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Thread: How to price up and sell a super 7 lathe
12/06/2019 08:57:14

Look in the ‘wanted’ adverts section down the right hand side of the page. Someone is looking for a Myford. Do a deal and save yourself the inevitable hassle of selling via ebay. From what i can see in the photos, start your negotiations around £1200

Thread: Electricity Supply
09/06/2019 09:57:24

Interesting real world experience, however if we are all forced down the EV route, those charging stations you mentioned had better have hundreds of charging points, otherwise the queues will be horrendous. Even with recharge times of 15-20 minutes if they have limited charging points it would potentially take forever to actually get on one in the first place.

Posted by pgk pgk on 09/06/2019 06:56:15:


Back to some figures from experience. Cold wet winter at night using motorways (as opposed to tiny country lanes) and I'd still expect over 200 miles range. As it happens it's short trips in the cold on narrow lanes when you have to keep sowing down that when the car is 'less efficient' - but then probably an ICE is too. Nice warm dry weather and 300 miles is doable at motoreway speeds.

I live in very rural wales and it's 7 miles each way to my nearest petrol station - so unless going that way or ona trip where stops allow a fill on route with an ICE it costs me 1/2 a gallon to refill my innefficient old 200sx. Electric I can top up at home.

Yes, gov will find a way of recovering their lost fuel revenue - lots of tax ways to do that (suggestions include GPS based road usage, higher excise duty, huge tax on insurance premiums and so forth)

Yes some EV's can tow.. model X is rated thus. Yes it affects range.


Paris to Bordeaux. Google tells me it's circa 360 miles with superchargers en route.. It depends on which model and battery size your mate had in his Tesla. If I was doing that run in my 100D I'd start by planning a full 100% top-up overnight (309 theoretical miles range) and then find a supercharger between 200-250 miles away if possible so i can hammer my foot down without worrying about range. I'd then top up to 80% charge which would take between 45-60 mins while I pee, clean the windows of bugs and read the paper. I now have 240 miles range to complete the journey assuming charge facilities at destination. If not I'd do another top-up near that destination.

There are constant improvements. The new Model3 75KW battery on the newest superchargers (still being installed) would be able to go 1st stage similar distance but top-up in 15-20mins.

Either car could do the trip non-stop in perfect weather if it stuck to steady 60mph on motorways with light traffic When chargers are more frequent and one can avoid planning.

I wouldn't be planning if doing that trip in my aged 200sx... I'd just drive until the tank read 1/8th left and expect to find petrol within the next 30 miles. It is a guzzler at motorway speeds and 32mpg if lucky so the whole tank range is under 300 miles. I did a run from london to prague in it once. At autobahn speeds I could see the fuel needle moving and had to refuel inside 2 hrs @120mph (top speed 130)...My reflexes aren't good enough these days to drive like that but I'd feel a lot safer in my tesla at 120 (top speed 150) and even though the leccy drain would be high it'd still be lots less than the recharge rate so driving it fast and stopping more often still works out best time.

Edit: One last point. If using petrol it still takes 5 mins to refuel, another minute or three to walk to kiosk and pay and a few mins to go pee. With an EV you get out and plug-in. The car deals with the fuelling, the charger debits you account automatically. It still takes the same time to pee but you can still argue a few mins off the refuel time differences.

Edited By pgk pgk on 09/06/2019 07:11:03

Thread: Rage Evolution sliding saws
30/05/2019 22:25:31

Bought one when they first came out, god awful things, it’s sat on a shelf somewhere, buy a bandsaw.

Thread: Childhood diseases
23/05/2019 23:05:46

Had measles, mumps and scarlet fever as a kid.........managed to swerve chickenpox until my 40’s, really not a good experience as an adult face 21

Thread: harrison l5 start gear
22/05/2019 21:47:04

Yeah, they are dead easy to do, strip the motor and star point is fairly easy to find....... Well it was on the ones I did anyhow.

22/05/2019 20:48:35

Have a read of this Thomas **LINK**

22/05/2019 20:46:10

I Think it will run, but not properly, probably find it will stall under load, never tried it to be fair.

whip the motor cover off and see how many wires are coming out of the motor, you need six.

22/05/2019 20:32:27

You really need to wire the inverter direct to the motor and not through any of the lathe switchgear.

ive converted a couple of L5’s to run from inverters, and in each case had to dig the star point out of the motor.

so unless yours has had the motor swapped at some time to a star/delta motor, you will need to do the same.

Thread: HSS or CS taps and dies
20/05/2019 13:10:23

Was in the same boat recently, needed to tap some 5/8 20tpi cycle threads and my drawer full of miscellaneous, randomly accquired taps was not forthcoming.

Due to the price of HSS i bought a set of three carbon taps from RDG for the princely sum of £12.46 and so far they have performed faultlessly, im using them in Stainless Steel, which is hard on the best of tooling.

Thread: Harrison L5 thread cutting
18/05/2019 13:44:43

Assuming it has a norton gearbox fitted (some L5’s don’t) You need a 127 tooth wheel to cut metric threads

Edited By Alan Waddington 2 on 18/05/2019 13:45:54

Thread: Natural gas for TIG welding
17/05/2019 10:18:34
Posted by John Rutzen on 17/05/2019 08:55:12:

Hi, seriously, I've been thinking of a TIG machine for Sifbronze welding of steel. Apparently the process works very well. Has anyone any experience of this using these cheap chinese welders? The Aliexpress one looks quite a good deal. abut £112. You can also get German ones on Amazon for less than £200. The argon can be got by putting a deposit on a bottle of around £60, which is not time limited [ you can keep it for as long as you like] and if you return it you get the deposit back less 20%. The refill costs around £35 for 10cu m.

Can confirm, yes it does work very well, no idea what the cheap chinese tigs perform like though. Oh and the rods will make your eyes water, last pack i bought cost more than the Aliexpress welder you mention !

Thread: DIY Bed Gap
24/04/2019 22:09:44

Did a pair for a mate once as he was skint, foulest shittiest job ever, rust and crap everywhere, took forever to clean up afterwards, lathe, workshop and myself...........never again. face 17

Unless they off something exotic rare or classic, not worth the aggro, modern discs are dirt cheap and consumable

Personally wouldn’t consider butchering a lathe for the purpose.

Thread: Tap and die question
22/04/2019 09:49:41

Have a job to do that requires a 5/8 x 20 tpi CEI thread, material is stainless.

a quick search online shows HSS taps are around £30 each.

RDG sell a set of 3 carbon taps for £12 but not convinced these will perform so well in stainless

The Tap and die company do ‘HQS’ taps for £12 a piece.

Is this just fancy marketing speak for carbon steel, or are they genuinely better than carbon ?

Thread: Notre Dame
16/04/2019 22:31:00

Funny job the religion thing.......That book they follow is packed with dire warnings about the dangers of hoarding wealth, and advocates giving it all to the needy........guess the catholic church just skip those pages smile o

Thread: Viceroy AEW
16/04/2019 16:28:29

Not had that particular mill, but have had several similar, Tom Senior etc, last one was a lovely universal Delta Hero,

Found them all frustrating due to lack of daylight, you run out of room very quickly.

Vertical heads are also pretty useless for drilling, as it’s hard to feel whats going on when cranking a handle.

And of course you can only drill vertical holes.

I wouldn’t consider a mill without a quill now, it just makes everything so much easier.


Thread: Notre Dame
16/04/2019 09:11:34

Can’t help thinking the money it will take to rebuild could be better spent elsewhere, its just a building when all’s said and done.

Thread: Simple WorkshopTips
05/04/2019 00:38:32

Don’t wear slippers when welding 👍

Thread: 2 pack, enamel...paint advice please!
03/04/2019 22:32:18

.As per David’s post, Dacrylate sprays lovely, Thinner is Xylene, (badged as R5 by Dacrylate.) Just wear a decent filter mask.

Like most xylene based paints, you have to recoat within a couple of hours, or leave for a couple of days between coats, or it crizzles.

i found a quick light tack coat, leave 20 mins ( depends on temp) to dry, followed by a heavier coat, and a final coat thinned down a bit more works a treat.

You can get a decent finish straight from the gun, but i let the paint harden for a week and then flatted with 1500 wet and dry, and polished with a rotary polisher using Farecla G3, much like you would with car paint,

It has good resistance to oils and cutting fluids etc and is pretty tough.

Thread: Cincinnati 207MK restoration
28/03/2019 21:07:48

You do realise it’s probably 10hp or motors for the feeds etc, gonna take one hell of a rotary converter unless you have 3 phase on tap !

28/03/2019 20:32:43

Usually machines end up in the scrap yard for good reason, just because the ways are good, doesn’t mean it’s not paggered. Big old lump though, maybe it got weighed in for the scrap weight......Large Horizontal machines are not generally sought after, so in turn dont fetch much.

Have you seen this thread on PM **LINK**

Guess if you have a burning desire to own a big horizontal, and it’s dirt cheap, then worth a punt.

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