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Thread: Choice of Steel Grade?
11/03/2015 16:46:19
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 11/03/2015 16:20:10:

I bought my first torque wrench when I had my Hillman Imp, and needed to tighten the cam-cover nuts accurately, to the specified low torque.


Gawd, I had almost erased that from memory. Thanks for putting it back to the forefront of my mind. That and the "flexible" linkage connecting the gearstick to the gearbox ensuring I had no reverse gear at the top of the bank in Darlington station when collecting girlfriend from thee station!

Thread: Lubrication - new lathe & milling machine
11/03/2015 16:41:38

Well, good choice with the Mill, I have just agreed to purchase that exact same model, the big attraction for me was the size of the table.

Anyhow, I use Vactra 2 on the slideways, 30 weight motor oil on the gears and as for cutting oil I bought ten litres of rotabroach cutting oil at an unbelievable price so I use that. If you want to use grease Moly grease is good but it IS dirty and I prefer to use Lithium grease. There was an online Bike shop selling this at a terrific price but I cannot remember where this was.


Thread: Ball bearings
10/03/2015 21:15:17
Posted by Tony Pratt 1 on 10/03/2015 20:19:16:

I am in the same boat, educated in the imperial system but in the 70’s introduced to the metric system & completely happy working with either.


I too am in this very same boat but I have decided that, well frankly - Metric is easier = faster for me to work in. I have to use the Imperial system daily but where possible I substitute Metric, faster and usually cheaper too.Imperial kit is getting bloody expensive - price up a decent set of taps and dies in metric and then compare it to a similar imperial size kit.

My difficulty is dealing with the young lads in stores or suppliers. Sure - they know they have Imperial and metric dies, bar, rod, tube and so on but half the time it is easier getting it yourself. Not so with the smaller suppliers, their livelihood depends on getting it right so there is rarely a cockup and the other thing is they actually have an interest in what they are doing.


Thread: EMCO FB2 vertical Milling Machine
10/03/2015 20:48:11
Posted by Bob Brown 1 on 10/03/2015 20:33:02:

Why not just buy 240v to 415v 3 phase converter and not bother with the agro of changing the motor, may even be a lower cost option.


If you have ever used one of these, changing to a new motor is by far the better option in the long run. In my opinion.


Thread: Gear ratios and alternatives
10/03/2015 20:08:40

Several combinations fit Les but since my "Eureka" moment last night when the multiplication factor of the gearbox hit me I have been thinking about some of the combinations that I commonly use. Come on - who actually enjoys messing about putting changewheels on and off the lathe?

I am trying to work out how to create a couple of clusters - I have a couple of extra spindles I have just made for the banjo - so that I can just ready them and swap them about as I need. As opposed to dismantling the whole banjo every time I need a different thread.


10/03/2015 09:27:09
Posted by John Stevenson on 09/03/2015 20:41:26:

Why have you got a 71 and 72 ? can't see them listed, have you tried counting the teeth on these just to be certain ?

Edited By John Stevenson on 09/03/2015 20:45:58

Probably for the same reason I had no 45 or 75 gear in the box! My fault, I grabbed the nearest box without asking if it was the right one. 

I have to say however that the service I received from Chester has been exemplary. I noticed the 45 tooth missing and Tony sent me one by next day courier. I saw the 75 missing late in the day and I will collect that at the next Chester open day in June where I will go collect my new Mill.




Edited By Oompa Lumpa on 10/03/2015 09:29:14

09/03/2015 20:07:49
Posted by John Stevenson on 09/03/2015 19:53:54:

30 in place of 60 on Z2 then select B instead of A

Edit to get me A,B and C right wink

Edited By John Stevenson on 09/03/2015 19:55:01

Ahh! Just had one of those "lightbulb" moments. Thank you very much for that. Some days the Bleedin' obvious isn't.


09/03/2015 19:38:23

So, I have the following wheels:

1x85, 3x80, 1x72, 1x71, 1x70, 2x60, 1x50, 1x45, 1x40, 1x33, 1x30, 1x27, 1x25 and 1x20

I didn't count the gear on the spindle Jason but it is the same as the Warco 280 I think so will be 40 in all likelihood but if this s a deal breaker I will go count the teeth.

Thanks again.

09/03/2015 19:23:53

Les and Richard, thank you both for this. It has confirmed my thinking (didn't need to break anything this week) and I have both of those combinations so no problem then.

I see what you mean about the meshing bit Richard so I will go lay them out and see. I will also make a listing of all the gears I have for reference.


Ah, yes - two 60 tooth gears. I will go check.

Edited By Oompa Lumpa on 09/03/2015 19:25:51

09/03/2015 18:56:31

Just in case the actual layout is helpful, here it is:


09/03/2015 18:51:49

So Boys and Girls, I am just a bit uncertain. I would be the first to admit that I didn't receive an 'A' Star in maths.

I have a good boxfull of changewheels here but I am lacking a 75 tooth wheel. Have everything else and in some instances multiples, but I need to cut a 1mm pitch thread and don't have the right wheels to follow the picturesblush

Here is a pic of the various combinations and I would be very grateful if someone could give me some alternative combinations to cut the 1mm pitch I need. Thanks very much.



Thread: Keeeping Machines Clean, New idea or Old?
08/03/2015 21:10:40

Been thinking about this since I saw it this morning. The clingfilm would drive me potty. I balance a fine line between getting on with it and trying to keep the workshop clean. I would be the first to admit I am a bit (okay, a bit more than "a bit" OCD when it comes to tidiness.

The fact is I cannot, will not, work in a pig sty. A good friend of mine who is a very talented engineer has a workshop that is just one massive Hazard. I am quite open with the fact that I am quite cavalier with rules and regulations, interpreting as I see fit but the chances of tripping and shoving your hand into a moving machine in my friends place is pretty high.

I realise I am talking about organisation and tidiness here and not cleanliness. But they both go hand in hand in my opinion. I forget who it was, but when he built his new workshop he reduced his workbench size considerably. He recognised that he was untidy so reckoned that if he reduced the workbench he would have less space to create clutter and then it wouldn't be an onerous task when he finally realised it was time to "tidy up".

Cling film is a bit of an extreme really, it actually reduces your ability to work if you think about it. When I am working I use the surfaces, tables, vice, whatever to take measurements from and to clamp to. Messing around with cling film - or indeed any covers or shields just increases the time taken to carry out a simple task in my opinion.

As many of the people have said, a good tidy up at the end of every day (or session) with a good vacuum in all the nooks and crannies at the end of the week works for me. What makes this a bit easier is having everything organised so it is easy to clean around or in the drawers and shelves. Planning your shelving and storage areas is far more important I think. I like nice open shelves as this serves two purposes for me. Firstly - I can see what I have got and where it is. How many have bought an angle plate only to discover that actually they have one that size but forgot? Plenty I would venture. Secondly, it makes cleaning just so simple. All the heavy stuff on the bottom and the lighter stuff on the top, swarf goes - generally - downover so you can vacuum everything up to about waist height with impunity, difficult to suck a milling vice up!

The other, vitally important aspect is to lubricate everything, the slideways and tables on my kit all have a light film of Mobil Vactra. Rust is something that I just couldn't cope with.


Thread: Delete membership
08/03/2015 15:28:44
Posted by Stuart Rogers on 08/03/2015 11:17:23:

Proceedure for deleting membership would be appreciated.


I would wonder why? I am not "active" on many forums nowadays and my experience of online "chat" stretches back to the early BBS days and Usenet. Now that anyone can log on to the Internet there are some places you just wouldn't want to go and plenty of people out there ready to tear you apart.

Out of the engineering forums, this one is by far the best. I have met people on this forum in person and without exception they are nice, genuine people it has been my privilege to meet. Some have become good friends and all have been ready and willing to share advice and anything else with great humour and generosity.

If you are building anything mechanical and you are in the UK, you should really be on here because even the dumbest questions are met with understanding - and you get good answers too! smiley

I don't know why you want to leave here, it is none of my business, but I would bet you will be back - even if it is just to read some of the very informative posts and "how to's".


Thread: Super Sterling Engine
08/03/2015 13:16:55

George - I made the fins. It was pretty straightforward really, I first cut out four pieces of Brass sheet the same sizeish and clamped them firmly together using a couple blocks of wood. I then filed them all so they all had the same profile and carefully deburred the edges.

I then found a piece of two inch tube and squeezing them one at a time around this ended up with the profile you see. Very much "by eye" and I too was very pleased with the result. Cutting the angled slots in the centre hub was straightforward too - once I had worked out the angle at which to hold it, divided by four.


08/03/2015 10:10:32
Posted by Bogstandard2 on 08/03/2015 09:52:31:

but I will get back onto them as soon as possible as another recipient has turned up on the scene.

John, you are incorrigible!


07/03/2015 20:46:29

So, on one of the occassions I visited John (Bogstandard) last year he showed me some plans he had of a Sterling Engine.

It was a Desk Fan powered by a small alcohol burner. There and then I determined I would build one for my good lady for Christmas. Slowly over the year I gathered together all of the various mmaterials I would need for the build.

Now, without going over the details, towards the end of last year I had a number of issues I had to deal with beyond my control. However - letting my good lady down was just not on the agenda - it was the 21st December when I started this project and thus began three days of very intense machining, I didn't get much sleep!

I had made a few decisions regarding materials and design, the main cylinder on the drawing was round but I left mine square, I liked the asthetic. The Hot Cap calls for Stainless Steel because of the heat transfer (or lack of them) qualities. What is even better than Stainless in this regard is Titanium, and as I had some in stock........
I also used Titanium for the two flywheels and it worked well with a nice finish.

One of the components that I thought was quite chalolenging was the main "hot" piston. It called for a flat bottomed cylinder with thin walls and a very thin base - plenty of room for error. I was pleasantly surprised as to how straightforward this was. Just simple, steady machining paying full attention to what I was doing and it came out allright:



The main cylinder was interesting too, I left it square so plenty of scope to knock a corner off or bend a cooling vane here:


The component came out well and the piston was a superb fit, exactly as the drawing.


I had considered making the conrod out of Titanium too, but with time being a major consideration, I stuck to aluminium. I enjoyed making this part, very fine tolerances and small drills and cutters. Making this part caused me to buy a couple of pairs of those magnifying headsets, wish I had bought them sooner to be honest.


Next up was the Hot Cap, I just went for it:


It was tough to machine:


With (literally) hours to go it started to take shape and here you can see the power cylinder turned round in contrast to the main cylinder:


The fan hub was challenging as I recall but it was towards the end and I was suffering from a bit of burnout by then so the actual facts and what I recall may not have been the same thing


So, was it worth it?
Absolutely, no question, my good lady has it in the Living room - things need to be of a certain "standard" to achieve the honour, excludes me some days) All the Bloke type visitors are very interested in it, how it works and when I explain it is a flame powered desk fan you can see in some of their faces the light going on as they realise how Steam Punk this really is.
I am not a "model engineer" as such, but I AM interested in all things mechanical and the Stirling Engine has been of interest to me for some time, I sincerely believe it could play a major part in so-called "renewable energy". Would I build another? Quite possibly, it was intense but still very enjoyable and that could apply to anything however those of you who have built working models will know the sense of real achievement when it actually works! Very, very satisfying and there is no substitute for that feeling.

My thanks go to Ian for telling me "just do it" when we discussed building this and my eternal gratitude to John for supplying me with some of the components I needed for the build.


Thread: Free Plastic
10/12/2014 12:05:45

Neil, saw your note this morning in my inbox, no idea where the others went and for some reason I am not getting notice that there has been a message for me so I will look into that now, meanwhile.....

As you are all aware, I have had some quite debilitating health issues which, nearly two weeks ago now, I had overcome. Ably assisted by my colleague Reece, we then made up a couple of dozen bundles ready to get off, I had even personally delivered quite a bit and everything was looking great.
Now, the next part I was keeping to myself - a couple of people on here I consider close friends knew what had happened but they have kept it to themselves, I am grateful for that.
I am not making excuses here - I am going to do what I am going to do irrespective but I value my friends greatly and sometimes I just forget my own issues to help others out. I am trying very, very hard not to be dramatic but this was as bad as it gets.

You know when you jokingly say to your friend/partner/wife/children - "If I ever get like that, turn the machine off!"? Well, there I was ten days ago. It wasn't a pleasant experience and not one I would wish to repeat.

I had received a 'phone call from a very close friend's wife. It is always bad when your friends wife calls To cut a very long story short: David had been admitted to hospital just over two weeks ago with extreme headaches - He was first taken to North Tees Hospital, despite South Cleveland being closer and kept overnight with a "viral infection" and on an antibiotic drip. They believe it was this that added the complication of C-Diff to his troubles. Next morning he was transferred to the Neurological unit at South Cleveland for assessment. It was here that he had a major seizure and Anurism. He was taken down for surgery which should have taken between three to five hours and lasted nine.

I have since spoken to the surgeon and in my opinion - not being a medical professional myself so take this with a pinch of salt - He couldn't possibly have received better care anywhere in the world. Firstly, I didn't know they had that many machines they could hook up to you! He has a dedicated nurse at his bedside 24 hours a day and everything possible has been done. Last Monday I travelled up the A19 to go to the hospital with Sally to turn the life support off. It was a very, very long journey, I hadn't slept the night before.

We sat at David's house for a good few hours before we plucked up the courage to go to the hospital and when we arrived in the ICU - his bed was missing. This was met by pure panic on both our parts until a nurse informed us that he "was down for another scan"! What? You scan people before death? Really? I didn't say it but I thought it! Apparently as they were bringing him out of the coma - he opened his eyes so they immediately induced the coma again. It turns out - to cut a long story short - that the surgery appears to have been a success. There are no guarantees but the difference in the man in over a week has been amazing. They are slowly reducing the sedation now and day by day he is showing more improvement. The prognosis is good, but give it six months say the experts. I just live in hope. Yesterday was better than the last visit which was better than the one before and so on.

Now, I have met a good number of you on this forum and you have all been great genuine people and if anything, this thread will now be puctuated with genuine, heartfelt wishes from you all.
I don't want you to do that. I want you instead to write out on a sheet of paper what you REALLY want to happen when you die. (cheerful huh) Because believe me, it is very, very hard for the people around you to know what to do, they all care far too much about you to make rational decisions sometimes, far better you do it yourself and then everyone will have a script to work from!

There is much, much more to this saga, I won't bore you all. I have the bundles ready to go, they will go Friday, then I think I am just doing the difficult(awkward) ones
Back soon,

Thread: What did you do today? (2014)
10/11/2014 17:59:39

Ian, you are quite welcome and it was my pleasure.

So, as some of you know I have been having a Saga with toothache. It has been six weeks now and to be honest it has been really debilitating. I have probably lost at least a fortnight out of the six weeks and at times the pain was beyond pain.

Today I went to the dentist and she had put aside forty five minutes for the appointment (I thought it was a bit much too) and with everything that went on I was in the surgery from 11.00am until 1.25 pm surprise But now the tooth is out and in an envelope on the conservatory table. The other two teeth that had been misbehaving - one received a good dig-out and a new filling and the other a root canal, three roots, that took most of the time as she had to be extremely careful not to snap a broach in one of the canals as that root curved quite a lot.

I am presently ensconced on the couch in front of the telly and in no pain at all because I am so full of drugs I can hardly see straight! So that is, finally, the end of that. If the tooth is on the table it can't possibly cause any more pain - can it? As a point of interest, when she finally managed to get the tooth out a fracture was discovered and was probably the cause of all of the infection problems. I have stopped short of taking a picture and subjecting you all to that gross-ness. Be thankful of small mercies


Thread: Suitable primer for painting aluminium?
03/11/2014 12:13:28

You are only priming a pillar drill so find your local (proper) autopaint store and they will sell you a small tin of aerosol etch primer. Most all real autobody paint suppliers make up aerosols of almost anything on their premises nowadays.

I do this regularly as it is quick, simple and cost effective.


Thread: Screwdriver Magnetiser/Demagnetiser
02/11/2014 09:58:44

How many channels does that radio get Ian?



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