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Thread: MEW Adhesives
31/05/2015 19:32:40
Posted by Howard Lewis on 31/05/2015 19:08:34:

I have used Loctite which was probably twenty years old. (WELL past its shelf life) Several years later, with the anaerobic having been applied over a fairly large area, the joint would NOT break!

So don't be too despondant!


I have a largish container of Loctite 626 (might have the wrong number there but definitely 62something) given to me by a friend some twenty years ago and I am still using it. Works just fine. I have of course widened my selection and have about eight different types of Loctite adhesives now all with their own properties.

One adhesive I use regularly and which I think is a little mis-understood is "Tiger Seal". I use this to bond airgun silencers and even in the thirty foot pound guns I have never had a failure. This stuff works great bonding aluminium, carbon fibre and kevlar materials. It is used to bond car panels to the chassis of a number of cars. Great stuff and wouldn't be without it. (Tiger Seal is a Polyurathane adhesive)


Thread: The New AMAT25LV
29/05/2015 20:42:13

Have you considered the Chester Super Lux?

Very nice and great big table, DRO as standard.


Thread: What did you do today (2015)
29/05/2015 17:25:36
Posted by Capstan Speaking on 29/05/2015 12:32:16:
Posted by Oompa Lumpa on 29/05/2015 09:33:45:

Well obviously, the delivery driver had it wrong and clearly delivered Mr Stevensons Hard-As-Witcheswotsits to me by mistake, nice finish though.wink 2


Probably running a bit quick but if you got away with it then fine.

I used to refurbish press tooling as hard as HSS with a ceramic tip. I actually had to put on shades from the arc of molten metal that came off. smile d

I will confess, it was running quick, I turned it down a bit for the finishing passes though I was tempted to swap tips for Cermet. But then decided best conserve those for jobs that really mattered.

Roderick, I do quite a bit of Titanium and I am always careful not to let the swarf build up under the work because once it catches light you can't get it out!


29/05/2015 09:33:45

Well obviously, the delivery driver had it wrong and clearly delivered Mr Stevensons Hard-As-Witcheswotsits to me by mistake, nice finish though.wink 2


Made a nice backplate for my (new to me) PB four jaw.



29/05/2015 08:05:03

Get yourself a Zeus book. You won't need anything else.

(unless you are looking at drilling for ME thread taps?)


Thread: ER32 collet use.
27/05/2015 07:05:37

Antivirus software is not perfect, there is no problem with the page (though I do like the screenshot above saying the "threat" had been removed, that is quite funny) your antivirus software probably needs an update.

However, accept everything I say about antivirus with a pinch of salt, I am still apologetic to someone here about this sort of thing though I am usually on the ball.


Thread: What did you do today (2015)
25/05/2015 09:32:48

Couple of weeks ago I was at Bog's house and he showed me a small "camera on a string" - a small cylindrical camera marketed as an Endoscope on the usual auction sites. I had been building a camera setup for the lathe/mill and promptly abandoned the idea and spent Eleven Pounds, Sterling, for this 2Megapixel 10mm diameter camera. It has six LED's at the lens and you can control the brightness from the USB end of the cable with a small thumbwheel.

No real use in day to day work of course but perfect for those times when the only way to see what you are doing is to stretch across the machine:



Next up - make a bracket for the computer.


Thread: What's your best tool purchase ?
12/05/2015 08:15:14

Best tool I own, my glasses. Second best is cash. Can accomplish most everything with these two tools.


Thread: What did you do today (2015)
10/05/2015 21:07:08

Moving along in the same vein, I went off to John's this morning to try to finish my "Universal Action Cat" sounds good, I made it up. It is a special chuck to hold rifle actions for me when I work on them. I was getting a bit fed up with the lashups (not good for my nerves) and wanted something that would take just about anything I could throw at it. We started off with a lump of 6082 about ten inches by five and a half-ish. A big heavy lump. It is much, much lighter tonight, about six bags of swarf in total I think.

We started where we had left off, I had brought along some long drills so I could get the hole started and get some clearance for the one inch boring bar, starting cuts:


this is the business end of the chuck and the narrowest, the other end I am leaving at 140mm so I can get plenty of purchase for the mounting studs, However, for a number of reasons, all of which you will all be familiar with, the deepest I could get was five inches, which was fine by me.


Then it was time to turn it around and part off a couple of inches, here is John going for it with a 3mm tipped parting tool:


Then it was start again from this end and meet up in the middle:


While I was busy boring this John set up on the Mill and when I had finished - I also faced this end off and recessed for the register - I handed over to John to mark out with a spot drill for the four studs. I spent the next half hour Getting all the swarf out of the machine and off the floor!
Determined to get it finished this week.


Thread: Anyone been to the Harrogate show yet ?
09/05/2015 20:43:04

Just in case anyone didn't get that, Mr Stevenson is demonstrating the Cutter sharpening machine in Hall one - Go in the main entrance, turn right and go through the Restaurant bit and keep on going until you come to the end of the stalls selling stuff, narrowly miss Mr Wyatt (rushing along and very much On-A-Mission) and look to your right. Don't forget to take some cutters with you and you can then stick a few bob in John's Beer Money tin (it has the Heart Charity logo on it, but looks can be deceiving!)

We looked at the machine and John kindly sharpened a couple of cutters I had taken along. The general agreement was a club or group of people should club together and buy one for everyone's benefit if you couldn't justify buying one for yourself. A great piece of kit and I hope to be in a position to needing one sooner rather than later. If something like this could be built to a budget that would sharpen drills, I would buy it now, needing to sharpen drills has caused me to build a full blown tool and cutter grinder. This machine is fast though, with very minimal setup time.

Bought a good number of dovetail and other cutters in carbide and a few oddball thread dies. I also negotiated a price for a large, nicely made, rear toolpost in hardened steel. Mass is really important in a toolpost (I learned to my cost). Always nice to see some of the traders and I would offer a comment with regard to the selection of tools/machines on display on the Chester stand.

I have come to know Tony quite well now and he has put an enormous amount of effort into promoting the Chester Hobby part of the business. He spends a lot of time preparing for the various shows and they only have one large van so really, a stand with twenty or thirty machines on it is out of the question. A good deal of the time, Tony is not getting paid "overtime" or any extra for the hours he puts in and he does it because he really enjoys talking to everybody and he believes in the Chester brand. A good deal has changed since Tony took the lead with this part of the business and there has been a major attitude shift back at base largely due to his efforts. I personally have a great deal of time for him.

There were a couple of things I didn't buy which were on my list but I always have a strict budget and really try to stick to it otherwise you can - all too easily - get carried away and then you are going to be coming home needing a remortgage! I also try to buy only stuff I need or have a use for, again - not easy if you like the precioussssswink

great day out with great people, what's not to like?


08/05/2015 21:06:47

I will be there, wouldn't miss it.


Thread: Harrogate Exhibition
08/05/2015 18:02:47

I will be bringing along one of my favourite carbide cutters and a couple of others. I have just knocked all the corners off it. It ticks me off when I am careless like that, but at least the charity will benefit so some good comes of it.


Thread: What did you do today (2015)
08/05/2015 17:54:31
Posted by bodge on 08/05/2015 17:25:48:


Wholly agree with Ian P. dogs breakfast like !! Bodge

Bugger, Especially Bugger about the font size, one of the big attractions for me. I will have a look about tomorrow and see if something seduces me.


08/05/2015 04:55:43
Posted by "Bill Hancox" on 08/05/2015 04:37:47:
Posted by Oompa Lumpa on 07/05/2015 18:36:25:

Finished my Barrel Vice, well, it makes sense - If you make posh guns you need a posh vice, no?

Nice job Graham. It will serve you well. A few years ago I loaned my barrel vice and Mauser wrench to an ex-friend. I never did get them back. I vividly recall my first barrel job I removed the barrel from a Parker Hale 1200 to build a target rifle using a PH 1200T barrel. No barrel vice back then although I had built a Mauser wrench. I removed the barrel using 1/2" nylon rope and a pick handle. When the barrel finally let go, it did so with a resounding snap and fully unscrewed from the receiver.

Just finished assembling my Walther 1950's KKM after bedding.


In the interest f Full Disclosure, Bogs macined the surfaces for me on his big Mill while I tried to break his lathe.

It kept blunting the flycutter so he got cross and thrrew a Carbide cutter at it. Pretty tough it was too.


07/05/2015 22:12:26
Posted by Ian Welford on 07/05/2015 22:01:16

So you going to Harrogate then Graham?

Regards Ian

Oh yes going on atsturday.

Anyone bought one of those fractional calipers? Always wondered about them and just fancy getting one......


07/05/2015 21:32:15
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 07/05/2015 19:46:41:

Nice paperweight in the background. I have one like that



Just so you know, it isn't painted. It is Hot Caustic Blacked.

Believe me, I use that bench block every day. That pic is taken right next to the "dismantling desk" and for knocking pins out and getting triggers off it is great. I have another in plastic now too and have been asked by a colleague to make him one in plastic. Great for getting things apart (that you have reassembled wrongly) and not marking them.

Well who doesn't make the occasional cockup? My life is one long series of disasters


(Really wish I could get my hands on ANY Walnut blanks. Rarer than a rare thing nowadays).

Edited By Oompa Lumpa on 07/05/2015 21:33:13

Edited By Oompa Lumpa on 07/05/2015 21:37:49

07/05/2015 18:36:25

Finished my Barrel Vice, well, it makes sense - If you make posh guns you need a posh vice, no?

Beautiful to behold, the little holes are 15mm for 14mm hold down bolts, the bigger bolts are, well BIG. For those that don't know you make a bushing for the centre, put the barrel in the bushing and crush down on that using the massive bolts - on thrust washers - you grip the barrel so it can't move. Then using another special wrench which fits on the receiver you get to unscrew the barrel. My first one really wasn't up to it anymore so built this one:

barrel vice.jpg


Thread: Dropped a clanger
07/05/2015 18:27:50
Posted by john carruthers on 07/05/2015 16:22:11:

Maybe some opto-isolators would help?

I have just bought one of those for my laptop-to-Hi-Fi link and it is just terrific. No Buzz Hum or anything now. Well worth the money.


06/05/2015 21:39:35
Posted by richardandtracy on 06/05/2015 11:45:16:

Thanks for the manual link. I have one of these on my cnc router/engraver and it came with no manual for anything at all. It has been an 'interesting' experience setting up the cnc stuff, especially as the output from this vfd is so electrically noisy at low frequencies it causes the stepper motors to step without controller commands being sent.



That is quite interesting Richard because, since buying this and mentioning it to a friend, he has bought two and two big spindles and uses them on a two table CNC setup. He has never mentioned any problems but I am going to try to call him tomorrow and find out.


Thread: Seeking someone to make a component (spacer)
06/05/2015 20:31:26
Posted by paul 1950 on 06/05/2015 18:32:47:

well make them for him or shut up, simpleswink

I offered to do that at 10.30 this morning but the OP hasn't worked out that there is a messaging system on this forum because, despite being logged in, he has not yet read it.

06/05/2015 10:32:10 Richard Rogalewski offline spacers Unread

Next comment please......


Edited By Oompa Lumpa on 06/05/2015 20:38:23 

Edited By Oompa Lumpa on 06/05/2015 20:39:18

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