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Thread: Lathe setup home visit
26/02/2015 13:43:01

Hi there,

I've recently bought a south bend lathe, some of you have helped already with the idle/compound gears, thank you very much for that.

But now I think I have another issue.. well, actually I have 2 issues!

First issue is (and has always been like this) when I start the lathe, it trips out the main fuse in the house.... now, I know this is dangerous what I'm doing, but the way I got around it, is to spin the flywheel on the engine by hand and then hit the start button - never fails. not ideal, but seems like if the engine is spinning then it wont trip out.

Second thing - is there anyone who does home visits just to set the lathe up? I think mine is not aligned, what I mean is the tailstock is not bang in the centre.. now I've read loads about how to set it all up and check, but I dont have the tools for it or hability (will always be doubtful if I'm doing it right) so wondering if anyone does a home visit to set it up?

I'm using the lathe for simple things, like bushes and spacers, and different diameters pieces with threaded ends... but would like to know its all being done properly.
Specially as if I have to drill a hole on a piece of round bar, if the tailstock isnt centered that hole will never be right...

thanks in advance

Thread: Help with South Bend lathe please...
12/02/2015 16:01:23

thanks for that info, been reading a bit more and looks like the guy I emailed yesterday was right mentioning that I needed a 80t idle gear and he has one for £18....

looking at the screw cutting chart, and bear in mind im only interested in the longitudinal power feed, I do need that 80t gear.

I can set it up as shown on FIG1... or even FIG2.
That 80t gear is always present on both setups, then I can put the other gears as I have those.


And here's some very useful bit of information (added in case someone ends here with the same questions as myself)

There should be a total of 17 gears - 14 of these have the 9/16" keyed bore.
The tooth counts are 16, 24, 32 (quantity of 2), 36, 40, 44, 46, 48, 52, 54, 56, 60, and 80.

The remaining three have the 5/8" bore, no key.
The tooth counts are 80, 72/18 and 54/18, the latter two known as compound gears.

The three smooth bored gears can only be used as idlers, of course.

In addition to the square head bolt/sleeve/nut that you're missing, there is also a spacer with 9/16" keyed bore that moves the screw gear to the left, allowing mesh with the idlers for reduction.


Edited By JP Santos on 12/02/2015 16:16:56

12/02/2015 12:01:15

that's it!! Compund gear!!!

I've found a couple on ebay UK!! the original one is 72/18 and the ones I found are not the same but doesnt matter.

I just want it to connect to the lead screw so I can have the power longitudinal feed.....
I can then adjust the longitudinal feed speed by changing the load of gears I already have... I think that will work?

12/02/2015 08:56:56
Posted by Paul Lousick on 12/02/2015 06:42:39:

Hi Jp,

The idler gear is a special gear with 2 sets of teeth on the one gear. 72 teeth and 18 teeth.

You also need a spacer washer with a keyway to go onto the lead screw shaft and fit over the key.


southbend lathe gears.jpg

Now, this looks more like it! thanks
Do I really need that washer with the key slot? I put one of the change gears I have on the end of the lead screw and it just fits fine....

that's the idle gear I need, exactly that you have there on the photo!
Where to get one from though?...cant find it! might email that guy from yesterday again.

Thanks for all the help gents


12/02/2015 08:55:18
Posted by Bazyle on 12/02/2015 01:15:47:

It doesn't have to be 80 as it is just there to bridge the gap. It can be any gear that is big enough to cross the gap and it looks like the one at the bottom of the pile is pretty big. Have you tried with the gears you have?

There is an 80 on ebay at the moment.


yes i have all those gears, but those go at the end of the lead screw as they have the key cut on it that just slots on the end of the lead screw.

11/02/2015 21:42:26
so i got a reply from the guy i contacted earlier as per advice above, sent him the photo of my lathe and said I have the gears for the end of the lead screw and just need the rest to connect and he says he has the standard idle gear has 80t and 5/8" bore

I'm guessing this is exactly what I need? Only ?18 as well...
11/02/2015 16:20:41


I have an original "know your lathe" book, which was given to me by the previous owner, had a quick read of it yesterday night.

I do have a load of gears, the ones that go in the end of the lead screw, what I'm missing is the other gear that connects the leadscrew to the rest..

here's a photo of the gears it came with

I've looked on ebay and cant find anything, done searches on southbend idle gear and boxford idlegear and nothing comes up...

longitudinal feed! now that names rings a bell! that's more familiar to me...

11/02/2015 12:54:10


Thank you very much, I've emailed him, see if he can help

11/02/2015 08:50:43

Hi gents,

many thanks for the replies, I got it wrong!
not power cross feed.... sorry, I meant the other bit (cant remember the name) where you engage the lever on the apron and it will slide automatically with the lead screw...

Opppss!!! very sorry!!

thanks for the links to the websites, ideally I'd like to get something from over here in the UK though...

Regarding the gears cover, that's off a Buxford.
And it was the previous owner who painted it green, he had it for the last 30 years, and was only selling as he bought one with the gearbox. He has also converted this one to V belt.



10/02/2015 22:59:12

Hi all,

I'm back again, 2 years after!

my previous posts were about when I bought a myford ML7, 2 years after, a split up and having to sell all my machines, I'm back in the game hehehe

So I've recenlty bought a South Bend 9"... but I'm missing the idle gears.
I have a load of gears for screw cutting, but no ide gears...

I've searched ebay, internet, etc.. cant find a place to get it from.
I just want it so the power cross feed works as I prefer it to feed manually as I'll get a better end results if done on the power feed..

any ideas where I can get some gears from?

by the way, Im loving this little lathe, so smooth and quiet!! much much more quiet than my Myford was.



Here's a photo of my new toy


Edited By JP Santos on 10/02/2015 23:00:17

Edited By JP Santos on 10/02/2015 23:00:59

Thread: Help with Myford ML7 please
24/01/2013 16:58:23

good news! was itching to try the new advice, so I went in the garage today to investigate this backgear thing....

undid the little screw and slid the piece back, and my back gear was spinning fine! By now I was already pleased with it

Tried it then on a very slow speed, I think 35? cant remember now, it chatter, but then changed the belt to the most left position, which I think gives a speed of 200.... and it started parting off beauitifully! chips coming away nicely just like I'd seen in the youtube videos hehehe

Really happy with it, no chatter, i mantained a steady feed in, cutting fluid thrown on it... beauty!

Looks like I wont need to buy the rear tool post after all

23/01/2013 20:23:56

Hi gents

thanks for so many replies....wasnt expecting that.

Clearly there's a lot of things for me to try out, and I cant go anywhere near my lathe as been put on antibiotics by the doctor... my flu has turned into a double chest infection! great!

Seen a couple of rear toolposts on ebay recently, but i'm trying to hold off on buying it as I want to first try the backgear option and see how it goes...

Some of the tools shown are really precise stuff, I dont really need that as the work im doing is on motorbikes, it really doesnt need to be very accurate...

21/01/2013 20:33:14

Hahaha, yes indeed, there's a big Brit community over there, I guess sunny weather, good beer and golf courses is very attractive...

I've also been past the too cautious, as in one of the youtuve videos I watched, the guy said he found it easier if he was less delicate on it..
I tried it... didnt work!

But, i'm keen now to experiment with the backgear and take on some of the tips from this thread and the other linked here...

Hopefully this flu will be gone by the weekend and I'll be able to hide in the garage again

21/01/2013 18:48:02

Ho yes!I forgot to add that little bit of info.... yes altough my name is Santos, I live in UK.

Im from Portugal originaly, but been living over here for 9 years now, I live in Newbury, Berkshire

Having someone to show me, or even someone with an ML7 that I could drive to to show me basic stuff that would be a godsend

21/01/2013 18:08:39

Hi all,

thanks for the replies!

I'm suffering quite bad from flu at the moment, but I'll be trying all that once Im in a better shape to spend the day in the garage..

@David Littlewood - does that tool fit a 10mm shank? I think i've seen a parting tool similar, think the brand was Glaze?or Glanze?

@Paul - I'll try that, all i did was move the gear lever up, dont think the manual is very explicit, i did notice the little screw there, but really dont know what im doing...hahaha

In terms of oils, I asked the previous owner what he used (as he had it for over 20 years) he said he used non multigrade engine oil SAE30 and moly disuphide grease on where the nipples are.
Does this sound right? I have some SAE30 oil I use on my air compressor, so i guess that's good to go in the oil drips?
Not sure about the grease though, as ive read somewhere not to use grease where nipples are, as it might seize things up?? should only be oil?


18/01/2013 19:31:57

Hi all,

I'm new here, all the google searches led me to this website, so i thought of joining and asking for a little help...

I'm not a model engineer, but looks like you guys use lathes a lot, so are probably the best people to seek advice.

I recently bought a Myford ML7 to help on some work I'm doing on a 1976 and 1979 Harley...

Its my first lathe and completly new to this type of engineering, have read a lot and watched a lot of youtube videos.... but there's stuff that you can only resolve if you have someone to ask..

So, I can do the turning and facing pretty good now..but parting is nowhere to be seen...
I just can't do it at all.

I've tried at high speed, low speed, centre height, just a litte below....and nothing, just get chatter.
I did manage to get a few nicely formed cuts coming off today, but promplty followed by a lot of chatter...tried easy on the feed, hard on the feed....

Basically I've tried everything and I dont know what else to do.

I'm trying to cut a spacer out of a 24mm bright steel rod, which already has a 13mm hole through it.
I have a quick change tool post, that I've lined the centre height with a dead live centre on the tailstock...

I have 10mm shank tools as that's what my tool post can take.
One is carbide, the other is a thin HSS blade, not very wide... chatters with both.

Both tools were completly flat on the top and after seeing some videos on youtube where the top had also been ground for clearence, i did that on the carbide and that's how i managed to get the few nice chips coming off...

Another question,
I read on the Myford manual about the speeds (ungeared and backgeared) when I engage the lever, closer to the chuck, to the top position - so its geared as the manual suggests - nothing turns, am i missing something?

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to give as much info as possible...

thanks in advance for the help.
Btw, I did get my Myford for a model engineer from Wales who had it for over 20 years!


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