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Thread: My little engine (continued)
14/11/2015 05:03:52

Thanks Julian thumbs up

but please the last thing I want is to drag in any of the friends I have made here for fear of them getting the same treatment as me - that would be upsetting..

I see this dead thread is still limping on.

This has all been something of a surprise as there were only a very small number of people who interacted with the thread when it was still going with the build. The obvious thing here is why are people not building for themselves - the no.1 is available of course from Stuart Models but also other suppliers and is readily available, not very expensive, or there are even cheaper builds of course to try - my thread as I kept stressing all the way through was written for beginners by me a beginner myself - these engines I think are a great way into the hobby and teach a lot of the basic ideas. If cost is an issue then why not just buy the plans first and then buy the individual castings one at a time once a plan of construction is found from studying the drawings, buy in some bar stock ( very cheap ) and you are away for next to nothing...

Several different forums to try if you want to put the build on line, I found it invaluable and I don't think I would have got going without doing so, but others I see just ask questions on line as and when needed, others manage on their own or via their club support.. Its always been my hope that a by product of my online build would encourage other beginners to get into the hobby, and help more to preserve some of the old skills that helped make this country great, something I'm a bit passionate about - but I fear whats happened here will now have had the reverse effect. It still hasn't clicked for me why there was such a negative response on here to the 'builds thread' question - Engineering is in part involved with building, constructing, making things, call it whatever you like and some of the concepts and practice I was sure overlapped with the machining side of things - so building a model engine on a model engineering website seemed natural to me - anyway when I discovered this forum doesn't see it that way at all and I was most definitely in the wrong place I had to stop. Unless the forums position has been clarified lately in all this I wouldn't now advise a beginner to start here for fear of something similar happening to them. Don't even consider it. If the forum does decide it wants builds here then I hope it gets behind and supports the people that write them, whats the point otherwise, may just as well start a build thread at Tesco's otherwise...

Hopefully that's it here, for me anyway - I'll turn off the links later, I'd forgotten that I have I think to 'un-follow' the thread to stop the update notifications so I won't be seeing any




Edited By Garry_C on 14/11/2015 05:10:07

13/11/2015 15:31:58

Come on guys don't sweat it, I'm not, no one else is - move on let it

Martin - I'll go anywhere I like - careful you almost sound like you are making a threat - I wouldn't go there if I was you. smile

People have come and go as they please here why the hell should I be any different... There have been a handful of brilliant very helpful people here who have helped me - I have genuinely thanked them as much as I can, nout else that I can do - there are people here who don't seem to want what I was doing and that's absolutely fair enough so off I went - can't please everyone anymore than you

Now for christ sake bye bye..



13/11/2015 13:09:46

umm links apparently not turned off laugh

Martin that's hilarious smile

So this is a free for all, no rules type forum - oh except the rule that says Garry has to finish his project come what may..laugh

Christ none of you people were interested in my postings so why the problem now i'm leaving...laugh


edit: I've a good mind to stay and keeping pissing you all off

edit: ah that's shut you up..!

Edited By Garry_C on 13/11/2015 13:11:23

Edited By Garry_C on 13/11/2015 13:17:12

13/11/2015 12:14:55

Heck, lighten up Nick. I trust those remarks are directed at all the other unfinished threads on here as well laugh

As I said I do this for enjoyment and gave it my best shot, interesting you mention

As I found the negative remarks posted to the 'build thread' depressing and off-putting I chose to walk, my choice I think, we are all different and what I do is none of your business at the end of day - I have always thanked people for their help - and I tried to carry on regardless as asked but the enjoyment on here had diminished as a result. This is a hobby thats all..!

and I'm not interested in any more comments like this, I'm done here after this, it confirms I'm right to try elsewhere - links turned off.

I have attempted to leave as best and politely as I could, I could have just stopped posting as others have done.

The End - lock or delete as you see fit.



13/11/2015 07:21:19

Hi all

I've been having a quick flip through some of the posts (the build thread as well) and having a bit of a chuckle over breakfast, lets not take things too seriously here, its just a hobby after

I have only looked through quickly so apologies if I have associated things with the wrong people, hopeful not though, please take the following as meaning no offence to anyone and all meant in a good natured way .smile

As ever I take opportunities to learn and pick up on things whenever I can - some of the replies were interesting, some a bit silly (to be expected), some showing some understanding (cheers) and some that I'll comment on.

Michael: you are probably quite right in all you said. thumbs up

Steve: that's a good question - team builds do sound interesting smile p

JS: yes too much detail posted (I'll remember that for the future), I kinda knew that as I was going along and kept asking if so, but no one did say anything - so speak up in future John if you have something to say, no room on here for 'timid timmies' you know wink 2. The trouble with knowing IT is it is all too easy to set things so that far too much can be uploaded very quickly and with next to zero effort. The stuff about thick skin, just baloney I'm afraid - you know as little about me as i do about you. Although I think you do maybe have your own business as did I for most of my working life - thick skin being a necessity for such things, maybe that you can relate to. smile

Neil: I would disagree about some of the build threads taking too long, I've enjoyed taking my time and I think ME is by design a long process, also I think a reference to more complicated or challenging projects being more suited here, well yes thats fine but it did sound to me to be in preference or be more interesting to beginner efforts - many of your website advertisers like / need people like me to bring in some new and ongoing money to the hobby for the futuresmile

I've learned an enormous amount here and will continue to look in I'm sure - enough now so that the books and magazines make enough sense to be able to delve deeper and take my little knowledge further..

Brilliant hobby, shame I didn't quite get to the end on here with the No. 1, but very close, and all great fun and very

God knows how I'll get on on the other forum...laugh

Cheers for now



Edited By Garry_C on 13/11/2015 07:33:09

12/11/2015 18:51:09

Hi Guys

No worries on my account in taking copies, (I won't delete whats here by the way) - I turn the whole thing into a pdf when I've finished and keep with the engine. I'll be keeping the exact same record going forward so will be complete when I've finished. Anyone who wants a copy then I can email if requested, just send me a pm, I should still get an email... I've still a fair bit to do so perhaps a few months yet to the end, (maybe Christmas).

I'l likely see if I can start on MEM for the next engine - if they'll have me..!



12/11/2015 14:58:16

Hi Peter

I was going to go over to another forum a few weeks back as there was so little interest but carried on after being asked by some - I've tried, but the negativity on here and lack of Model Engineering interest just makes it a pain. I do this for enjoyment..!

Why would anyone start a long term project here when posts directly rubbishing the very activity the forum is apparently for are allowed and go on and on and on - there is a serious problem with the words used to advertise this place, the words Model Engineering should be removed, it is very misleading as it is...

Sorry mate but I'm out of here...



12/11/2015 14:27:22

Thanks Peter, managed to make a tool bit earlier that will hopefully work for the eccentric strap groove so yes all going well smile

But as far as progressing here any further I get a pretty strong sense from your very useful and interesting 'build thread' that the build is really not wanted here at all - I've been assuming that building a model engine on a forum advertised for Model Engineering would have been as natural as seeing a F1 car driving around Silverstone - but hell no..!

My last sterile pics...

462. internal groove tool 8.jpg

462. internal groove tool 9.jpg

462. internal groove tool 10.jpg

I'll try again somewhere else next



11/11/2015 10:07:45

The Tool Holder for the internal groove in the Eccentric Strap, (I've probably put too much detail here for this..).

This I've not been too fussy over using a short left over piece of bar that I had - not ideal really but its saved turning down a longer 1" diameter, which seemed a bit wasteful, I've not even turned the outside diameter..

Starting the Tool Holder by first putting on a small flat with the Mill

462. internal groove tool 1.jpg

Then rotating the flat through 90 degrees for drilling the cross hole for the tool piece.

462. internal groove tool 2.jpg

and then onto the lathe for drilling and tapping for an M6 Cap Head screw

462. internal groove tool 4.jpg

it should enable a variety of tool bit thickness to be held - iI'll probably grind the tool for the strap groove from a larger and rectangular section of tool steel. Hopefully not too difficult to do just some front and side clearances and no top rake for the Gun Metal strap..

462. internal groove tool 5.jpg

it would have been more useful I guess to have made a longer one - I need to order in some more spare bar stock again..

The finished tool holder and the Eccentric Strap castings as supplied - Gun metal. Hopefully it will work ok..

462. internal groove tool 7.jpg

tomorrow I'll have a go at making the tool bit..



09/11/2015 04:55:08

Hi George

Many thanks for this, all really useful and taken note of. You set me thinking about the tool height and after double checking I can see it was slightly too low..! As you can hopefully see in the photo below the carbide insert has a 'flat' spot just at the cutting edge and I hadn't set the height on it correctly beer smile I'l be more careful in future..!

May need to enlarge this a bit as its not a very clear photo - the flat cutting edge is just tucked under the centre tip..

461. power parting off the eccentric sheave 4..jpg



Thread: WARCO WM-250 lathe family and WM16 mill
08/11/2015 17:59:06

Hi David

Sorry I don't know which model 250 you have - I have a manual for the latest 250V inverter model if you need any info copying and posting here re belt positions etc. The roller (i.e. tension) is adjusted by loosing the bolt arrowed as Michael says...


250 belt adjustment.jpg

Hope this helps



Edited By Garry_C on 08/11/2015 18:01:32

Thread: My little engine (continued)
08/11/2015 17:45:35

Hi Peter - thanks, hope we see more of your ongoing projects on here again before too long.

I'll give that a go Jason, I think I'm converted to parting like this in future now, the cut was definitely cleaner, cheers.

Yes, I may have been better doing the rib in the same setting as the largest OD Roy - have to see how it works out..!

I think next now is to make a tool holder ready for cutting the internal groove in the strap..


Thanks again smile



08/11/2015 14:37:14

This is more me marking a bit of a milestone than a build update really - I don't recommend that anyone watches the video as it goes on a bit and then some more - (I've probably got the settings wrong as well and was just an experiment until I get some more practice). Its the first time I've tried parting off under power and I thought that the eccentric sheave with its offset diameter and the offset bore would be as good a test as I'm likely to find (the bar is about 1 3/4" cast iron). (I don't have a pump coolant system).

I wouldn't have even thought to try this with one of my 'standard' parting tools, but the Glanze I've always found to be superb when hand feeding and have been wanting to try under power for ages, also wasn't sure if the lathe was too small to even try it given some of the horror 'parting off stories' I've seen..

461. power parting off the eccentric sheave 2..jpg

Setting the tool position before starting..

461. power parting off the eccentric sheave 1..jpg

This is just something to maybe look back on as another first (for me) - don't watch its way too long..!

The cut I thought was great, I always seem to get a burr at the end sometimes quite big when I've been hand feeding but not here under power - there was a slight wafer thin coil left around the hole and which came away in one piece with my fingers. I may be converted to this way now.. I used the slowest feed rate on the lathe, I'm sure on a true running diameter I could have gone faster - not that matters anyways...

This was straight after the cut had finished, just the thin 'coil' removed around the bore and cleaned with a rag - no other cleaning up at all yet.... I did nothing except position the tool and engage the cross feed - and a bit of sweating I guess. I have an idea now that with the offsets involved this was a much better and easier way than hand feeding would have

461. power parting off the eccentric sheave 3..jpg



07/11/2015 15:09:08

Thanks very much Bruce, your comments do ring very true - its something I'm sure I would normally have done from the start but for some reason didn't this time - had to rely totally on a square without the parallel back end to the bar as well - which took longer setting up by far, and was more awkward to get done.

May be its an age thing, I seem to be getting more forgetful, and careless I think - three times that pin went in smile



Edited By Garry_C on 07/11/2015 15:15:46

07/11/2015 13:02:22

A little more progress with the Eccentric Sheave earlier..

The Eccentric Sheave after drilling, reaming and the boss faced to length.. Its ready for parting off now and then after the Eccentric Strap has been done it will get turned around and held by the 1/4" boss to finish it off - hopefully with the Strap available as a gauge..

460. the eccentric sheave 9.jpg

and a short video of it so far..



Edited By Garry_C on 07/11/2015 13:04:19

06/11/2015 14:20:13

Back going again today and a start on the eccentric sheave..

The Cast Iron bar supplied for the eccentric sheave - the first one I've had longer than specified in the stock list - by 1/8"..

460. the eccentric sheave 1.jpg

First faced off and then the maximum OD turned to size in the 3 jaw chuck..

460. the eccentric sheave 2.jpg

then the lathe's centre height used to mark a diameter followed by rotating through 90 degrees and the offset marked for the central bore. Having finished the main bearings on the Crankshaft with a reamer its convenient to be able to use again for each time something else is fitted to it..

460. the eccentric sheave 3.jpg

I'd read somewhere about using a pin for centering for drilling so thought I would give it a try - it was ok but after managing to stab myself with it no less than 3 times I think I'll stick to the tailstock centre in future..

460. the eccentric sheave 4.jpg

this is as far as I got earlier - through with a 7mm drill..

460. the eccentric sheave 5.jpg

Once I've finished turning to size in this setup before turning around in the chuck I'll have a go at the eccentric strap so that I can use it as a gauge re. the internal groove etc...

The Eccentric Strap Drawing.

460. the eccentric sheave 6.jpg



Edited By Garry_C on 06/11/2015 14:21:23

03/11/2015 21:23:48

I thought you were joking for a minute Jason but no I've just looked and yes square collets. Collet chucks are more useful than I

and cheers Bob, that is something to remember. I think I've only used one a couple of times to date...

03/11/2015 21:06:44
Posted by Nick_G on 03/11/2015 20:52:56:
Posted by Garry_C on 03/11/2015 20:38:39:

wish I could get my tool post back that far for the flywheel -

Can you not rotate the tool holder 90 degs anticlockwise and use a right handed tool.?

Regards, Nick

Sometimes I feel very old blush didn't think to try that Nick smile I'll have a look see tomorrow so I'll know for next time, ta....wink 2



03/11/2015 20:38:39

Thanks Nick. After trying to correct the rim today I can definitely say I won't be forgetting in a hurry and making this same mistake again, it was surprisingly difficult to improve things even just a bit after not having the right initial setup...

and had a look at your link, wish I could get my tool post back that far for the flywheel - that was a very nice finish on the flywheel you had there! smile

Also had a look at the 'new' Stuart Engine you mentioned and the 'Lightweight' (if i have the name right) that Jason mentioned - both of them very nice, I fancy



Edited By Garry_C on 03/11/2015 20:42:10

03/11/2015 20:17:48

Thanks Jason, that's good to see and to get an understanding the other day of how to position the tool - I was getting an opposite really of what I should have been aiming at - I'll know what to do next time.. smile

and that's a good point, I'll have to aim at some very slow running..! Like the Collet holder that looks very handy, didn't know they could hold 'square' bar as well.



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