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Thread: Christmas Cracker Jokes .. and similar
26/12/2020 00:27:24

Why does the Indian cricket team not have to go into isolation?

Because they can't catch anything that comes from a bat.

Thread: Cannot let this pass without comment
25/12/2020 02:14:59

Given the low RPM of the lathe and (presumably) low torque then the ingenious use of a high speed rotary cutter makes sense.

+1 for ingenuity

Thread: Mery Christmas Everybody
25/12/2020 01:58:17

Best wishes to all the forum members and MTM people (especially Neil and the moderators) for keeping this a safe place to forget about the news and just de-stress.

Also thanks to whomever waved the magic wand to ensure that all my copies of MEW arrived at my local newsagent in a country town in Victoria, Australia. Awesome!

Here's to a better 2021.

Eating local tiger prawns, lobster and oysters for a traditional Aussie Christmas lunch, washed down with some VB tinnies and Australian wine.

29°C today so took a Christmas card, a tin of toffees and some fresh apricots to the police who man a border control checkpoint near my home. After over 30 years military service I know what it is like to be recalled from leave at short notice and deployed at Christmas.

So here's to all the police, testers and medical staff who are working hard to keep us all safe

Regards from down-under * Danny *

Thread: Covid19 - Overseas Subscriptions
22/12/2020 04:13:22

I visited my newsagent (Wodonga, Vic. Australia) today for the first time since March as I only usually have two magazines on regular order, both from the U.K. and after reading about distribution problems I sort of gave up on ever obtaining a recent copy in these difficult times.

Well imagine my surprise when the lovely lady told me that they had all my magazines ready to go and there they were! MEW complete from March - October and most of my Aeromodeller magazines.

I felt a bit embarrassed that I had not visited sooner, but with all the doom and gloom forecasts there was no way that I suspected that these magazines had slipped through the hoops. Happy to top up the till for my local newsagent just before Christmas. Didn't even have to wear a mask after months of trying to do the right thing.

So all's well that ends well.

Have a safe and happy Christmas and let's hope that 2021 is a bit nicer than 2020

Regards from down-under * Danny *

Thread: Scaling back forum activity
11/09/2020 09:19:58

Like Barrie said, plenty of other places to share our work without commercial censorship dictating the rules.

Time to reveiw my favourite website options!

* Danny M *

Thread: Jobs we had as kids
09/09/2020 09:22:43

I forgot to mention that many of my local peers were into drugs. I remember the names blues and bennies and was horrified after what I saw the effects that they had on them.

This was a pity as they were pretty good kids to grow up with but come 15-16 the dealers got their hooks into them.

My late dear mum once remarked I did not get sucked in because I was too busy building model aeroplanes and working. Very astute mum. A few of them died of heroin overdoses before reaching 18.

Also managed to fit in 4 years at the Army Cadets (the annual camps were my holidays), and learned many useful skills (map-reading, rafting and rifle shooting) among others.

Nowadays I notice a lot of 'umbrella kids', sheltered from the big cruel world by overprotective parents, left alone with Facebook imaginary friends and totally unprepared for the real world. A local teenager was run over while chasing an imaginary 'Pokemon' with his mobile phone, very sad.

08/09/2020 10:14:20

As a young bloke growing up in the East End of London, it seems that I always had a job of some sort either after school or on weekends.

The majority of my wages went to the family (6 brothers and sisters) but my parents never pressured me to seek the work, it just seemed the right thing to do.

So here is a list of the jobs that I did, some paid quite well.

Age 12-14 paper rounds. The tips of sixpence made it worthwhile as the wages were lousy.

Age 12-16 washing cars at the local pub each Sunday lunchtime opening. Made a few quid at that one.

Age 16. Spent school summer holidays humping coal up stairs in multi storey flats.The workout toughened me enough to sort out a few local bullies who were hassling my family. Pay was ok

Age 16-18, Glassworks in Homerton E9. Loading glasses into conveyor belts to go through fusing furnacxe or unloading after the transfers were fused. - Very hot work.

Age 17 School summer holidays full time at the 'Metal Box Factory' in Hackney. Wow, could those ladies solder, learned a lot there.

Age 15-18, Resident guru at the local second hand shop. If I fixed a broken item I got paid so electrical items were my favourites. Nickname was 'brains'. The owner was a survivor of the Nijmegen paratroop drop into Holland and had just lost his son (about my age) in a motorcycle accident so I finally figured out that I was replacement son. Finally gave that job away when I discovered that taxi driving mates were delivering dodgy goods (stolen goodsand pistols) .

A lathe was but a dream but I did manage to save enough to purchase a few model aeroplane engines and kits, usually from Henry J. Nicholls shop at 308 Holloway Road,.

Lol, a bit of a rant but that is what it was like in the 60's for a kid in London.

So how did the rest of you survive in the age of flower power and hippy culture?

* Danny M *

Thread: Soldering aluminium
07/09/2020 08:32:39

Lumiweld works well if one carefully follows the instructions.

My first attempt restored a broken out mounting lug on an ancient DC Dart model diesel engine,

Apart from the fact thet the repair is a bit darker than the original it's still working quite well 20 years later

Thread: Boring chatter (on the lathe)
07/09/2020 08:19:10

A big blob of 'Blu Tack' placed onto a boring bar works well to dampen vibrations due to it's strange 'Non Newtonian' properties.

This is not a joke, I learned enough about Blu Tack from an MEW article a few years ago to design a unique barrel tuner for a rimfire target rifle.

* Danny M *

Thread: Best way to keep nuts tight (ha ha)
04/09/2020 05:37:31

For what it's worth.

When a model diesel engine compression screw gets a bit loose in the cylinder head then a turn of Kevlar thread around the screw with the end trapped into the hole snugs things up nicely.

Thread: An interesting consequence of Moore’s Law
04/09/2020 05:32:26
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 03/09/2020 13:02:36:

I still have some 5 1/4" and 3 1/2" floppy disks and drives for my BBC computers.

Not so out of date Neil although this is a bit worrying 8" floppy disks now obselete for defence systems

* Danny M *

02/09/2020 09:44:55

If purchasing an SD card online, be aware that there are many available cheaply, often fakes. Here is a typical example Fake SD card.

Search online for fake SD cards, it's pretty scary what is out there!

In my own case I only purchase such items from a reputable local supplier and rely on our Australian consumer protection laws to look after the details, Never had a fake so far so the retail chain here seem to be doing their homework.

Thread: Miracles do happen
30/08/2020 09:27:22

In 1984 I lost a Free Flight model aircraft at the Australian Nats.

One day in 2002 I received a mysterious phone call; "Have you lost a wee model aeroplane laddie?" (with a fake Scots accent)

I relied that I had not lost one for over ten years.

"What about a model with a KSB timer and a Cox Tee-Dee .051 modified engine?" was the reply.

LoL I replied, I had lost such a model many years ago.

"Well, it's yours again for a donation to the Doonside youth club".

It later transpired that a punter had arrived at a buy and sell market at the SSME Sydney Society of Model Engineers and attempted to sell a model aircraft that the vendor obviously knew nothing about.

The 'VH' number on the wing tracked it to me and so 18 yerars later I was re-united with my model.

The engine was in good condition, the timers were rusty but it was nice to get the old girl back after 18 years.

The fake 'Scotsman' was an old friend, Ivor F of Doonside, NSW, Australia who was keen to raise funds for disadvantaged young people.

* Danny M *

Thread: Bows and arrows
26/08/2020 16:58:36

Lol. Thanks for the amusing answers people.

My point is that one day, thousands of years ago, somebody had the creative thought to devise and make the very first bow and arrow.

Whomever and wherever that was, I take my hat off to that person as they changed the history of the world for thousands of years until the Chinese invention of gunpowder influenced modern weaponry.

Thread: Change to the Code of Conduct
26/08/2020 09:08:23
Posted by Hopper on 26/08/2020 08:30:18:
Posted by John Rutzen on 26/08/2020 08:15:57:

I think you have to be careful about removing links. The moderator's personal opinions shouldn't come into it. There's one engineering forum where you aren't allowed to mention Atlas machine tools because the moderator doesn't like them! I don't see anything wrong with Youtube videos, Youtube themselves will remove any offensive material. We are old enough to decide what to buy without it being censored.

If you read the thread on Code of Conduct, you will see that it is something this site's advertising customers demanded.

That's, ostensibly, who pays for the site to run. But it does rather ignore the fact that the members pay to use the forum. They pay with their attention. Which is what the site owners then onsell to the advertising clients. The members' attention is clearly worth money, as the advertisers pay money for it, and compete with each other for it.

The members then should perhaps be given equal consideration as the advertisers, because they are the base payers for the site. No members, no attention to be sold, no attention to be sold, no advertisers.

Well said Hopper.

Over-zealous forum police and the kowtowing to advertisers is making me seriously re-consider even logging into this forum again,

Lately, the mods have deleted a few posts (Such as relating to 'Ideots' when the truth was apperent to all,

As for the 'Advertisers', leaning on threads, Rest assured, the backlash from people such as myself means that I shall never click on your links again.

MEW, please re-consider your attitude.

* Danny M *

Edited By Danny M2Z on 26/08/2020 09:09:34

Edited By JasonB on 26/08/2020 09:10:04

Edited By Danny M2Z on 26/08/2020 09:13:26

Thread: Bows and arrows
26/08/2020 06:25:23

I was thinking about bows and arrows and as one does I wondered about the first person whom devised this wicked contraption that was refined over the centuries,

Somewhere in our ancient past a genius lurks. Name unknown but whomever it was that person who changed history.


* Danny M *

Thread: Super sopper
26/08/2020 04:53:16

I like the quote by Viv Richards to Greg Thomas **LINK**

Cricketing sledges are part of the game.

Thread: New Members
21/08/2020 11:06:48

Wow. I have noticed a lot of new members signing in recently!

Lockdown blues? Who Knows ?

It is great to see a lot of new members signing in after being consigned to their sheds and workshops.

Welcome to all the new members. So please enjoy this website where no question is too trivial.

We were all beginners once .

Thread: VP Day 75th anniversary
20/08/2020 09:23:54
Posted by David George 1 on 20/08/2020 09:09:38:

On Saturday night I had a surprise as halfway through the VJ celebration show my Dad's picture was projected on to the building on horse guards parade.s involved in a battle where he was one of 160 survivors from a battalion of 600 soldiers but they pushed the Japanese back for quite a long way. As they returned to base his picture was taken by an American war correspondent and was used on the cover of the official H M S O Burma campaign book.

John Austin George.


David, what a great photo, you must be very proud.

My uncle in law served in Gallipoli aged 15 and my father flew Wellingtons in WWII with a Polish RAF Squadron.

Lest we forget.

Thread: Who trains these ideots?
20/08/2020 07:36:35

30 years ago I was working in a defence establishment.

One of the office PC's had a dodgy 3.5" floppy drive, so a replacement was requested.

Young bloke (contract repair company) arrived and replaced the floppy drive but it did not work. The green light was on continuously.

Out of curiosity I asked the young bloke how much per hour was this repair costing the Defence Department and he replied $120. Then I asked him his hourly rate, it was $12 (Au).

So then I told him that the data connector ribbon cable was plugged in upside down, hence the green light.

He left with a red face after rectifying the problem, but I actually think that I taught him something about floppy disk drives.

Nowadays. 30 years later, $120 p/h is still a decent wage if you can get it.

* Danny M *

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