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Thread: What did you do today? (2014)
19/10/2014 20:59:10

Did a bit of whittling today (as my good lady calls it - faffing about is metalwork, whittlin' is woodwork - who would have thought?).

Anyway, finished one of the vintage stocks that I regularly repair, this wasn't one of the worst I have ever done but the real damage wan't visible until the varnish and woodfiller were removed.




I have started to put the stains and sealers on and it looks acceptable.


Thread: Mini Lathe
19/10/2014 08:40:25

Duncan, it isjust a bit of 3/4" ply with a hole the size of the barrel drilled in the middle and then pushed into the outboard end of the headstock when required to support the barrel, or indeed, any piece of long bar.

"The bore being of centre on a barrel sounds like a Chinese barrel. Was is a 78 or 78 CO2? They are well known for it."

Crosman actually Uli - another Cheap N Cheerful company
Bloody awful barrels.


18/10/2014 21:37:25

Hi Duncan, you don't really need the barrel to be between centres if you are just screwcutting. I have a couple of diffferent supports I have made for the big Colchester to support the barrel sticking out the headstock. The one to watch out for is bore concentric with the outside of the barrel I was caught out with this once.


18/10/2014 21:32:54

I do a good many airgun repairs and I would say any of the 7x12 - 7x14 -7xwhatever will suit you fine. All the Air Arms, Brocock, Daystate - in fact any of the PCP rifle barrels will fit without problem.

And they are big enough to make almost any accessory you want. Get the longest one (Bed wise) that you can though if you want to make shrouds.


Thread: Quit while you are ahead!
18/10/2014 09:44:49

Grade 5 is no different than Grade 1 or 2 or indeed any of the commercial grades in it's ability to light up. I was pushing my luck with a damaged/blunt tip and no coolant. Flood coolant is highly recommended and it is something I just don't have at home (nor will I for as long as I can do without) AND as you can see from the remnants I was taking a heavy cut = Lots of Heat.

I would have to take advice on the welding bit as to why it doesn't ignite, I just don't know. I will finish the bits off today, using a sharp tip and put a pic up - I just don't need any more dramablush


17/10/2014 21:57:49

Should also read "Don't push your luck!"

I thought of putting this in the "Hints and Tips" thread too.
Anyway, as some of you know I haven't been having much luck lately, well I have - but it has all been bad!

After the toothache fiasco (I will put that down to typical "Bloke" behaviour) then my dog ate the picture frame and a few other disasters I thought I was out of the woods.

Except yesterday the linisher bit me and removed the top of the fingernail from my Index Finger. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to shoot a competition with a Mr Bump plaster on your index pinkie? Well it isn't easy. So today passed - by and large - without incident and I thought I would do a bit of catching up. I am well behind with a few things. One of the first things I did this morning was set the Donkey (Saw to everyone else) to cutting some disks of Titanium. I needed four disks sawn 12mm thick from a piece of 40mm bar stock. Anyone who has done this knows it is going to take a while. Took up most of the day to be honest.

So anyway, I started to turn them up to the correct thickness, the first one passed without incident but setting the second one up in the chuck I (clumsy Oaf) clipped the chuck with the insert and chipped it. As it was only a small chip(?) I decided it would do for the next cut.

There are certain things you learn when working with Titanium and one of those things is to keep all the trays clear of Swarf. DO NOT allow it to accumulate. Why? Because if (when) you have the swarf light up because you are using too much pressure on a cut that is too big for the chipped tool you are hell bent on getting your full value from, you won't destroy the machine. It is just not possible to put a Titanium burn out with any sort of home extinguisher. I know of one person lost a Bridgeport

This is the bit that lit up coming off the tool, it was definitely one of those "Full Pucker" moments:


And this is the swarf I had just cleared from the tray:


It could have ended in tears. Instead I decided to turn the lights off and go make some tea. Far less risk.


Thread: MEW 221: Bravo!
17/10/2014 10:19:58

At the risk of going all "20th Century" on you, I wouldn't bother with all of the above (no disrespect) but I would simply make a new Leadscrew half nut using Delrin or similar and just heat the leadscrew up and crush the Delrin around it.

This I have found works well.


Thread: New addition to the family.! ;)
17/10/2014 09:26:55
Posted by Boiler Bri on 16/10/2014 21:21:46:

Nice MERC which

What? They actually made a nice one?

I don't think so.


Thread: Restoring an Elliot Progress Drill
16/10/2014 22:24:36

Sadly Ronan they are showing out of stock. I did see some somewhere but I need to rattle the old Grey Matter and try to remember where.
If the spring has broken at the end it is not a difficult job to anneal the spring end and fold it over to form a new hook.

But I do remember someone advertising these.


Thread: What is it
15/10/2014 19:59:49
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 15/10/2014 17:18:02:

It could certainly make a good base for a T&C grinder.


My very thoughts. It's the column I could use. I have found a piece of 2" bright round stock though. That and a leadscrew, all very interesting though and I feel a Build Thread coming on.


Thread: Cross-slide movement naming?
10/10/2014 08:18:37
Posted by OldMetaller on 10/10/2014 08:04:06:

I now have The Hokey Cokey as an earworm...sad




I am not impressed John.

You have now given it me.



Thread: Free Plastic
07/10/2014 12:22:19


I have had interest from yourself Jes and another person in France. I have also had enquiries from the US and Canada. It is not hard to post to all of these countries but I need to sit down and work out the best size/weight/price ratio to make it worthwhile and frankly I haven't had the time.

As soon as there is a bit of a lull in the skirmishing I will look into this


(BikePete - your PM is on the same page as Russ's in my inbox so I am wondering if I missed the whole page out. I will go back and check. Just to reiterate - If you paid, you are on the list. I am just hoping Lee and Reece get back early today and I can allocate a few tasks to them They have been very good really and have given their time freely.)

07/10/2014 12:15:38
Posted by Russ B on 07/10/2014 11:00:32:

Graham, I contacted you on the 5th (in September, the day after your kind offer)

The message in my sent box states that it's been read but I've not heard anything from you, could you check up on that please?

Many thanks,


Edited By Russ B on 07/10/2014 11:01:52

Russ, I am sorry but your note seems to have slipped through the cracks when I was replying. But I can confirm that you are definitely on "The List"


07/10/2014 10:37:53

Righto, rather than just sitting here enduring the pain I have PM'd everyone in my inbox who has contacted me. For obvious reasons the shipping came to a screaming halt (?) but I am determined to get a minimum of six packages per week sent out. I have a good deal of catching up to do and I am behind with everything now so soonest started sooner finished!

Going to fill myself up with painkillers and crack on.


Thread: What did you do today? (2014)
06/10/2014 14:24:03
Posted by Gordon W on 06/10/2014 11:23:46:

Last time I was at the dentist I had an infected tooth removed ( caused by a previous dentist ) the relief was immediate.

This is exactly where I was. The original problem stemmed from a Dentist who quite simply would not listen. Now that the tooth has been cleaned and properly filled the molars on the same side but on the lower jaw have decided to make their presence felt - the infection was still hanging around and just moved elsewhere. Been to the Docs and I now know that I have an allergic reaction to Amoxicillin taken in massive doses

I have given up trying to work. The pain is too distracting.


Thread: LEDs ... The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
06/10/2014 09:50:53
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 06/10/2014 09:30:24:
Posted by Oompa Lumpa on 06/10/2014 09:24:17:

... but it is all the same principle and the knowledge is interchangeable really.


Fair comment, Graham ... I didn't mean to sound negative.


No, I know that Michael, the comment was more for general consumption as I find a good many people find themselves bewildered by all the various choices options and permutations. I am an "early adopter" of the technology and I have made my own fair share of mistakes when choosing different bulbs. I think the biggest single mistake most people make is to get LED's that are far too blue. In other words of a high Kelvin rating and this puts them right off as it is not a comfortable frequency to work by.

My good lady for instance won't buy LED's because she went down the LED road early on and the lights were all "too blue" so I am surreptitiously going around the house swapping the bulbs out, slowly she is coming around but when swapping out the 12v halogen bulbs I have hit snags, especially with wire wound transformers and even more so with lighting dimmer circuits. And I have a bit of a clue as to what I am doing so average Joe will find themselves going back and forth in some instances.


06/10/2014 09:24:17
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 06/10/2014 09:09:19:

Thanks Graham ... Yes, been there.

At the time; most of the threads I saw seemed to be about "flashlights"

... I will re-visit.


Well, yes it is Michael, but it is all the same principle and the knowledge is interchangeable really. They do seem to have a handle on which LED manufacturer's product to buy and which to avoid. Some of the runtimes of these run in to weeks, not hours, at a low setting. Absolutely invaluable in certain situations.


Thread: What did you do today? (2014)
06/10/2014 08:53:37

Hey Bill, the guy who owns my favourite tool shop now puts hammers that are "interesting" to one side for me to look at when I go in. Do you think I have a problem?

Anyway, I haven't done it yet today but at nine promptly I will be phoning the Doctors to get an appointment. Third night in a row I have hardly slept because of toothache/earache. It is an ongoing problem of a jaw infection - it is really bloody painful. I have that many really Heavy Duty painkillers inside me I am not so sure I should even be driving. Yes, THAT bad

Then later on this afternoon I have to take my wife's favourite painting to be re-framed. She has no idea but bloody Ted decided it might taste nice so for whatever reason he knocked it off the wall and proceeded to eat the frame. Just what the barmy animal was thinking ........... It is oil on canvas and if he had damaged the painting itself my ass would be grass. His too! Anyhow Bill she is in your part of the world at the moment so I have to work fast!



Thread: LEDs ... The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
06/10/2014 08:28:39

Michael, this is where you need to be at for your LED info: Candlepowerforums

The guys on there seem to have tried it all. There are some really interesting threads comparing the different types of LED and there are useful tips on how to get rid of the heat. Living in the sticks I have a couple of home made flashlights, one of which is exceptionally bright despite it's very diminutive size.


Thread: Cherry's Model Engines
05/10/2014 19:59:00

Jason, it seems to allude in the text there that there is a lack of construction detail:

"However, there are no details of her machining techniques, which seem to be conventional, but done superbly well. "

Shame really as she is very talented but also very driven by all accounts and will not do interviews, citing lack of time. She feels there are certain things she has to accomplish before leaving this world.


Looks like Paul beat me to it but looks like we both read the same into the text.

Edited By Oompa Lumpa on 05/10/2014 20:00:50

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