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Thread: New Mill
30/01/2014 18:40:19

Welcome =)

on the vice front a 6" Homge with totally enclosed screw and externally mountable jaws (so you can grab something large from inside - swingarm, frame, casing etc) is just under £150 from Chester Machine Tools

- I've just got a few other bits and would have took one if I had a few more pennies - looks like a vice for life there and I'm pretty sure that's cheaper than a plain 6" vice without the enclosed screw or fancy jaws.

Thread: Chester Machine tools - blood from a stone?
29/01/2014 14:16:19


spot on thanks, it is a bit of a shame it had to come through the public domain but none the less, thanks.

If you could have responded via email explaining the situation it would have been great, since I've essentially just been in the dark for a week, wondering if I've been forgotten or ignored (following the inconsistent reply)

I'll keep an eye on those boring bits, I'm after the MT3 boring head set and the 12mm or 14mm clamp kit (need to check which table I have you list 071-101 as compatible but that is 12mm, and the specs sheets say it has 14mm Tee slots which would be 071-102 I think)

Anyhow, happy to have received a response and wait patiently for a reply,

For the record the feedback I've recently been seeing surrounding Chester have been positive, as have my previous purchases of spares for sacrificial gears on my other mill which put me out of action probably this time last year, I had my replacements the next day - I ordered 3, and typically none have broke since!

29/01/2014 11:16:56

I'm trying to order some parts from Chester (and have been for at least a few weeks) - it's becoming like trying to draw blood from a stone!

All I want on the bottom line is a drawbar for my RF20/25 - which they have apparently in different lengths, so they asked me what mine was. They gave me a price, and postage, and I thought great, problem solved all in under 24hrs - I'll just get back them in the morning with size info - thumbs up!

I measured up, and then got no response, so I sent off more emails asking if they'd made any progress (at least 3 or 4 days bettwen emails), I got a different contradictory response stating they only do a "standard size" ??

So I've now been trying (unsuccessfully) for over a week again with different emails sensibly spaced so as not to bother them - trying to determine either what their "standard size" is, or if they do have multiple sizes, which size would be close enough to machine down or make do!

They have suggested I can use threaded bar, which is what I'm doing now, and I'd rather have something a bit nicer, simply because I'm a fool like that.

While I'm paying postage, I thought I'd also get a new 52pc clamp kit, and a cheap MT3 boring head and indexable bars and inserts but as I said, its like bleeding a stone! - and those items are on sale, and soon won't be, so I'll really be miffed if they take so long to respond that I miss the sale, I think I'd happily never ever use them again if they don't book their ideas up!

Anyone else finding them difficult to deal with?

Thread: To dump or de-rust?
23/01/2014 16:21:34
Posted by Cornish Jack on 23/01/2014 14:56:18:

stirring a big container of diesel full of milling cutters etc.

Wouldn't the cutters dull as they rumbled around against each other wink

Electrolysis sounds like the easiest method, maybe a dip in a water soluble degreaser (Jizer?) before hand.

Thread: Mill refusing to power up
09/01/2014 12:52:45

How have you gotten on?

I'm intrigued, to see how Chester's customer service is as well as what went wrong with the machine so prematurely.

all the best,


Thread: mini Bandsaw, or mini Scroll Saw ??
09/01/2014 12:47:05

So many good options..... I've been looking about and speaking to a few leading bandsaw companies (be it for blades or machines) and both suggest the tri wheel machines are contenders.

Since we're already looking to a smaller machine its obviously not get used on an industrial scale so the the larger dual wheel machines ability to make blades last longer is of little relevance, and they are typically bigger machines overall with less throat.

Sooooo.......... that considered, a Burgess (aka Powerline) just popped up, very locally and I might just go for it, furnished with a brand new bi-metal 1/2" x 0.020 blade - it already has a belt driven pulley which has 2 speeds, 3000ft/min for wood and 350ft/min a metal - as standard, made in the 70's still made now to a similar design - I wonder if they kept the dual speed setup......

Could these triangular machines have been the turn key solution all along? ............ frown

Edited By Russell Bates on 09/01/2014 12:49:59

Thread: Mill refusing to power up
06/01/2014 19:43:00

he just said he has 230v, which doesn't cover it, he needs to load the supply IMO - plug in a hoover or something just to be sure

- very remote chance but it only takes 2 seconds to test

06/01/2014 18:20:55

If your green neon came on faintly then when out when "on" was pressed you could be picking 240v up from the neutral, did you test the wall socket with some reasonable load ?

Thread: Restoring Beaver VBRP Mill
06/01/2014 17:48:40


Here's the manual, get it while its hot - if its even slightly different to your own, it might just give you the slightly different angle or better clarity on any one picture or diagram that could help out - so enjoy, now I'm off to get my hands very dirty removing my J head to change the feed select shaft around 180°...........frown

I can't promise to host this for extended periods since I only have limited space but I'll leave it up for the time being.

let me know if you have any issues with downloading it

Edited By Russell Bates on 06/01/2014 18:15:05

06/01/2014 16:06:46

Hi Paul,

Mine is 47 pages and titled "Beaver Mill MK2, Operator's and Maintenance Manual"

it features information on adjustment of many items and an exploded view each assembly (head, ram, column, knee/saddle & table, various feed gearboxs, clutch box and so on) - here's one of the exploded views to give you an idea.

When I gathered information on my Bridgeport I found various manuals but struggled to find "the right one" for it, as well as detail issue, I now have a collection of slightly different manuals some old, some new, showing different version, some have section views, others exploded, between them, I have a pretty good idea of what's going on (although when it comes to stripping things down, there's nothing like following in someone's foot steps smiley (the number of times I've had to google things......)

06/01/2014 10:47:17


I do have the full maintenance and service manual for the Beaver MK2, including exploded views of everything and full parts lists, wiring diagrams etc.

Let me know if you need a copy.



Thread: mini Bandsaw, or mini Scroll Saw ??
05/01/2014 20:46:56

Billy, that really puts things in to perspective and that data sheet is a keeper thanks! - you've changed the game for me here. I over looked that vast difference in speed .......... there is certainly no way a speed controller will manage that sort of reduction.

I think the cheapest/easiest way to go is down the route of a plain pulley reduction, I don't wan't to get to complicated with this as my ambition and my ability are nearly as far apart as those blade speeds.......cheeky

Norman, its a great piece of kit but far to large for my needs , I'm looking for something portable enough to be shoved under a bench or above a cupboard when not needed.

Thread: Restoring Beaver VBRP Mill
05/01/2014 13:37:05

Hi Paul,

I don't think I have any pictures on me, certainly not on my home PC, I'll ask about and see if anyone knows if we've any documentation or info on it.


It's looking good !



Edited By Russell Bates on 05/01/2014 13:42:57

Thread: mini Bandsaw, or mini Scroll Saw ??
05/01/2014 13:34:57

I've been looking at those 2 link above again, and it appears the case of the 350w is not plastic and is possible cast aluminium/monkey metal, but I think I'm still leaning towards the old sheet metal design,

- It looks to have larger diameter wheels, and is a good 10db quieter (3+ times quieter then?)
- I prefer the simplicity of the main wheel adjuster, it looks more robust and upgradable/repairable
- The lower blade guide looks much closer to the table (its mounted outside the case under the table, as opposed to inside the case)

Tool station had these on sale once at £65, they are now only selling the new version for £100 - I think it's unlikely I'll get hold of one again for that price, might just have to watch ebay and keep my ear to the ground.

Thread: Still no Email notification of bookmarked forum posts.
04/01/2014 11:55:18

Hi Paul,

By default my Microsoft Hotmail account deemed them "junk", I had to fish one out of my junk mail and mark it as safe. All is working fine now.

On top of that if your security system scans emails, you may find you have to also "allow" the emails in that program too - but check its log before reading in to it, and after allowing them through your email account, as it may not have stopped any yet (I don't know how active/smart these types of program are?)

hope this helps,

Thread: Name that Rotary Table !!
04/01/2014 10:26:12

Brilliant! Those 2 look great!

Nick, yes it does have an adjusting screw on the worm spot on!

Rod, the machine it came with is a late 80's Nu-Tools Mill/Drill so its all adding up perfectly.

To me it looking like a pretty simple design and casting, and yet feels solid and quality and has a good low profile, is there any reason they all seem to have switched to the more rounded designs?

Thanks again everyone for all the input, its really nice to know a bit of history about my tooling!

03/01/2014 22:42:06

I've had a look for Ivan Law's castings but I couldn't see anything, also struggled finding pictures of anything other than the newer style rotary tables from Vertex and Soba (Homge castings/copies or are they just another name?)

I might get it stripped down, cleaned up and regreased, work out a mount for a little nema 17 and measure up for a home made tailstock of some sortsenlightened

Thread: Restoring Beaver VBRP Mill
03/01/2014 20:02:35

This is really great info, we've got one where I work, its been gather dust for decades, it was going to get thrown out when we moved premise but I managed to have it moved to our test facility with the old lathe we have, it's very noticably better than my bridgeport 1J, and since I'll soon be selling that sad it might just come in handy if I have some big jobs


All the best,

Edited By Russell Bates on 03/01/2014 20:03:15

Thread: Name that Rotary Table !!
03/01/2014 19:47:56

Hi all,

I recently bought a new machine, and the generous chap threw in what I think, is a very nice 6" rotary table, but I've not seen one like this before and can't find any similar by googling, I thought maybe it's one he had machined himself from castings?

It has a lovely smooth and very sure motion, with no backlash at all. It has a very low profile and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. there is a plug in the center which is plain, and reveals a hole benith, I don't think its 1 morse but it could be, I'll try an old centre in it next time I remember but from memory, it has no thru hole and a standard 1 morse is certainly taller than the whole thing (I could be totoally wrong about the through hole...)

Anyone have any ideas?





Edited By Russell Bates on 03/01/2014 19:50:46

Edited By JasonB on 03/01/2014 19:55:35

Thread: mini Bandsaw, or mini Scroll Saw ??
03/01/2014 17:59:48


If it could cut metal well I'd be interested, but Norman is certainly saying otherwise, as a scroll saw project this could be right up someone's street - but as a metal cutting saw, maybe not mine?

I'm still undecided, internal cuts would be of great use to me, and I could suffer the rest - its still got to be easier than hand cutting. - PLUS i seem to think the plate where the blade goes through is removable, meaning in my head, custom shapes, maybe a file could be modified and mounted to further modified mounts..... I don't know...

to many things to consider for a Friday night, I'll keep pondering yes

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