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Thread: What Did You Do Today 2019
27/05/2019 06:26:24
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 26/05/2019 12:31:45:

Let's steer clear of getting political...


My sincere apologies for raising the subject Neil. It was intended to be a light hearted joke using a play on words.

* Danny M *

26/05/2019 10:25:55

Today I heard that (in the U.K.) the end of May is going to be a week later than it's usual date

(I was born in Mile End Hospital so qualified to comment)

* Danny M *

Thread: Childhood diseases
24/05/2019 02:00:14

Here in my part of Australia, failure to vaccinate/immunise children may lead to exclusion from schools and child care centres Vic, Australia

I was discussing the recent measles outbreak here (Vic) with my neighbour and she remarked that current vaccination of all children and staff were mandatory for attendees at the child care centre where she works.

Apparently, the ease of international travel nowadays is contributing to the problem. It is cheaper to take a holiday in Indonesia or Thailand than for me to travel to Western Australia.

* Danny M *

23/05/2019 12:26:54

Lately in Australia measles has re-surfaced as a deadly disease.

The Govt. 'Health Warning' did note that 'Baby Boomer's' were possibly immune as they possibly had it as a child.

As a child of the 50's I had measles, mumps and chickenpox. My parents used to send us kids to play with other children who were afflicted and we also played in the dirt to ingest a few more germs.

Admittedly Scarlet Fever knocked me about a bit, I was about 6 years old and still remember the USAF Sabre's that flew over my recuperation home at Shoeburyness, The black smoke and the roar are still imprinted in my memory.

So my question is about did our childhood diseases protect us and is this natural immunity being bred out of the current generation?

- Danny M *

Thread: Adhesive Storage?
18/05/2019 07:09:11
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 17/05/2019 16:17:24:

As a broad generalisation:

Most things that undergo a chemical reaction will do it more slowly at lower temperatures.


Agreed Michael. I stored some aeromodelling competition rubber in my freezer from the best batch tested by reputable aeromodellers (TAN II May 1999) and after 20 years it has aged well and is still superior to the latest offerings from the same company who were required to change the formulation after a secret (magic) ingredient became unavailable at the turn of the millenium.

Rumours of the demise ranged from California H&S regs to competing golf ball technologies.

As I am a bit competitive, here is a linky to what the modern equivalent costs Aeromodelling Rubber

* Danny M *

Thread: What Did You Do Today 2019
15/05/2019 09:30:47

Today (well over the last few days) I have been making some model boxes to transport Free Flight model aircraft.

My selected material was 'Corflute'. A lightweight corrugated plastic material that is typically used for signs. Normally very difficult to bond without plastic welding.

I conducted some tests on various adhesives and discovered that some of the readily available modern adhesives actually work very well, even for bonding Corflute to Aluminium alloy.

I wrote up my results here Glueing Corflute Plastic in case anybody is interested as I obtained some useful results.

* Danny M *

Thread: What makes your bristle?
12/05/2019 05:06:15

While we are discussing teeth, these tiny brushes are great for cleaning model engine spraybars and removing swarf from small tapped holes (especially blind holes) Interdental Brushes

Does this qualify for MEW 'Readers' Tips' Neil?

* Danny M *

ps. Why does 'swarf' get underlined with a red squiggle, surely it's a common word on this forum?

Thread: Upside down reverse threading
11/05/2019 15:05:20

I have noticed that a few gunsmiths advocate this technique. They are cutting a barrel tenon away from a fixed shoulder and I must admit that it is new to me but it seems to make sense - here is a linky UDRT

Any thoughts on this as a general technique considering that most forum members to not thread barrels?

Thread: Oversize ER collets
07/05/2019 09:45:36
Posted by Howard Lewis on 06/05/2019 18:02:30:

If the Leadscrew can pass through the Headstock, why not turn a close fitting bush in the 3 Jaw, Mark the position of No 1 jaw, before removing, split and you have your own bespoke collet!

The bore will be concentric, and being an almost completer circumference, it should grip well.

Replace the bush in the 3 jaw with the mark aligned with No 1 jaw, insert Leadscrew, clamp, and machine away!


You beat me to it Howard. An aluminium bush bored and split in the 3 jaw would be an inexpensive but accurate way to hold the lead screw.

Thread: Moving to Australia - Moving Workshop Machines
18/04/2019 08:31:48

Les, also watch out for the drop bears, they love new immigrants Drop Bears. Get used to eating Vegemite, it seems to deter them.

When I lived in Brizzy, cane toads sometimes visited my workshop Cane Toads. Many people used to practice their golf swing on them but in today's PC world this is frowned upon even though they are a known environmental pest.

Hopper, what is the current technique to deal with them?

* Danny M *

Thread: Dialect expressions
18/04/2019 08:10:22
Posted by Howard Lewis on 17/04/2019 21:01:29:

Some people call an adjustable (spanner ) a shifter. Presumably because the one jaw would shift to allow a nut or bolt to, be shifted.

When I used to work on military radar systems my supervisor called them 'American screwdrivers' and woe betide anybody that he caught using one!

Also known as a 'Monkey Wrench' in some places

As an aside, we had weekly toolbox checks to ensure that all contents were complete and serviceable. Also all tools were required to be individually marked (colour coded) so that any tools found lying around could be traced to the owner ( I used a blue and white stripes). This was to ensure that if we were deployed in a hurry we could do our job. My supervisor had just returned from active service in Vietnam so knew his stuff.

One good thing that I learned was the use of a 'Shadow board' and this paid off when my children used to use my tools for bicycle repairs.

Sorry to stray a little of topic so now I betta hit the froggin.

* Danny M *

14/04/2019 15:41:11

The question on cars puzzled me, Sedan vs saloon, what century we talking about????

If it's got a roof it's a car. If it ain't got a roof it's a sports car. If it ain't got a boot but can carry a few jumbucks in the back with a few Kelpies then it;s a ute. Simples!

14/04/2019 01:20:22

Avabluddygoodaymate - Nowurries, she's apples

* Danny M *

Thread: Black Holes
12/04/2019 11:06:14

I was nicely surprised when the first pictures of a black hole were published **LINK**

I waited a day but no posting from our esteemed Neil, he's probably still getting over the excitement

How fascinating that Albert Einstein could have predicted such mysterious things so long ago. We still live in interesting times.

My current black hole is my workshop - Things randomly disappear if I drop them so my workshop floor is my own 'event horizon'.

30 years ago my first black hole was my desk, or rather the computers that came and went from it's surface although my first home built Z-80 PC still survives from 1983 in working condition (with it's green screen).

* Danny M *

Thread: Rulers - my pet peeve
07/04/2019 08:45:25
Posted by John MC on 07/04/2019 08:32:53:

My "pet peeve" with rules are rounded ends, happens when they are carried around in a pocket. Not sure what it is about it that peeves me but it does

Amen to that observation! I usually measure from another (convenient) location on the ruler such as the 100cm graduation when slicing things (balsawood) to repeatable dimensions.

* Danny M *

Thread: Fings wot I've learned in a month
06/04/2019 07:16:24

G/F (SWMBO) soundly lambasted me almost ten years ago when I invested $315Au in the then new Bitcoin fad.

As I had won $800 on lotto, I reclaimed my stake of $18, took her out to dinner and spent half of the remainder on my 'investment'.

Over the years I have redeemed enough to recover my $315 a few times over (to purchase workshop goodies and a new 'crypto-mining' PC).

Biggest problem nowadays is the dreaded 'Capital Gains Tax' if the balance are redeemed here in Oz.

Buy new, buy wisely and go with your instincts - as I once heard "There are no pockets in a shroud laddie"

* Danny M *

Thread: Simple WorkshopTips
05/04/2019 00:11:56
Posted by IanT on 04/04/2019 09:49:58:

Having cut material close to a scribed line, place a toolmakers clamp (or one at each end) right on the line - then drop it in the vice and clamp up. Assuming the top of your vice jaws are parallel to the cutting action (and they should be) then this will quickly allow the piece to be trimmed to size for most purposes. Remove the clamp(s) before cutting....

I really like this one Ian. It's going to come in handy when I am making model fuel tanks to a precise capacity for team racing purposes as I can adapt it for bending the flanges.

* Danny M *

04/04/2019 06:43:23

Using the 'Three Wire' method of accurately measuring threads used to drive me to exasperation until I learned (on a gunsmith's forum) that a dob of grease on the threads makes this task much easier.

It was on this forum (or in a MEW) that I learned the trick of using a bit of 'Blu Tack' or a piece of Plasticine to hold a pin for a simple but quite accurate wobbler for locating a centre pop hole under my mill prior to drilling a hole.

There must be many other such simple hints and tips out there, so how about sharing them around?

Regards * Danny M *

Thread: Rulers - my pet peeve
04/04/2019 06:23:46

RE: Bunnings.

I recently looked for some decent quality drill bits etc in Bunnings (Wodonga). Sutton tools are of better quality than some of the other stuff that they sell Sutton Tools

I found what I wanted (a long shank 3mm drill bit) and the salesperson remarked that Bunnings would soon be dropping this brand so I asked him when the clearance sale would be as often prices are reduced to dispose of old stock. "Don't know" was the answer. Handy to keep an eye on.

So how trustworthy is this ruler?

ruler - 1s.jpg

Thread: Telephone / Internet Scams
01/04/2019 09:27:54

Had a nice (pathetic) email yesterday,

"Your mailbox is full, please click here to fix the problem"

Traced the IP to an Eastern European server so obviously not on Australia.

* Danny M *

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