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Thread: Planned debris recovery satellite
01/12/2017 12:41:45

Its simple.... just mention you left some redundant copper pipe and old bedstead in the front garden / somewhere near the moon and I can guarantee it will be gone before you blink, well it works here in south London!

Thread: Eccentricity / Run-Out
28/09/2017 11:05:49

My washing machine also sounded like a bucket of rocks, thats because I use the rocks on the banks of the thames to wash my overalls.

I was amazed when I decided I could have a go at repair on an old Indesit I had and the lump of cast concrete on the top of the drum. needless to say it was 12 years old and beyond hope so I invested in one of the direct drive LG washers, which is so quiet and does not take a walk on the spin cycle.

The mention of concrete lump reminds me of the Citroen owner that filled the front "boot" with poured concrete to trim the car up after the rear suspension had given way and he was not going to fork out for the repair. So how about adding more weight to the drum, another 3 CWT should do the trick.

Thread: Old rollocks
30/06/2017 15:02:58

Its's a crutch- iron made of brass.. for the pedants… I had a similar job on some for a waterman's cutter they were made from cast bronze/ admiralty bronze. The shaft was worn on the back side so the answer was to lop of the shafts and drill and tap M12 in the shank and then machine up some stainless shafts the right diameter cut a thread and then screw and braze.

Thread: Brazing gauge plate
15/05/2017 12:41:21

My fingers get badly burned just by all the head scratching I do. When I take my boots off to get past 9 while counting the bandages get in the way doing the laces up.

15/05/2017 10:05:28

Thanks Jason.

I will give it a go and when my burnt fingers heal (always do it after a session with the blow torch) i will post up some pictures.

14/05/2017 18:06:28

Evening fell swarf makers!

I have a project on the go where I would like to harden a scribing edge on a height gauge, I have some water quenching gauge plate and thought about silver soldering a bit to the foot. I would have used a bit of carbide if I had some but does the brains trust think using the gauge plate and then temper it after jointing and grinding it do the trick.

Many thanks.

Thread: WARCO WM-250 lathe family and WM16 mill
19/03/2017 18:39:32
Posted by Ian Westlake on 19/03/2017 18:07:54:

Thank you to both of you, that's what I was after as I don't want to make it too low. I'm 5' 8", so I reckon 900mm height is about right, and if it isn't, I can knock up a duck board to stand on.

I built mine a tad to high but have now screwed 6" blocks of soft wood to my boots and its fine, apart from smashing my nut on the ceiling.

Thread: What Did You Do Today (2017)
19/02/2017 21:55:02

Finished a two day marathon of fitting an M-DRO 2 axis DRO to my Warco "economy" mill drill. Much head clunking and knuckle scraping. Grey iron dust in the pores, Drill, tap, making brackets.

It's up and running I am amazed, I never knew there were so many numbers behind the decimal point in imperial! I coughed and the numbers at the end went up, I guess if the wind changes I will have to allow for it when I do some fly cutting.

Thread: This and that
08/02/2017 17:25:27

I had a private message from a fellow subscriber making the offer of having it checked out in his company's labs over in New Zealand which enforces my feelings that thanks to the WWW we have grown into a global model engineering club. Many thanks to that subscriber.

06/02/2017 22:37:09

Evening posters and wise ones, I have a few questions I would like some help with.

I have been given some 1" round stock and was told it was phossy bronze, it's not brass coloured as i have owned before it's more orange/ red its pedigree is unknown so does anyone have any hints and tips how to find out what it is. before I start machining it up for some boiler fittings and find in a few years its powdered away.

Next question on a similar vein I have been given some silver solder its in flat strips about ⅜th wide and about 1/16th thick it takes a fair bit of heat from the torch before it starts to melt and flow are there ways of classifying it.

Last one I promise…. I need a new hacksaw frame as the old one that was my dad's has got to the stage of no matter how much I crank the screw up the blade is not drawn up and the cut wanders, so any recommendation for a replacement that can get the blades done up like bow strings.

Many thanks in advance.


Thread: DRO options for WM250v
08/01/2017 13:47:26

Happy new year to all subscribers!

Flush with some cash after the festive season and doing a withdrawal job on the local bank under cover of darkness I have thought about fitting a DRO to my warco machine.

One of the things I notice is that the readers and the scales are fairly chunky which while i won't be too much bother on the long travel on the cross slide the mounting will cause all sorts of headaches to wit: gib screws, carriage lock, and room to get the tailstock in close. I see Warco themselves offer a DRO system but I was hoping any subscribers here who have one of these lathes and have fitted a DRO to one might give me some pointers of makes and models, pros and cons etc.

Thread: Warco WM-250 motor problems
14/11/2016 18:29:50

Latest news folks Warco sent out a van and a man and have taken the clunking oil dripping machine back to the works, The van driver told me to lighten it up so that involved a kit of parts being sent back to Surrey, I await the outcome and I hope they send a couple of mates with the van driver as I am not pulling my plumbs out again trying to get it back in the workshop.

05/11/2016 20:29:09
Posted by Richard Marks on 04/11/2016 23:08:45:

Dismantle the motor and clean and check the brushes.

Richard, I don't mind getting my hands dirty but I have serious worries about pulling a motor apart. i will have to get the thing unbolted from the bench so I can get to the thing. taking the wires off will require some notes and pictures. i did write to warco asking if they could send an engineer out rather than me having to do all this.

04/11/2016 22:52:41

I should have checked my first post and said it's the variable speed version I have and I had a few of the covers off and the picture Steve W posted in another thread bares no resemblance to whats behind any of the little covers i have taken of thus far, unless its like an advent calendar and I have not found the right one yet. I have had a look at the casing of the motor and the access to the brushes is not obvious so far.

04/11/2016 22:48:36
Posted by Rik Shaw on 04/11/2016 22:10:12:

Martin - my observations on the wm 250. Re: apron oil leak. If you leave it long enough it eventually stops leaking. Maybe there is so much muck in there it forms a seal!!!

The motor? - This poor old unit will stall as soon as look at it and if you do not start it at min revs and stop it at min revs it is quite likely to blow the guts out of a very expensive (£100 plus) speed control board - I am presently on board number three. The motor gets very hot when only moderately stressed and will stall easily. Using this lathe is like walking on broken glass - every time I turn it on I expect it to pop and every day it doesn't seems a bonus.

I am not surprised that Warco have discontinued supplying this model of lathe with the same electroguts as mine - I only wish I had known they would be doing so _ I would have held back awhile.


04/11/2016 20:30:06
Posted by SteveW on 04/11/2016 19:50:07:

I had a similar running problem. You can test motor with 12v. I eventually found it was a resistor on the control board not fully seated. That would be my first try. I posted a picture in 'wm250 and wm16' thread. Mine has been fine since. I would have a very careful look for the source of the oil leak. Gearbox not overfilled?

Thanks steve I will go take a look if I can find the thread, I am always a bit scared of the electric-ery I mean I have a toaster that can't pop up a crumpet but when I shove a fork in to get it out it has no problem slinging all 16 stone of me across the kitchen.

04/11/2016 20:27:01
Posted by JasonB on 04/11/2016 19:59:12:

I thought they all had a total loss system wink its not the plug (as I don't have one) it just seeps out around the various shafts as the seals are not quite seals, but my 280 is still going strong after 10yrs use.

Ah thats what its called huh? I thought Mr Ho Lee Warco had a deal with some major oil company. I am going to try spooning dripping in to it it will take longer for it to come out.

04/11/2016 20:24:58
Posted by not done it yet on 04/11/2016 19:29:49:

The only comment I would make is that I would be checking the casting quality of the apron, if you are sure your attempts at fitting the plug is the best possible.

Possibilities might be cross threading (if it is leaking past the threads), a cracked casting or a porous casting. Might be others, but if leaking while just standing there are not too many options. Question might be: is it a tapered or parallel thread?

The plug is so tight to the drip tray and with the use of mirrors and a much cut down allen key and without the use of a safety net is had to see much under there.

04/11/2016 19:14:35

Less than a year I return with another question for fellow warco WM series lathes, last problem was the thread dial, now this wonder of modern equipment has developed a new problem being that it sometimes has a temperamental start up, I switch on and open the NVR "BIG RED BUTTON" select direction and press the "go" button, CLUNK… nothing. hit the stop button clunk… start clunk.. nothing… switch to reverse clunk… motion! hurrah. Stop change direction press start CLUNK…. bugger all, "cover your ears mother!" anyway it sometimes takes 3 cycles of switching and clunking to get it rolling, then away we go and start a cut (nothing like heavy) "whine" power goes and lathe comes to a graunching halt. wind out/ off re start. I have been in touch with warco and they have said several things, "brushes sticking up" "hmmm that does not sound good" and finally after several emails return it to the works for investigation, I have an issue with that I live in a terraced house and everything needs to come through the front door, I wrote another email saying it would be easier for them to send an engineer to look at it on site as when it arrived the helpful delivery driver came at 7pm and said he would drop it at my front step and quoted H&S that he could not help me up the front step into the hallway.

Has anyone else had similar problems with the motor and drive on theirs?

ALSO…. The apron gearbox has never stopped leaking since it was unboxed, there was a puddle in the packing case. I have taken out the drain plug twice now and used ptfe and silicon sealant but its still leaking, Dear Deirdre have i been sold a pup?

Thread: Dyson sets up college to tackle skills shortage
04/11/2016 13:56:09

Bravo Sir James!

Will you be moving your production back fully to the UK we'll be needing all the work and tax we can get by 2020. I did hear that Nike will need skilled workers to make training shoes for 60 hours a week paying top dollar (2/6) so best get those CV's and degree's polished up folks. Sorry for my acerbic humour at this but kind of think makes me sick.

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