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Thread: What did you do today (2015)
26/04/2015 20:30:41
Posted by Ian Phillips on 26/04/2015 09:45:21:

I think there is a clue to the cause of the failure in that you wrote, a Dickson 'Type' toolpost.

Hard to say without a picture of the other side of the part but somehow it has the look of being a cast or sintered component. Obviously not up to its job anyway.

Ian P

I make no excuses for the toolpost Ian, it came with a deal way back when and I have been quite happy with it. Been buying my toolholders from A&R precision and unfortunately find myself in the position of having quite a big investment in toolholders but requiring a bigger toolpost and holders for my new (bigger) lathe. I am going to leave things be right now as everything is working.

Anyhow, back to the plot. I too got out the inch and a quarter bar of Silver Steel ready to make the new part when I had a bit of a "why not?" moment and pulled some Titanium instead. I had just received my weekly care package from ArcEuro and this week it was a set of collett blocks. How the hell did I get by without them! A definite Must Have.


Turned out well and fits perfectly. I will let you know how I get on with it.




Bob H. they shouldn't have snapped if you had tempered them. But anyway, give Darren a call at A&R and see if he can help.

Edited By Oompa Lumpa on 26/04/2015 20:36:37

Thread: Warco VMC - Chester 626 Mill Dimensions Please extension
26/04/2015 08:34:10

I placed my Mill adjacent to the doorway. On full right traverse it intrudes into the doorway space.

It works for me.


Nick_T - I have sent you a PM.

Edited By Oompa Lumpa on 26/04/2015 08:35:03

Thread: What did you do today (2015)
26/04/2015 08:04:20

I had spent a couple of hours being tested to the limits of my nerves as I screwcut a very hard barrel that was also at the limit of my lathes capacity. If you hadn't recognised it - it is the retaining plate from the Dickson type toolpost and as I tightened up the tool holder for the last tool change it just went.

Going to have to make another, but going out with the Bang Stick for a couple of hours first.


25/04/2015 20:25:03

Today, I broke this:


poo poo poo poo poo de poo!


Thread: Lathe Milling Attachment - Disadvantages?
24/04/2015 08:18:49


I would echo John Stevensons comment about reorganising. My workshop is 12 foot by 10 foot and I have two lathes (one considerably longer than your Boxford) a Mill, degreasing station, Anvil - with room to swing a hammer in earnest, a large Progress No1 Drill Press and a great many other tools including a Donkey Saw. My Mill right now is big but I take delivery of a bigger one in July.

I would look at rearranging some of your tools and looking at your layout. If it means just biting the bullet - taking everything outside and putting it back in a different order, we have the weather to do this with impunity right now.

I would be the first to admit I am "more than a bit" OCD when it comes to tidyness, my missus loves it so there is an upside. Though I have been known to lose my keys for hours at a time.blush


Thread: triple start tap die
21/04/2015 23:46:43
Posted by Ian Phillips on 21/04/2015 22:00:56:
Posted by Oompa Lumpa on 21/04/2015 20:49:34:

I need an 6x48 tap and this is an arse of a thread. I can get them in the US but one tap works out at twenty quid by the time it gets here So I will just take a chance he is busy too tomorrow


Can I be the first to ask, what is a 6x48 tap?


Ah, yes. I was confused with this too the first time I saw it. The 6 refers to wire gauge and of course it is 48 TPI.
Or so it was explained to me.


21/04/2015 20:49:34
Posted by Bob Brown 1 on 21/04/2015 20:30:05:

This lot make "specials" **LINK** may be worth a telephone call.


A really nice, genuine chap. But kept me on the 'phone for twenty minutes chatting and sometimes this can be frustrating. I emailed him last week but I don't think he "does" email very well.

I need an 6x48 tap and this is an arse of a thread. I can get them in the US but one tap works out at twenty quid by the time it gets here So I will just take a chance he is busy too tomorrow


Thread: What did you do today (2015)
21/04/2015 12:43:58

Today:- today after many, many years of putting up with either repetitive BBC broadcasts, commercial radio stations where the presenter just loves the sound of his own voice or the just outright REPETITIVE mindless commercials encouraging me to change my life by winning at BINGO or suing my employer or some other mindless pointless persuit which is bound to end in disappointment - SALVATION arrived!

It came from Denmark in the form of a USB isolator. I have now hooked a laptop up to the DAC via said Isolator and there is just beautiful clarity as one of the many thousands of tracks I have stream effortlessly through the shed system:


For the technically minded, this is a very highly modified Quad 303 amp being fed by an early Cambridge pre-amp (because I can turn the volume down by remote) in turn being fed from a Beresford Caiman DAC. As soon as Les and I figure out what is wrong with one of my Quad 405 Monoblocks the 303 can go back to feeding the Electrostatics, the 405's will be going back in as they deliver effortless power.

Mr Johnston currently on the Live Wire album - Bliss!


(now going back to work and play catchup!)

Thread: Advice on lathe purchase
21/04/2015 10:46:05

Here you go - John's Crusader in action. This is a 5" X 10" Billet of aluminium. I can easily achieve half thou accuracy with this machine. I can get the same with my Chester lathe though I have to pay attention as I do not have DRO's fitted.


It is now all set up for boring and this will be done soon. Another three sacks of swarf I would imagine:


John despairs at my "planning". I make it up as I go along. John has a meticulous work schedule all planned out. Well, we can't all be the samesmiley

When I was looking to buy a bigger machine to have at home and I started to look around, every Boxford or Colchester lathe I was introduced to had "only ever been used once at a girls college". The truth was sadly different and most of them the beds were shot. JohnF had warned me about this and he had spent a great deal of time searching for a longbed machine. As he said, spindle bearings, gibstrips - all can be replaced, but worn beds are a different matter. I bought a new machine with a warranty and more or less straight off the truck it cuts beautifully.

The only downside for me was a good bit of Myford size tooling. I was 'talking' with Jason about this only recently as it turns out he has the same issue. A good deal of tooling and consequently money invested in toolposts that would fit a Myford size machine perfectly but are a bit small for bigger machines. I have just modified things slightly and it is working for now, eventually I will go bigger though.

This is unlike a close friend of mine who has been doing the same job as I do for the last twenty five years and built his operation around a longbed Super Seven. He spent more converting to a big bore head last year than I spent buying and installing a whole new machine. I think Myfords are nice machines for what they are but at the end of the day, if you need capacity you have to look at something bigger. Nice for Model Making, but that's about it.

I bought my new machine knowing exactly the sort of work I do and what my requirements are, this works. When I need to machine an impossibly large piece of work I am in the fortunate position of having good friends who will let me use their kit. Invariably Chinese and invariably good and from different suppliers but by and large the same manufacturers. It is the supplier you need to look at and Chester have been very good for me.


Thread: Amolco mill
20/04/2015 22:38:15

I would replace the bearings. Grease could well be present, but you have no idea whether or not it is hiding shagged bearings. If they have stood for a long while they could quite well be corroded. It isn't going to cost much to replace them and you know for certain it will be right then.


Thread: Were castings cheap back then?
20/04/2015 22:23:50

When the car industry was brought to a standstil in the sixties/seventies by the Unions, some Asian blokes came over and recruited the Management to go over and they started a little company called Hyundi.


Thread: Advice on lathe purchase
20/04/2015 21:35:18

It is true, John has a Crusader lathe and I really like it, he went for DRO's on all axis which catches me out once in a while but I used the lathe much of yesterday and I wasn't exhausted from it.

Early this year I decided to get something bigger and I went with Chester. My Mill is from them and my previous lathe was, I have always enjoyed good service from them. My new lathe is slightly longer in the bed than most but I have a requirement for a big between centres length and not so much swing. The Crusader has a terrific swing and plenty of room over the cross slide. I will put some pics up tomorrow. I am just too beat tonight.

One thing I will be doing though is fabricating some sort of ON/OFF lever for it, I just can't be having little push buttons. I will need to consult with Les about this.


(Sorry, just re-read that  the lever would be for my lathe - not the Crusader. It has great start/stop features)

Edited By Oompa Lumpa on 20/04/2015 22:03:58

Thread: What did you do today (2015)
16/04/2015 22:21:08
Posted by Muzzer on 16/04/2015 21:22:29:

Oompa Loompa - are you reusing those cases? I know nothing of these things but just wondering how you fit the detonators etc safely. I assume you buy them ready to press into the case, then afterwards fill the case and fit the tip?

Is there any significant danger in running around carrying bandoliers of rounds and/or "pouring" loose rounds, given the vague possibility of setting off a detonator?


Ohh Yes! Always reuse the brass. Dear stuff and this is quality stuff. If you are a little conservative you can relouad the brass well into 14-16-18 times. By reloading I reduce dramatically the cost of my shooting, thing is, reloading is a whole subject all on it's own but terrific for tinkerers such as us. The length of the brass is important, the projectile seating depth is critical and there needs to be a careful note kept as to how much and what type of powder. There are a number of proprietory tools to enable you to seat the primers safely and then you add the powder and finally - using a press you seat the bullet. During the preparation stage you resize the full length of the case or just the shoulder - all depends on a number of factors.

I use a decapping die first off before anything to remove the primers then I clean the cases. I am building a tumbler at the mo which will use very fine stainless pins to clean the cases. My friend has one and it is excellent.
Then I lightly lubricate the cases and resize them prior to inserting the primers.

Having one pointy tipped bulet directly behind another could turn nasty, I keep all completed ammunition in special plastic cases that hold the rounds securely. In those firearms that have a tubular magazine under the barrel, round nose ammunition is used and in all the years I have never heard of a mishap. Putting a slack handful of ammunition in your pocket isn't smart either, for a start it will pierce the lining nd you will be learning to sew real fast. Shotgun shells are different again - you just stick them in a coat pocket. The only caveat is NEVER BUT NEVER have a 12gauge and a 20 gauge out at the same time. A twenty gauge shell slips down the barrel of a 12 gauge and when the gun doesn't go off and you open it you think it is empty, stick some 12 gauge shells in there and BOOM! Big bang!


Thread: 5/16 (9mm) Hold down kits - are there any?
16/04/2015 15:09:33

I have seen 8mm kits for sale and as a matter of fact I actually have a 5/16" set. But don't ask me where it came fromblush


Thread: What did you do today (2015)
16/04/2015 15:03:18

Prepped some brass as I need ammo for the weekend, started early this morning though as I used the oven to dry the cases off after the Ultrasonic. Thought I best get this done early before the Financial Controller arrives back and finally understands why I wanted the large oven cookerwink


Thread: What angers/upsets you in the Workshop?
16/04/2015 08:30:24

Danny is right, the most annoying thing in my workshop is myself!

You know the moments, when it all goes to rats**t and a lightbulb goes on upstairs reminding you it Fsd up like that the last time you tried it!

I am a slow learner on occasion. Pondering Harrogate show this morning.......


Thread: What did you do today (2015)
15/04/2015 20:39:26

Set to and built my revolving tailstock chuck this afternoon as the bearings had arrived:


Spins lovely:


Then I made a start on the spindle nose from a piece of 3" bar. I am going to thread it 1.5mm pitch so it will be 60 x 1.5mm I thought about it and anything finer there is a good chance of me cross threading it


This project has made some progress the last couple of days, I just needed to make a few decisions.


Edited By Oompa Lumpa on 15/04/2015 20:48:11

Thread: EMG-12 Endmill Re-sharpening module
13/04/2015 09:09:35

Would love to own one of these, but just right now I cannot justify it.

It has however spurred me on and I have ordered the bearings for my spindle for my tool and cutter grinder.


Thread: Machinability v Mess v Finish.
09/04/2015 15:41:48

Thread Necrophilia at it's best!

Thread: What did you do today (2015)
08/04/2015 20:43:47

Finally decided to make a start on the spindle for my Tool and Cutter Grinder - a work in progress with no drawings at all, I am making it up as I go along - so machined up a bit of pipe. I decided on 140mm long and 47x14x19.04mm bearings the pipe is 65mm diameter.. This is the first housing and will be the grinding cup end, the business end. The bearing at the other end will be the floating bearing.
Thinking about maybe Tig welding a chunk of Ally onto the middle instead of fabricating a holder. Maybe. Don't want to deal with any heat distortion though so maybe not.

See, no plans


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