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Thread: What did you do today (2015)
30/03/2015 20:38:36

Broke my thumb, and it really did smart a bit when i did. Left hand so as I am right handedit will only slow me down a bit.

Still smarts though


Thread: Running 3 Phase Motor on Single Phase Supply
30/03/2015 09:56:44

Well Ricard, the Meddings is far and away the better of the two - so, if you do not want to spend any money:

Sell the Clarke and buy a "proper" motor for the Meddings with the proceeds and a tin of paint with what is left. Don't buy half a horsepower either. 1Hp being a starting point.

Personally a three phase motor with inverter is the way forward and you can do this on little money - but you have to be patient and wait for the right bits at the right price.


Thread: Plotting your next purchase
29/03/2015 22:18:50

Lets be honest, who doesn't plot plan and scheme over a tool or machine purchase?

I look in the kitty and see how much is in the new tool fund, then plan my next purchase, I was thinking maybe to get a new, bigger Quick Change Toolpost, but that would cost - with all of the toolholders- about the same as a Scheppach bandsaw I have seen.

So then I reach a sort of mental impasse - so abandon that whole idea, I did see a really nice Micro-Boring head. Now I am not exactly sure what I would use it for, but boy does it look great. I would be able to bore really precise holes with that. In the end I have bought a couple of boxes of tool tips from APT. But I could do with a vertical bandsaw.


Thread: Choosing a bandsaw
29/03/2015 21:13:30

The FEMI saw is a good bit of kit, well made and compact for it's capacity. It is the only one of it's type I would consider:


Thread: Cleaning scroll chuck
29/03/2015 21:02:00
Posted by Ian Phillips on 29/03/2015 20:57:54:

With the jaws removed you have three access places to push the scroll backwards.

Ian P

Or, as this is a four jaw chuck, four places to push from.


Thread: What did you do today (2015)
28/03/2015 21:22:40

Here you go Clive, this is what happens when you are not paying attention to centralising the moderator on your rifle/not checking it is still screwed on tight:


took some getting off too it had jammed tight. I don't think a bit of chemical metal is going to work on this one!


Thread: Introduction! Hi Folks!
28/03/2015 21:10:41
Posted by Roger Provins 2 on 28/03/2015 20:47:01:

Let's drop the subject of guns it only causes bad feelings and opinions are never changed.

Fair comment. My final words on this subject (in this thread) are that we should all be a bit more tolerant of each others interests. I would never, for instance, suggest that you could be burned if you fire up a boiler. Of course you can, it goes without saying. That;s why I don't say it. Same with guns, so there is no need to air your opinion every time the subject comes up.

bit more live and let live would be nice.


28/03/2015 19:35:34
Posted by speelwerk on 28/03/2015 16:01:54:


Its a shame that people's creativity is used to make instruments that can kill.


Well I am not new here, so I will pick it up.

How many hammers do you have Niko? There is even a whole genre of gaming called "Warhammer". War Hammers were first used by the Norse I believe. So, do you intend to kill anyone with your hammers?

No, I didn't think so. It is this really negative attitude that just appalls me. It has completely buggered up a very fascinating hobby for many, many people in this country. I have won medals for pistol shooting but I can only shoot my full bore pistols if I want to take an eight thousand mile round trip. It's like all this "knife crime". Do you think these people use beautifully crafted knives costing hundreds of pounds? No, they steal kitchen knives.

Guns used in crime - by and large - are unregistered illegal firearms. The recorded firearms owners though are always the ones who get it in the neck. It aggravates me no end.

During the twelve years up to 2011 there were three and a quarter MILLION road deaths and casualties. Using Licensed Motor Cars. Designed and manufactured by creative people.

pity more people don't walk.


Thread: Fake Mitutoyo Digital Callipers on eBay
28/03/2015 00:45:19
Posted by DMB on 27/03/2015 22:47:29:
What I would like to know is how Paypal get away with that when your CR or DR card issuer cannot?
I try to avoid using Paypal whenever possible

They are not a Bank would you believe. Or so they claim. Despite the billions they have on deposit.

They are a law unto themselves and it's about time someone grasped the nettle and asked them just what it is they think they are playing at.


27/03/2015 21:58:58

I really wouldn't lose any sleep over a couple of pairs of fake Mitutoyo calipers and if you are buying them "on the cheap" from a Chinese ebayer well, what do you expect?

As for claiming the postage, life is just too short to start a High Court action over a couple quid postage from someone in China. If you want to worry about fake goods - worry about the Condoms!


Thread: Height of your lathe
27/03/2015 21:50:10

When I installed my new lathe I took the option of no stand and built my own from 30mm 3mm wall tubing. This gave me the opportunity to install the lathe at a height I felt was more suitable for my working position. Those who know, know I have serious back issues and now when I leave the workshop I am not stooped over, walking up the path like Quasimodo!

I think I might make a bit of duckboard just to get my feet up off the concrete but the one inch increase in height won't make much difference. Best thing I did. So what is the right height? The one you feel most comfortable with. One member on here gave the absolute best description of working height I ever read - make it the height that you would raise your watch to to wind it. And that is exactly what I did.


Thread: What did you do today (2015)
27/03/2015 10:19:47

Well, not today but Wednesday. My improvised method of toolhoder storage was a piece of 40mm x 40mm mesh on the wall:


Don't be tempted to do this. After the umpteenth time of a toolholder not being placed exactly and then subsequently crashing down onto the lathe tray I set to and made a new toolholder-toolholder. It is much better, gave it to Roy for a bit of Powder Coat and now not only do I have a "system" that satisfies my OCD but the tools are securely held:


works for me and my most oft used twenty or so tools are within easy reach.


Edited By Oompa Lumpa on 27/03/2015 10:22:38

25/03/2015 08:54:40
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 25/03/2015 08:41:18:


It may be worth looking to automotive silencer design for some inspiration.

... This is the classic work.


Or you could just talk to the Formula 1 guys, they have managed to make a once roaring snorting spectacle sound like a lady's beauty parlour with the hairdryers on!

24/03/2015 20:05:13
Posted by Clive Hartland on 24/03/2015 17:09:08:

I mentioned a few days ago that I was going to make a sound suppressor for my PCP air gun, well, it was a waste of time and effort as it does not reduce the muzzle report one bit.

I now think I will have to add some sort of sound absorbing materiel, I have some Zorbzote which I can punch out plugs that will fill the 3 chambers I have designed into the suppressor. Its either that or the pellet is exceeding the speed of sound! It has not affected the MPI of the pellet.


I did say Clive

So everyone can see what you are talking about here is a selection of Moderators.

From left to right we have a cheap Chinese thingy, a Brocock moderator in Delrin, a Swift Stumpy, a Parker Hale, a Hogan Decimeter, a Weihrauch and two T8 Centrefire Moderators.



So what makes them work? Well actually, the one on the extreme left doesn't actually do anything. The next up, the Brocock in Delrin actually takes the report out of the shot but you can hear it clearly. Then one of my favourites - he Stumpy. Works brilliantly.
Next up, the venerable Parker Hale, these work really well on the .22 Riimfires and using subsonic ammunition you can't hear the shot ten yards away. Fifth along is the Hogan. I don't mind buying these as you actually get something for your money, fitted to a .22 cal Precharged Air Rifle putting out 30ft lbs all you can hear is the click of the trigger.

Now the Weihrauch - this design became the benchmark of quietness for quite a while. Someone copied the design and Weihrauch sued but unsuccessfully as the copier claimed they were using Blue 'J' cloths and not the white ones Weihrauch used...... or something like that anyway. Bet there are a few people quite ticked off when they took it apart and found a couple of hair curlers wrapped in J cloth - of all the small calibre gun suppressors this is the most expensive.

The two T8 cans are for centrefire rifles, the one on the left for up to .25 calibre and the one on the right for up to .30 calibre. But their capacity for suppressing the shot are very dependant on what, exactly it is trying to suppress. A .222 calibre round is easier to quieten than a .220 swift for instance.

Also, the issue is the actual velocity of the round. Once in a while I will fire a .177 air rifle in the garden and it doesn't matter - suppressed or not - if the pellet goes supersonic there is always an almighty "CRACK" as it breaks the sound barrier. I am working on a suppressing a shotgun right now and fortunately I am able to buy subsonic cartridges otherwise it would be a non-starter.


Sorry, the T8's are not for dismantling and the Carbon fibre moderator to the right is of my own design using K-Baffles as the suppressant (the one in the pic is not yet finished - it needs a couple of holes drilling in yet) and it is for a .17 HMR. Works well if I don't mind saying so myself.


Edit: forgot to mention K-baffles.

Edited By Oompa Lumpa on 24/03/2015 20:09:58

Edited By Oompa Lumpa on 24/03/2015 20:11:49

Thread: Drills for oilways?
23/03/2015 20:41:52
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 23/03/2015 13:05:00:

... that's rather impressive !!

I suspect that the list price would make the eyes water.


You are not wrong Michael. When they finally arrive you put them next to the job and studiously walk around them for the next couple of weeks really hoping the job will do itself before finally putting your (my) head down and getting on with it.

Hoping to God you don't break one!

It would be advantageous if I had the right machine. I don't so sooner or later it is going to end in tears.


Edited By Oompa Lumpa on 23/03/2015 20:42:53

Thread: mt3 or r8
22/03/2015 20:45:42

See, here you go, looking for tooling like this

No spanners needed you see and I can always find my hands, well almost alwaysblush


22/03/2015 19:53:10

My new Mill is R8 and my old Mill is MT3. I really didn't notice to be honest that I was being disadvantaged with a MT3 Mill. I just put an ER40 collett chuck in there and only very rarely did I need to remove it. Everything I needed to use just fit in the chuck and off I went.

A friend of mine has all his tooling set up in ER11 colletts with 10mm shanks and every one of his Mills have 10mm colletts in them.Simple and no messing about. Of course this won't work for everybody.

The R8 just comes with the new machine so all I will be doing is buying a new ER40/R8 chuck. However, I will also be buying some of those nice looking R8 tools that I salivate over (too much information?) when I visit one of my favourite tooling suppliers. It won't help me do better work but it will certainly damage my wallet!


Thread: Lathe rusting
21/03/2015 19:35:26
Posted by petro1head on 21/03/2015 16:56:41:


WD40 IS NOT OIL. I have seen quite a few posts the last couple of weeks where people are surprised that after using the magical and almost mystical contents of Water Dispersant40 - they have a rust problem.

WD 40 was developed during the Space Program to disperse water from the Rockets: WD stands for Water Dispersant for those that haven't quite picked up on that yet. The other great property of WD40 is that if there is a little water about it will actually absorb the water in order to dissipate it. WD40 is hygroscopic, it attracts water. It is terrific stuff if you own a Morris Oxford and you left it outside on a cold night/frosty morning and the HT leads are damp. Spray a load of WD40 about in the engine compartment and Hey Presto! All working.

I don't have any sort of rust problems, at all, ever. I don't own a can of WD40 either. I use either GT85 if I must spray stuff about (Brunox is good too) otherwise I have a couple of genuine, not yet patented, oily rags.

WD40 has no place in an Engineers workshop. Well, none that I can think of anyway.


Thread: Life as a left hander
21/03/2015 19:20:57
Posted by Cornish Jack on 21/03/2015 14:00:33:

Never seen advertised as such, but left hand wrist watches are available - winding stem at 9 o' clock instead of 3. Fairly rare.



Panerai do quite a few Left Handers.


Thread: What did you do today (2015)
21/03/2015 08:04:07
Posted by Danny M2Z on 21/03/2015 05:42:13:

Oompa - I once was 'volunteered' to do some trial shoots of a Barrett .50 Cal as the civvy engineers were not cleared/ game enough for the firing range but they were experimenting with muzzle brakes and stuff and needed a village idiot.

I slid back 2 foot on the groundsheet with every shot and they do make largish holes in surplus Land Rover Series IIa cylinder blocks at 800m. I'm now retired from that job, but a mate has just purchased a .338 Armalite which should take care of the rabbits (he's promised to let me have a try). Before he recently retired, this particular village idiot spent long holidays abroad in Afghanistan protecting all the village idiots back home.

* Danny M * (Village Idiot)

If you are over here during the summer let me know. A friend of mine has an "Open Day" every year at a range he owns near Nottingham. We will be preparing loads for the 700 Nitro Express Double Rifle and the 2 Bore guns!

Personally I can't be having all this Magnumitis but they are fun to shoot once in a long while.

If anyone would be interested in this Open Day please contact me as you would be welcome to come along.


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