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Thread: Interests other than Model Engineering
07/12/2018 06:43:24

XD 351, the guides were Fuij, I like the ceramic inlays. I decided to treat myself so went top shelf on all the components,the guides were not cheap but no regrets btw,

The only thing that gave me more satisfaction was tying a fly that actually a fooled a dumb trout and my little X3 mini-lathe and X2 mill made it possible to manufacture a decent fly tying vice.

Here is another trout from the lake.

* Danny M *

yummy trout_1.jpg

Thread: Flycutters: help to understand 3 different types
07/12/2018 05:29:29

Nothing is sweeter than a flycut lump of 2034-T4 aluminium alloy under a well sharpened and honed HSS tool with a flush of kerosine, Try a backcut if you are brave enough to check your tramming or just check the dials, wind the table back and start again.

Keep the rpm low, that little bit covers a lot of surface at it's radius.

'Softly, softly catchee monkey'

* Danny M *

Thread: Interests other than Model Engineering
07/12/2018 03:14:57

Fishing, model aircraft and target shooting.

My workshop activities are a means to furthering these ends. I hand made the rod btw, it's my favourite, Loomis high modulus graphite blank, turned cork handle and gold plated titanium guides (they don't rust) face 1

* Danny M *

my two favourite hobbies.jpg

Thread: Windows 10 again
01/12/2018 08:11:02

Like I told my computer customers many years ago; In a thunderstorm unplug your your landline phone and modem as there are no devices readily available that can withstand the energy of a nearby lightning strike.

Even the power companies cannot prevent outages when a thunderbolt hits their lines.

* Danny M *

Edited By Danny M2Z on 01/12/2018 08:12:15

Thread: Workshop security - CCTV
29/11/2018 09:51:09

I have a few of these installed around the house **LINK** No recorder required and they even phone you and transmit video when motion is detected in the area under surveillance.

I installed a few for a friend on his farm and soon identified the neighbour's son who was pinching his diesel fuel at 0230 Hrs. The IR means a b&w picture but it shows reflective number plates up nicely. (The lad wore his hoodie with a recognisable logo anyhow, it's a small community)

Something like this should be available in the U.K.

* Danny M *

Thread: Mars Insight has Landed
28/11/2018 07:46:45
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 27/11/2018 16:52:05:

I was disappointed that I only found out about that yesterday!


Neil, I actually submitted 'Model Engineers' Workshop' back in November 2017 but it got knocked back (no reply) so I assumed that NASA were rejecting commercial applications to prevent a company using it as a promotion.

I was looking forward to announcing that MEW was on Mars, but 'twas not to be. (Plus it would have driven the subscription dept. crazy) thinking

There is another mission planned soon so maybe NASA shall repeat the exercise. Best to keep an eye on the NASA website.

I just told the family.

* Danny M *

Thread: What did you do Today 2018
26/11/2018 21:49:52

Today I landed on Mars -:

* Danny M *

Thread: Mars Insight has Landed
26/11/2018 21:45:52

I am pleased that it got down safely, it has my name on it.

Just over a year ago NASA offered the public a chance to have their name engraved on a microchip aboard the lander so I applied and they sent me a boarding pass and a mission patch.

It's a strange feeling to know that the family name is on another planet, I have not told them yet as I did not want to admit to being spread all over the Mars-scape if something went wrong.

* Danny M-Z *



Thread: Ni-Cad batteries
26/11/2018 05:26:07

Ady1. I have some 600 MAh nicads that have been on continuous charge for the last 15 years (an experiment) using an Ace SUPER Smart Charger. It is a pulse charger.

The main problem with nicads (apart from venting when overcharged) is dendrites, nasty little filaments that grow between the electrodes so an occasional blast with a high current pulse blows them away.

I have some electron microscope photos of dendrites but unfortunately unable to publish them here.

Solar chargers are the way of the future, I use a solar brick to recharge my phone and drone r/c when in the bush.

* Danny M *

Thread: What did you do Today 2018
26/11/2018 05:00:55
Posted by CHARLES lipscombe on 25/11/2018 23:25:53:

Danny M2Z you have a PM about the Bandiana Sale

Thanks Charles, you have a reply. What amuses me is the 'Black Friday', 'Christmas in July', 'Father's Day' etc sales.

All were invented and promoted by business interests trying to push/promote sales during slack periods.

* Danny M *

Edited By Danny M2Z on 26/11/2018 05:01:27

24/11/2018 05:44:26

Today I went to an auction at a nearby military base (I did my trade training there many years ago).

Many items were on pallets so I did not require a pallet of 2000 Timken taper roller bearings or army boots/socks/skirts (all the same size) but this aroused my interest **LINK**so I checked it out, as yer do.

Bed wear not much apparent visibly, minor damage limited to a few dings in the topslide, a scored centre on the tailstock live centre and a bit of surface rust on the PB 3J chuck.

Opening the compartment underneath revealed a few spare gears, a chuck key and a few bits and bobs.

Biggest drawback for me was the 3Ph motor.

A decent inverter (or a 3Ph supply to the workshop) would cost more than the lathe (as I found out when I purchased a Boley5 LZ) so I let this one go but it is a nice machine.

I was allowed to take a few photos, it will go for about $1000Au. I hope that I made the correct decision.

* Danny M *

sheraton saddle and topslide.jpg

sheraton tool drawer.jpg

sheraton saddle and topslide.jpg

1977 sheraton conquest lathe 3 ph.jpg

Thread: Lead Bearing Solder is Banned
18/11/2018 23:04:08

Legislation banning lead wheel weights is already in place in some jurisdictions **LINK**

I actually put a few in the lead pot (about 5%) when casting lead projectiles for my muzzle-loader, the antimony content gives harder projectiles.

So I wonder when lead fishing weights are going to be banned, can't be good for the waterways with people deliberately chucking lumps of lead into them.

Lead shot for duck hunting is already banned here in Australia but not for clay target shooting.

* Danny M *

Thread: Mini-lathe dying..?
18/11/2018 06:46:10
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 17/11/2018 11:50:44:

Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 17/11/2018 10:31:06:

My mini-lathe had a hole in the control box where it went over the leadscrew. Bad design because it allowed swarf inside where a streamer of aluminium dropped on the electronics could blow the board! Newer mini-lathes are fitted with a grommet.

Tell me about it... happened to my CL300M, I converted it to a VFD and 3-phase motor but used teh same control box, with added grommet.


One of the first mods that I did to my mini-lathe was to make a cover for the hole in the control box by punching a hole into the lid of a 35mm film container, waxed the leadscrew, removed the saddle and tail bearing, slid the device along the leadscrew then filled the cap with neutral cure silicon rubber before pressing it into place against the control box.

This was over ten years ago and it's still functioning quite well. It is flexible enough for when I occasionally swap between metric and imperial leadscrews

Also, while the saddle was off the lathe I made a perspex cover for the saddle traversing gears, a very worthwhile mod imho.

Months of perusing the mini-lathe forum **LINK** was invaluable when setting up the little beastie

* Danny M *

Thread: What did you do Today 2018
13/11/2018 06:26:17

Today I put my newly repaired 1947 Mills 1.3 onto the test stand.

With an ancient 8"x5" laminated wooden propeller and a Cox 0.049 spinner nut it started and ran sweetly within four flicks.

Sweet music.

* Danny M *

mills 1.3 test run - 2s.jpg

mills 1.3 test run - 1s.jpgmills 1.3 test run - 3s.jpg

Thread: Solution found to the World's biggest problem . . .
12/11/2018 09:46:50

The world's biggest problem is overpopulation.

Between Trump, Putin and China they might alleviate this problem but the result may not please the survivors!

* Danny M *

Thread: What did you do Today 2018
11/11/2018 05:17:11
Posted by Ian S C on 10/11/2018 11:31:28:

With your collet, whether cut from square as you have, or from round as I do, after cutting through the side continue about half way through the other side, things get a bit more flexible, not so much heaving on the chuck key.

Ian S C

Thanks Ian. You way seems a bit easier than my 'Plan B' which was to drill the block for locating pins and split the thing in half. As it was a one-off job nothing lost and a lesson learned.

The reason for the square collet is simply that I had an off-cut that exceeded the diameter of the crank-web and was of perfect length for the job. With a 4 jaw chuck I thought 'well, why not?'

My biggest mistake was to break the crankshaft in the first place!

* Danny M *

10/11/2018 09:31:14

Today I repaired a Mills Mk1 1.3 model diesel engine that I picked up for $20 at the recent Aussie Nationals.

It ran quite well until I made a spinner nut with a tight thread that sheared off the cheesy crankshaft. It is threaded 3/16" Whitworth.

To make a new shaft is another day so decided to tap the broken shaft for a stud or screw and picked 4-40 as I have plenty of shcs in this size plus taps and dies. (3mm was the other option)

First problem, how to hold the shaft so made a collet from a scrap of aluminium alloy with a diagonal slit, it worked OK but required lots of tightening of the 4 jaw chuck - next time it will just be in 2 halves.

Once centered it was easy to drill and tap the shaft so decided to make a prop drive washer to fit over the pesky pins that were fashionable in 1947 but ruin a good propeller.

In the end it all worked out so test run in a few days when the neighbours are at work.

mills 1.3 and ed bee.jpg

square split collet.jpg

slitting the collet.jpg

mills 1.3 mk1 components.jpg

prop washer and shaft tapped 4-40 with hts screw.jpg

mills 1.3 with new prop driverand prop screw.jpg

* Danny M *

Thread: Cutting a keyway without a broach
09/11/2018 04:34:22
Posted by Michael Cox 1 on 08/11/2018 21:59:27:

Here is an easily made adjustable broach:

I would suggest that you remove most of the material by drilling or milling first and then use the adjustable broach to clean up the slot.


Brilliant Mike, I like the fact that it is adjustable. Maybe that's why I should visit your site more often

* Danny M *

Thread: Fireworks Ban
08/11/2018 06:51:52

When I was a kid in London in the '60s, Guy Fawkes night was awaited with anticipation.

We spent weeks building a bonfire on an old bombsite and fought hard for a premium spot to display our 'Guy's at a prominent spot near a bus stop or tube entrance.

One year we made a 'Guy' that looked like the Prime Minister. - enough money rolled in to finance a model aircraft and engine along with a great selection of fireworks. I still remember the ads " Light up the night with Standard Fireworks"

One sad memory though is of one of the local kids when somebody slipped a penny banger into his pocket which ignited the stash of fireworks already there - he was an ambulance case. Also that night a rocket was fired horizontally and it went through the window of Homerton (E9) Post Office and ignited the curtains.

Here in Australia, fireworks are banned in the states but not in the 'Territories' so that one may drive to Canberra ACT (Australian Capital Territory,where the pollies hang out) or the Northern Territory (Darwin) and purchase away. I find it strange that the politicians push to ban fireworks in every jurisdiction but their own!

* Danny M *

Thread: Win 10 updates (again)
05/11/2018 04:31:37
Posted by Russell Eberhardt on 04/11/2018 11:44:45:

Just downloaded and installed the latest big W10 update on my dual boot laptop. It took a whole day to install after downloading at night. Five or six reboots required, each time it booted into by favourite OS rather than W10 so I had to reboot again. Finally W10 was updated and working but responded very slowly to the keyboard. Another reboot and everything seemed OK, at least until I fired up Fusion 360. It failed to start as the system time was wrong. It hadn't remembered my internet time server settings. Told it to use the European pool rather than the Windows time server, rebooted once more and all was well.

Why do MS make updates so difficult? When I update the Linux installation it takes minutes and works in the background with no reboots necessary.


Russell, you have my complete sympathies. This is exactly the scenario that I cannot afford to have occurring at the whim of Microsoft.

Believe me, if my flight control software worked on another platform (such an Linux) I would be onto it like a shot.

It would be nice if Microsoft just offered an 'Opt Out of Updates' option, even if it came with a waiver that they assumed no responsibility for lack of compatibility with future 'Offerings'. That is a price that I would be willing to take a chance on.

My old workshop P4 computer is still running Windows XP, it is not networked or ever connected to the Internet and it's sole task is to run Mach 3 which it does nicely (I have plenty of backups, spare drives and power supplies). Any updates or useful machining tips are transferred via a USB stick. As Mach 3 indicated, it is best run on a dedicated system.

Even older is my little old Australian Microbee Z-80 computer that I built (soldered together) back in 1983. It's sole purpose in life (apart from sentimental value) is to control and monitor battery charge/discharge cycles via an A/D converter and to integrate the resulting graphs hence giving me warning if a particular battery pack is losing capacity, Yep, it even has the old green screen (I have spares) and the only problems over the years have been the requirement to occasionally de-solder and clean/replace key-switches with tarnished contacts.

Even the old cassette system still works, although long ago I burned the vital programs into EPROMS (instantaneous boot). It sometimes talks to the XP machine via it's RS232 port

I suppose that I miss the days of of hand coding Assembler but it sure was fun and I had complete control of the machine and any mistakes were down entirely to me.

I might take some photos of the old girl in action and put them in my album if anybody is interested.

* Danny M *

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