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Thread: Evaluating & Correcting Wear in an ML7
29/09/2020 13:02:35

I used 1/16 gauge plate. My gap was larger than yours though.

Machining the lead screw mounts was dead easy.

Or if you use the Ganderton method and machine away the narrow guide and use no strip , you could just put shims behind the leadscrew mounts.

29/09/2020 12:32:31

I suppose you could glue a piece of 25 thou shim on there but it would be kind of flimsy. And the very small gap on the old narrow guide could jam up with swarf. I'd prefer some 1/16 gauge plate or maybe at least 1/32 myself. But you could give it a try and see how it goes.

If you were to use 1/32" gauge plate or ground stock you might get away with just enlarging the apron mounting bolt holes to get apron alignment back in spec.

Thread: Copper Plaque Identification
28/09/2020 22:48:30
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 27/09/2020 15:16:39:

My guess is Chadwick's were a News Agency.

A news agency depends on journalists bringing it stories, and journalists would want to negotiate top prices from one of the senior men. It fits the 'we love you as much as you love us' tone of the sign.

There are about 30 small news agencies running in the UK today. They mostly collect local news, but some specialise in sport. Rather than the press sending their Ace Boy Reporter to Bodmin on the off chance the Magistrates Court will have an interesting story, facts and pictures are collected locally and sent up the line.

The firm isn't in Graces Guide because they focus on Engineering.


That would explain the tone of the wording for sure.

Are there any agencies left these days other than PA and the big internationals like AP and Reuters? Even AAP has closed down in Australia.

Thread: Evaluating & Correcting Wear in an ML7
28/09/2020 22:42:07

The gap varies from lathe to lathe. The strip you add needs to be slightly larger than the gap so the old narrow guide surface is no longer in contact with the bed.

Unless you use the Ganderton method and mill that surface away. But your saddle will then move forward until the rear surfaces contact. Unless you add a strip of approximately the same size as the original gap. But gauge plate comes in 1/32" increments so its a maybe.

Thread: Ways to use your calipers
28/09/2020 08:01:45

Also, a cool trick to measure the centre distance between two holes of the same size:

Measure the diameter of one hole using the inside jaws and hit the zero button with the jaws still in that position.

Then measure the distance between the closest edges of the two holes by sticking the outside jaws down in the two holes. The reading on the scale is the centre distance.

Thread: Cheap Milling Vice Question
28/09/2020 07:49:12

machine vice2.jpg

I know two people who have bought this type of "machine vice" off Aliexpress and the quality is outstandingly good. Price is about the same as the one you were looking at. But its only a 2-inch not a 3-inch. But a darn nice bit of kit. Hardened and very nicely ground all over. Square, straight and parallel in all the places it should be. And the clamping action is downwards thanks to that angled clamping bolt.

You have to use a pair of clamps and bolts to hold it down but can be made a bit easier by mounting it to a piece of flat plate with bolt slots cut in it.

Edited By Hopper on 28/09/2020 07:51:50

Edited By Hopper on 28/09/2020 07:53:57

Thread: Machinery hire?
27/09/2020 14:28:22
Posted by martin perman on 27/09/2020 11:23:24:

Sadly I think any recompence from insurers and councils will fall under the heading of "Act of God"

Martin P

Insurance regularly pays out for damage by cyclones, hurricanes, gales, hailstorms floods, storms, lightning strikes, bushfires, forest fires etc. I think it's an athiest business these days.

Thread: Copper Plaque Identification
27/09/2020 14:18:55

Pretty likely it's Cobden Chadwick, as V8eng linked, makers of printing presses and ancillaries etc since 1905 or so. **LINK**

The tone of the wording seems like its pretty old. It's been a long time since any company gave that much of a rat's diddly about customer service. Make an appointment and talk to the managing director? Not likely in this century or the second half of the last.

Edited By Hopper on 27/09/2020 14:20:38

Thread: Machinery hire?
27/09/2020 02:46:50
Posted by Cornish Jack on 26/09/2020 18:47:44:

...picking up, and dumping vast quantities of sand from the recently installed 'sandscaping' coastal protection. Drive, garden, patio, all buried under tons (literally) of the stuff.

PS it sounds like the council or whoever did the "sandscaping" should pay to fix the problem they created through their poor design. Get onto them and insist they clean up their mess. Get with neighbours in the same boat and insist en masse. Get legal advice if you need it, maybe from community legal aid etc.

And get your house insurance company involved first up. It should cover storm damage repair. They will then put pressure on the council to pay up if they deem it their fault -- but they will fight that battle for you.

27/09/2020 00:48:57

85 years old? Get a man in to do it. Let him choose what machinery he wants to use.

And do check with your insurance company and the council about who pays for it all. If the sand came from a council project of some sort they may help. You don't know if you don't ask.

Thread: Myford set up.Time to get it right.
27/09/2020 00:45:09

You need to put the plunger of the dial indicator on the lathe spindle directly behind the chuck then yank your test bar up and down and side to side. If you still have more than one thou of movement there, you have loose headstock bearings.

Thread: Coronavirus
26/09/2020 12:25:17

OOh I never thought of that. Bit of 2000 grit might put a right clean shine on things. With my luck though by the time I needed it my stock would be down to the last sheet of 180 grit.

Thread: Macrome tools
26/09/2020 11:48:24

They should be better than most other brands according to Macromes advertising here **LINK**

Looks like their patented process made tool she'll harder.

Thread: Covid causing mental health issues.
26/09/2020 11:38:16

Good to hear you are coping well Samsaranda. I'm sure the cats are a big help. They make wonderful home companions. I doubt I would have made it through some chronic health problems I had for years without my pair of furry criminals.

Thread: Coronavirus
26/09/2020 10:20:15
Posted by Samsaranda on 26/09/2020 09:37:30:

It appears that with the onset of the much predicted second wave of the Pandemic Virus, the British predictable reaction is to once again panic buy toilet paper, didn’t they learn from the first wave that toilet paper won’t protect against the virus!
Dave W

Well I'm glad to hear its not just the Aussies. We had a limited , contained second wave in Melbourne, 2,000 miles away from us in North Queensland and the local supermarket here sold out of TP overnight. I guess nobody wants to die with a dirty bum.

Thread: Covid causing mental health issues.
26/09/2020 10:12:30
Posted by Lee Rogers on 26/09/2020 08:49:33:

I am frankly astonished that this thread has becom a discussion about IQ. The level of ignorance displayed in some of the posts is beyond belief. Does anyone think that Winston Churchill ( bipolar disorder) was a snowflake? Mental illness has no respect for any of societies benchmarks. You can't run a vernier over wellbeing or state of mind. The greatest hurdle in tackling mental health issues is acceptance from the sufferer that they exist at all. Next is that some of their nearest and dearest will of the ''pull yourself together'' school. Keep an eye on your friends and be a good listener but above all be kind.

Yes we digress. As is not unusual in Tea Room threads or conversations in real life.

The last two words of your post absolutely nails it: Be kind. If there were a lot more of that in the world there would be a lot fewer problems.

26/09/2020 03:41:18

My point was that the correlation between IQ test scores and lifetime income shows that something the IQ test measures is of practical value in real life. Whether that something is intelligence, or culture or education, or (most likely) a combination thereof, the IQ test has its uses as a fairly reliable predictor of things like future income and future academic performance at higher education.

The test can not be discounted as completely useless or as testing only for "the ability to take IQ tests". It has its uses. But certainly is not a measure of a person's value in society or talent in certain areas or emotional intelligence etc. And there are plenty of not-so-smart people who end up fabulously wealthy through other talents such as charisma, people skills, motivation, back stabbing, hard work or just dumb good luck.

Interestingly, while there is a correlation between IQ test scores and lifetime income, there is not the same correlation between IQ scores and overall wealth. IE, higher income people spend more and end up about the same wealth as everyone else in wealth assets such as stock portfolios, home equity, investment properties and retirement funds etc.

At the same time, the IQ test scores of people who own luxury yachts and high-end luxury cars and unusually large investment portfolios is all across the board. Possibly because they inherit their wealth. Or possibly could it be because the high IQ test performers tend to go on to higher education and better jobs and work for a salary all their life? While lower IQ test performers don't end up with so many good-paying jobs so are more likely to explore going into business and other ways of generating wealth over their lifetime?

25/09/2020 12:25:00
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 24/09/2020 14:37:43:

Posted by Neil Wyatt on 24/09/2020 12:42:51:

... In fact IQ tells us very little that is useful ...

I've certainly found that whether someone is 'clever' or not is a definitely not a measure of their worth.


I'm not even sure it's worth measuring IQ because the whole concept is built on sand! There's a built-in bias because even with careful design IQ tests depend on education and culture, which aren't intelligence. They detect who is good at answering IQ test questions, which is only one of the many forms of intelligence....

And yet there is a definite correlation between IQ and income, confirmed by multiple studies. Those with higher IQ tend to have higher incomes over a lifetime, as a general trend. So IQ tests must measure something of practical use in life other than just the ability to take IQ tests.

Thread: Evaluating & Correcting Wear in an ML7
23/09/2020 22:22:03

287 is the wide guide issue. 289 is planing the inner shears to hold the tailstock true. 285 is measuring the bed.

I went the other way from Ganderton and attached a strip of thin gauge plate to the saddle to bear on that rear shear surface. I then machined a little off the leadscrew brackets to move it rearward by the same amount as the saddle moved.

23/09/2020 11:54:35

Hi Doc

If its a 1957 you are in luck -- its a Narrow Guide so doing the Wide Guide conversion will most likely fix your binding at the ends of the bed problem. I think you can buy individual digital copies online at Magzter or something like that, but not sure because I get the paper copies myself.

Yes, the restoration of old machine tools can become a hobby in itself...

And the making of model engines becomes an exercise to prove the capabilities of the restored machine...

Edited By Hopper on 23/09/2020 11:56:26

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