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Thread: What did you do Today 2018
12/06/2018 13:24:31

I just turned some outer casings from black Delrin for my Badge Timers (viscous d/t timers for Free Flight model aircraft) as the originals had split . Replaced the viscous timing fluid and now my problem is how to fit the new casings as they resist the airtight seal, so tight they are impossible to press home. The original manufacturers obviously overcame this problem. Thinking of turning some from Al with an air-bleed screw in the base - any ideas?

* Danny M *

broken badge timers.jpg

Edited By Danny M2Z on 12/06/2018 13:24:57

Thread: Plastic Ban
20/04/2018 04:48:52

Maybe this recent discovery could help us all **LINK**

* Danny M *

Thread: Strange Phone Experience
10/04/2018 19:36:30

Sounds like my new tablet Neil. I purchased it for my multi-rotor work and put it into a 12 month plan so that map data could be downloaded. Aussie Telco could not give me the long term plan on line as the 'clickable link' was redundant, it only gave me the monthly options as ' clickable'.

So went into town and got a lecture from the teenage staff in the local store as to why a monthly account would be nicer until I pointed out that $30 x 12 months was a bit more expensive than $150 for unlimited data for 365 days.

After a bit of calculator work we agreed and I managed to obtain a SIM card for my tablet.

Now my tablet has it's own phone #, disclosed to nobody but already has calls and messages asking me to ring back.

I checked the numbers, all are at premium rates! Looks like I have been sold out by somebody already.

* Danny M *

Thread: Clarke CL350
10/04/2018 17:21:17
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 10/04/2018 16:00:56:

You will find Cromwell have 'Metalworker' stickers on their badge-engineered mini-lathes as well.

Although Chester's in house stock now have 'Chester' labels, this Chester Conquest sold by a third party used machine supplier has a 'Metalworker' sticker. Also old-style tailstock.

I suspect the 'metalworker' sticker is/was one of SIEG's innumerable quality and cosmetic options.


Same here in Australia, this one is 12 years old.

mini-lathe on stand 2.jpg

* Danny M *

Thread: What did you do Today 2018
10/04/2018 01:30:24

Fishing talk, I love it.

A short walk down the hill is Lake Hume and five minutes away is the Hume Dam spillway.

By June (winter here) the trout are active in the lake and I usually manage to get a feed using lures or my fly rod. The upper Murray headwaters have some fantastic trout waters and the mountain lakes are even better. Can go all day and only see a few people.

my two favourite hobbies.jpg

yummy trout_1.jpg

* Danny M *

Thread: April fools 2018
01/04/2018 23:12:01

This one has the tourists wondering **LINK**

* Danny M *

Thread: What did you do Today 2018
28/03/2018 11:51:11

Today I re-read an article about an early far-eastern lathe and am still astounded that such a device could have been constructed under such severe conditions **LINK**

I find that articles such as this are quite inspirational and a lesson to us all as to what can be achieved with limited resources and a lot of determination.

* Danny M *

Thread: Tin plate
23/03/2018 09:58:31

big tiger - fuel tanks in waiting  - 1s.jpg


As Neil said, check out the local take-away although this may be be a little thin for your requirements it makes nice fuel tanks, just remove the paint from the bits that you want to solder.



big tiger - fuel tank #2 - 5.jpgbig tiger - fuel tank #2 - 2.jpg

* Danny M *

Edited By Danny M2Z on 23/03/2018 10:03:01

Thread: Stephen Hawking
16/03/2018 09:02:38

dark matter and black hole
neutron stars
galaxies collide
you saw it all
now you join them

RIP Stephen Hawking.

Thread: A master at work
12/03/2018 03:50:42

One of the local lads posted a video of the late David Owen doing what he did so well. David was a good friend.

* Danny M *


Thread: Bandsaw blades
05/03/2018 09:19:56

ChrisB, there are a few photos in my album under 'Bandsaw blade brazing' along with a simple jig to chamfer the ends. I actually used silver solder and they hold together well. Get back if anything is not clear.

* Danny M *

Thread: Maplin Electronics Stores
22/02/2018 09:06:11

Neil, I used to do the same (board stripping).

One picks up a lot of useful soldering and de-soldering skills that way, lots of very cheap components and the endless quest to identify some of the more obscure components from manuals.

I actually had (still have) an Apple 2 board that could identify most logic IC's that had the numbers removed (so that the replacements could be sold at a greatly inflated price).

Still have most of my collection of almost every 74xx IC ever made just to satisfy my curiosity at the time and a desire to learn how they worked so that they could be practically utilised. Then the 40xx CMOS series was another challenge.

I suppose my point is that an average bloke could walk into an electronics store and buy this stuff. No online ordering back then!

* Danny M *

22/02/2018 08:14:29

At least here in the lands of the kangaroo and kiwis this company still provide a reasonable range of components **LINK** although they appear to be heading the same way as some of your U.K. outlets.

The best we ever had was the original Dick Smith Stores before they sold out to the highest bidder and then they rapidly went downhill **LINK**

I met Dick Smith at his Chullora store (Sydney) when I went there in the 70's to purchase just a few components. Dick asked what I was making, I told him it was an r/c transmitter and told him how a PWM system worked so that's why I wanted 2% tolerance resistors. He immediately offered me a job as his philosophy was to hire staff with a bit of electronics experience under their belt.

I had to decline due to military commitments but it was nice to be asked. Dick went on to become a great philantropist and like to fly his personal helicopter around the place.

10 years before that there was a was a great Bob Dylan song' The Times They Are A Changing' - How prophetic was that?

* Danny M *

Thread: TDA2030A Audio Amp
16/02/2018 11:03:38

I have just finished repairing my muso mate's Marshall Valvestate 2000 AVT150. Both of the TDA7293 amp chips had fried, apparently a design fault as Marshall soon upgraded to the AVT150X. Replacements were shipped quickly from **LINK** great service btw.

Interesting design, uses a RCA 12AX7 dual triode in the output (made in Russia).

I like the soft sound and suspect that the valve stage does not pass the higher frequency harmonics that can make an all transistor output stage sound a bit harsh.

As for live recordings, The Eagles 'Hotel California Live' is what I tested the amp on after the repair and the sound is awesome.

* Danny M *

Thread: Australia is not a country???
12/02/2018 09:08:55
Posted by Joseph Noci 1 on 12/02/2018 08:33:21:

Well, as a Southern African, and a Namibian, I thought Britain, or rather, Great Britain, is actually an Island and contains three Countries..England, Wales and Northern Ireland - But what do I know, being from the deep South..


G'day Joe. Anticipate a bit of inbound flak from irate Scots and people who insist that Ireland is an island just a bit west of the mainland thinking

* Danny M *

12/02/2018 00:16:47

It appears that one learned academic still has a lot to learn.

I heard this on the local news yesterday **LINK**

It's just as bad when I sometime hear Britain referred to as a country, usually by people from the U.S of A.

* Danny M *

Thread: Cycling Battery packs
10/02/2018 10:17:10

Clive is correct. Apart from overcharging and discharging electrolyte through the vents the growth of dendrites can cause degradation of a NiCad cell.

For the 'curious', dendrites are like stalagtites/stalagmites that grow in caves. They can grow between the electrodes of a NiCad cell thus compromising capacity.

'Flashing' with a momentary high reverse voltage is a practical way to vapourise dendrites and my current commercial NiCad Charger (Ace R/C it is over 20 years old.) uses this technique. It is a PCR (Periodic Current Reversal) charger.

Basically it tests a pack and then charges with a DC current that has the polarity momentarily reversed to cause a large negative spike in the charging current thus blasting away the dendrites. (This the same technique that was used to 'recharge' carbon -zinc cells in the 80's-90's, with limited success btw).

In practice, I have had one spare r/c Tx 9.6V 800mAh Sanyo NiCad pack hooked up to this charger for about 3 years in the workshop. Sometimes the power supply meter needle gives a flicker as a brief pulse tops up the battery pack. Might be interesting to hook up the oscilloscope and see what is going on.

I have some data to back this up btw but it's on a microfich card.

* Danny M *

10/02/2018 03:19:37

Why not try it as 2 x 9.6V packs (if you can can gain access to the cell links)? This saves re-doing the settings plus you can store them in one of the B6 memories for future use.

2000mAh (2Ah) is typical capacity for a sub -C nicad so your reference is probably correct.

When I built some automatic NiCad battery cyclers many years ago the advised lower limit for discharge was 1.1V per cell (from a SAFT data sheet), so I would set the B6 to cycle your two 9.6V packs down to 8.8V at 1000 mA (1A) charge/discharge current (it's probably less load than they use in service).

If the packs get too warm then drop the current. The charger also has the ability for a cooling time delay to be inserted between cycles although I suspect that this is only used if one is hammering the pack with large currents.

I would not try to charge the 2 x 9.6V packs in parallel in case one has a bad cell, it will mess things up. Do them individually.

Also, when you have the pack open, check for white powdery deposits around the + connectors of each cell. A little you can get away with, a lot and the cell is probably stuffed.

My charger is the B6AC model, input 240VAC or 12-18V DC. I recently found some nice new Sanyo NiCads with solder tags in a local specialist battery shop so I am about to rebuild some packs myself.

* Danny M *

Thread: Os Gemini twin glow engine - conrod req'd - no longer made
07/02/2018 05:13:19
Posted by Martin 100 on 01/02/2018 17:57:06:
Posted by Howard Lewis on 23/01/2018 22:55:08:

In this size, difficult to measure to measure the torque, without rather special torque spanners for low torques

There are plenty of torque screwdrivers that work down to 1Nm or less, some with interchangeable tips



Here is another, it's quite affordable and useful for my target rifles as well as fasteners on my model engines.


0.35 Nm is about 50 oz-in, so within it's range **LINK**

* Danny M *

Thread: What did you do Today 2018
06/02/2018 11:18:16
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 06/02/2018 10:39:09:

Another victim of the falling down club... yesterday my wife was in Leicester and tripped on one of the bands they use to bundle newspapers etc. Having broken her left wrist last autumn she twisted to land on her shoulder instead, and broke her arm just below it.


Oh dear, my sympathies to your wife Neil.

A few years ago we had a pesky mouse plague here in Oz. I would mow in decreasing circles until a solid mass of mice were concentrated into a 1m circle and then send them to where mice go where they meet again.

My problem was a smarty pants little mouse that ran around all the mousetraps and chewed my magazines so I took drastic action.

Loaded the trusty .22 with ratshot, fitted and zeroed an expensive laser sight and waited for the little **** to show up.

It ran down the outside stairs, I ran after it.

Trip, busted arm and dislocated shoulder. 2 months in a sling.

Mouse got away.

* Danny M *

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