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Thread: Boxford Model A stopping on slow speeds...?
02/11/2018 17:07:56

Wow! thanks gents... you guys are like encyclopedia of information!!

Been a bit too cold to venture out in the garage, but do need to get some bits done, so want to make sure everything is in tiptop condition before using the lathe more.

30/10/2018 22:04:56

interesting.. just had a look on my lathe, and most of the nipples dont like for oil? they just look like normal grease nipples? although a tad smaller than the normal grease ones?

and did find that one tucked away!


Edited By JP Santos on 30/10/2018 22:06:40

29/10/2018 20:01:26

thanks for the replies gents! I actually have that book "know your lathe" somewhere, was given to me a few years ago by the old boy who sold me my south bend lathe...

I have a big plastic container with lathe oil that I bought years ago and still going that's how big that thing the time didn't know how much i'd need so bought I think 4L or something...

Need to buy a oil gun then, haven't looked in detail how are the fittings but from the top of my head i think they are that ball bearing type, but probably can find something on ebay.

thanks for the detail on the back of the headstock, who would have known there was something in there!

26/10/2018 20:07:44

Just another small question, the nipples all around the lathe.. are they for grease?

Reason I ask is my old Myford and the southbend both had cups for oil to drip, more the myford than the southbend, but the Boxford... is there such thing as oil that can be shot in there?

or is actually just grease, with a normal grease gun?


btw.. used the lathe today, now with the back gear engaged.. what a beauty!

24/10/2018 20:10:10

Hi all, thank you very much for your replies.

First of all, many thanks for pointing out I dont have much holding on the chuck for parting! That was incredibly stupid of me!
I'm a beginner but been using a lathe for about 6 years, so I'm alright with the facing, parting, etc and even grind my own tools for the shapes I want.
but thanks for pointing it out because it completely slipped my mind on that and safety head wasn't working here!

Just been in the garage and you are all correct! I missed engaging the back gear! I lost count how many times I looked at the little plate to make sure I had it all on the right settings...and missed that!
I have just tried it now and it's fine.... with the back gear engaged it doesn't stop... damn.. I feel dumb! such a simple thing!

Also thanks to Robbo - there is indeed a bolt on a spring that holds the motor, that allows to lift it and change the belt on the motor! I did have a look around but is so tucked under there that I missed it. so thanks for the information.

I would like to say a big thanks for all your responses gents, I really thought there was something major wrong with it!


23/10/2018 23:05:36

Hi all,

real beginner here on the lathe front.... I recently bought a Boxford Model A, which you guys kindly helped me to sort the backlash.

Well, today I had the need to part a piece and when on any low speed, as soon as I touch the piece it comes to a halt!
The gears keep spinning, the belt, etc, I had a look inside and its actually just the chuck that stops spinning.... how's that?

is there something wrong that is not tighten up? the chuck just slows down..and stops. I thought for parting you'd need really slow speeds, but the only way I can do it is like at 250rpm, which seems too fast?

Also while I'm here... if anyone has one of these lathes, how do you change the belt on the motor drive? for the gears there's enough slack to slip the belt over, but on the motor it doesnt slack as the whole fixture moves... or am I missing something again?

I have done a little video of the problem I'm having...



Thread: Boxford Model A backlash
29/09/2018 12:07:06

Hi all again, was going to open a new thread to discuss something else, but probably not worth as it probably has a simple answer, so I'll try on this one instead.

I see on youtube videos people setting their workpiece, then the cross slide and then they zero it by turning the graduated dial.

I think this is very useful in order to know how much you taking out of your piece and keep consistency, but on my Boxford I can't rotate the dial, unless I undo the grubscrew - which I think it's not the correct way?

Is there a way to convert my boxford to have those graduated dials where I can turn it to zero?

thanks in advance

26/09/2018 10:28:38

Thank you
That's my 68 Shovelhead - also known as Genny shovel or Panshovel - built between 66 and 69 they had Panhead bottom ends and Shovelhead top ends

24/09/2018 13:16:20

Hi again,

thanks for the last post, I shall take note of that advice/tips on a note pad and keep it handy.

really appreciate the help given yesterday. many thanks!


23/09/2018 21:11:42

Thanks for that, I did find that diagram earlier, at least is good to know that if that backlash comes back I can buy a new lead screw and nut....

I will have a read on the "know your lathe manual" - it was given to me by the previous owner of my south bend lathe when I bought it. Never got to read it in details as the little lathe was in pretty good condition and I used it for basic jobs.

The Boxford now will allow me to explore more the world of lathes, specially looking forward to some screw cutting.

23/09/2018 21:01:45

Evening gents!!

Just got back in from the garage after reading your posts, it's sorted!

So I first done the adjustment on the dial, by undoing the grub screw (luckily I work on Harleys so it's all imperial here) on the dial side, by pushing the dial forward while pulling on the handle, then done the grub screw back in and the slop on the dial/handle was completely gone.

However.. there was still the backlash on the cross slide....
Turned to the spare apron that came with the lathe, a Model C apron, which turning it was pretty nice and tight with no backlash.

Started to taking it apart thinking I could use the whole lead screw and nut... wrong! the lead screw being from a model C doesn't have the gear that engages on the apron to give the auto cross slide...
the nut was in pretty good condition, tested the nut on the lead screw that is currently on the lathe and perfect fit.

So, I fitted lead screw nut that was on the spare model C apron on the Model A cross slide and bingo! done the job.. perfect with no backlash anywhere!

thanks for the help on directing me where to look.

Next thing to look at is at certain speeds I have quite a lot of gear noise, I can't remember for sure but I think it's when at the higher speeds, if I engage the auto feed lead screw gears, it's quite noisy..

What kind of lubricant can I use on all the gears? gearbox and on the side? or should it be grease?
I have lathe oil back from when I used a Myford and needed to fill up the little oil tanks...

23/09/2018 19:55:04

Sorry to sound massively dumb here, how do I adjust the wheel/dial aseembly?
as per my previous post, the only way I can see this is to shim that gap where I'm pointing at with the allen key.....but I bet there's another way I dont know?

I have a spare saddle and top slide for a Boxford and I think that one is pretty tight, so I'll see how difficult is to swap the lead screw and nut...

where would one go to buy new parts for it please? thanks!


23/09/2018 17:45:47

Thanks for the replies gents.

I just went over to the garage to check it.

Neil, you are correct, the handle and dial move back and forth, I took it out and seems like it's due to a little gap here where I'm pointing with the allen key... perhaps put a little shim there?
or is there other way of taking that backlash off the dial? (need to find what size the little grub screws are as they need replacing as seem to start to get rounded off)

But, besides that backlash there, also seems there's more.
if I hold/push the handle forward, I still have the cross slide rocking back and forward..... perhaps a bit more tricky to get rid of this?
Done a little video to show.

Thanks for your replies and suggestions.

23/09/2018 15:39:09

Hi all !
Over the years I always come back here for a read and a shout for help and you all always been so kind that I thought if you could help me once again...

I decided to upgrade my little southbend lathe to something with a few more capabilites and ended up with this Boxford at a very good price.
She started life as a Model C and was then converted to an A - therefore why the red colours on the gear box, apron and lead screw..

Everything works as it should and I'm looking forward to give a go at screw cutting.

However.. she has a huge amount of backlash on the cross slide...
Also on the top slide there's quite a bit of play on the turning lever (I'm sorry, I don't know all the technical terms)

I think the backlash on the cross slide is the most important as when turning any material, it jumps back.. ok you could work taking in account this, but is not ideal...

Is there a away to fix all this? I see all the videos on youtube where people set there work pieces, then turn dials to zero it and cut thous of an inch at the time perfectly, and I would like to do that, but with all this play I won't be able to...

I have taken some photos and also done a video so it's easy to see what I'm talking about as I'm pretty rubbish with the technical terms.

If there was anyone local to Newbury, Berkshire that would be willing to help me I have some bits I could trade? I have a milling attachment for a myford (was hoping it would fit the boxford but doesn't look like), a spare Boxford model C Apron and a lead screw...

btw, I use the lathe on my old harleys that range from 1951 to 1976.

thank you!

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Edited By JP Santos on 23/09/2018 15:41:04

Thread: Lathe setup home visit
02/04/2015 16:26:36

Hi all,

just thought of coming here and update this seeing as its only fair as so many of you helped.

Got lathe all lined up and she's a beauty working and the best of all is she's working on the button again, without tripping the house main fuse!!

went with the cheaper option first by ordering the new start capacitor and that sorted the problem, happy days!

thanks to all for your input and the links!

27/02/2015 15:06:02

got the capacitor on order now

thing is, the lathe was working fine at the sellers house, but then again his fuseboard might have been better than mine or something might have got damaged when in transit to mine.

I'll try the capacitor and then go with Johns advice


27/02/2015 12:45:44

oh thanks for that!!!

its only a tenner, and there's even the 55uf on that list! :D thanks! will probably give that one a try before going with John Fletcher suggestion, as that all sounds very complicated and time consuming, so I'll start with the easy ones first

27/02/2015 11:16:00

Thanks everyone for the tips on the alignment! think I got that one right now, i'm happy with the results achieved.

Now in regards to the motor.. maybe a good start just to change the capacitor? they dont seem very expensive, although I cant find one exactly like the one I have on the motor

26/02/2015 18:44:21

Hi all, thanks for the replies, I've read all of it.

Thanks to John Fletcher, I shall read yours in more detail later when I get a bit more time.

Just thought of putting some photos up, on something I thought, correct me if I'm wrong please.
So what I've done was set my facing off tool in the tool post, slightly below what I think is the centre, surely by doing this it would not face perfectly and leave a little pointy bit on the round bar...this little bit would be where the exact centre is?
then I brought he tail stock with a dead centre on it and tried to match it to the pointy bit on the bar.... would this work?
I did read about mounting a dead centre on the chuck but I dont have one that is not tappered, so I'm guessing it wouldnt stay completly dead centre, right?

you can just see here, the little tip out of the round bar

and from above

I also took some photos of the motor

Sorry, not much info, just in a rush at the moment, will come back later.

thanks to all who have helped so far, really really appreciate the help.


26/02/2015 13:58:17

Ooppss!! sorry, Im in Andover, Hampshire

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