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Thread: C3 Minilathe Electrical Fault - Fixed
23/01/2022 08:23:22
Posted by MikeK on 23/01/2022 01:40:38:

I ran into the same problem when I relocated my fuse holder from the side to the front of the control box....It crumbled. I don't even like the location of the control box as I have to remove it to get up close to the spindle when I use my 3MT collets.

It appears that the original material is not stable over the years as your report confirms.

The replacement parts that I installed are made from a phenolic material and the data sheet indicates that they are made to a decent standard.

One thing that I had to do was to make a new 'flat' opposite to the original one. After wasting time with a file it turned out that a small drum sander in a Dremel rotary tool soon did the job. Alternately, one could re-shape the hole in the plastic control box housing as it is very soft and cuts easily with a sharp hobby blade.

Mini-lathe is now running smoothly, all lights,switches, tacho and controls operate as they should.

I have not re-fitted the lead screw yet as while it is out I plan to take the opportunity to drill the lead-screw pillow blocks and install some 6mm oiler fittings that I purchased a few years ago to pad out another order. 6mm oiler to suit mini lathe and mill

Just a question for anybody who has used these oilers, does one pack them with a wick/felt or just use them as supplied?

* danny *

22/01/2022 10:20:27

Another update.

I decided to remove the control box from my C3 minilathe to better undertake and inspect the repair work (soldering).

As a qualified electronics maintenance engineer it might seem a bit overboard to some, but I was trained that way.

After tagging the disconnected wiring another potentionally dangerous fault was discovered when I noticed that the green 'Power On' indicator had no source of illumination.

I discovered the remains 'hanging free' inside the control box. also of note was that the attached wiring was hard and noticeably heat affected

The plastic housing had also deteriorated just like the fuse-holder, so it had also broken and detached from the minilathe housing and as this is a neon indicator it also carries 240V.

As a safety issue I advise that anybody whom owns an ancient minilathe to inspect the relevant components and replace them if required.or get a qualified person to inspect them.

* danny *

Thread: Parts storage
21/01/2022 05:22:51


I am not biased because this is an Aussie product. It just works as advertised!

Inox and Lanox

I have been using these products for over 20 years to prevent rusting of all my tooling and model engines.

My C3 Minilathe and X2 mill are still as rust free as the day that I purchased them many years ago, I just give them a spritz at the end of a working session and whether I return the next day or the next month or two they are just as I left them..

The best part is that they don't dry out. A bonus is that Inox MX3 is a great cutting lube for machining aluminium alloys if one is temporarily out of kero.

A wipe with Lanox over seldom used drills, cutters and reamers before storing in a ziplock bag has stood me well over the years, never a rusty part.

A friend who owns a large ocean racing yatch advised me about this product when we were flying model seaplanes in 1999 as it is his 'go-to' corrosion inhibitor in the extreme environments in which he races.

Available worldwide too. (No I don't own any shares in the company) angel

* danny *

Edited By Danny M2Z on 21/01/2022 05:24:24

Thread: C3 Minilathe Electrical Fault - Fixed
21/01/2022 00:31:57

Just an update.

I located a decent quality fuseholder that fits perfectly so ordered qty 2 as I decided to replace the one in my X2 mill in case it suffers the same fate.

If the active wire had fallen across the control board or the leadscrew it might have been quite serious.

The replacements that I ordered arrived overnight from Sydney, NSW which was pretty impressive in these current times (I live in Victoria).

If anybody is looking for a replacement fuseholder The RS Components part # is 188-4630

* danny *

17/01/2022 06:04:39
Posted by Nick Clarke 3 on 16/01/2022 11:54:34:

Was the minilathe new to you?

Minilathe was purchased new in 2006, it even came with a spare M205 3.15A 250V fuse.

Actually; it was instructional to look inside the control panel housing as the lead screw traverses though it and I wanted to see whether my home made swarf guard had worked over the years.

The swarf guard was lid of a 35mm film container which enclosed a disk of felt (from an old hat) with a hole a bit smaller than the lead screw diameter and which was secured to the outside of the control box using neutral cure silicon adhesive.

It was pleasing to observe that only one or two tiny brassy looking flecks could be seen.

Also made a mental note that the lead screw bearing blocks deserve a bit of a clean and lube.

Actually my biggest problem is locating a decent quality replacement M205 fuseholder. Diameter is 13mm, it also has anti-twist flats across the threads. I found a few candidates, cost about $4, shipping $10 -$15 ; -)

Such is life.

* danny *

16/01/2022 11:09:43

G'day all, just back after my gap year.

Today I set up a job in my C3 Minilathe and when I hit the power switch, no lights.

Checked the mains power socket, all was well so uplugged everything and decided to check the fuse,

When I unscrewed the fuse holder, it slipped out easily, but no fuse in sight.

So to cut a long story short, after removing the lead-screw and opening the electronics box I discovered the fuse sitting in the bottom of the box.

Next I spotted a black wire hanging loose with a silver contact soldered to it and closer examination revealed that the rear of the fuseholder had broken away from the body.

When I removed the broken fuseholder, many other pieces of the plastic body crumbled away.

The C3 is 15 years old and I have never had any electrical failures before.

The fuse is not blown, so I can only conclude that the plastic used for the fuseholder has deteriorated over the years. The Minilathe operated fine when I last used it in November.

At the end of the day I am relieved that it was not a more serious fault with the control board so I decided to post it here in case anybody else has a similar problem.

* Danny *

c3 mini lathe fuseholder.jpg

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Thread: Censorship on this forum
19/02/2021 11:53:55

People, this is nothing to do with politics, it is to remark that facebook have blocked many Australians from vital services such as bushfire, floods and covid updates as well as protection services such as domestic violence websites, Facebook in Australia

Next it might be you. All because they were asked to pay for content that was plagiiarised from Australian websites.

I have no idea why my original post was blocked but common sense seems to have prevailed.

I thought that was what the Tearoom was all about, to comment on non model engineering matters that might affect us all and facebook prying into our private lives sure fits the bill for a bit of discussion.

* danny *

19/02/2021 10:51:39

So I just tried to create a new thread in the Tea Room about facebook blocking Australian subscribers and it was deleted by an unknown moderator.

Is censorship of fair dinkum topics now banned?'

Maybe this message will also never see the light of day so to the forum police I must bid you goodbye and well done to shut down free speech on this great forum.

* danny *

Thread: Winter Gloves ... any recommendations ?
19/02/2021 09:56:44

This is the road sign to take heed of when driving in the bush Kangaroos.

Yuppies in Melbourne do not understand why my feral ford has a roo-bar fitted, but they never traveled in this great and vast country.

19/02/2021 01:22:57
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 14/02/2021 14:18:47:

... I am wondering if there is anything electrically heated, that might run off a pair of [say] 4,000mAh USB ‘power banks’

All serious suggestions welcome ... and the silly ones will be tolerated.


You could consider moving to Australia Michaell. After 14 days quarantine and a little jab the cold would be the least of your worries.

Lathe and mill parts are expensive but the locals are very friendly

* Danny *

Thread: How Many People Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb on the Forum?
18/02/2021 17:27:59

The main problem is PEBKAS (Problem exists between keyboard and seat). Made a few quid explaining this to pc users , )o


Edited By Danny M2Z on 18/02/2021 17:29:38

Thread: Plans for updating the archaic forum?
18/02/2021 16:30:44

In the immortal words of lance corporal Jones ' Don't Panic'

Thread: How Many People Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb on the Forum?
18/02/2021 07:22:53

I always thought that lightbulbs and other electronic components ran on smoke and if one let the smoke out they failed to work. This is based on experience.

Of course, on this forum the lightbulb followers would be up in arms if the forum software were changed and the lightbulb questions were not displayed with a light grey background with olive green post separators with ads that flicker like a failing lightbulb scampering down the right hand column.

Of course, the discussion might gravitate to why change the lightbulb in the first place?

Not required if one had purchased one of these Worlds longest burning light bulb It still has all the smoke intact.

Thread: Plans for updating the archaic forum?
17/02/2021 05:23:30

Oh dear, it appears that all PM's are lost in the change to the new software, so time to back them up now. Mail lost Given the photo album issues I just moved all my albums to more secure storage (my pc)

One bonus is that Adblock Plus get's rid of all the pesky ads between posts. Sponsors would be not amused .

If I wish to purchase something then I shall search for a vendor and not have ads forced on me, this is a definite turn off from pushy sales people.

The Barton site is ad free, it just relies on the members to top up the pot and it works surprisingly well Site Funds - Scroll down left column

* danny *

Thread: Could I try an IC engine?
14/02/2021 05:53:33
Posted by Paul Horth on 11/02/2021 16:37:24:


I am not a complete beginner, I have built and operated a 2 inch scale traction engine. I have been vaguely thinking about trying a 4 stroke IC engine, however it seems that the precision needed is at a higher level than for a steam engine. In particular, I am wondering about making the camshaft. I have read some posts on this forum, including the post from David K and the replies to him back in 2019


Maybe start off with a 2 stroke model engine. A model diesel engine would give you a good feel for 'fit's''. It's not too hard to learn but takes patience.

The cams in a 4-stroke engine take a bit of a beating, as do the cam followers and the rockers so unless it's a display engine (demo runs only) then consider case hardening and grinding the relevant parts if you want it to last more than an hour.

* Danny*

Thread: Plans for updating the archaic forum?
13/02/2021 03:05:03

I just had another look at the RCM&E site and to be fair, the mods and developers do appear to be listening and responding quickly to user feedback.

The improvements in just a few days are quite noticeable.

So (for Neil & MTM) - Why not wait a while until the RCM&E site works through the foibles and hiccups of their software upgrade and learn from their experiences so that when MEW makes the change (it appears inevitable)) then it might make the transition a little smoother with a softer landing for the forum members?

* Danny *

Thread: Roller skate bearings.
13/02/2021 00:23:12

The late Gordon Burford once made a model engine that he named The Skateboard Special.

His comment at the time was that roller skate bearings were of decent quality and very cheap due to their abundance, so that solved the problem of some of the most expensive bought in components.

Thread: Plans for updating the archaic forum?
11/02/2021 13:54:28

Fair comments Neil.

So as a compromise, why not monitor the RCM&E site for a few months and note the number of postings to ascertain if this is/was a wise move,

I understand whom is pulling the strings so you are betwen the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Best of luck Neil.

* danny m *

Edited By Danny M2Z on 11/02/2021 13:54:59

11/02/2021 13:13:36
Posted by Ketan Swali on 11/02/2021 10:50:54:

It may be worth keeping an eye on the thread: Welcome to RCM&E's new forum! to understand how things could develop if MTM decides to take ME forum in the same direction.

Ketan at ARC

I just checked it out and it is horrible. Never going back there again!

Trying to emulate faecesbook it just lost a lot of subscribers, ad's popping up between posts is one turnoff, at least on this forum it's easy to drag the right side window to rermove the flickering distractions. Not found the need to do sit so far as the advertisers are fair dinkum and support the site.

I suspect that a lot of people would be mightily p**ssed off and go away if change for change's sake was pushed down people's throats just to satisfy a web developer whom is more used to flogging their wares to kids with mobile phones than us old farts whom are pretty happy with things as they currently are using our ancient lathes ans pc's.

Kids with mobile phones just don't log into sites sucjh as this and changing the format/interface is not going to attract them. Get real MTM, you just got sold a pup by a smooth talking sofware developer, good on them..

So this forum has it's idiosyncrasy's, we learn to live with them! Sideways photo's - blame your phone and learn how to use it properly.

To repeat the mantra for the N''h time " If it ain't broke then don't try to fix it "

Regards * danny *

Thread: Engineering / Modelling Books for Winter Evenings?
11/02/2021 12:31:37

The Model Aero Engine Encyclopǣdia, 1969 edition, R.G. Moulton.

Still a great read, full of useful advice ranging from selecting, running, tuning and building a model aircraft engine this is still a classic. (With lathe advice, leaning toward a Myford Super 7)

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