this post with is a perfect example, I know it works but how? I want to understand it but were would I start . Ok , so you might say your IPAD is so far up the manufacturing process ! it's a poor comparison. My point is trying to get people interested in the how it works ( not just this piece of technology ) is so much more difficult . Open the bonnet on any car to day and tell me what's reconiseable , first of all most of the engine will be covered with a lump of plastic covered foam , manufactures don't want us to be interested it's not in their interest. Then we have so many other reasons to stop us getting interested, everything is tamper proof fancy heads on screws, etc, etc, health and safety don't get me started . My grandson came home with something he had made , in what is very loosely called technology , it made me sad to see how any effort he had put in to completing the task must have meant little to those who were teaching him , I can say without doubt ! My school wouldn't have let me out of the classroom door with it . Stewart

Thread: Locking wheel nut removel
21/09/2016 18:00:16

Hi George thanks for your suggestion, I did look at some of the bits on YTUBE and I am sure some of them will work on some cars depending. I did look for a socket but on the VOLVO the locking nut takes up almost all the space In the hole (not enough room for the wall thickness of a standard socket) Stewart

21/09/2016 05:59:15

Mouning. Since I have replaced worn disc pads and shockers on the back of my Volvo in the last month , when the locking wheel nut removel question came up on here I was feeling quite smug knowing my socket was in the box between the front seats . Guess what !! You are right . So I had to bite the what's it ,long n short ,the tool the garage used on my car looked to me like a piece of tube hammered into the key hole that takes up the shape of the key in the nut . I have looked on the web (Franklin Tools) and this bit of the removal tool kit can be purchased separately , because after using it ,its knackered . I think I would have been able to turn something like this on the lathe , and weld a big hexagon nut on the end to fit a socket. The replacement tool the garage used had been used on several other cars before mine so can't be that critical, took all of ten mins to remove and bin my locking wheel nuts , problem solved. Stewart .

Thread: What size drill
13/09/2016 07:26:23

frown There may have been one or two other reasons as well Smiley face in a strange place (what y gunna do). Stewart

13/09/2016 07:19:26

Hi Further to the discussion on drill manufacture .If we look at what's known as a Jobber drill 1/64 - 1/2 " and metric up to 13mm these are solid HIGHSPEED STEEL (HSS) not welded ( hardened for about 2/3rds of it length) Next you have what would be known as a par shank ( a drill up to 3/4" I think) with a parallel shank of 1/2" solid HSS not welded . Then we have taper shanks starting at No1 MTS through to No 6 MTS , used to be Carbon shanks welded to HSS . As the cost of welding increased and machines developed, it was more cost effective to make No1 and No2 MTS from solid HSS . A point of interest ,the smallest drill might be a number drill through to say 6" MTS and everything in between going up in 1/64s or metric equivalents , that's quite a range of drills to stock and a lot of money not making money ,the accountants didn't like it , and as they say that was the beginning of the end.


10/09/2016 08:22:48

May be , I looked on the web to find out were , the point is , its not here any more ,its the name you buy . As stated on here the shank will be smaller for clearance ,but when you get to the end of the flute the turnings wont be able to clear so in practice thats the depth to drill. Stewart

Thread: security Wheel bolts
10/09/2016 08:13:25

Most garages have the tool for doing this job if its a wheel locking nut , its about £50 to remove and replace with a new standard bolt . The tool they use is destroyed in the process i think , and the kit with all you need to do the job is around £ 300 . I have seen in a cars pares shop a tool to do this , think it screws over the bolt left hand but the guy said because of restricted space not much use most of the time Stewart

Thread: What size drill
10/09/2016 07:45:25

Good mouning, lots of free addvertising on here for DORMER DRILLS !! I worked for a drill manufacturer in sheffield ,we were a competiter to Dormer for many years , selling to the same custumers ,FORD and BL to name two plus all the other engineering supliers there were at the time . Not much to chose in quality of tools same machines and same staff because it was comon pratice to move from one to the other . Like most things today you only buy the name. Dormer are made in Mexsico now and Presto Tools in China . Tell you what though I bet Guring Drills are still made in Germany Stewart

Thread: HSS vs carbide inserts
29/08/2016 16:46:30

Hi ya. Carbide inserts are ready to use straight from the box and usually they are clamped or held in position with a screw . The original idea was to save on discrepancy in grinding and generally obtain a better finish ,but there were some compromises with the spindle speed if you had mixed tool set up IE HSS drills taps etc and overlapping operations. HSStooling generally works out cheaper because it can be ground by hand and reground many times and in many forms parting off turning and chamfering to name a few Today in most machine shops there will be some CNCs and the carbide inset as come into its own mainly because of repeatability, all you have to do is turn the tip round over etc and the machined sizes e should be as was before the tip started wearing .Hope this helps and have fond with your lathe Stewart

Thread: Parting off
11/07/2016 13:37:01

yesHi I agree with most of what as been said on the subject of parting off , even the bit about having no fear and making the P/T have it . With regards to P/O with the back slide or position , (if you have only one slide) We would always use the front cross slide so as to make sure the cutting surface or top of the tool was covered with cutting oil. So has to dissipate as much heat as possible . When we were taught to grind parting tools ,we were made to use only the front of the wheel ,this gives a hollow ground effect Which helps with cooling and finish ,and never on the side of the wheel .The reason been, its easy to keep the front off the wheel nice and square with the race , and not good practice to grind on the side anyway . Just one more tip , on the older machines if there was more play than could be removed by adjusting the gib strip ,you could set the centre Hight of the tool a little bit high to account for the downward pressure on the tool , thus getting it on centre whilst cutting . Stewart

10/07/2016 19:41:34

I was interested to read comments in the thread on knurling ,( the fear of parting off) I spent a large part of my working life in the small tools business . All the material we used were tool steel , M2 M42 plus carbon chrome and some ASP23 and we parted dia as varied 0.039" to 3 " using hand ground HSS tools , Churchill parting blades and ISCAR carbide tips .This was done on a range of single spindle automatics and later on CNCs , not forgetting early on , lots of Lady's on capston lathes cutting off specials . Now , I have my own lathe in the garage and find parting off quite tricky, you would think with all the parting I have done it would be a walk in the park ,it isn't . I put it down to two or three things ,1 my machine is small and no where near as rigid, 2. My grinder and wheels are of a lesser quality. 3 the material is in most cases not known , I have just got a couple of bits of EN1A and think this will be as easy to cut as brass aluminium etc . So not into football ,think I will go and play in the garage for a while. Stewart.

Thread: Aircraft General Discussion
04/07/2016 19:26:48

Thanks for that Ian ,now I know ! .Like the plane , sounds and looks like like you have had some fun . I have flown in a small plane a long time ago . For work and holidays the usual jets. I love all things mechanical and still get a thrill whilst tacking off, even in the USUAL JETS . I can't help finding it amazing how all that weight gets off the ground and into the air . The nearest I have got to actually piloting a plane , is a couple model planes I have built , Thought about hang gliding ,a few years ago , but too long in the tooth for that now. Just got my Drummond lathe running and enjoying that , Just a thought ,I can remember welding old Minis to keep them on the road (MOT etc ) and not being able to wait to get at it after Christmas holidays were done .That's having fun . Stewart

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