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Thread: Which chuck to buy for first lathe ?
19/07/2015 10:13:39
Posted by Brian John on 19/07/2015 09:49:42:

David : I was wondering about the lack of a belt guard on the Taig : it looked quite dangerous to me. Surely it would not have cost them too much to make one ?

In order to get your pinky caught in the belt you must first lean across the spinning chuck. Breaking one of the cardinal rules of lathe operation.

In my experience, (actually owning one) the belt is no hazard at all. The chuck on the other hand.......


Thread: Make your own 'Air Rifle'
17/07/2015 10:54:58

Rather late to the party here but I see we have some Air-Gun Royalty contributing. It's a small world is airgunning (and about to become much smaller in Scots-land - but lets not go there). I have observed arguments for and against 12ft lbs rage on many forums and my observation is we are stuck with it and that is pretty much the end of it.

Plenty of people have built airguns in their sheds and gone on to become quite famous in the world of airgunning: Bowkett, Whiscome and Ripley just to name a few. So why not build an airgun? Here is one that inspires me?


the link to further pics HERE

Personally I am building a double rifle in 22 Hornet for myself but this looks like a really nice effort. I think If I had built that I would have stopped there and gone on to other things I am also a great fan of Set Triggers - but each to their own eh? blush

Air rifles are great though, easy to biuld, modify and tune. Get yourself a little Chronograph and easy to keep it all below 12 ft. Lbs. I like the FWB 601 Vic, but I have an old and trusty FWB 300s which can outshoot me all day long, I love some of the vintage stuff. I also have a Sharp Innova somewhere with Target sights on it - can't imagine you would win anything though, apart from the "Big Biceps" competition.

Well, off back in to the Bat Cave for another day's toil. Though made that much more interesting by my restoration of a .500 Express Double rifle made by some outfit or other called Boss and Co. Looking down the bores is like looking down a pair of binoculars! But I am sure this will make it's way into a thread all of it's own.


Thread: New Lathe, well maybe not "new"
21/06/2015 17:33:00
Posted by John Stevenson on 21/06/2015 17:21:10:

Seen one of these before.

It's a lathe.

Yes, but I think it is ambidextrous though as there is a steady rest (shown not so well in the top photograph) that looks "woodworking-ish".


21/06/2015 17:10:16

But new to me. A friend of mine who has an antiques shop called me up last week and said "I have a chap here trying to sell me a lathe, do you want it?

What is it? was the obvious first question, "it's nice" was the answer so essentially I bought a pig in a poke. I had absolutely no idea at all as to what I had bought but I wasn't disappointed with the purchase, it is a lovely antique lathe with all the "bits" and it is actually in a very useable condition. I will not be using it of course, I have something else in mind for it (no - I will not be cutting it up/otherwise destroying it) but if anyone could give me any idea as to it's possible origins (other than from Jeff at the antique shop) I would be grateful as I am going to be asked the question innumerable times I would imagine.

22" between centres and 31/4" from the bed to the centre of the chuck. Lovely thing it is too. No chuck key thoughsmiley





Thread: swarf!
20/06/2015 21:46:13
Posted by Frances IoM on 20/06/2015 17:19:20:
(if clogs were still available at sensible price I'd suggest these)

Would love another good pair, Sweden is a great place to go Clog shopping (?). Now there's an idea!


Thread: Kasenit desperately needed
18/06/2015 08:20:01

I really could use a couple ounces of Kasenit if anyone has any to spare. I will happily pay for it and the postage from anywhere.

Alternatively I will happily show my Ar*e in Burtons window if that works?

Thanks in advance,


Thread: What did you do today (2015)
16/06/2015 21:36:12

When in the Deep-Doo-Doo, only a Roller Box will do!

I have "lost" a part, belonging to someone else - so need to make a replacement really quick!


Still not finished it, so back to the Bat Cave!


Thread: Pop up ad on home page
16/06/2015 08:15:29

From some of the comments above, I have deduced that:

Some members here are members as long as everything is going their way, and will dump you like a shot if they disagree with anything you do, also zero tolerance for a technical issue (which makes me question what the hell they are doing here in the first place).

More people than I thought don't have a life and a popup on a free forum which is, by and large, populated by good decent people who will help you out if you are stuck is the_End_of_The_World for some.


Thread: Workshop EDM Machine
15/06/2015 23:27:23

As some of you know, my friend Ian was involved in a rather serious accident last November and has been unable to work since, car accident, long story.

Anyhow, Ian had a fabulous workshop full of EDM machines and wire cutting machines. This facility I have lost. Not to worry, with help from Les I have set off on a journey to build quite a sophisticated EDM Machine. Another friend, aware that I am on-a-mission with this, sent me this link. It takes EDM machining to a whole new place:



Thread: What did you do today (2015)
15/06/2015 07:26:10
Posted by JohnF on 15/06/2015 01:13:48:

Posted by Gordon W on 08/06/2015 09:05:28:

Just for interest all you gun people- I was told that that shotguns had the barrels and ribs soft soldered together, is that true and is it still so ?

I don't know, but would stand corrected, of any maker who welds barrel assemblies. Recently in the UK there has been a development in the re-sleeving process to repair worn or damaged barrels where the joint is welded so it does not show but it does not depend on the weld for the strength of the joint it is for cosmetics only.

There are advantages and disadvantages with both systems but I won't go into that right now.

Blueing or blacking there are really two methods one is the rust blueing used extensively in Britain the highest temperature is 100*c I.e. Boiling water, the other is caustic bluing where the temperature is much higher. This is not suitable for soft soldered barrels not because of the temperature but because the salts used at the high temperature attack the tin and desolve it. Caustic blueing is faster and suits high volume production but is arguably not as durable as rust bluing. Providing the joint is tight and the excess solder removed on tinned barrels the joint should not show or be barely perceptible .

Believe me there is a great deal more to both of these processes than covered here but hope this helps a little.

Cheers John

Ahh, The article I read implied that the whole assembly was welded, I will re-read that and send you a copy John. It was of interest to me because that Lewis I have has the cosmetic issue of the sleeving being quite noticeable. I will take some pictures so people can see what it is about.


Thread: lubricating lathes
10/06/2015 20:27:21
Posted by John W1 on 10/06/2015 18:29:04:

If you want to use silicone grease the best source is probably a dive shop (scuba etc). It has to be the pure real thing just like grease used in air rifles, in the later case some greases explode. In the other it's probably more related to fuming but on the other hand some one who fills tanks for them told me he had to use a very similar oil to the one F1 use in his compressor - complaining about the cost.

I wouldn't use silicone oil. It migrates and gets all over the place.

I'm still curious about what part on a lathe is made of plastic and needs lubrication?



Edited By John W1 on 10/06/2015 18:29:49

Silicone is rarely used in Dive Regulators and indeed diving equipment generally nowadays. Commonly used is ChristoLube which is really good but I personally prefer to use Tribolube 71, you can use it in any pre-charged air rifle or pistol secure that it won't cause you any problems. Never had an airgun explode because of the wrong grease though. Now, mixing Oxygen and Grease, that would cause some pyrotechnics!

Not cheap though.

Thread: What did you do today (2015)
08/06/2015 21:19:01
Posted by Gordon W on 08/06/2015 09:05:28:

Just for interest all you gun people- I was told that that shotguns had the barrels and ribs soft soldered together, is that true and is it still so ?

That indeed used to be the case but very rarely nowadays. Depending which gun, soft soldered barrels sometimes cannot be hot blued. Mostly Silver Soldered is the case and the silver blues well. I have a .410 that was recently blacked and the soft solder is quite visible down both barrels. Modern factory produced production line guns are welded.

The trick with double guns - and this covers both shotguns and double rifles is "regulating" the barrels so no matter which barrel you discharge, the shot or bullet arrives at the same place. With a bit of luck, JohnF will be along in a minute and may better explain as this is something he does regularly and can describe far more eloquently than I can..

Finally, many, many early guns were Rust Blued, a technique which does not require Hot Blueing Tanks and there is no danger of seperation due to heat.


07/06/2015 22:02:16

Spent a rather enjoyable morning at Worseley Clay shooting ground trying out my "new" gun. A venerable GE Lewis of Birmingham side by side in 12 guage. Just rebuilt by my good self and I have to say, it shoots lovely. Did a round of a hundred between my pal and I and found a cartridge it likes.

I am not especially good with a shotgun, but that doesn't detract at all from the fun, I can thoroughly recommend it if you get the chance, the old girl is a hundred and fifteen this year, so I was using light loads. We took young Tom along for the ride and here he is trying her out for size. He is only fifteen, but has a much better reaction time than I so I only let him play for a short time before he showed us up


Thread: increasing the bending stiffness of steel pipe or tube?
06/06/2015 08:45:31

Do we have a diameter for this tube?


Thread: What did you do today (2015)
05/06/2015 22:30:34

Went to see one of my cousins girls, Ruby is five months pregnant and before she became pregnant, weighed in at a little over 1000 lbs. You really wouldn;t want her to stand on your toes!

Hand feeds and actually responds to her name, a huge beast. Very impressive and they are more pets than "just cattle" you can see from their condition (he has two, mother and daughter) that they are spoiled.


05/06/2015 09:12:11
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 04/06/2015 12:37:34:

> drilling the 12mm plate on the right was pretty straightforward but the 15mm plate on the left is proving obstinate.

Doesn't seem the most practical way of spotting out loco frames.


And a broken drill every time

Fun though.


03/06/2015 20:48:54

Last night I made a windy, windy handle for the spindle to make single point close threading that much easier, come on, we have all done it, used the chuck key to rotate the chuck (nightmare when the chuck loosens!). Ended up being made all from stainless, I didn't plan it that way but the offcuts I had in the right size were all stainless, even the threaded bar. Handle was from a C3 though.

spindle handle.jpg

so then this morning I rewarded myself with a trip to the range, drilling the 12mm plate on the right was pretty straightforward but the 15mm plate on the left is proving obstinate. Need to give 'em a bit more vim methinks and try again



(for those that would like to know - this is a .270 round with a 130 grain bullet on top of 43 grains of Hodgdon 4895)

Thread: Chester Machine Tools Open Day
02/06/2015 21:09:47

Nearly had (another) heart attack this morning. Thought I had missed Chester Machine Tools open day at Hawarden.

It is the last week of June - not the first! So still a couple of weeks to go. It is at their HQ at Hawarden if that is any help to anyone. I will be there without fail. Apparently I can fondle as many machines as I want AND it's not even a criminal offence!



Thread: Any ideas what these are?
02/06/2015 16:10:13
Posted by Russell Eberhardt on 02/06/2015 15:14:06:

Didn't Stellite used to be used to hard face valves in old sports car engines?


Yus. You are quite right, sodium filled valves too.


Thread: 3 phase - again - DSG
01/06/2015 22:23:20
Posted by Bowber on 01/06/2015 19:44:10:

7.5 hp! what are you expecting to do with it?


Anything he wants I would imagine.


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