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Thread: Myford Super 7 at SRS for only 395
05/01/2022 10:33:28

Thanks everyone for your interest in this..much appreciated.

ega asks how did I manage without a tailstock ?
At the time the only option I had was to go to a night school class and make one.

By the way I am not a mechanical engineer by trade so the school metalwork shop was invaluable for giving me a start, sadly they seem to have dissapeared now. A few years later I was lucky enough to find a tailstock but the task of making a square cut ram screw and barrel at the school was an interesting experience.

The renovation and modification of this lathe has been going on for quite some time, the bedways were worn but not damaged so I had to sort that out, the edges and underside had to be done as well, and the saddle needed similar treatment.

when all put back together I was overjoyed at the smoothness of movement with no noticeable play or sticking at any point along it, I made a new topslide as there was a chunk missing out of the T slot on the original and I fitted sewing machine balance wheel handles on the leadscrew, saddle and tailstock which give a feel of smoothness and extra control, much better than the original ones made of Mazak.

I have longed to get my hands on a Myford but the prices were getting beyond the limit of what my beloved will let me have without strangulation....!

Just one last comment about the Atlas, I was told that the lathe and many others like it were part of the 'Lease Lend' agreement with America during or after the war years but I don't know how true this is.

Thanks also to Steviegtr for offer....and with a bit of luck the lump will arrive by courier sometime this week, my first job now is to swab the decks and fit a worktop to a hydraulic motorcycle lifter so I can shift it about.

nb.. picture of my old Atlas at the moment, which, if all goes well will be retired.


04/01/2022 18:30:31

I have to own up....I BOUGHT IT...!

When I looked at the original listing on SRS it confirmed br's post and said they were amazed when started up it ran quite well, inside the covers for gearing & headstock it looks quite good, the rest of it is seized up ... at present...but it won't be for long..!

I should think the rust is likely not at bad as it looks but as to whether there are any problems with the bed .. time will tell, I have been looking for something like this for quite some time as my own lathe which has served me very well and is a joy to use is an Atlas 10F, unfortunately they have had a bad press but I believe the Myfords were based on these lathes, when set up properly it does accurate work.

The work I have done on the Atlas has given me the confidence to have a go at this Myford and I have just about re-made the Atlas over the years I have had it... I bought it from an old Mill in Stockport some 30 years ago for the princely sum of £25, it had been used solely for repairing the overhead power belting pulleys and I was told the mechanic who operated it asked to buy it when the company shut down, he was refused and took the tailstock as a memento.

If there is any interest I will post a log of how I am doing with it, and will probably be asking for advice somewhere along the line.


Thread: Maths problem just for fun
17/12/2021 09:35:48

This is a good one if you have not seen it before...the Resistor Cube problem ..

don't cheat...have a go at it first, the solution/s are lower on page.



16/12/2021 18:26:57

Ladder box wall problem...

It can be done, I spent many a happy hour trying to solve this one some years ago, and although I didn't find a solution myself the problem can be solved, here is one solution.


Thread: Improved performance over standard V belts?
13/12/2021 08:45:37

Thanks all...

I should have been clearer that the belt is a solid vee belt but will have a look at the Fenner & Gates and see what they have got.

12/12/2021 20:45:41

Hi All...

I recently converted my Dore Westbury mill by removing the gearbox parts and fitted an extra central stepped pulley in order to step up the down the drive ratios, on trying it out with new vee type belts I noticed a distinct 'bump' at a particular point caused by a larger cross section of the belt at that point.

I am sure others have had this problem and although there have been reccomendations for a particular company selling v belts I was wondering if there are some belts much better than others albeit more expensive which don't have this problem.

Any advice gladly recieved.


Thread: Axminster Drill Clamp
22/11/2021 17:05:07

Oh that's it then, I'm definately going to get another one,

When clamping at the edge of the work is the only way of holding it there is a need to balance the clamping either side... I did make my own clamp originally .. pic below.. and is nowhere near as satisfactory as the proper job, however it was a quick fix to ... tap a tap..!


21/11/2021 21:31:28

Yes.. I have one of those and would not be without it, in fact I am thinking of getting another.

As Robert says above, you need to make a nice thick washer so that the eye bolt does not slip into the web space and I defy anyone to fit that eye bolt one handed underneath the table without dropping it.

I made two thick washers which fit accross the web space, a top washer is needed for the same reason as the bottom one.. see below..



Thread: Peter Gilliland
02/11/2021 17:58:16

Peter, you mentioned you are looking for a milling machine, although it may seem obvious to more experienced model engineer types, milling can be done on the lathe itself although a fixture is needed to hold the work.

Initially when I was beginning to have an interest in machining I fabricated my own fixture which was just an L shaped welded steel bracket with screw holes for mounting the work, it worked quite well so long as the depth of cut was not excessive, which you will only find by experience depending on material.

I have got some extra parts for the Atlas lathe some of which might be interchangeable for the Halifax, let me know with a pm or you can put it on this forum posting for all to see.


01/11/2021 21:23:18

Hi Peter,

The Halifax lathe is very similar to the Atlas 10" lathe, see website.. **LINK**

I have got the Atlas lathe which I have completely modified with an electronic gearbox, these lathes unless very well looked after will most definately need attention to the bedways which will most likely be worn on all sides causing the saddle to stck when positioned along the bed to the tailstock.

There have been quite a number of Atlas lathes on Ebay recently, these lathes have not had a good press which is a shame as they are quite capable of good work if set up correctly, some people claim as good as any Myford which is similar in build.

I was virtually given the lathe and at first I was perplexed to find that the bed was worn and I was not prepared to pay for a proper re-grind so decided to take the unorthodox method of doing it myself which will no doubt cause shock and horror to proper engineers...using a small-ish surface plate and emery paper, even worse shock and horror..!

I had to make a jig to grind the bedway edges and I have recently checked the wear on the bed surface with a larger surface plate and was pleased to find very little difference along the bed, however screwing down the bed supports can cause bedway distortion and needs to be checked whilst tightening down.

Another problem I found was that the oiler hole for the headstock was never designed to deliver oil to the bearings and was blocked by the outer ring of the bearing itself, how it survived I don't know.

Well it may not be the right way of doing but the results I get are pretty accurate, certainly accurate enough for model engineering.


Thread: New use
30/10/2021 20:26:54

Thats a good idea Derek..

I am all for making tools or finding uses for old un-used items some of which being made in times gone by are engineered very well.

I recently made a fitting for the arm which holds the dti on my lathe, the fitting is an old microscope focussing rack and pinion which holds the dti, not very inventive you may say, however it really helps in placing the probe of the dti at the top of the work or in a position where there is limited space on the work or on small diameter stuff, and I wouldn't be without it now.

I think that there must be quite a number of model engineers who have cobbled things together using discarded parts in inventive and unusual ways and I think it would make quite an interesting item for the magazine.


Thread: Sewage dumping
25/10/2021 19:16:40

On the BBC News website political section, there is an item about the amount of sewage being discharged into the rivers and a graphical representation of the amounts.

It does not mention any discharges into the sea but that's where it will all end up eventually.

There were over 3 million hours worth of raw sewage discharged in 2020 into rivers with United Utilities having the majority of 726,450 hours worth of discharges the reason being overflow water during periods of prolonged heavy rain.

As far as I am concerned there should be no raw sewage dumped into rivers. I was surprised that an old pop singer of the 70's.?or was it 80's..? can't remember...didn't like his songs anyway.. ..Fergal Sharkey, who seems to be a 'clean up the waterways' figure head campaigner has voiced his opinion that it is a disgrace.

It seems to me that there has been no concerted effort to address the problem over many years which won't get any better if the infrastructure is left to carry on as normal...with the effect that eventually the rivers will become sewage ways. And here we are lecturing about climate change when every river in England is polluted.

24/10/2021 12:31:33

Thanks to all who gave their information,

The overall situation then is that only in certain circumstances does actual raw sewage get dumped into rivers and the sea, I can understand that surface water may be contaminated and I would be surprised if the phosphate levels that Roger mentions are not classed as illegal.

What does surprise me is that there seems to be little in the way of surface water being checked for pollutants and that there does not appear to be any technology to make this automated rather than there being random tests.

What would be interesting is to see a map of where the sewage outflow pipes are so we can avoid those areas when visiting coastal areas or rivers.

From what I read of the ammendment, it was not just a case of stopping raw sewage but having the companies involved to pursue reducing the levels being dumped.


24/10/2021 10:05:16

I am trying not to be political but I am asking this question since I am not fully conversant with the treament of sewage and perhaps a forum member could provide some information as to the reasoning behind a news item that an ammendment to reduce the amount or stop raw sewage being dumped into rivers & the sea has been defeated in Parliament.

Perhaps there is an engineering principle which cannot be achieved with the treatment of sewage at present.


Thread: Tool post grinder step by step
22/10/2021 09:20:45

Another great video Celso... Obrigada yes

Thread: Blackpool Model Show
06/09/2021 19:41:50

Blackpool Model Show...

Thought I would give this a mention as I haven't seen anything about it advertised in ME ... although there is at least one Model engineering club attending the main theme seems to be model boats....anyway I'm going to check it out in October.


Thread: Weston Park model aircraft show
05/09/2021 11:43:28

Although I am not a model aircraft enthusiast, I was persuaded to go to the Weston Park International model aircraft show.

My interest is normally model boats but I have to say that the show on Saturday was very good, the models being displayed were to be honest ...beyond belief! would be hard put to say they were not the real thing either on the ground or in the air, albeit scaled down.

The drone and helicopter displays were also something not to be missed and the manouverability of these models seemed to defy the laws of physics!

The commentator on the aircraft field was apologetic as some of the international display teams could not be there due to covid restrictions but I thought it to be one of the most well organised and interesting shows I have been to,

I was told by my compainions who persuaded me to to that there would also be model boats as well, and there a senior gentleman and his model of the African Queen, God bless him... however there were a number of hovercraft which were quite interesting not least because of the fact that the small pond although having a weed problem did not affect the sailing of these craft one bit, something which I have found to be a rather large problem with the waters of the model boat clubs I have been to recently and rather off putting for the unwary, I just wish there could have been a better representation for model boating.

Just one more item I found fascinating was the pyrotechnic display although in broad daylight with some twenty model aircraft flying between the fireworks interspersed with what I can only call 'bombs' ... the heat of which was felt immediatly with a resounding thump on the chest afterwards ...

My congratulations to the organisers.. Bob.

Thread: Small dc brushed motors
27/08/2021 15:28:49

Sorry to reply so late ...

was away for a few days and didn't see the responses....thanks to all who replied to my question, these have been most helpful...


23/08/2021 08:08:04

Hi All...

am in the process of making an r/c boat, I need to find out which motor to use, I have already used a '400' type motor but have no idea what this means ... I will require a larger motor for the next build so need to know volts/amps/rpm/mechanical size etc.... is there a chart for all this?

will be grateful for any information....Bob.

Edited By Bob Mc on 23/08/2021 08:09:09

Thread: Boat fittings...window frames.
12/08/2021 18:29:53

Thanks pgk & Ramon,

I am only a beginner and I am grateful for any suggestions regarding this build, I will most definately have a look at Wide Awake, I remember seeing it and was tempted....

I was hoping to make the clinker hull using traditional methods but people with experience seem to be saying it is not easy, ... will just have to do it and see what happens..

Thanks again. Bob.

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