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Thread: 2040 deadline for Diesel and Petrol cars.
26/07/2017 11:34:45
Posted by Windy on 26/07/2017 11:25:00:

Eventually transport probably be out of the control of a personal driver be like giant scalelectric.

Speed will be automatically controlled there are experimental full size driverless racing cars being developed according to one of my speed contacts.

Things change and doubt you can do anything about it.

The Tesla Model 3 mentioned above has full autopilot as standard. If it weren't for the safety interlocks - there wouldn't need to be a driver.

Not a bad vehicle for a under £25k GBP

Edited By Russ B on 26/07/2017 11:39:16

26/07/2017 11:22:25

My understanding is the ban is just for straight petrol & or diesel cars. Hybrid vehicles will fine.

This is all just a load of tosh - there won't be any solo petrol/diesel powered vehicles in 23 years anyway - and I wouldn't be at all surprised if most people haven't gone all electric by then anyway.

Production of the new Tesla Model 3 has already begun, it offers a proper sized car, competing with your Mondeo's and 3 to 5 series BMW's and A4 Audi's, not just on size, but on price too. The base model will have 215 mile range (likely about 180 in the real world at a guess) and the top model will have a 300 mile range (260 ish in the real world I guess). The batteries can currently be charged in 30-45 minutes at a charging station, and I have noticed them up and down the motorway services - I think you'd be ready for a break after driving that far! A full "tank" is a few quid, no more than £3 if I recall correct.

They're also doing a home storage system, which comes with or connects to a renewable energy source, it banks power throughout the day, and transfers it to your car at night - free energy, minus initial investment - but with fuel prices as high as they are, its all getting bought up!

It's £1000 (completely refundable) to get your name on the waiting list, and the waiting list is already 12 months long and they're only just starting production.

Get ready for the electric takeover, and chuckle when someone says petrol/diesel will be banned by 2040...... there won't be much left to ban!

Thread: Magnetic Permeability of Thai Black Steel
13/07/2017 08:00:23

Assuming black steel isn't just slang for hot rolled steel, do you have any information on the composition of this steel?

I would have thought you could measure (or at least assess) the magnetic permeability using a magnet suspended at various known distances above the centre of mass with the steel placed on a non magnetic scale, reading off the reduction in weight?

Thread: Car problems
29/06/2017 08:12:05

Any chance you can get an inspection camera into the bell housing through a cover to look for any debris?

I'm with John Stevenson, ie hydraulic piston stuck, exactly the same thing happened on my Focus, I just jabbed the clutch pedal a few times and it popped back out.

I think it was caused by the end stop in the pedal box being bent back, allowing the pedal to be pushed to far but I don't know, I just took a bit easier after that.

Now, lets have the truth - you were really racing the young boys in Morrisons car park and doing doughnuts in reverse.......... own up...

Thread: Casting Help
19/06/2017 16:28:54

I think in terms of an actual usable metal, aluminium is probably your best bet.

You can get lower melting alloys used for die making, fixing, pipe bending among other things, I've purchased from **LINK** with ease.

If your as intrigued by new processes as me, check out their low melt plastic too which is water soluble - I've got half a kilo but I've yet to play with it as I've been too busy with other things! I'm going to be building new liquid cooled PC in a month or 2 and I quiet fancy making use of this stuff for no reason other than to have a play with it.

15/06/2017 15:51:04

Of course if it were really aluminium - it would be soft and mostly useless cheeky

Regarding engine casings, and alloy wheels - just keep an eye out for any magnesium alloys as I gather they can get a bit ferocious being over 90% magnesium! I remember thinking to myself, I must look in to this before getting too carried away myself.

I believe you can distinguish a mag alloy from an aluminium alloy by its density (using a bucket of water seems popular) - and if your good enough at it, you can even take a stab at what grade the aluminium is, assuming its conforms to a standard (so, this doesn't work for anything of questionable quality)

Thread: CO2 Mig welding bottle
08/06/2017 10:05:56


I called a few suppliers out of curiosity and they both quoted £185+VAT for the bottle, which I think is about what I paid, plus I bought an adaptor (which in the end, I didn't need). One however wanted £74.64 for the refill - which is bordering on extortion, must be a 300-400% margin (WECS) and the other quoted £51.60 (Eng Weld)

I think both are a bit pricey to be honest, but considering it's rent free, £51.60 seems fair enough, I've had it at least 3 years and it's only just nearing a refill, it's nice to have it there without the worry about any contracts or ongoing costs, thus if it doesnt get used, I don't mind.

When I first got my little welder, I got 3 or 4 of those little 1 litre bottles - they last about 3-5 minutes each cost £10-£15 each from memory - now that was expensive!


Worth mentioning, the chap at EngWeld said there are other cheaper rent free cylinders available, but I didn't go in to it as I didn't want to waste his time, I made it clear I didn't need a bottle but he was happy to chat prices for a few minutes and weigh up the pro's and cons, we roughly concluded that unless your using a couple of bottles a year or more, it's probably not worth renting a cylinder - note, a rough conclusion

Edited By Russ B on 08/06/2017 10:09:31

07/06/2017 23:00:49

I'm with JohnF on this one ie. a LiquideAir customer "ALbee™ Weld"

it's a 200 bar 11 litre bottle, they now do a larger 300 bar 13 litre.

The real benefit is the bottle comes with the regulator and a fill gauge, and the reg. dial has a flow graduations around the edge, which are pretty accurate as measured against my gauge. You buy the bottle, so there are no rental charges, and you can sell the bottle when your done with it (paperwork is required to transfer it to another owner)

The bottle and reg are covered under warranty and refills range from £35 to £50 depending on where you go, AirLiquide used to advertise around £35 rrp, and you can arrange an exchange door to door with their head office directly.

The purchase price of the bottle with gauges was around £230, but that's it now for life, no rental to pay etc.

Edited By Russ B on 07/06/2017 23:01:50

Thread: supercharged V12 2 stroke
07/06/2017 09:18:56

Welcome to the "Dean Clarke 2" appreciation group!


Thread: Scraper Making & Sharpening/Honing
05/06/2017 23:01:19

I'd do it all the same again, but use clean oil rather than cold water to quench, and you should find you can hone the edge

I'm not sure about this ALDI brand sharpener, I suspect this may be the real trouble here, the diamond will only sharpen while it's adhered to the block, and I would guess it could rub off fairly easily. I have couple of diamond files/flats from Arc Euro Trade and they're great, the 6" flat file #200 very quickly shapes or takes back any edge, and then straight to the #1200 6x2 hone which puts a mirror finish on in just a pass or 2.

Thread: Lathe dilema
04/06/2017 08:29:28

Have you tried SPGTools, I've never bought from them, but they are cheap. Their SP2129 machines are similar to a Warco WM290 - specs change frequently as do standard accessories, but last time I checked, they were the best on price.

Have you tried Amadeal?

Thread: Would I need a Super 7 if I had a Myford 254S
01/06/2017 11:49:41

I have a Myford 280EM (basically the same as 254S with a few extra gadgets and an 11 inch swing). I don't struggle at all with any small stuff. A D1-3 ER40 chuck makes it very easy to accurately grab anything under a 30mm down to 2.5mm (they say 2mm, but that's pushing it)

Spindle speeds on the Super 7, 254 and 280 all top out at 2000rpm so they're an even match there.

I know the 280 has Gamet super precision taper roller bearings, and I gather the 254 has "Precision Taper Roller Bearings" (I don't know the brand) - I'm not sure if either one of these would offer an advantage or disadvange over the bronze taper bush of the Super 7.

Thread: Metallurgists
29/05/2017 22:46:15

Haven't had time to read all the posts, so apologies if I'm repeating.

I would check the sprockets for indentation or other damage from a foreign object - it's unlikely to be a road stone as they're pretty soft but I'd go with the damage caused prior by over tightening then it was an accident waiting to happen.

Sounds like rider and engine casing are largely unscathed, I hope that's an accurate assumption and all is well.

Thread: All things Beaver Mill
18/05/2017 16:14:10

Bob and Guy, I have a copy of the manual, I've sent you a private message with my contact details.



Thread: Scraping Blue?
16/05/2017 09:11:46

Pete, the pigment dissolves completely, it's not a grain of sand, or anything else abrasive or corrosive but I do sieve and mix carefully to make sure all the lumps have dissolved.

Andrew, yes wipe clean the part with some sort of spirit and debur with a stone. I use whatever I have to hand, usually white spirit or paraffin. I leave the black on the table for more than a few rubs, since it's black, smudging a bit of light colour into it has little effect.

I use red and black because they're common and contrast quite well - no link to the red lead. I guess you could use any strong pigment but as cement pigment is required in quite large quantities for its purpose, a few hundred grams is cheap and goes a long way.

Thread: Help from any Kennedy Hexacut Power Hacksaw owners out there?
15/05/2017 21:51:17

Chris, thanks, pdf's received, ill print them out and have a good read through thanks!

Robbo, thanks for the input, very useful.

Dave Halford, a smart observation and a great tip, thanks, I'll be sure to keep that in mind when I'm looking over it initially - I feel some hand scraping might be in order laughany excuse!

David Standing, private message me your email address and I'll send you the PDF's - due to the recent swarm of viruses I suspect you'll find my email in your junk mail folder so be sure to check that out.

Thread: Scraping Blue?
15/05/2017 17:58:23


I would go with a mixture of cement pigment and an oil of your choice (I go with ISO 32 hydraulic oil as I have plenty)

This way you can go for whatever colour better contrasts the base metal, and also use the two colour method if you prefer, where you'd apply a bright colour like red to the part, and roll blue (or black for me) on the table and take a rub - this way, when you get a high spot that rubs through the blue, your high spot is clear, and your low spots are red, so it's easier to spot the highs - as with single colour method, highs and lows are clear!

If that makes sense......... yes

I love hand scraping - I'd challenge any surface grinder to beat the finish, but I have arthritis, so I'm now only doing it when essential for myself as I need to make my wrist last as long as possible or I'll not be doing anything!


Thread: Help from any Kennedy Hexacut Power Hacksaw owners out there?
15/05/2017 17:39:05


Thank you for taking the time to measure, I have sent you a private message with my email address.

Regarding belt tension, the holes for the motor are drilled, but I believe the whole machine is on slotted holes, so you can tension the belt this way.

Thread: Formatting Forum Posts
15/05/2017 13:54:44

I've had success just copying and pasting straight from a spreadsheet (excel)

Col 1 Col 2 Col 2 Col 4
Line 1 6 15 23 40
Line 2 1 15 20 38

Thread: Help from any Kennedy Hexacut Power Hacksaw owners out there?
15/05/2017 13:50:46

Can someone please measure the diameter of large driven flat belt pulley and read off the motors rpm if legible? - I gather the motor's shaft was used directly as the driver pulley so I can measure that.

I'm over the moon to have picked up a model 60 (I guess) as I've been wanting one for years. Its missing its driven pulley, and needs a good strip and clean.

I've got a handful of Vee pulleys sitting about so I'd like to use these, however given that the original arrangement used the motor's spindle directly, to drive quite a large pulley, I think I'm going to struggle to get the reduction I need inside the standard guarding which I would like to try and retain because its quite nice!

In addition, the standard 1/6 horse motors are known to be feeble, so ideally, I'd like to achieve a slightly higher reduction than standard or run a lower speed motor which then gives me ample room under the standard guarding. If say the motor is a pretty standard 2 pole 2700-3000 rpm, I should be able to easily source a little 4 pole and halve the speeds.

I'd be grateful of any advice, tips, parts diagrams, manuals or a word from anyone who shares an interest in these.

All the best,


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