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Thread: Boring tool
02/04/2020 10:38:22

Isn't there something similar available from Hemingway Kits?

Thread: Box-Ford travelling steady
31/03/2020 16:25:22

1969 VSL here - 3/8 BSW.

Thread: Is this guy nuts, or sensible.
29/03/2020 10:46:16

Reminded me to finally subscribe to his channel. Along with the other 9 odd million.

And its had nearly 9 million views in 3 days.

And 18,000 comments.

That is serious You Tube money and fame.

IMHO, the guy deserves every penny and every round of applause.

He's a grown up kid with a child's attitude to the world, very clever, and a lot of us would like to be him.

Thread: shopmade tool cutter grinder attachment
28/03/2020 09:38:26

Like button pressed...

Thread: Tom Senior light X Axis power feed
27/03/2020 09:30:28
Posted by JasonB on 27/03/2020 08:23:34:

You are likely to suffer chatter and vibration that will limit what you can cut with MT2 and get a poor cut long before it breaks. The vibration may also cause the taper to loosen by vibrating the drawbar loose which can lead to using a bit of pole on the drawbar spanner to cure and excess hammering of the drawbar to realease the taper to change toolscrying

Your column may be more rigid that a far eastern machine of a similar size but look at the surface area of the joint between head and column, maybe 4 times that of the shaft that your head is supported on and with less overhang

Edited By JasonB on 27/03/2020 08:33:25

Never ever had a MT2 come loose on my TS quill feed head.

Never overly tightened drawbar either, just a 1/4 turn nip up.

Never had a MT shank stuck that i needed to beat on it.

All the 2MT horror stories of the past have been prolly due to years of storage or previous owners hamfistedness and lack of feel or empathy.

27/03/2020 09:27:03
Posted by not done it yet on 25/03/2020 08:55:51:

My comment is that if you want/need a mill with (seemingly) twice the power, then get a bigger miil.

Cleverer fellows than you designed this mill to use that 1/2HP sized drive. Doubling it should require more than simply changing the motor. I/m rather assuming, here that your aim is to install a 1HP motor? 3/4Hp is possibly too much.

Why a brass ring? Aluminium or steel would be cheaper. Even plastic. Could drill identical holes at 180 degrees and fit one ‘dummy’ opposite the real one. Or what is the difference in density of the magnet and the pulley? Assuming here the pulley is not a pressed steel item. Fitting two identical magnets, opposite to one another, would likely suffice.

Edited By not done it yet on 25/03/2020 08:59:36


The quill feed TS head that the OP has was only ever designed and fitted with a 1/2 hp motor.

I have one on my M1. I don't baby any of my machines, and mine is the original TS 3 phase 1/2 hp motor running thru an inverter, and i have never had a problem thinking mmm, i need double the power. And it has regularly drilled 1.250 holes in alloy with a 3MT drill with a 3-2 reducer, not what it was designed to do, but happily does it. I have a 5" flycutter on a 2MT shank - lovely finish. Assortment of end mills, slot drills and slitting saws all work.

Don't baby it, but also work within the parameters of what the machine is telling you.

Re power feed- yeah that would be my first mod on any mill without it.

Thread: A sight for sore eyes
27/03/2020 08:59:58
Posted by Steviegtr on 26/03/2020 23:08:42:

I saw one similar of an Asian woman rendering a wall. It was on a staircase. A right grafter.


Common throughout Asia, and particularly SE Asia to have more women than men in most labouring jobs on site inc, to name just a few, tilers, roofers, plumbers, brick layers, rebar tying in, tarmac layers etc etc etc.

Go into ironmongers or an independent auto factors, or a steel stockholders, (yeah, remember them?), and quite often, the main person at the desk for all orders is a woman.

Thread: Using EZELAP sharpeners
22/03/2020 09:51:41

Honing yes, sharpening 1/4" HSS no, not really.

I find most of these hand held diamond sharpener thingies great for sharpening a knife in the kitchen, but certainly no better than a good honing stone in the workshop.

Thread: What are you reading?
20/03/2020 17:10:50
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 19/03/2020 17:46:16:

Yesterday I bought a copy of Wolf Hall (it was half the price of the new one, and I reckon I need to read them in order).

I'm sure some of us will be thinking this is a good time to tackle "Au Recherche du Temps Perdue" or "Ulysses" but perhaps there are some better suggestions for filling the hours?

So, what are forum members reading, engineering related or otherwise?



Thread: QCTP dilema?
20/03/2020 17:05:45
Posted by Graham Stoppani on 20/03/2020 06:00:53:

Last year I replaced my Dickson type tool holder with a wedge type one from ARC Eurotrade. Very happy with the new tool holder. My reason for changing was the old tool holder had too much play in it that allowed the tools to deflect downwards slightly while cutting. The wedge design by its nature takes up any slack when you tighten it which the Dickson type does not.

I like the wedge type too, mainly because extra toolholders are so easy to make.

But, re the Dickson design, i have to completely disagree. When clean and in tolerance, it is a great tool. I don;t baby my machines and have never had a problem, from my pro days 30 years ago with Colchesters to my current hobby days with a Boxford.

Clive as per usual, makes some very valid points above.

Thread: Does Silver Steel normally look like this?
19/03/2020 14:28:27
Posted by Thor on 19/03/2020 11:13:10:
Posted by Chris TickTock on 19/03/2020 11:00:22:

Just had it confirmed they are silver steel and apparently old Stubbs Stock...whatever that means.


Edited By Chris TickTock on 19/03/2020 11:00:38

Stubs used to make silver steel, seems the trademark is now owned by this company, more background info here.


Edited By Thor on 19/03/2020 11:14:52

A good read and a fwd thinking specialist company, thanx.

Thread: QCTP dilema?
19/03/2020 14:24:20
Posted by Bo'sun on 19/03/2020 11:52:48:

Thank you all for the quick responses,

If I take quality and stupidly expensive out of the equation, does any particular design shine through? Although it sounds like not.

To answer one of the questions above, I intend to have about 7 tool holders.

I guarantee you will end up wanting more....

I started with 3 genuine, made another 10, then made another six, now 19 in total and i still want/need more...

Excluding a genuine 4 way i don't like using and a home made lantern that i do....


Thread: Lucky escape.
15/03/2020 07:31:27
Posted by not done it yet on 15/03/2020 00:20:20:

only a Wally

I came across one. He had not installed the propane bottles inside the house, but they were inside the attached garage. His local gas supplier/installer had words with him (I did not say anything to the fellow at the time as I did not want to fall out with him - but could not let it pass as un-noticed).

One can never rely on any isolation device unless it is designed as truly ‘fail-safe’.🙂. Many safety catches on guns only prevent the trigger being pulled - not preventing an accidental discharge due to a mechanism failure. Not many are aware of that.🙂

Ours is inside the house. Near to the cooker, in the kitchen.

Been that way 15 years and counting.

Also have a second LPG bottle outside, near to another cooker, in the outside 2nd kitchen.

I must be a wally too.

Thread: Way oil vs Chain bar oil vs motor oil
14/03/2020 08:21:40

I've said it before, i'll say it again.

If for whatever reason you cannot buy a 5 litre can of way oil, the next best thing, which is available everywhere that has tractors and large lorries, is ISO68 hydraulic oil. Cheap as chips and sold anywhere that sells agricultural parts, tractor parts and commercial vehicle parts.

Thread: Finally got the milling machine home.
14/03/2020 08:15:43

Nothing wrong with MT2 in a vertical head.

Maybe in horizontal sure.

Possibly why TS had INT30 in the horizontal and MT2 in the vertical in the majority of his machines, early M1's being MT3 in the horizontal, but always MT2 in the vertical.

I like MT2, use it in the mill, the HV 6" Vertex Rotab,the lathe headstock and tailstock, the T&CG, cuts down on different tooling taper requirements.

As some may know, i use my machines a lot, and don't baby any of them, i have never had a MT2 milling cutter holder come loose, and never had one come stuck in the quill feed TS head. Just common sense needed.

13/03/2020 14:17:47

I would'nt worry about leadscrew play, especially as you have a DRO. My TS M1 has about half a handle turn, no DRO and it has never bothered me.

I certainly would not want to fit ball screws to a TS LV.


Edited By thaiguzzi on 13/03/2020 14:19:19

Thread: What am i doing wrong
12/03/2020 13:22:27

1. Boring bar as big as fits in the hole.

2. Two hands or digits on the top slide hand wheel. Lock everything else down.

3. I prefer sharp HSS on anything inc internal tapered bores if i want a super finish.

4. Stating the bleedin' obvious - yes, on centre with the cutting edge every time.

Along with all of the above, and a smooth, well oiled, no slop movement on said top slide, i can get perfectly workable, wonderful finishes on 2MT internal tapers on a 51 year old Boxford.



Thread: Shaper Vice?
11/03/2020 08:28:57
Posted by John Olsen on 11/03/2020 02:35:02:

I just took a look at my shapers to see what is what. The 18 inch Alba has the arrangement that puts the screw under tension. The 10 inch Alba does not, the screw will be under compression. Those are both original vices. The Ammco shaper does not have an original vice, but I have the drawings and that would put the screw under compression.

I think the main feature of a shaper vice is that they are usually low profile.

I don't think that the cutting forces on a shaper are any higher than with anything else, the only point you should watch is when the cutting force is along the vice jaws, when it may move the job. A piece of paper between the jaws and the job is enough to prevent this.




Thread: Old time equipment coating
10/03/2020 08:22:46

Should still be able to buy/order it from an authorized Harley Davidson shop, sold in aerosol form.

Not cheap, but the proper stuff.

Thread: Does anyone watch Ades workshop on you tube
10/03/2020 08:18:25


All TS quill feed heads came with a 4 speed belt drive, 1/2 hp motor and you do not need anymore, nor was it designed to take a bigger motor.

I have one on my M1.

The M1 has the back gear facility on the horizontal which takes a 1 hp motor which also drives the table power feed.

You have a Light Vertical, a very nice mill, and better/sturdier than the E, the only drawback from the factory was they normally did'nt come with power feed to the table.

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