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Thread: De-snagging an SL125
20/06/2022 18:21:04

I had an SL125 in 1973 - brand new. It was very quiet. That removable part '6' was described as a 'spark arrestor' compulsory in the States. If you have a one piece head that is usably unworn you are very lucky. Most of them were scrapped by youthful over tensioning of the cam chain when the engine was cold, as the engine heated up the alloy head expanded , but the steel chain pulled the cam down into the head, eventually ruining it. A great little bike , it would go anywhere I was brave enough to point it.

Thread: "Kiv" or Kiev?
03/04/2022 20:08:19

Whilst we are on the subject of mis pronunciation, where exactly is Park Heston? Whilst it sounds like a services on the M4, it is actually the country that split off from India when the country was partitioned. Come on BBC , it's a hard A like 'bath' in the North of England....

Edited By stevetee on 03/04/2022 20:12:27

Thread: US Army : Infantry Squad Vehicle
16/11/2021 19:52:15

I've come late to this discussion late, but some of the comments made me smile, the comments about the TV....

The Austin Champ is a great example of over planning, because of 'commonality' it used the same liners pistons, filters etc as the 8 cylinder heavy truck version. Based on a thirties Bentley engine, cost LOADs more than the Landrover, was less reliable and only the first batch were ever built.

Success stories, The Bedford QLand RL spring to mind.

I'm sure others will know more than me on the subject.

Thread: Hydrogen home heating
19/05/2021 23:57:30

I hadn't realised that town gas wasn't hydrogen, but a mix of H2 and CO. Well theres that idea dead in the water then...

19/05/2021 20:23:40

I can't understand why we can't go back to producing hydrogen from the coking process. The coke produced, could be put back int the ground as a a waste product, if we want to go carbon free.Houses used to be on 'Town gas ' until the early seventies when we changed over to methane.

Thread: Windows for the scrap bin?
18/03/2021 11:51:18

When a considerable proportion of items on the news are about hacking events that have taken place recently, for example , the Woodland Trust and Email servers powered by Microsoft, wouldn't you want your operating system to be patched with security updates as often as in neccessary? I would.

Plus 1 vote for putting the C drive at least on SSD.

Having said all that things do seem to be moving over to phones.


Edited By stevetee on 18/03/2021 11:54:42

Thread: Bronze balls in place of steel balls in a Land Rover
31/01/2021 17:54:05

Just my two pennorth. There are hundreds of scrap Daihatsu Fourtraks with rusted out bodies. I was given a fifteen year old one as scrap, did the welding and ran it for ten years. The mechanical parts are fantastically reliable, If I was after a reliable steering box to fit to modify another vehicle , a Diahatsu one would be right up there at the top of my list. Powered steering too. It's not practical to fit a rack to a vehicle that has a steering box.

Thread: Parcelforce or DPD
28/10/2020 23:48:38

UPS are hopeless. I live on an unsurfaced bridleway and whilst all the rest of the couriers are happy to deliver to my address UPS will not. ' I don't fancy taking my truck up there' translates to the sender as " 3:38pm
Our driver requires security access for this delivery. We are attempting to obtain the access information.
15 Oct 2020
Our driver requires security access for this delivery. We are attempting to obtain the access information. / Delivery will be rescheduled.
etc This information is not conveyed to the recipient , but back to the sender who assumes it's a block of flats or something. If the sender does not contact the recipient the parcel is returned. Hopeless.

Thread: DHL Rip Off
13/10/2020 01:58:01

It's not just a simple as paying the VAT , the parcel is also inspected , which probably means running through an x ray machine to check on the contents. I've received parcels with tape saying 'opened and checked re-sealed by customs' . So its not just a payment option. The item is physically dropped off , inspected and re -collected , then they have to get the amount payable off the recipient. I guess it all cost money

Thread: Cleaning metal for painting
06/10/2020 00:11:45
Posted by Fowlers Fury on 03/10/2020 21:12:26:

Roger B's advice is fully endorsed !
I would suggest rubbing the surfaces all over with Swarfega, the "Orange" version is maybe better as it contains plastic microspheres - then flushing with hot water.
THE best preparation on those components which can withstand it - and when SWMBO is out for half a day - is to put them into the (empty) dishwasher. If the risk of detection is too great or you don't have a dishwasher, then boiling those parts with a couple of dishwasher tablets in an old pan will be nearly as effective. I suggest that because the big problem is old oil trapped in seams and especially under rivet heads. Unless that is effectively removed, you'll end up with "fish eyes" and streaks when repainting/spraying.

BTW - white spirits is an oil, OK for most oil-based enamel paints but not cellulose or some acrylics.

I have discovered at my cost that if one is to use the dishwasher for parts cleaning when the management is out, don't try and clean anything which has traces of paraffin on it. It leaves a lingering smell, which lingers long after the machine has finished, permeatjng the house , which ensures immediate detection of the offence, and causes domestic disharmony.

Thread: Hello from South Wales
20/06/2020 13:05:12

Hi there, i'm further down the coast ger Abergwaun. Have you read about the Carberry Vee twin. The bloke developed a vee twin based in the Enfied India 500cc single engine, which could be of interest to you as a process.

Thread: Can summer car tyres be used in winter?
20/06/2020 13:00:02
Posted by Anthony Knights on 17/06/2020 07:31:54:

I've always wondered what's so special about filling your tyres with nitrogen. After all, normal air is at least 70% nitrogen. Sounds like a scam to me. Same as using Argon in double glazing cavities.

Nitrogen is a large molecule so does not migrate through the rubber like some of the lighter atmospheric gasses. That means that if you blow up your tyres with air, it's quite likely that they will lose about 20% pressure in the first month or two. After topping up once or twice they will be effectively full of nitrogen anyway, once the other gasses have permeated away, so the pressures are unlikely to change much after that . Yes why pay.

Thread: Unknown thread
20/06/2020 12:48:49
Posted by Emgee on 19/06/2020 16:15:17:

Old models cycle front wheel axle size, 5/16"x26TPI, just making a shaft with an M8x1.0, so close difficult to tell the difference with thread gauges.


Edited By Emgee on 19/06/2020 16:16:02

Edited By Emgee on 19/06/2020 16:16:47

The cycle thread would have a rounded crest, the metric would have a truncated crest. An older cycle rear spindle would have been 3/8"x26tpi, more modern ones will be metric. Just as an aside, the hardware shop in Lampeter still has in stock BSF and Whitworth bolts.

20/06/2020 12:45:13
Posted by Emgee on 19/06/2020 16:15:17:

Old models cycle front wheel axle size, 5/16"x26TPI, just making a shaft with an M8x1.0, so close difficult to tell the difference with thread gauges.


Edited By Emgee on 19/06/2020 16:16:02

Edited By Emgee on 19/06/2020 16:16:47

The cycle thread would have a rounded crest, the metric would have a truncated crest.

Thread: Motorcycle General Discussion
11/04/2020 18:07:16

Just wondering if anyone has knowledge of the Lucas advance retard units fitted to coil ignition motorcycles in the 60's?

My unit, on a 1064 AJS needs a lot of repair. I cannot see a replacement for the AJS but I see units advertised as for BSA/Triumph etc. I wonder if the unit was a generic Lucas unit fitted to many bikes or of they are all slightly different?. Photos do show unit similar to mine but no dimensions are given


As far as I am aware all the advance units are basically similar, with a different range of advance/ rotational direction. Some are keyed some not. One problem with them is that they wear/ get sloppy  giving a larger range of advance than when made. You can end up with a bike thats fine on idle, knocks like mad at speed, OR a bike that runs Ok but won't pick up from idle or start well. A few bolbs of weld in the window that the limit pin fits in resolved that one. The 6CA set up is better as both sets of points can be timed separately , the old 4CA 's once the timing is OK on #1 to get #2 correct means altering the points gap. The clockwise /anti issue needs to be resolved . Triumph and BSA twins clockwise I'm pretty sure . AJS?

Edited By stevetee on 11/04/2020 18:08:46

Thread: And still they come !!
08/04/2020 19:24:58

Apparently this caravan incident is members of the 'unsettled ' community. 3 people in custody and 2 stolen vehicles recovered. So not as simple as people travelling down to self isolate....

Thread: What are these for
06/04/2020 20:32:05

unnamed.jpgThe 2 round objects do look like cam followers from a flathead Ford V8, see the item at the top of the picture

Thread: Antique car electrics
30/09/2019 12:19:29

On older French stuff it seems to be normal that the dip switch also works in the sidelight position , so

L= on sides> sides only or dip

P= headlight> dip or main ( as is common in UK)

but of course I don't know if this is the case on your Peugeot

Edited By stevetee on 30/09/2019 12:19:45

Edited By stevetee on 30/09/2019 12:20:08

Thread: machine coolant pipe
09/09/2019 20:11:39

Could you not get a flexible spout from one of those sealey type parts washers as a spare part and use that.

For example part number SM40D.V2-18 from a SM 19 parts washer.

Thread: strange power socket
16/08/2019 10:13:12

I'm not saying they all were , but some Wylex plugs were stackable, having socket capability on the rear of the plug.

The factory is still there , in Sharston , close to where the M56 spurs off from the M60. We used to go 'tracking' on our bikes on some waste land opposite the factory.

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