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Thread: Storing small lengths of steel stock
06/02/2019 09:09:35

Before you store them, label them with material type and dimensions (e.g. 2024 T-3, 25mm x 45mm) A CD marker pen seems to write on most materials.

From experience it saves a lot of time when trying to find the right piece for a job in the 'goodies' box months/years later.

* Danny M *

Thread: Old screwdrivers - any use as a materials source?
04/02/2019 08:15:52

Screwdriver handles are useful to re-purpose as fuel tanks for ancient model diesel engines (useless for glow fuel though - they melt)

Here is what I made for a '50's ED Baby, Ok, wrong shape (not worth a form tool) but right colour, Works well though.

* Danny M *

ed baby screwdriver tank.jpged baby driver1.jpg

Thread: Jason's Firefly .46 Build
31/01/2019 04:16:53

Nice build on the Firefly.

Just a comment about using diamond lapping compound.

It works very well, almost too well (I have tried it) but it is vital to remove all traces prior to running the engine,

I read a few years ago advice from some of the guru's who build pylon racing engines that the diamonds embed in the bore and the only hope to remove the residue is with thorough ultrasonic cleaning.

Given this info I only once tried diamond paste and had to concur so now prefer to use the traditional lapping pastes of which I have a variety ranging from 400- 4000 grit.

After all that, when building a ringed engine, a light hone of the bore resulting in a nice X-hatch pattern seems to be the way to go with a turned, split and heat treated cast iron ring (using a spacer in the gap when cooking it).

Here is a linky to what I am on about smiley **LINK**

* Danny M *

Thread: You tube videos of entertainment if not informative
29/01/2019 11:43:38

This one is interesting for new engine designs **LINK**

* Danny M *

Thread: Mini Lathe Rear Tool Post
20/01/2019 18:38:05

This might do the trick. Postage may exceed the initial cost, but they ship promptly **LINK**

* Danny M *

Thread: Cutting a large chunk of nice aluminium into workable pieces
20/01/2019 18:22:44

Thanks for all the info people and especially the links from Michael Gilligan.

#1 G/F has a large vertical bandsaw in her workshop so I might ask about fitting a suitable blade and leaving it behind as payment.

I only want a few small slices to experiment with to see how it machines into model engine con-rods and compare it with the 2024 T3 that I currently use.

* Danny M *

Edited By Danny M2Z on 20/01/2019 18:23:22

Thread: Intended function of gib screws
20/01/2019 18:00:37
Posted by Fowlers Fury on 19/01/2019 12:46:32:

Regarding my earlier reference to the Geo Thomas write-up on gibs. He laid emphasis on the shape of the ends of gib adjusting screws and the holes (in the gibs) on which they contact. It was his view that it was important to prevent what he termed a "wedging action" whereby when adjusting - the gibs would move 'laterally' as it were.
This was his diagram:-
gib screws.jpg
(In the upper dwg, if the ends of the screws were left unfinished, the problem would likely be as bad)
His lower dwg was advocated as the preferred design, as adopted later by Myford, to prevent the wedging action when adjusting the gibs.

As a variation on this method I found that replacing the gib screws on my mini-lathe with cup-point screws and inserting a small ball bearing into the dimple was a simple and very useful modification.

I had considered dowelling the gibs but now think that this is no longer necessary.

* Danny M *

Thread: Cutting a large chunk of nice aluminium into workable pieces
20/01/2019 05:41:14

A friend who works at a large engineering workshop did me a great favour,

For an $18 (Au) 'donation' to the brew club this 'offcut' duly arrived.

It's 20mm thick and harder than a witches t**s so my problem is how to cut it into practical sizes to fit into my X-3 mini-lathe and X2 Mill.

I am not looking forward to 'hacksaw solutions' but maybe the only way so it's going to be a pita although the exercise should do me well.

46° (about 117°F) here on Thursday, too hot to work in the den btw.

Any comments and tips about the machinability of this aluminium are most welcome.

* Danny M *

aluminium -2.jpg

aluminium -1.jpg

Thread: Free Electricity
17/01/2019 05:00:07

When I was a young radar mechanic a friend put a fluorescent tube up in a gum tree and showed what happened when the x-band radar antenna was pointed at it.

A fairly narrow beam, 1MW pulses at a PRF of 1100 Hz (used to track mortar bombs).
We used this to spook the gunners with our magic lighting system.

Another trick was to plug an electric shaver into a tree trunk and have a shave. Battery powered razors were a new invention in those days so most artillery people had never heard of them (mid '70's)

* Danny M *

Thread: What is this for ?
15/01/2019 23:08:14

G'day Ian, It appears to be a tailstock taper turning attachment.

It also appears to be nicely made with the adjustable gibs and graduated offset dial.

Noway would I mess with the taper, to much chance of ruining it !

* Danny M *

Thread: Silver soldering problems.
13/01/2019 05:22:56

Lots of useful info here **LINK**

Although I just stick to the soft lead pencil dont know

* Danny M *

Thread: Gatwick Drone 'Attack'
10/01/2019 03:00:12

It looks like the fallout from this 'incident' is reverberating around the world. **LINK** and here **LINK**

Like our knee jerk firearms laws, this is harassing and penalising the innocent, law abiding majority for the transgressions of a few nutbags.

It would have been more effective to spend the $$$ by educating the public rather than stamping down on them.

A criminal operator is as likely to register a drone as they do with an illegal firearm or stolen car.

Why just not demonise the law breaker's and lock them up for a looong time with lots of publicity?

Also, the mass/mess media have a lot to answer for, but that seems to be normal nowadays (when it suits them), as they also fly drones to gather their harvest.

* Danny M *

Thread: what solvent cleaner to use?
08/01/2019 04:13:52

This stuff works nicely, just remove all the plastic parts first **LINK** and wear disposable gloves.

- Danny M -

Thread: plastic or cotton covers for machines
07/01/2019 05:16:48

Duplicate embarrassed

Edited By Danny M2Z on 07/01/2019 05:18:20

07/01/2019 05:14:56

My mini-lathe is approaching it's twelve'th birthday. It has zero rust problems.

After use I lightly give the metal parts a mist from an aerosol can of this **LINK** and cover it with a wheelie bin liner, topped off with a cotton bedsheet. Sometimes I have noticed that the sheet feels a little damp when I remove it, but underneath, all's well.

Admittedly the air temperature in my part of Australia seldom goes below zero, but the humidity and summer temperatures are really hot (44°C /111°F) here last week so cause their own share of problems. (Sweat dripping onto the ways has to be wiped off immediately or it will leave a mark) sad

The lanolin based oil seems to help a lot (never seen a rusty sheep), it's safe to use and also makes a great cutting fluid for aluminium if I run out of kero.

Only downside is that I once used some to flush a model diesel engine, flicked the prop and away it went!

* Danny M *

Thread: Measurements from the past
03/01/2019 04:14:21
Posted by Clive Hartland on 31/12/2018 22:27:00:

So we had better add the military MIL. which in a full circle gives 6400 MILS, 1 MIL subtends 1 meter at 1000 meters so it is easy to use for artillery corrections annd for spotters to give corrections for fall of shot. To add that you can get Theodoilites scaled in MILS.


Spot on Clive. I use a rifle-scope with a MIL dot reticule.The 'dots' subtend 100mm at 100 metres which makes things a bit easier when calculating wind drift and offset when target shooting with .22's.

* Danny M *

Edited By Danny M2Z on 03/01/2019 04:16:53

Thread: Forum Video Size
30/12/2018 10:05:33

A friend just gave me a preview of a 5G Samsung phone. We had to go to Canberra to test it. It blows my broadband out of the water although the test network was not loaded we could watch movies in real time.

Coming next year the phone companies are going to change the way that we get online **LINK** so 'traditional '(cable) ISP's are in for a bit of a challenge,

I see this as good,as the traditional ISP's shall have to lift their game or lower their prices.

Either way we, the consumers, stand to win.

* Danny M *

Thread: storage of short offcuts?
30/12/2018 08:17:44

Whatever way to pick to store your offcuts, I have found it quite useful to write the specs on them (diameter, material type) using a CD marker pen.

* Danny M *

Thread: Emco Compact 5
27/12/2018 02:32:55

Many years ago I used to compete against an expert with my Free Flight models.

John L, always had the custom turned venturies, needle assemblies and shut-off's for his power models and the most exquisite ball raced folding propellor hubs and Montreal stops on his competition rubber powered models. They were like the one's that I read about in overseas magazines.

One day I was invited to visit my friend's house and he showed me his secret weapon, an Emco Compact 5 lathe.

Of course John was too modest to admit that he knew how to get the best out of it but it was it was inspiring to see what was possible and a bit depressing to realise how much I needed to learn.

Still learning btw but it's a nice little lathe (Emco C5), you could do much worse.

* Danny M *

Thread: Merry Christmas from Australia
25/12/2018 01:23:30

A great neighbour just gave me this platter for Christmas lunch, it should last me for a few days!.

christmas 2018 goodies.jpg

In a small community friends look after each other. Best wishes to everybody, stay safe and hug the people that are special to you, hug them like you might never see them again and be happy when you get to hug them again. *

Danny M *

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