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Thread: Advice required for model boat nameplate.
05/07/2021 18:55:17

Thanks everyone for your advice,

I had never thought of having an enamel badge with a smaller section I could cut off...that is a great idea...

thanks pgk and all.


05/07/2021 14:55:54

Advice needed!

Could anyone tell me where I could have a couple of nameplates for my model boat made, obviously water resistant material say brass or perspex, I have no means of making something with small text etched or carved or printed.

The nameplate is only ~ 40 x 10 mm long and need only be ~1mm thick, I don't mind paying for this, after all I have spent many hours in making the model and if I make it... it wouldn't do the model justice.

An enamelled badge type would be absolutely fantastic .. however I don't know if there is anyone doing this for 'one offs'..

I feel certain there must be someone with expertise in this subject on this forum and I would be gratefull for any advice.....Thanks...Bob.

Thread: Fun on the water...
24/06/2021 08:34:07

Thanks Neil/Jeff....

The motors in my boat are brushed and although it is powerful enough it would be interesting to know how much more efficient the brushless motors are, including the electronics to provide the voltages....or how much extra run time do they provide?

Also....I am a complete beginner with boats and I opted for plastic propellors, is there any advantage in having brass props?


20/06/2021 20:17:52

Ah yes boats ! that got my interest...

For my first attempt at a model R/C boat I built a twin prop motor cruiser, Ravenna, designed by Jim Pottinger.

The boat building started out when I replaced a venetian blind, I thought it a shame to throw the slats away, they are straight grained and thin enough to be bent into shape with some persuation from a little steam, and the idea came to me that they would be great for making a boat hull.


Hull nearly finished....You can see the slats on the far side.

I have not finished the painting as yet and not put the name to it, however I have tried it out on the water albeit a local stream which showed up a problem with the needed proportional control and rather than go the route of having another box of electronics I fitted two mico switches so that when the rudder is full over it disconects one of the motors and the other gives the turning torque.


The R/C control is a 2.4GHz Spectrum DX7, I think that this R/C system does not interfere with other boating radio signals but am not absolutley certain, I have been hoping to join the Etherow model boat club but at the last attempt to get there we were turned back by police who told us an unexploded bomb had been fished out of the I went home.

If there are any members of the Etherow club lookin in I would be much obliged for information to join, the last time I looked on the website the notice was that the club was in lockdown.




Thread: uv ballast
10/06/2021 11:26:50

Replacement UV lamps & LED UV lamps.

Mick...there has already ben a discussion about this..see thread

Pond filter with UV lamp


Thread: Filing machine uses?
08/06/2021 21:22:03

Replying to 'Artfull Codger'

Thanks for your posting which got me thinking.... and an apology for going completely off topic Mike, although you did say "anyone got any thoughts" YES! I am sure there must be many examples of 'Artfull Codgership' where an old machine of no apparent use would normally be sent to the scrapyard but to someone with a little imagination having an eye to see that something could be made from it or put to some good use.

At the moment many codgers are keen to take on an old lathe and we see old rusty lathes now going for ridiculous prices, I think it is the challenge of sorting out the problems which creates the interest and seeing the end result of what may be a lathe that is more than fit for purpose as it was originally intended, in fact some of these refurbished machines are a thing of beauty.

But I am not thinking just about lathes, in my little workshop I try to think about ways to enhance what machinery I have got using bits and pieces that would be criminal to throw away, or on seeing part of a machine or a tool trying to imagine what use it could be put to with some engineering or metal bashing thrown in, by the way it doesn't have to be related to engineering machinery, there must be lots of other items hobbies etc which could benefit from some imagination.

I don't think suppliers need worry that business will be going downhill, quite the opposite, I recently made a new tailstock barrel for my 80yr old lathe using a morse taper straight sleeve, not easy when you have drill an inch through hardened steel then find a way of grinding down to size .. but did require some diamond drills, a new MT2 sleeve and other bits & pieces, however I now have a nice looking bit of gear which would never be found as new.

Apart from the filing machine and the reciprocating saw mentioned in the post, I have used old sewing machine handles for my milling machine rather than the flimsy aluminium ones supplied, I have used the end bearings and housings from a motor for a third pulley on my Dore Westbury and all sorts of other bits & bobs.

What I am saying is... could there not be a section in ME for this sort of thing perhaps now and again, surely there must be many model engineers out there who have resorted to using odd items in an odd way using "Artfull Codgership"


07/06/2021 11:01:39

Thanks Mike...

although off topic .. just for anyone's interest I also used the same idea to make a reciprocating saw, a bit Heath Robinson but the metal to be cut doesn't know that !

The the saw frame is fitted to the piston head and in theory there is no need for the saw frame to slide in runners but I added a rectangular section to the cylinder head to give extra support... it is actually an rf waveguide fitting.

I set the vice on a substantial cross slide so I can adjust the blade to sit exactly where I want it...comes in very handy. rgds..Bob.


06/06/2021 20:16:42

Made one a while back, uses a small 2 stroke engine as the crank and file holder with extra upper vertical support,

the file used is a flat diamond file with round section handle fitted to piston head...driven by electric Singer motor, its good for making round holes into square after some initial hand filing and it keeps the sides straight .

You could use the blowback from the piston to blow filings away. Bob.


Thread: Scalped on my doorstep - it left an unpleasant taste in my mouth.
06/06/2021 10:06:16

I looked at the 'earnings' of CEO's of some famous charities and complained some months ago about the CEO of Save the Children fund who was reputed to be earing ~£230,000 pa..I was told that this was necessary to attract the right kind of person for that position.

Here are some interesting facts taken from a well known newspaper in 2019.

Marie Stopes family planning 2017, CEO earning £434,000

RSPCA highest earner (unknown) £229,999 (2018) with CEO £150,000

(2018)WWF un-named member of staff given £60,000 MORE than the CEO and advertising increase from £700,000 to £13million.

(2019) Macmillan CEO ~ £185,000

I could go on....perhaps it was a mistake to go into engineering.

Thread: Oofle Dust
03/05/2021 16:04:29

Thanks Tom....

I knew I was right with OOFLE... I will change the labels back when I get some more white tape. I don't know why I get bullied into doing things like this on such an important issue.... I can't thank you enough Tom.


03/05/2021 14:35:01

Its raining... I can't do the garden...theyt chucked me out of work because I'm too old...I can't stand watching the telly.. I've read all my emails and don't need to buy anything...I daren't stay in the house as SWMBO will find me some decorating to the only place to create a bit of interest and have a bit of peace is in the workshop.

I decided to clean up, first item is the bandsaw, I often use the dust mixed with PVA to fill in any holes in wood which is a well known trick of woodworkers. I keep different colours of wood in separate jars so it is ready and waiting for when needed and on marking my glass jars with the material it seemed to me to a good idea to create a name for the stuff, hence OOFLE DUST.. oldies like me will remember where this came from...youngies will have to scratch their heads!

In the past I have used other types of Oofle dust, ie brass, which mixed with epoxy makes a very strong filler, and used for blueing, and of course there are metal filings which I have not used as yet.

Being a grandad, I have to be the font of all knowledge and entertaining...of course my grandson, the oldest likes to see what goes on in the workshop and he can read .... he wanted to know what was in those jars? ... oofle dust I! you have spelled it incorrectly! it should be OOFAL dust.....Ok,Ok... I give in...and had to change all the labels....oh well its better than working!


Thread: Pond filter with UV lamp
01/05/2021 09:54:17

Thanks Jason... good advice as usual, I meant... change it to an LED one...

Dave, you are most likely right about cost coming down, I too remember they were, to my mind at the time an absolute marvell especially when you had been previously dealing with small filament bulbs which must have been ~100 times less efficient , I couldn't understand why they didn't make front page news!

I don't recall when they first appeared but as you say it was probably early 70's ... and now look at what we have in the semiconductor display arena, along with computer storage which I understand still follows 'Moores Law' .

In the late 70's I remember going to Honeywell for an interview as a computer engineer, didn't get the job but they did tell me that they had solid state storage of 1GB....! I nearly fell off the chair! I did have a small computer .. it had a RAM of 1k... I remember it took me a few hours to get it to draw a circle and then I got a program on cassette with which you could play a tennis game.... and I think it made a 'plop' noise as the bat hit the ball... it was marvellous!

Ah well... must'nt reminisce too much I never get this posted! rgds..Bob..

30/04/2021 17:46:29

Thats fantastic Robert..!

this is the information I needed, so it seems that I won't be replacing the tube I have anytime soon.

I have got an inverter to power it but will leave it connected up as it is... thanks again for this... it just

goes to show that there are people on this forum who are 'dark horses' with exceptional knowledge.

nb..Dave, I looked at the one on Amazon and that one is 220v working so there would be no benefit.

thanks again rgds...Bob..

30/04/2021 16:00:04


thanks to all for your inputs, it seems I am asking for something at the edge of technology, will be having a look at what Dave found on Amazon..

thanks again...Bob..

30/04/2021 13:53:09

Thanks all for your quick!!

Steve thanks for reply... perhaps my wording was a little bit I am not saying you can get UV LED lamps for algae control....this is what I am looking for!

And if Jason hasn't heard of it ... its not looking as if they exist! Nigel is probably right that it needs some research, bacterial growth and things of a biological nature is the area I'm not that conversant with.. will have to ask at the fish shop...


30/04/2021 12:58:59

Hi All, Tea Room again!

Replacing a fluorescent type UV tube with an LED.

The problem/s. ... I fitted an 80W solar panel on my shed roof to power a small 12v DC pond pump, it works great using the battery regulator supplied with the panel, however the ultra violet lamp used in the filter housing is 230v AC and I have rigged up a circuit (relay) to switch on the UV lamp only when the pond pump is being fed with power and water is then flowing over the UV lamp.

This also works a treat but it would be more efficient to use an LED UV light, (I assume), this would give me a completely free pumping and filtration setup using the solar panel.

The problem is that I don't know if the UV LED striplights have the same effect as the glass tube type lamps and there does not seem to be much information about these lamps, I have seen some led UV lamps for aquariums but these appear to be for growing plant conditions.

If anyone could give me advice about this it would be very much appreciated.


30/04/2021 12:40:02

Thanks Peter,

yes I do agree with the fact that the website is more convienient than having to look all over the place for records, however my main complaint was about cancelling subscriptions, I too like yourself had cancelled once before, using exactly the same procedure as I did the last time, there should have been no dispute.

I did state that the company has a .com url, and you are correct in saying that it should be , it was peculiar that the lady who I spoke to had quite a pronounced American accent even though I selected the uk helpline on the web page.


30/04/2021 11:37:08

Thanks Philip... will have a look.

30/04/2021 08:04:27

Thanks to all for replies,

it is a good idea as ChrisH says to cancel any payments when terminating the subscription, I just wonder how many people are caught up in this scam.

I agree with John (modeng2000) there are other free sites which in my opinion give just as much information as paid sites, I have learn't my lesson with this one, I am indebted to TrustPilot for giving me an edge in the ensuing confrontation with hard faced 'helpline' staff....(I have no connection with TP) although some 100% reviews are a bit suspicious.

My other axe to grind is with Virgin Media who seem to treat customers as a commodity...but I will leave that for now in case my blood pressure goes off the scale....!


29/04/2021 12:25:57

Hi All.... hope this is ok for the Tea Room..

I don't normaly get very annoyed but I was really miffed about ending my subscription with this company.

I paid a months subscription and cancelled the subscription a few days after I had looked for information, well within the imposed time limit.

I recieved on the webpage a cancellation advice note and a plea to think about what I would be missing out on, however I was not impressed with the sneaky way that relevant information is witheld unless further payments are made.

I would have thought that was it.... I didn't use the website again and forgot about it, to my surprise on my bank statement I noticed that the subscription had been taken again a month later!

I telephoned the customer helpline only to be told that I had not cancelled the subscription properly and should have noted the cancellation number and other details, also that it is company policy not to re-imburse any payments..... after a somewhat irate conversation I managed to secure a repayment.

If anyone uses Ancestry, be very carefull when cancelling your subscription, they hold all the cards and after looking at the reports on Trust Pilot it appears that others have had similar or worse problems.


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