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Thread: The Pinout
10/08/2022 15:39:23

So I found issue 218 in my letterbox, this time in a strong paper envelope. Goodbye to plastic foil, thanks Mortons!
And as usual, one can learn something new in almost every issue. This time I browsed through the Free Pendulum Clock article. Not that I want to build one, but because I also sometimes dabble a bit in electronics. And what could I learn from that article?
You wouldn't guess it - the pinout! There is a nice drawing of 2 small devices, a SMD part with 5 pads, and a transistor-like thingy with 3 wires. From that drawing I could now learn that the pinout of the former is 1-2-3-4-5, whereas for the latter it is only 1-2-3. This is, I am absolutely sure, an invaluable piece of information, useful for anyone active in the art of electronics. At least I did not know it before, and Wikipedia has also a slightly different description. But alas, I'm only an old stirrer!


Thread: edm machines
01/03/2022 20:06:27

Hi Jouke, I suppose you copied the point/full stop at the end of the link, which does not belong there.
A bit stupid from a Guru, don't you think so?


Thread: MEW
20/10/2018 22:31:52

Oh - interesting question. I'm still waiting for 273 .

And the message on the link is, let's say, a bit cryptic, isn't it? I read it so that the writer of this message, whoever it is, has no idea!

Issue 273 of MEW, October 2018 is out soon

Issue 273 will be in the shops and available for download soon if not already!

Regards, Frank

Thread: arc euro trade email
08/06/2018 22:36:28
Posted by Ketan Swali on 08/06/2018 18:57:17:

Originally, we had our email address on our site. Over the years as our site grew, automated bots searched it for contact email address, which in turn was being used to send spam traffic. So we had to remove the email address from the site.

Ketan at ARC.

Quite funny, when we can see at least 3 posts here (one even from you) with the email addresses in full.

Does that mean we don't have to be afraid from bots nowadays?



Thread: Fusion 360 broken ?
16/09/2017 19:04:14

Yes, something strange here too. After a minute watching the rotating blue arrow, I get the following message:

>The application has encountered an unexpected authentication error and must be quit <

As I don't really use it, I didn't bother to reinstall it atm.

Kind regards, Frank

Thread: Arduinos and Microcontrollers ref: Rotary Table Mew 249
22/02/2017 22:07:02

Although I'm not building a motorised rotary table, I'm experimenting with stepper motors and Arduinos at the moment. So I did read this thread with much interest. I have to admit I was a bit shocked when I checked the links given by J.Swift on the 7/2. One TB6560 driver for £ 11.99! Without knowing this thread (and because I fried the driver I used before) I ordered a couple of drivers via Ebay, and among them I got two such drivers for $ 9.90, postage free.

And now, Mr. Costa: the Chinese are not stupid, and they know about VAT taxes etc. in Europe. On that famous customs slip they stated (in that case) "Electronic parts, value $ 3.00" . Not that it would make a difference, as in my country values below around £ 50.00 are not taxed - the expenses would cost more than the tax. I really don't think that anywhere in Europe imports in one-digit values are taxed - if I'm wrong, how many cents/pennies then?

So, don't be afraid of ordering in China - but naturally it won't be in your letterbox tomorrow.

Regards, Frank

Thread: Mike Cox +Sieg lathe article
05/03/2016 23:59:32

Well #239 dropped into my letterbox this week too.

Imagine my shock when I saw the headline: SEIG in 12 mm (or 1/2"? ) letters...

When do you (MTM) start calling a Myford a Mofyrd?

The correct name is for all to see just on the top of the ad's column.

Regards, Frank

Thread: Blackening mild steel
09/09/2015 16:29:21
Posted by Fowlers Fury on 09/09/2015 14:01:43:
What mixture?? Do you mean "parts" rather than mixture?? How do you heat an aqueous solution to 140 degC at atmospheric pressure?

Imho a mixture of 3 substances is a mixture and not a part...

It should be obvious that an aqueous solution of such a high concentration has a much higher boiling point than 100 °C.

Regards, Frank

Thread: Lathe shocks
03/08/2015 23:02:00

Can someone from England help me with a linguistic problem. How do you call something which brings you to tear out the rest of your meagre hairs? In my language I know something which I could loosely translate as "I could p*ss hair oil!" Would be nice if I could learn some original sentences in English.

Now back to the problem which results in the above. I cannot understand why someone can be so stubborn and flatly refuses to grab a side cutter and remove that unusable plug. Then scratch away the insulation and mount the correct plug, that needs only a screwdriver.

Just a couple of weeks ago I bought a German appliance and had to do just that. And I cannot tell how many times I did that in my life... Well I admit I own a multimeter and am able to check which wire has to go into which hole.

/rant, and regards


Thread: Tail alignment and gear handle play
26/06/2015 22:47:41

Shaking my head in disbelief...

If you put a shim on the flat part on the bed (I hope I understand the construction of that lathe correctly), you will not only move the spindle axis a bit higher maybe, but you also rotate the headstock around the vee and so the axis moves also towards the operator side. Is it that what you want?

Up to now no one commented about 'lapping'. How do you plan to do that? With an oilstone maybe? To remove 0.3 mm with lapping you would need days or weeks imho...

I would advise you to find someone with a milling machine and mill away 0.3 mm on the sole of the tailstock, then (if done correctly) you don't have to worry about ending with a tailstock pointing towards the sky...or the other way...

Regards, Frank

Thread: triple start tap die
22/04/2015 09:03:06

So Mr. Capnahab wants to cut a internal 12 mm thread and for this needs a #6 tap of 0.138" ? (= 3.43 mm!).

Somehow these numbers don't come out even...

Regards, Frank

Thread: Pounds/foot (and other nonsense) MEW 226
01/03/2015 23:17:58

So I stumbled over that article about recondition of a drilling machine, and especially on the new physics on page 13. Well I admit my lessons were a long time ago, but about one thing I'm absolutely sure: torque is measured in foot-pounds (if it must be imperial) and not pounds/foot. Let's look what Wikipedia says:

"A pound-foot (lb·ft or lbf·ft) is a unit of torque.... One pound-foot is the torque created by one pound force acting at a perpendicular distance of one foot from a pivot point. "

So it has the same dimension as for work.

A bit further down, the dimensioning of horsepower lacks the time part.

(Wiki) " (1) Mechanical horsepower = 33,000 ft-lbf/min "

I'm not fluent enough (as I said above) to comment on the other formulas, but I hope I did threw the stone in the pond and am awaiting the waves (and answers from the wise men)...

And, btw, would it be expecting too much from a asserted serious magazine to check contributions for blatant errors? (Neil?)

Regards, Frank

Thread: Flycutting - need help total noob.
25/02/2015 22:56:03
Posted by Bazyle on 25/02/2015 20:39:07:

you can use the same right hand knife tool (look it up) as you use on your lathe.

Hmm... my gut feeling tells me a right hand knife tool doesn't work in a flycutter (unless the mill can run counterclockwise)

Sure, look it up!

Regards, Frank

Thread: HSS
05/01/2015 22:37:27

Must be a large lathe which uses 50 cm tool bits. I surely hope the cross-section is in the appropriate scale also.

Bad that you only get two our of your 100 cm bar.devil

Regards, Frank

Thread: Subscription department issues
29/10/2014 22:13:46

After reading the events as depicted above I can well imagine they check UK postal codes and have no idea that other countries use other formats. devil

I had the same experience on another place with my telephone number, the site insisted that my phone number is wrong!

Regards, Frank

Thread: CovMac Lathes
22/09/2014 16:36:21
Posted by CHRISTOPHER MILLS 1 on 22/09/2014 08:05:53:


Here are the CovMac's back gears.

To help with our friend Chris' education in lathe things, these gears are not the back gear, but the screwcutting gears. Just to avoid any later misunderstanding wink

Regards, Frank

Thread: Which plastic to use.
19/09/2014 22:53:57

Nobody here sharing my opinion that using PEEK in a dishwasher is a (very large) bit over the top?

Peter, stay with Delrin or Nylon. My dishwasher washes with 55 deg C. Some grades (of PEEK) have a useful operating temperature of up to 250 °C (482 °F) (cit. Wikipedia). Do you think you need that?

Regards, Frank

Thread: What drill bit for drilling 1 inch long 5mm hole through 10mm grub screw?
03/08/2014 11:56:49

Did the OP forget to tell us the RPM he used to drill that 5 mm hole? In a drill press I suspect?

No one asked the important questions...

Regards, Frank

Thread: motor giving problems
25/07/2014 20:03:15
Posted by martin cropper on 25/07/2014 19:26:21:

thanks ian i dont knowif its 4 pole or 2

how do i tell

thanks martin

If you would read Ian's answer (again), you wouldn't have to ask... cheeky

Regards, Frank

Thread: Metric Threads
15/07/2014 09:17:37
Posted by Andrew Johnston on 15/07/2014 08:12:31:

.... If the number of teeth on the gear is an integer then the circular pitch will be irrational.


Andrew, can you please show us a picture of a gear with a non-integer number of teeth?

Regards, Frank

(and into which number system falls the c.p. then?)

Edited By Frank.N Storm on 15/07/2014 09:19:33

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