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Thread: Dam Solution?
04/08/2019 07:42:27

Years ago we drained part of a swamp to recover the land for grazing. We had the experts in & the pump system was duly specified & delivered to an accessible part of the site.

Sounds easy doesn't it The keyword here is "to an accessible part of the site", we couldn't get the delivery vehicle with it's lovely HIAB anywhere near where the pump was required.

I remember cursing the office chair labourers & especially the clean shoes site surveyor as we dragged & lugged everything into place.

Not many engineering types will know this but sweat is actually your skin crying in distress !

Thread: Things to Come
04/08/2019 07:21:15

The latest generation of supermarket cctv systems are all seeing all of the time. They have 360deg cameras that don't need to train on a particular person.

Your facial (& whole body) image is recorded as you enter the store. The software is then able to track your every move in that store either live or retrospectively.

If they do a stocktake on . . . tinned salmon & find 1x item shortfall, they can go back to the software & it will show them everybody who has taken a tin of salmon. They can then cross referance this with everyone who has payed (or not) for their item at the till. et. voila "here is your thief".

Currently, they are not legally allowed to note the persons name & address if a bank card is used for payment, but some are stoopid enuff to use loyalty cards or volunteer info etc.

Next time you enter the store your facial (&whole body) image is recorded as you enter the store . . . & cross referenced with their database of thieves.

If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear, this is just one of the primary uses of such an advanced cctv system.

02/08/2019 20:54:02
Posted by Nick Clarke 3 on 02/08/2019 20:26:10:

I like search engines.

OK it was not Google but recently I was curious about some colourless/white spots on my skin.

After some reassuring images I looked down the list of results and found:-

eBay Official Site - White Spots Sold Direct -


White Spots at Argos - Fast Track Same Day Delivery

and white spots

As I said I like search engines - they are fun!

I have an angry mole under my left armpit.

My adversity to Doctors is almost equal to my adversity to the Sun & neither of them have or are ever likely to see my angry mole.

Yet my angry mole worries me . . . What exactly does a skin cancer melanoma look like & does it look like my angry mole?

Google has it's uses.

02/08/2019 20:47:14

My local club has recently gone over to a "card carry" type membership system. It's not a golf or sports club sort of place, it's just a soshal club/drinking den.

I can forgive them for being technologically naive, but I cannot forgive them for being stupid.

Whereas before the locals just wandered in & generally clogged the bar, now you have to present the card to the door lock then present the card each time you order a drink.

My attempts at pointing out just how dangerous to personal privacy this system is has fallen on mostly deaf ears, apart from the secretary, who finally read the T&C's from the supplier & promptly resigned.

They've not even registered GDPR . . . .

Last weekend, one member who has almost woken to the problem, was asking me questions about the possible implications of such a system when we just happened to overhear the barmaid gossiping to her sidekick that "Nobby" who she'd just served is currently in first place having spent £XXX's on 820 pints of lager.

If that doesn't strike the fear of God in you . . . Then you are a part of the problem.

02/08/2019 20:24:19
Posted by Bill Phinn on 02/08/2019 19:13:33:

It vindicates my decision not to have a smart phone or any kind of "phone life" to speak of, and not to have accounts on any social media platforms, anonymous or otherwise.

I'm ever so sorry to be the one to point this out to you, but you're actually on soshal meedya on this forum.

+ I'm a little puzzled about how you are able to part with your intimate knowledge of a Chinese app called Wechat yet claim . . . . Oh, never mind.

Thread: Upgrading to fibre optic broadband
01/08/2019 19:25:04

How many Model Engineers does it take to change a lightbulb ???

Thread: Good YouTube videos
31/07/2019 19:57:56

Will YooToob vids one day replace magazines???

I find that the biggest problem with them is "can they be respected".

i.e. If a noob picks up the idea that they want to become a model engineer, how on earth do they know that what they are watching on Yootoob is anywhere near close to how they should go about it?

Now if ME&MEW were to have a Yootoob channel . . . . . . . !

Thread: Upgrading to fibre optic broadband
31/07/2019 18:32:01

There's one or two projects on the go that seem to be spending $billions of dollars on developing a reusable craft to get into space. Whenever I come across an article in your MSM this seems to all revolve around space tourism !

Perhaps most folk think that the $gazzillionaire megalomaniacs behind these projects are doing it for tax loss purposes or maybe just to part the handfull of people on this planet who could afford a ticket from their ill gotten gains.

Nope. They're funding these projects because they want to put 100's if not 1000's of satellites into low orbit.

Can anyone guess what these low orbit satellites will be doing to return the healthy investment in getting them up there ???

31/07/2019 18:21:00
Posted by Cabinet Enforcer on 31/07/2019 17:06:24:

Robin, I notice no-one has directly answered your questions and most have just started moaning, seems standard on here at the moment, must be the heat.

Really . . . . ????

I thought that several folk have given the best answer possible, unlike yourself, who has just re-inforced my belief that most folk don't know what they don't know but are sure their limited view of technology is at the cutting edge.

31/07/2019 05:57:32

I was on the team that gave birth to Freeserve & learned a lot about how ISP's & telecoms work. I've been out of all that since CUT disbanded after successfully pressurising BT to introduce ADSL. Nowadays I know nothing, except that your super dooper mega fast connection only exists between you & your ISP's cache servers.

FTTC or FTTP is the way to go (currently) but any speed above 10-15mbps is pointless unless you're a heavy user of file transfer or streaming media, browsing webpages will be pretty much the same however much you pay for the service.

If you want a real world speedtest then go straight to the horses mouth :

I used to have access to some backroom 'engineering' type line test services but sadly lost them a few years ago.

I used to only recommend Plusnet to anyone that would listen but it seems they are on a fast downwards spiral & rapidly getting worse. So I've gone back to BT.

(P.S. Yes, I know that Plusnet is BT)

Thread: Another scam
30/07/2019 19:50:21

It is not possible to be charged a premium for pressing a number after answering a call in the UK telecoms system.

It is an 'urban myth'.

It is also pointless ever mentioning this fact because it is also one of the more succesfull urban myths that's taken on a lifeform of its own & seems to breed faster than the terminally bewildered can be parted from their hard earned.

Thread: "I'm calling about your accident" - how does this scam work?
28/07/2019 13:15:27

On the odd occasion when I have time I like to keep them on the phone for as long as possible & this includes all unsolicited calls.

Usually, they have to keep to a strict script but on the basis that most are not very bright it is often possible to take control of the call & steer it in all sorts of directions. This can be comedy gold & much, much better than the dross on the gogglebox.

I remember one young girl who came across as quite bright yet suffering the burden of naivety of age & experience. By the end of the call I had her realising that her £commision, even with a good hit rate, wasn't likely to fall anywhere near what she had been promised. Agreeing with me that the type of business that relies on unsolicited & untargeted marketing is usually run by very dodgy characters she promised me that she'd give it till the end of the week then go find something a little more attractive. I sincerely hope she did.

Thread: Another anodising query sorry
28/07/2019 12:40:58
Posted by Bevel on 28/07/2019 12:06:58:

Hi Barnaby,

I haven't used an agitator tbh as I only found out thru advice on this forum that that was a recommendation but I'm currently looking for a small air pump to use.


If you don't agitate the tank then you can/will get air bubbles & localised hot spots on the part, it is highly likely that this is what's causing the blotches. I no longer home anodise but I used to have a semi-pro setup using 25l tanks and there's lots of info & build diaries on t'interwebs of how to go about it.

I found that the Caswell Plating forum was the place, some very knowledgeable folk on there.

28/07/2019 11:40:15

If the dye isn't taking then the anodise pores aren't forming properly, assuming you are using proper anodise dye & not ink or clothes dye ???

Like I said, I have never experienced black dye coming out grey, I have only ever seen dark shades of purple down to deep blue depending on the size of the pores. Is it possible that the part or the bath is contaminated???

I have only ever had repeatable results using Ti connections. My favourite method is to utilise a Ti fastener into a screw hole. Ti fasteners & welding wire can be had quite cheaply.

It is vitally important that you agitate the anodise bath & keep the temp ambient & the bigger the bath the better. You aren't using a jam jar are you???

If you're using a 720 calculator then you need to follow the 720 methods rules, it only works if you follow the rules & stick to the rules.

27/07/2019 16:27:00

There are many variables involved in succesful & repeatable anodising, as you are about to become aware.

Black is the easiest colour to get right & also the most unforgiving.

Firstly, I would say you need to ditch the idea of alu wire giving you a good connection. I have only ever had good & repeatable results using Ti.

Secondly, I am immediately thinking your 'blotchy' results is due to a lack of agitation in the tank.

Thirdly, I have only ever had 'purple' colour where the black has failed. Are you sure that you using a black dye?

Fourthly, It's like those folk who attempt to bleed their brakes their way, it will never work & the rest of us cannot possibly hope to diagnose the problem. Those folk that bleed their brakes & stick to the instructions, can be helped 'cos those of us who've been there & done that before can spot where they went wrong.

You are doing something wrong. You are not following the instructions.

Thread: A little rant about Emojis and their kin
17/07/2019 05:13:44
Posted by Bill Phinn on 17/07/2019 02:29:15:

Emojis may all just be a passing fad, or they may be yet another sign of the end of civilization as we know it. If their now widespread use went hand in hand with a general upsurge in articulateness I'd be completely positive about them. Instead they are too often an ersatz form of communication indolently resorted to by the linguistically and cognitively impoverished.

Ah well, onwards and downwards.

We have always popularly used gestures to communicate, and they have evolved over time. How did the 2 finger salute become a raised middle finger???

I hear you, I dread the day when the grandkids can only express thermselve's through emoji's, but I also hear that soshal meedya use through small devices is near to peak & may well drop off when projects like 'Alexa' reach maturity.

Thread: ALDI Printer Problem
16/07/2019 05:52:19

Have you tried drying the filament, it's hygroscopic?

Thread: Electric Cars
14/07/2019 08:14:18
Posted by not done it yet on 14/07/2019 07:33:00:


How do auto-piloted vehicles react to a good covering of snow? Do they simply stop?

How about black ice? Can they see it? Do they attempt the impossible(like some drivers on u-tube videos where the vehicle simply accelerates backwards after losing adhesion attempting to drive up a slope?

Perhaps they will simply take to the air in future?

A bunch of programmers can sit around a table & define the definitive response to every definitive situation, if X happens the vehicle will do this, if Y happens the vehicle does this, etc. Utilising the sensory capacity they have given the vehicle they can even programme the vehicle to recognise a developing situation i.e. one that is not yet dangerous but soon will be.

What they cannot do & I believe what they can never do is to enable the vehicle to make a decision in the way a human would. Yes, we get it wrong & yes some of us are incredibly poor drivers, but we have the unique ability to handle the exception to the rule.

Subconciously, we process an incredible amount of information, if I toss you a ball & you catch it, do you appreciate the complexity of the math calculation your brain has just processed inbetween your hand / eye co-ordination. You also made a decision on whether or not it was OK to catch the ball, you decided whether or not you actually want to play ball.

What the computer running a programme can NEVER do is to question itself whether it wants to play ball.

14/07/2019 02:57:40

Whilst we are straying from the OP slightly I do think that it's still all interconnected.

Complex problems require complex solutions. Will the AI that is capable of driving a car along a busy highway also be able to solve a marriage breakdown?

Sounds silly doesn't it, but if you take a complex problem like driving along a busy highway & compare that to a complex problem like a marriage breakdown then anything that can miraculously solve 1 should easily be able to tackle the other. Perhaps the now redundant driver could seek advice from the car during the commute.

Boeing has a complex problem with the 737max. When we finally take pilots out of the cockpit who do we blame when they drop out of the sky?

With all the parking space taken up by £billions of dollars of aircraft, where will Uber park all of it's fully autonomous EV taxis ???

13/07/2019 19:06:13
Posted by pgk pgk on 13/07/2019 18:35:46:

As for your grenade: If you had 100 or 1000 folk taking part I wonder what proportion would catch and throw back, or dive into the orchestra pit or stand stunned and unable to move or run away or run towards? And if you repeated the excercise again next week and the week after would the same proportions do the same thing? At least with AI the machine would (eventually) learn the best survival option.

I would dearly love to rip your whole post apart, maybe over a pint or two. I love folk that are at least capable of thinking about it.

In your scenario, the machine is able to learn from its mistake. In my scenario, & the whole point of my post, is that the machine has just been destroyed because it caught a live grenade.

The exception to the rule is that the machine can be taught to do anything . . . Except for an exception to those rules. If it truly has been programmed to learn from its mistakes then how can it possibly learn from a fatal mistake?

True AI is a load of bollox & it will never happen.

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