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Thread: Engineering / Modelling Books for Winter Evenings?
11/02/2021 12:31:37

The Model Aero Engine Encyclopǣdia, 1969 edition, R.G. Moulton.

Still a great read, full of useful advice ranging from selecting, running, tuning and building a model aircraft engine this is still a classic. (With lathe advice, leaning toward a Myford Super 7)

Thread: General Aeromodelling Discussion
07/02/2021 05:32:46

G'day Bill.

When all the Covid restrictions are over, come and fly at the West Wyalong comps.

Plenty of Free Flight activity, I had a ball at the 2018 and 2019 Nats and lots of like minded aeromodellers there.

They have even installed a grass circle for suitable Control Line events.

* Danny M *

Korda first flight 2 cs.jpg

Thread: Have You considered getting a 3D printer
01/02/2021 13:58:35
Posted by Brian G on 01/02/2021 09:55:22:
Posted by Danny M2Z on 01/02/2021 07:29:54:

I am considering a resin printer for smallish jobs (prototype fishing lures, model,aircraft pilots dummy engine parts and Lewis/.Spandau guns etc. so the ability to reproduce fine detail is important,

A question.,

Is it possible to halt a print halfway or maybe use pre positioned parts (jigged) such as a wire trace such that it is incorporated into the end result? (Fishing lures)

* danny

I wouldn't want to try embedding metal parts as the printing process for resin involves the build plate coming down to 0.05m from the FEP film on each exposure. Although it is possible to pause the print, the slightest misalignment could cause a tear in the film, or even a broken LCD screen. Perhaps crimp a ferrule to the trace and print the lure with a tapered hole through it to capture the ferrule?

A great result. Thanks.Brian G. Pilots and MG's quite practical.

So printing a hole to pass a wire through is possible?

As Neil asked, I am considering a 3D printer so now debating the possible use in my workshop and which type to puchase..Filament or resin.

* danny *

01/02/2021 07:29:54

I am considering a resin printer for smallish jobs (prototype fishing lures, model,aircraft pilots dummy engine parts and Lewis/.Spandau guns etc. so the ability to reproduce fine detail is important,

A question.,

Is it possible to halt a print halfway or maybe use pre positioned parts (jigged) such as a wire trace such that it is incorporated into the end result? (Fishing lures)

* danny *

Thread: General Aeromodelling Discussion
26/01/2021 06:50:12

Plenty of aeromodelling photos in my album under "Aeromodelling' (what else).

Current efforts are concentrated on float planes as live only 300m from a large lake. (Lake Hume)

I recently picked up an original Jetco Navigator kit and shall probably power that with a Taifun Hurrkan and also have all the materials ready for a Mighty Barnstormer (on floats) powered by a new Saito FA-100T which should get it off the water. Considering adding flaps.

* danny *

Jetco Navigator.jpg

Sporty Forty OS 45 FSR.jpg

Edited By Danny M2Z on 26/01/2021 06:51:31

Thread: That very light, brown rust / discolouration
26/01/2021 05:55:23

I have found that Inox MX3 is quite a useful lubricant and metal protector for workshop use. It is lanolin based. More info here Inox and Lanox engineering uses

* danny *

Thread: Air Compressor Warning
25/01/2021 11:59:01
Posted by not done it yet on 24/01/2021 14:08:45:

When you look at some tanks the drain is not actually at the very bottom.

ndiy. I asked the same question a few years ago and never got a satisfactory answer but then the manufacturers must have a resun for this layout, Slill windering why?

Thread: Flooding
25/01/2021 05:51:24

Where I live, the willow trees were ripped out a few years ago (to appease the greenies).

Unfortunately, no native trees have been planted to replace the willows and so the soil is washing into the Mitta Mitta river and the fishing is declining angling waters

A large estate has recently been built on a floodplain near the Kiewa river in Vic, Au.

The property developer is a close friend of the local mayor of Wodonga.

Make up your own minds and conclusions.

*danny *


Edited By Danny M2Z on 25/01/2021 05:52:06

Thread: Lathe Tool Height
18/01/2021 11:20:43

Steel packing case strip can be usefully recycled as shims.

It;s quite consistent both in width and tihickness

* Danny *

Edited By Danny M2Z on 18/01/2021 11:29:29

Thread: Coronavirus death stats
17/01/2021 05:11:52

There are some places in Australia that refuse entry to people who cannot prove that they have been vaccinated.

Eg; Some child care centres deny admission to children whom are not immunised against measles and some aged care facilities deny access to people whom do not have a current influenza vaccination.

I would not be surprised if that in the future, such facilities might require a Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

IMHO people who refuse to be vaccinated (with a proven vaccine) are being quite selfish in putting tthe rest of the community at risk due to their intransigence.

* danny *

Thread: 3D Resin Printers
17/01/2021 04:38:25

Thanks for the replies people.

The ability to print small details is important for my requirement to make multiple small cylinders for a dummy radial engine and also a contact at a local university has offered to 3D laser scan me (student training exercise) so I can make my pilots as minute replicas of myself (just need to find appropiate flying helmets).

Looks like I shall go ahead with the purchase as I use uv cure resin for some fishing flies and so already have a uv bench torch. Loon uv resins and torches

* danny *

16/01/2021 08:53:13

I have no experience with 3D printers, but appreciate their useful properties for manufacturing intricate components for model aircraft, such as dummy engines, pilots, corrugated wing skin moulds and also fishing lure prototypes amongst other things.

I came across this interesting machine here in Australia Jaycar 3D resin printer

It reminded me of the early stereolithography machines that I observed in the early 1990"s and then they cost big $$$ (used to prototype Holden bumper bars)

I know that similar machines are available from overseas at a cheaper price but I prefer the local consumer protection laws and warranty conditions.

So my question is: Has anybody used one of these machines and what are the advantages/disadvantages compared to a filament 3D printer?

* danny *

Thread: Boring bar size ?
13/01/2021 10:49:30
Posted by Speedy Builder5 on 12/01/2021 06:51:00:

If you are not going to machine a standard boring bar, you will be limited by what you can grip in the tool post.

Why not make one to suit:-

Boring bar - home made

Right idea but crappy workshop techniques..

I winced when his drill press vice rocked visibly under the drill and the his filing rocking and rolling was horrible to watch. Was there even a handle on the needle files?

Definitely a bodger.

* danny *

Thread: Sherline motor died
11/01/2021 11:01:29

My original (Australian) Sherline lathe ((brass bed) wvas powered with a sewing machine motor with a lamp dimmer as the speed control and a rubber 'O' ring belt drive. A bit scary at high rpm when the drive belt went a bi oval but a great lathe for making modekl engine parrts such as spraybars and needlle valves

Thread: The Repair Shop is getting to me...
11/01/2021 09:11:55

As for programs that turn me off are some, but not all, Australian fishing shows.

Most are just thinly veiled advertorials for the sponsor's products ranging from boats, sounders, rods, reels and lures they are often hosted by muppets who just want to show off their sunglasses and underwater cameras.

I wince evey time that I see a right handed bloke cast a rod with his right hand and the switch it to to their left (less dominant) hand to wind the handl. with their right hand.

Even worse are the ones who cast a fly rod, fight the fish with the fly rod in their right hand whilst stripping line with their left hand and the wind the fly line in with their right hand.

At one alpine lake that I like to fish, even the use of a mobile phone would get one the cold shoulder'
We go there to get away from all that crapola!

Totally inefficient and a poor way to promote the finesse of the noble art of angling.

Izaak Walton must be rolling in his grave.

Rant over, now back to the OP's topic.

* danny *

Edited By Danny M2Z on 11/01/2021 09:16:19

Thread: Chuck backplate error
09/01/2021 06:26:28

Maybe the interesting article in MEW # 292 ( April 2020) by Jacques Maurel re: Adjustable 3 Jaw Chucks could be of use for people seeking precision?

Given all that, I found that soft jaws are an easy alternative solution and easy to make.

* Danny *

Thread: Turnbuckle manufacture
09/01/2021 03:12:55

Thank you very much William.

Excellent work that has given me a few ideas. The little jig for milling and drilling the flats is going to be handy for a star't.

As one of my models is a Free Flight BE2e I want the rigging to be functional and adjustable for trimming purposes, hence the turnbuckles.

Here are a few photos, more in my album BE2e



Regards * Danny *

07/01/2021 23:01:39

Thanks for all the repies people. I shall check out the various suppliers and as postage can be a factor it makes sense to buy a single die nut and multiple taps in one go, (Also handy if I break one).

I also plan to experiment with aluminium alloy tubing to speed things up a bit.

Regards * Danny *

07/01/2021 07:40:51

G'day all.

I have decided to make some small working turnbuckles for rigging some of my model aircraft biplanes, so plenty needed in a few sizes ranging from 8mm long to 16mm long.

Body material 2024 T4 aluminium alloy (I have plenty) so have devised the following machining sequence.

1.Turn outside to turnbuckle diameter.
2. Drill for tapping size through appropriate length
3. Tap to just under 1/2 length with right hand (conventional) tap
4. Part off
5. Insert threaded rod into tapped end (to prevent collapse) and grip tapped end in soft-jaws drilled appropriately to suit diameter
6..Tap left hand thread
7. Move to mill to drill the x-;hole

My biggest problem is locating some left hand taps and dies for the holes and connector ends. I have decided to use brass for the connectors btw

Typical sizes range from 8BA or about 1mm to 2mm for the larger models.

I can mess around on my C3 minilathe with silver steel (I have both imperial and metric leadscrews, gears and threading dials} to attempt to make a tap and a die or just maybe it would be easier to just buy a left-hand tap and matching die but the respectable suppliers seem to be asking quite a bit and I would rather pay a fair price buy once than some crapola from an unknown vendor on Ebay.

All constructive comments and ideas are welcomed.

* DannY *

Thread: ME magazine late again
04/01/2021 12:02:31
Posted by Eric Cox on 04/01/2021 10:18:10:

Once again I'm awaiting delivery of the latest issue of ME magazine (4655), Is there any reason for late delivery or am I just unlucky.

Oh dear, with current restrictions affecting publicatioin and postal deliveries you are fortunate and should count yourself lucky that any magazines were published and delivered at all.

I just received (4th January 2021) a Christmas card from my sister in the UK, it was posted 11th December 2020.

As for a reason for 'late delivery' consider keeping up with the daily news. There are a few major issues affecting our daily lives at this time..

I was absolutely astounded when all my 2020 copies of MEW actually made it to Australia.

So please be patient Eric, there are a few greater problems affecting the world than your timely delivery of a magazine. Hopefully it should arrive soon.

* Danny M *

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