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Thread: Taking a pair of wire cutters to a standard baseball cap
04/08/2020 09:35:19

I always thought that people with their baseball cap on the wrong way around had their head on backwards.

That was until..................................I wore one at the rifle range and tried to sight in a benchrest target rifle. Had to turn it backwards!

At least it's the only place that I can wear a Donald Trump 'Make America Great Again' cap and get a few admiring smiles

It is surprising how many people ask me where did I obtain it and ask to borrow it for a selfie?

Disclaimer - a friend bought it for me and I don't want to upset her so I only wear it to get a few bites. No way do I support the bloke!

* Danny M *

Thread: Music in the Workshop
02/08/2020 11:58:02

When building a vintage '40's model aircraft with a spark ignition Ohlssen .23 it seemed appropriate to play "Glenn Miller's Greatest Hits" in the workshop. It got me 'In The Mood"

* Danny M *

Thread: Social Distancing
02/08/2020 11:28:10
Posted by Peter G. Shaw on 02/08/2020 10:48:16:


I agree totally with your comments, but could I ask just what's going on in Victoria? The reports I have seen say that a state of Disaster has been declared which seems rather extreme.

Peter G. Shaw

A good question Peter.

The outbreak here in Victoria appears in clusters, many of which are in areas of Melbourne which are populated by people of low social-economic income so they have to work to earn an income to feed their families and pay their rent and thus they attend work, even if feeling a bit unwell.

Also, many of the infected people are health care workers and transient staff of aged care facilities who travel between various aged care centres. As their work is 'casual' they cannot claim sickness benefits so possibly they spread the virus, A t least our government has woken up to this one and offered compensation for these people to stay at home for 14 days.

Also abattoir workers seem susceptible as they work close together in a humid atmosphere for long hours

Next are the stupid, totally irresponsible people who flout all the rules Virus spreading teens in Australia

I hope that they get a spell in gaol, in solitary confinement. Not only to protect the other prisoners but to protect themselve from what the other prisoners might do to them.

My little part of N.E. Vic is pretty virus free at the moment. I live just 600m from the NSW border but noway can I obtain a pass to go shopping in Albury (15 Km trip). From tomorrow, if I want to go shopping in Wodonga (25 Km trip) I have to wear a face mask to shop.

As Ned Kelly said just before the trapdoor opened under his feet "Such is life"

Our premier is desperate to clamp down on this pandemic which is rapidly getting out of control so he has really tightened the noose. In Melbourne, ony 1 person per household permitted to shop wityhin a 5 Km radius of their home with a night-time curfew on any movement.

* Danny M *

02/08/2020 10:41:55

I watched the Cup Final here in Australia.

All was well in the stadium with limited spectators, social distancing and the North London team won (although I am a Hammers supporter

But what I saw next astounded me, the pictures of supporters outside the stadium, crowded together and hardly a mask in sight, Social Distancing?

What was the point of banning them from the stadium in the first place if this is how people are behaving?

It only takes one infected person to spread Covid-19, just like it only took one person who liked bat soup to infect most of the planet and kill over 1/2 million people so far.

I really am amazed about how irresponsible some people can behave.

* Danny M *

Thread: Jobs
31/07/2020 11:22:01
Posted by magpie on 31/07/2020 10:25:27:
Posted by Phil McAvity on 31/07/2020 09:44:19:
Posted by Bazyle on 30/07/2020 22:54:32:

Army - this was invented to supress the people and protect the monarch with defence of the realm only brought in when said morarch wanted more subjects to supress.

How to insult the memory of the people who made the ultimate sacrifice protecting the privileges we take for granted that others dream of.

Way to go.....

I agree 100% with Bazyle regarding the army. If macho young blokes the world over refused to go killing people and getting themselves killed on behalf of some megalomaniac, who will hide somewhere in a deep hole until the killing is over, then the world would be a much better place. Sad to say that it needs to happen everywhere before wars can end.

Oh how wrong can you be Magpie.

The Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy are not about killing people. They are there to protect your country. your family and also your right to make such statements in public . (Try that in Hong Kong nowadays)

If some of the youth of today were conscripted for a year or two to learn a bit about cameraderie, discipline and maybe to learn about their own worth and potential then there might be a few less miscreants roaming around.

As a disclamer: I served 33 years in the ADF, Never killed anybody in all that time and only got close to being killed when an officer who could not read a map misguided my landrover to a place where 84mm mortar bombs were faling like snowdrops all around.

In an idealistic world, Vladimir Putin and Boris Trump would sorft it out in a boxing ring, winner takes all.

Unfortunately I can't see this happening. Also this leaves the Chinese referee a bit suspect

Thread: Opions sought on using the USB Photo Stick for photo storage
31/07/2020 09:53:11

For keeping track of files, photos and documents I found that a disc catalogue application is quite handy.

20 Years ago when I owned a computer sales/build/repair business it soon became apparent that one could not charge a customer for the time taken to locate a motherboard/printer etc driver file so I asked one of the young geeks that I employed to find such a program to catalogue hundreds of CD's.

This is a typical current version of what he came up with Disk Catalogue Program

All our CD's were numbered and catalogued and so it became possible to locate the required info in seconds. (Wolfey got a pay rise for that one)

For photo's I would suggest giving them a meaningful name before archiving as many cameras just label them DFC123456 etc. which is quite meaningless if you want to search for photo's of "My new car'



Edited By Danny M2Z on 31/07/2020 09:53:37

Thread: Jobs
31/07/2020 08:30:45

Don't forget ambulace chasing lawyers of the "Had an accident,give us a call. No win - no fee" type.

Thread: Bulbs Electric Life of
25/07/2020 11:11:27

Here is an intresting thread about light bulb history Light Bulbs

Thread: Aircraft General Discussion
24/07/2020 04:02:15

Qantas just pensioned off it's last 747 to the Arizona graveyard.

After 50 years in service the fleet is being replaced.

The flight path of the last flight over the Pacific Ocean was most interesting. (Tracked on FlightAware)

* Danny M *

qantas 747 last flight tracked on flightaware.jpg

Thread: Overseas Distribution to restart
21/07/2020 08:54:02

Thanks Neil for hanging in there during this serious disruption and thanks to your publishers and distributors for doing their best in 2020. A year that shall remain in history!

Thread: Is this a plug tap
20/07/2020 06:44:26

I have set of Sutton Tools (Australian) B.A. taps. Each size came in taper, intermediate and plug sizes. The plug (2 black stripes) have a square cut end with a minute tapered section.

What I did find interesting is that the diameter of the threaded sections gradually increases from the tapered to the plug version so that when changing from taper to intermediate the tap will cut the previous thread a bit deeper.

Quite useful if one is tapping a 'tight' thread such as for a model diesl engine compression screw.

For tapping a blind bottomed hole the pointy ones look a bit useless.

* Danny M *

Thread: The 2038 computer bug
14/07/2020 11:19:01
Posted by Speedy Builder5 on 13/07/2020 16:24:42:

+1 for Brians comment. There is no way a 2 digit date was going to work correctly on Jan 1st 2000. In fact it stopped working long before that for forward order dates, end of guarantee periods etc. Young uns can't comprehend how expensive disc storage was back then, the tricks we had to use to minimise data sizes, the processor speed (Or lack of). I remember that a 16Kbyte core memory board cost about £8,000 in 1975 and our machine was a 32Kb one but in spite of that, we ran the complete stock control, BOMs, purchasing and spares and rectification system for CINCINNATI Milacron UK. Our total disc storage was 48Mb which was production, development, operating system.

Lol, you were lucky.

In the early '70'sI worked with 1965 technology magnetic drum memory systems that were used to compute the parabolic flight of a projectile, a mixture of valves and an early version of a transistorised computer used to drive me crazy debugging the faults, but when it worked the operators were very happy.

The drum had enough memory to store azimuth, elevation and bearing data points for a single radar tracked projectile which were then integrated to plot the origin or the destination using fixed constants for gravity and air drag. We were told (1974) that a replacement magnetic drum unit cost $120,000

On a good day, the people firing the projectiles could be located to within 30m at 10km range so were not happy when a quick CB return fire of airburst arrived over their location.

That was a long time ago but it's factual and it's history.

* Danny M *

12/07/2020 10:08:51

Just like the millenium bug was hyped this new vision has surfaced. 2038 bug

Just like the millenium bug I presume that some people shall try to profiteer from the hype, but then I wonder how many operating systems shal be 32 bit in 18 years time ?

* Danny M *

Thread: SX1 Mill Motor Shaft
09/07/2020 04:53:32
Posted by James Dickie on 08/07/2020 21:02:18:

If you would like an easy route to a belt drive conversion, then I can highly recommend this one:


That's quite a useful linky as they also offer conversion kits for other mills (such as my X2).

Thank's for that.

* Danny M *

Thread: Ultrasonics and citric acid
30/06/2020 08:41:22

My ultrasonic cleaner has a stainless steel tank and I regularly use a solution of citric acid in it to clean used brass cartridge cases before re-loading them.

The results in 10 minutes are better than when I previously used a vibrating tumbler full of crushed walnut shells running for hours. After use I flush the u/s cleaner tank with tap water and it's still working well after 6 years.

* Danny M *

Edited By Danny M2Z on 30/06/2020 08:41:58

Thread: Harold Hall basic grinding rest
29/06/2020 09:14:56
Posted by derek hall 1 on 29/06/2020 06:38:19:I wonder if the problem exists if the ball is metal as in Danny's example.

My table has never moved during use. As Neil pointed out, the grinding forces are small.

The mounting board has two threaded inserts so that the rest can be fixed repeatably in the same position.

If you noticed the protruding bolt to the right of my grinder that is for the drill sharpener (same reason).

The metal ball was from a friend who's son managed to crash his car so might be easy to pick one up from a car wrecking yard. The spigot was a useful bonus.

Magnetic mounting seems nice but how does one assure positioning repeatability and what happens if the tool being ground digs into the grinding wheel?

* Danny M *

28/06/2020 03:30:56

I made my version about ten years ago and it's had regular use for producing the cutting edges on lathe tools and sharpening end mills.

I had didfficulty locating the plastic ball so used a donated steering ball joint. This had the advantage of a spigot and might last longer than the plastic ball.

I keep a soft brush nearby as the grinding dust gets everywhere. For that reason I do not use oil for the sliding/pivotting parts, powdered graphite works ok.

* Danny M *

rest 1.jpgrest 2.jpg

Thread: What Did You Do Today 2020
23/06/2020 11:58:48

I just finished three books in two days.

That's a lot of colouring in ;-(

Thread: Recommendations for where to start with my new Emco Unimat Basic SL
20/06/2020 09:28:59

Many years ago (about 1980) I visited the home of a very competitive aeromodeller friend in Brisbane, Australia..

In his "office" was an EMCO Unimat lathe that he used to produce spraybars and other sundry parts for his models and engines.

Thus impressed I decided that a small lathe would be a great asset and a few years later managed to pick up an original Australian Sherline lathe (complete with brass bed and heaps of accessories).

Thus I was hooked

* Danny M *

Edited By Danny M2Z on 20/06/2020 09:30:06

Edited By Danny M2Z on 20/06/2020 09:30:46

Thread: Stuart 10V Build Log - Complete Beginner...
20/06/2020 08:17:53

For a beginner this is an excellent build log.

Thank you very much for posing all the details Dr_GMJN

BTW, I often use a slip of paper between vice jaws and the work. Not so much to protect the finish though as it really improves the grip between the components

* Danny M *

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