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Thread: Hammer Forging Firearms Barrels
28/04/2020 08:09:39

LoL ndiy.

I was not suggesting that somebody would want to use this process to make their own backyard barrels.

The engineering aspects of making a long accurate hole are of interest to me and maybe a few other people so this was posted in regard to the engineering techniques. It is interesting that the accurate bores formed are also work hardened due to the manufacturing process.

I doubt if a 'gang' could afford one of these machines.

Anyway, I am in Australia and permitted to own a firearm for legitimate reasons after a police background check and new licencees are also required to attend an approved training course.

* Danny M *

28/04/2020 07:01:07

Wile cleaning one of my favourite .22 rifles (a Russian Izhmash Biathlon Basic Review ) I noticed that it has hammer forged barrel with a pattern like spiral wound carbon fibre, It is deadly accurate both at the range and in a paddock,

Due to lock down boredon I asked Mrs. Google and found some interesting stuff about the machinery that can produce a rifled barrel bore to an accuracy of 0.0001".

The video referred to in the link below (U.S. Army Watervliet Arsenal) is also fascinating as it shows field gun and tank barrels being forged into shape at 2000 deg C How Hammer Forged Barrels are made

* Danny M *

Thread: ANZACS - We will remember them!!
27/04/2020 10:22:04

Thanks Bruce and all the other considerate people who remembered ANZAC Day.

It is strange to think that us people down-under remember a military disaster (Gallipoli) but it was a bonding moment for the people of the new nations in the southern seas.

My late uncle-in-law Maurice Jessop landed at ANZAC Cove aged 15 with the 4th Bn. I was quite honoured to be his mate after I married. After Gallipoli Maurice served on the Western front and the only thing he told me was that it was a bit scary to go 'back-packing across no-mans-land behind the German lines to grab a prisoner or just to creat a bit of merry hell'.

Myself joined the Australian Army when the Vietnam War was winding down and the recruiters made me count cogs and gear ratios and decided to make me into an electronics techo.

Many happy hours were then spent machining basics. I loved the lathework but filing a steel cube with 1" sides soon got a bit tedious.

I managed to pass this phase and once I got into a unit life just got better. The mates I made back then are the best blokes that I ever worked with, Ended up doing 30 years with a bit of Emergency Reserve duty.

If I had my time again I would probably do the same again.

Here is a great rendition of The Last Post by a talented young lady Last Post

Lest We Forget

56783 Danny M


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Thread: Old car parts. Throw them or keep them
26/04/2020 07:11:51

I found that a steering rod tie rod end works nicely if one is building an HH basic grinding rest. The one in question came from a friend whose teenage son managed to crash his car. It was easier to find than a plastic ball, much more robust and had a spigot which really came in handy to mount the thing.

rest 1.jpg

rest 2.jpg

* Danny M *

Thread: Aging rubber and plastic
19/04/2020 07:59:36

After my binocuar grips degraded I found this which might explain a bit Rubber Reversion

* Danny M *

Thread: Coronavirus
18/04/2020 08:01:38

It took just one cruise ship to wreak havoc in Australia Ruby Princess .Some state borders are now closed but things are now getting under control. Australian state and territory border closures with a decrease in infections.

Some isolated communities also have locked theselves down Isolated Communities but then might become some of the safest places to be nowadays.

Similar for New Zealand.

Our Australian Govt. has been pushing a phone app today to 'track possible contacts' Contact Tracing App but despite all their promises I just do not trust them to delete data once they have it so shall not avail myself of this hastily concocted snoopware,

So for all our members and your friends and families please keep yourselves safe and healthy.

* Danny M *

Thread: Cicada 1.3cc "diesel\2
17/04/2020 05:14:33

Keith, a mate of mine (Ed Holly) just finished his Cicada and it seems to run nicely Ed's Cicada

Maybe you could swap notes.

I am currently building a Sparey .8 diesel after I discovered the plans in this lovely ancient edition of Aeromodeller magazine Aeromodeller May 1947

IMHO we should all count ourselves lucky that we have our hobbies to help keep our sanity during these difficult times.

* Danny M *

Thread: Help with Maths ratio problem?
16/04/2020 09:47:33

A more practical question (for an aeromodeller) that I have sometimes seen published goes along the line like this:

"I have 5L of 25% nitro (nitromethane) model car glow engine fuel and want to dilute the nitro to 10% to suit my XYZ model aircraft engine. I have the correct oil and methanol. So how much of each do I need to add and how much fuel would I end up with?"

* Danny M *

Oops! fForgot to mention that the oil is15% of the mix



Edited By Danny M2Z on 16/04/2020 09:58:57

Thread: Coronavirus
10/04/2020 09:49:07

I cannot believe that every visitor arriving in the U.K. is not isolated for 14 days! .

* Danny M *

Thread: Homemade Lathe Tools
09/04/2020 06:46:22

A home made lathe tool grinding rest from Harold Hall's great design HH grinding rest was a very worthwhile project and not too difficult to make but has repaid the effort in spades.

* Danny M *

sutton toolbit 18? front grind - s.jpg

Thread: How to void the virus.
09/04/2020 04:30:14

I was talking to my neighbour over the garden fence when her 4 year old daughter proudly told me "We are staying home for Easter as we are self oscillating"

Maybe a future engineer?

* Danny M *

Thread: Australian Crayfish?
09/04/2020 04:19:34

Many years ago (early '70's) while taking annual leave from the Australian Army in Western Australia a mate asked if I would like some paid fun by riding 'shotgun' on one of the lobster trawlers operating out of Geraldton.

Apparently Indonesian and other foreign fishermen were flouting Australian maritime laws and so a few well aimed shots usually scared them off.

I passed up on the offer but I know of a few Vietnam Vets who became proficient at taking out radar dishes and antennae on the fishing boats who violated the Australian Maritime Zone.

* Danny M *

Thread: Coronavirus
02/04/2020 05:43:14

l had a few words with my postman/junk mail person today,

He saw me removing the junk mail from the mailbox and asked why was I wearing rubber gloves and remarked that he was fine so I was being a bit paranoid.

I told him that even if he was fine, he should buy and wear his own gloves as he had no control over who handled the letters/advertising material before him and suggested for him to be careful.

I also remarked that all junk mail and (especially) my bills should be printed on toilet paper which should save me shopping for the stuff and also be useful for appropriate re-cycling purposes.

Well he got a bit snarky.and stormed off in a bit of a huff.

I was actually trying to do him a favour but then some people just don't learn.

What's more important, if he does get the WuFlu then every letter that he touches could spread it around my little township like wildfire.

Am I really being a bit too paranoid?

* Danny M *

01/04/2020 08:13:52

It is actually people like this who make me feel a bit sad QLD billionaire gives no rent relief to affected tenants

I know a few wealthy people, some are sympathetic such as this bloke Twiggy Forrest

If I had a $1 million tucked away for a rainy day then maybe cutting a bit of slack to the people who helped me make such a fortune would be the decent thing to do.

But then, some people get to be billionaires by just being ruthless bast***s.

That's the world that we live in, unfortunately!

* Danny M *

01/04/2020 02:27:37

Coronavirus Pandemic, day 24.

If anyone is still out there, I’m alive but struggling. Food is running low. Down to only 459 days worth. My hands are super sanitized and my bottom is super clean. Down to 2399 rounds of ammo (dropped 1 round down the heat vent while doing daily inventory). Power still on, but for how long? Missing human interaction but I have my dogs.. for now.. (I'm soaking their food in BBQ sauce in an attempt to marinate them from the inside in case I have to eat them) . I fear dark days ahead. News is all bad. Neighbors have attempted to leap from windows to their death, (or near death... most have single story homes so they are badly bruised). Blew through most Netflix series so may have to rewatch some again..Basic Survival is a definite challenge. I vow to persevere to the end, I am a survivor! Please, if there is life out there, communicate with me to help preserve my sanity..

* Danny M *

Thread: What are you doing to stay safe
29/03/2020 06:53:14
Posted by J Hancock on 28/03/2020 12:42:34:

All the serious You Tube stuff suggests 6metres/ 20feet is the safe separation to aim for.

So then I read about this Social Distancing

What a sad state of affairs when a person tries to do the right thing and gets busted for it!

* Danny *

29/03/2020 05:17:47

Now it appears that cats can spread the WuFlu Infected Cat

Thread: On a lighter note - Are you an interior or an exterior type.
28/03/2020 22:58:15

Where do you all find toilet rolls to conduct these experiments?

I just hope that my bills can be printed on toilet paper.

A never ending supply!

* Danny M *

Thread: Coronavirus
28/03/2020 18:42:11

Cruise ships are a real problem here in Oz..

Passengers disembark and spread their pox to all and sundry Poxy Cruise Ship

* Danny *

27/03/2020 04:30:10

So why does your 'powers that be' allow the crowding of people in the London Underground Tube System?

I saw the videos. Totally stupid IMHO.

* Danny *

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