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Thread: Mill Quil play before lock down
10/03/2022 15:17:52

Chris, it is hard to tell exactly what you are asking about, is your quill moving a lot when you clamp it, or are you just asking about how to keep track of Z axis movement?

It is true that you need to take care not to wind down the fine feed while the quill clamp is engaged, the mental discipline comes easily once you have spoiled a couple of parts laugh


The fine feed should have markings on the handle, same as the x and y, so in a pinch you can count those. Otherwise many of these mills have a cheap caliper type readout attached to the quill which while not as nice as a proper DRO is very useful, and despite mine having fittings which are not wholly convincing in their ridgidity, seems fairly repeatable. It looks like this one:amadeal amat45v milling machine variable speed mt4.jpg

Another option is to improve the awful depth stop, as detailed by Stefan Gotteswinter here:

Stefan also later fitted a proper DRO to the quill, which can be seen in this more recent video dicussing other modifications:

Edited By Cabinet Enforcer on 10/03/2022 15:18:49

Thread: Being nice to a vise
09/10/2021 11:33:49

When cutting smaller pieces on the bandsaw I usually just use some packing pieces from the offcuts left on the saw.


However my next roundtuit will be spent on one of these, which is the most elegant solution I have seen for a bandsaw vice:


Edited By Cabinet Enforcer on 09/10/2021 11:34:39

Thread: Vfd frequency Warco WM290 and WM280v
30/08/2021 15:27:02

I use the 60 on the motor and the 140 on the spindle, if I need more speed for something specific, I can change pulleys back to the first set I bought.

I would recommend machining a bush to clamp the taperlock bush onto, if that's your chosen route, mine clamps direct to the spindle which works but isn't very practical.

The 280 has threaded holes in the bed which are sized for an 80 frame motor foot, so my motor is stood off on some threaded bar, which also provides some tension adjustment for the nutlink belt. You can see a photo in my album.

30/08/2021 13:53:47

I have a 280 and have added a VFD, I used a compact 1.1KW 80 frame 4-pole TEC motor, no manufacturer guidance on max speed/frequency, I run it up to double speed IIRC.

As for bottom end, just program in the motor to the VFD and set the min speed at zero, this lets you use the speed pot to adjust down to a full stop.

I used taper-lock z-section v-belt pulleys and nut link belt. 60mm and 140mm pulleys give a range of about 40 upto about 1300, I used to have 71mm and 106mm on there which gave a 2000 top end but the bottom end was a bit lacking in torque and would only run down to about 75.

Thread: Interfering with fits?
17/08/2021 09:00:07

The domestic oven is a fine device for gently and controllably heating a part for shrink fitting purposes, and is usually conveniently located near the freezer nerd Just remember to clean any oil off first.

Nice belt sander, is it Jeremy Schmidt's design?

Thread: Strimmer /BrushCutter any recommendations ?
01/07/2021 16:41:29

Struggling to reconcile your description of downmarket with the inclusion of Stihl? Which would be my default recommendation, they have a standard 2 year warranty and currently have an "offer" to extend to 3 years with an additional purchase item.

My father has a bent shaft "grass trimmer" type which would happily chew through a small area of brambles, I have one of the commercial size machines which is frankly total overkill for my garden, both get plenty of use, the trimmer also abuse, both stihl and both have been very reliable and give off a reasonble air of being properly engineered. The only shortcoming I would describe about either is that I am not too keen of stihl heads, they seem a bit soft/fragile compared to say an oregon one, but they are pretty much a consumable and a standard M14 fitting.

Edited By Cabinet Enforcer on 01/07/2021 16:41:52

Thread: Dangerous eBay listings can be removed by regulators
10/05/2021 19:56:44

There is no legal authority within the UK legal system for any regulator to prevent the sale of second hand machinery, no-one has any power to prevent the sale of such items including on a marketplace such as ebay.

There is the power to restrict the sale of new items that don't comply to standards, which is what the linked news story is about.

You can all calm down now.

Thread: Lathe Rigidity Issues - Modification Opinions
19/03/2021 16:15:01
Posted by Niels Abildgaard on 19/03/2021 13:55:54:

This is more or less a Brother of JasonB s.But a smaller 26mm spindle I think.

AFAIK all 280s have a 26mm through hole on the spindle, only the 290s have the bigger bearings and larger 31mm spindle. The Chinese one-upmanship that has resulted in the big bore 250s doesn't seem to have hit the 280 class yet.

Thread: Amadeal AMAT45V milling machine
10/03/2021 02:16:34

I have one, what do you want to know?

It's just another RF-45 type mill, they are all much the same really. The two speed box with a VFD seems to be a good compromise, it gives a more useful top speed than the six speed variants. R8 is definitely the better spindle option. A DRO is also a wise choice.

Thread: Slip gauges from Banggood
02/03/2021 18:28:02

Banggood aren't collecting the VAT yet, though AliExpress started doing so in January, interestingly I could see no way of identifying on the AliExpress package that VAT had been paid, makes me wonder if they are just keeping the cash.

Thread: Would this improve the quality of signal to a CNC machine?
27/02/2021 19:27:02
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 26/02/2021 21:58:19:

Maybe hifi systems use usb cables as ordinary audio connectors and aren't digital at all. A convenient bodge, but prone to analogue defects, that might be reduced by a decent cable.

What's needed is a good dose of double-blind testing. For some strange reason it's never done...


No, they are intended for digital use, Ian really has linked to a three and a half grand USB cable.

Take a look at some of the utterly mind bending drivel in the second of his links, my favourite bit was this " This innovative layout allows the two signal wires to run parallel, compared to the standard twisted-pair configuration, shortening the signal path and drastically increasing transfer speeds"

The thing I really don't understand about audiophiles is why none of them have twigged onto the most obvious way of improving the sound experience, that being reception fidelity interoception. The simple and straightforward application of a pair of underpants to the head supplemented with correct tuned length wood and graphite frequency modifiers in the nasal cavity can take the listening experience from the sublime to the ridiculous in one fell swoop.

Thread: Engineering / Modelling Books for Winter Evenings?
13/02/2021 16:22:21

The measure of all things by Ken Alder, is one I enjoyed. It is a book about the story of the development of the metre, nominally it's a history book but there are all sorts of nuggets in there.

Thread: How big Are Your Chips
26/01/2021 01:23:08

I never got on with Davey, nor his mate Bob, they both always had a massive chip on their shoulder.

Thread: Telescope Mount: DIY Azimuth Bearing Suggestions?
18/01/2021 09:29:55

eBay search for lazy Susan bearing.

Not that dear and available in 14" size or even bigger.

Thread: Pea shooters illegal
12/12/2020 23:20:35
Posted by jason udall on 12/12/2020 20:48:19:

Just to take this to daft extreme.

Nerf guns.

Soft foam darts.. add

Tungsten Tig electrodes

and for extra sauce lanthanided electrodes ............

No need to do anything daft with the darts, It's easy to make a nerf gun (that fires standard foam darts) which is an "air rifle" or even a section 5 firearm.

I own a nerf gun which would need a license if I lived in Scotland.disgust

Thread: Good YouTube videos
22/11/2020 16:06:15
Posted by Bob Wild on 21/11/2020 22:03:55:

Where’s Clickspring. He’s very good but hasn’t posted for ages?

Clickspring posted a short video on his "clips" channel a few days ago, apparently he is busy writing a research paper on the antikythera, which has put his main channel on the back burner, I think there may also be patreon content available too.

A recent discovery for me is 'An Engineer's Findings' which was linked to in one of Stefan Gotteswinters videos.


Not many videos, but very thorough and interesting. His self built press brake is pretty impressive.

Thread: Cutting Small Discs out of Glass
15/11/2020 16:21:37

cousinsuk sell mineral glass rounds intended for watch faces, less than two quid each. I would not muck about making one.

link to the 1.5mm thick ones, other thickness' available.


Thread: ML7 toolpost - Turns Under Load
15/11/2020 14:54:29
Posted by Dr_GMJN on 15/11/2020 13:26:19:

All, I’m not sure why there’s so much confusion about the spring. I’ve explained multiple times now that it wasn’t fitted during use, and why I temporarily fitted it for the contact tests.

There may be something in the observation about the spacers/washers under the handle. I had to make a spacer to get it to clear the tops of the q/r adjusters, and another washer to orientate the handle so I could actually lock it without any clashes. Clearly with direct contact I’d have one sliding interface at the top end, currently I’ve got three. I might try to eliminate the adjustment washer and then I’d be at two. If I can find a nut I might try that too, and reduce it to one, but I don’t really want another spanner hanging on the board. I’ve already got one permanently on the saddle lock bolt. I guess every little helps.

As Ramon says, I’m also constantly adjusting the angle of the tools, so a pin would only be if use for parting. Then again, parting was where I had the most issues.

Ill re-assemble any test it. I think enough is enough with this. Let’s face it, Skimming the casting by 0.003” must have made an improvrment.

Same toolpost here, I used to have a needle roller thrust bearing on top which helped. Installed it properly with the proper toolpost stud and it got worse, knurling and parting became impossible, blueing showed the contact area was OK, shimmed it with a sheet of paper and there was a large improvement.

Thread: Warco experience - WM18B
03/11/2020 13:04:48

Someone on a US forum had a go at re-writing the chinglish manual for the SINO a few years ago, on the pages I looked at there wasn't any difference...

Once you have the hang of the major functions you will be fine, there are plenty of youtube videos covering the subject, ToT and blondihacks have both done one:



Suppliers of industrial machine tools sell you a support network, with the machine thrown in for free. Hobby machine suppliers sell you a hunk of cast iron and hope you don't come back. If you want fancy manuals and other such handholding it would cost an amount that the market would never bear, same goes for the build quality.

Given how easy it would be to produce even slightly better manuals, I honestly think that UK suppliers prefer things that way as it deters the terminally stupid.

Thread: Milling attachment for Warco wm290vf
23/10/2020 19:46:26

You would need a DRO or the x-axis on the leadscrew will drive you potty. The table size is a masive compromise, and you can't realistically keep a vice mounted either.

I think the only reasons to buy one are either a very specific usage case which fits in the machines envelope, or having no space at all for a mill, as I think it is probably slightly better than using a vertical slide.

I seriously considerered getting a milling head for my 280 but I knew I would just get frustrated with the compromise and stuck out for a mill, it was the right decision.

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